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Chapter 2

I wanted something beautiful. I wanted something important, something precious. I've never had something like that; I've never had . . . anything. As a kid I was envious as others, and now, as an adult I've finally realized I should just . . . give up. It was something I was known for, giving up when the going got tough. I shook my head, pushing my snow white hair from my face and putting the bottle of sake in front of me to my lips. I smiled as the delicious liquid streamed down my throat, I closed my eyes, swallowing mouthful after mouthful until I was completely numb.

It made me feel better. It made me feel better about having such a horrible day, horrible life. I was once again humiliated by my horrid boss who absolutely loved to get handsy, when I spoke up, finally taking pride in myself and my body, I lost my job. I slumped against my dining room table, trying not to cry. Why . . . why was life so shitty? I've never done anything to deserve this awful luck, this awful treatment.

I swallowed more sake down. I didn't want numb, I wanted to forget. I remembered a time when I relied on men to make me feel better, until one day I finally realized the reason I had to keep pretending to orgasm was because I didn't like men. I would much rather have the gentle touch of a woman, but I was far too timid to go out and seek it. I looked up, laughing dryly; it trailed off as I noticed the figure in the doorway. She was . . . gorgeous, her hair was a silky golden color, and her eyes were a rich honey shade. My eyes traced her body. She was very much underdeveloped, but she managed to make it look incredibly attractive.

"Drowning in your sorrows once again," She said in an icy tone, I shivered and looked away. Her voice was like liquid silver, calming and exciting every nerve in my body at the same time. "I asked you a question," She muttered, I looked over in time to see her striding towards me, eyes narrow and dark. I could only stare; she grabbed my chin, gripping it roughly. "You must be stupid, whore." I nodded blearily. She smirked, "I've never met a woman who'd admit she's ignorant. You're the first lowlife I've met who's given up!"

I lowered my eyes, looking anywhere but those all-knowing golden eyes that saw everything. She chuckled low in her throat, "You remind me of a cow."My eyes widened, her soft looking lips curved into a wide smirk. "Gigantic breasts," She grabbed my breasts, my eyes widened further. A moan tore from my throat as she began to roughly squeeze them together, "They look so pretty when I push them together," She purred in my ear, my cheeks were hot. I flushed with shame at the hot feeling of arousal that was blooming between my thighs. I shook my head, trembling as she fondled them roughly. "You have wonderful tits that's for sure, other than that you're incredibly plain." She tugged my nipples, and I gasped.

They were already hardened. I was panting hard, and she tweaked them again, her lips twisting into a dark smile. "Your face has such a pretty expression when you're horny, filthy cow, are you horny?" I squeezed my eyes shut, embarrassed. This was all part of my imagination, a girl didn't appear in the doorway to my apartment, and she wasn't abusing my breasts, it was all an illusion. I drank too much. However, the hot tendrils of pleasure reaching into my gut said otherwise.

"I asked you a fucking question, now answer me!" She snapped, pushing me back. Even though I was taller, bigger, I fell backwards and my back hit the wall, and my large breasts gave a heavy bounce. I panted hard and avoided her eyes. She began to laugh, slowly, before she grabbed me by the hair and closed are lips together. I moaned wantonly, her breath was sweet, and her lips were unbearably soft. A shiver ran down my spine as she moved her soft mouth against mine roughly, I gasped when I felt two sharp points dig into my plump bottom lip, tugging slightly. Salty metallic moisture filled my mouth; her sharp teeth had drawn blood. Her cheeks turned crimson, her tongue sliding between mine to lick up every bit of red liquid. She . . . was a vampire.

I ran my tongue against hers; the slowly throbbing in my bleeding lip was almost pleasurable. It was a little pain, a little pain that turned into pleasure at the hands of this woman. She pulled away after a moment, her little pink tongue gliding over her bloodied teeth and lips. I felt slightly dizzy, falling to my knees. "Cow," She murmured, "Did you like your owners kiss."

" . . . I'm not . . . a cow. I'm a person," I mumbled, tears biting at my eyes. I clenched my fists, "I'm not any kind of an animal. I'm a human being!"

"Shut up," She smacked me lightly, almost affectionately. She was smirking. "You have quite a pretty face, cow." I glared, but my defiance disappeared as she nibbled my neck. Her teeth slid into my neck slowly, I moaned with pleasure. She really was a vampire, she was a vampire. She held me closer, burying her teeth in further, I shuddered, pressing myself into her noticeably cold body. The sensation of her ice-cold body and my hot one touching was bliss, I found myself quaking and moaning deeply, her tongue slid out to lap at the red juices that began to pour from my neck.

My pussy was hot, it was swollen, and I could feel my arousal dripping down my thighs beneath my dark black pants. She grinned, digging her teeth in further. I shivered more, digging my fingers into her hair, pushing her deeper into my neck. She went wild, her slick tongue sending wave after wave of pleasure through me, she was rocking against my body, her eyes wide with her own pleasure. "Touch . . . me, down there," I whispered. She froze.

Her eyes were glittering as she pulled away, . She laughed mightily, and my cheeks burned hotter as she grabbed the front of my dark sweater. She began to pull, there was the sound of ripping cloth as my shirt fell away. She seemed to forget how to breathe. Her cheeks were pink, and she blushed further as she leaned over, rubbing one breast. It was contained by a silky black bra, and she began to tug the cloth of it. My breath caught in my throat as the material began to rub against my erect nipples, creating an incredibly delicious friction.

"They're so beautiful," She gasped; her eyes were filled with pure desire, complete and utter need for me. I trembled, she . . . wanted me. She wanted me. I smiled slightly, grabbing her wrist and stopping her from stimulating my nipples with my bra. She looked up, her eyes wild and hungry. I kissed her lightly, unhooking my bra. She gasped again; I lovingly ran my fingers through her hair, urging her towards my breast. Her lips parted, her eyes melting into mine as she took a nipple in her mouth. I felt my back arch with desire.

She tentatively began to suckle, her eyed half-lidded. My breast felt so strange, it felt hypersensitive, it felt good, it felt swollen. She squeezed it, kneading it with her hands, my eyes shot saucer wide. Liquid erupted from it into the girl's mouth. She moaned, continuing to suckle. She was nursing from me. She was breastfeeding. Her tongue ran around my nipple, and more white liquid poured into her mouth, she gulped it down hungrily. I pushed her mouth harder onto me, it felt so incredible. I was going to cum. I was nearing the climax, teetering on the edge of sanity; I was going to go crazy!

She growled slightly, squeezing my breast that seemed to have emptied out before sucking my other. Te process was the same. She sucked, and the milk poured into her cold willing mouth in torrents, and she gazed at me with those eyes. Those loving, adoring eyes that showed me her need, her affection, her desire for me. I was her cow, her cow to milk. I didn't care about the humiliation, I cared about making her happy, giving her more milk than she could drink. I gazed into her eyes, she closed hers, nursing quietly. I hit my peak with a low gasp, shaking and writhing against her, she moaned as more milk poured. My cunt felt so hot! My gut was exploding with pleasure; I needily pulled her closer, hugging her desperately. She slowly finished, just as my orgasm died off.

I panted hard; she blushed and pulled away, avoiding my eyes. "Did you like milking your cow," I said softly in her ear. She nodded slowly, hugging me.

"Your milk is absolutely delicious, it's so pure," She purred. I smirked, kissing her neck before sliding down. Down. Down. Down. She blushed; I smiled up at her lovingly.

"I'm going to taste you," I said quietly, my confidence boosted. She could have me, I'd be her cow, but she was going to be mine as well. Every single part of her.

"D . . . don't do that, it'd dirty," She grumbled, eyes narrow. I giggled, slipping my tongue out to graze her thigh. Her hips bucked, her cheeks bright red. "S . . . stop it," She moaned as I slid it between her pearly white lips, her moisture coated my tongue. She tasted of candy. I lapped furiously, and she began to shake. She tasted delicious, like sugar, and everything sweet combine into one taste. I moaned low in my throat, burying my face deep into her dripping, sweet smelling cunt. I feasted upon her divine moisture, shaking and moaning she gripped my hair. "No . . . it's coming out, they're coming out," She purred.

My spine stiffened with fear as something warm, something wet, something slimy slid over my back. I tensed but continued to eat her out, she giggled. It was a tentacle. The long slimy member slid beneath my dark pants, I gave an ear piercing scream as it delved deep into my pussy. It was so warm, it was huge, it was long. My cheeks flushed, it slid between my lower lips, the tip rubbing my clit hungrily. Another tentacle wrapped around my waist, and another one soon joined that. Tiny little mouths at the end of them latched onto my breasts, and I screamed again.

"You're so hot, so sticky," The girl whimpered, pushing her thick slimy member deeper into my cunt. My inner walls tightened around it as I shuddered and came. I didn't have the chance to register the immense pleasure, as even more filled me when the tentacle shoved itself deeper into me; somehow it was impossibly deep inside me. I could feel it throbbing in my stomach, in my womb, radiating warmth. The limb inside me began to thrust hard, rough, shriek after shriek of pleasure ripped from my throat. The bloodsucking tentacle girl's eyes were wide, her pupils dilated with pleasure, a wide smirk on her face. I came again. It was moving inside me wildly, writhing and pulsing, leaking fluids inside me, erupted hot spurts of liquid inside my womb. Shaking, writhing, pulsing, shaking, trembling! I couldn't fucking take anymore! I was going insane! It was too could! I ate her again; her tentacle began to thrust harder. Our moans were in sync, another tentacle came loose, and another, and another, more than I could count until I was wrapped in them, and she was too. They wrapped around me, slid all over me, every inch of my skin was covered with the strange limbs.

I gave in to the wild, unnatural pleasure.


We said nothing, just sat there. There was a strange feeling in the air, it wasn't uncomfortable or awkward. It was relaxed, content. We had made love. We relaxed afterward . . . she was hungry. "Every part of you belongs to me cow," She muttered, I nodded sipping my sake. She glared, "And I suppose you can touch me too." I nodded again. She looked away, eating again. "Why aren't you eating?"

"I'm full after eating you," I said softly. She blushed, looking straight at the table.

"You're crazy. You're the only ones they've come out for . . ." She murmured.

"What are you . . . who are you," I asked quietly.

"My name is Neru Akita. I've watched you for a while Haku. I am a prince of the Underworld; you . . . have my seed planted within you. Unlike a human seed, or even other demon seeds, it takes about a year to fertilize. And another half a year for the child to grow."

"I'm pregnant?"

She nodded.

I smiled, "As long as you never leave me, I don't mind . . ."

Her long members emerged from her back again, stroking my cheek. I smiled and took one in my mouth suckling. I felt good, I felt needed.

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