okay so this is my first x-men fanfiction that i've ever written. the show ended a long time ago and i was really crushed when they didn't renew a new season for the series, but after watching old episodes on netflix my love for this show has been renewed! anyway, i tend to make the characters a little ooc, so i apologize if the characters here are a little bit different from their usual selves. also, if you have any constructive criticism to give me then by all means, tell me. just don't be too harsh when you do!

ugh, okay you guys probably want to get on with the story now. so here, i hope you guys enjoy it!

Chapter One: A Demon Called Kurt

It was the middle of the night when a blood curdling scream echoed through the institute, causing many to wake in their sleep. Immediately, it was the thought of a surprise attack by the Brotherhood that came into everyone's mind. Logan was the first to wake up, and the first to bulldoze his way into the kitchen- where the sound had come from. The professor arrived next with Scott, Jean, Rogue, Evan and Ororo. Others followed clumsily, still drowsy and unable to stop themselves from bumping into the other X-men.

"Alright, where are you twerps hiding?" Logan asked in his gruff voice. He scanned the area, looking for any signs of the Brotherhood members. If they were hiding behind furniture, Fred should have been the easiest to find. But instead of catching sight of behemoth sized teenager, or a toad like mutant, Logan found the new recruit on the floor, arms shielding her face. "Kitty?"

The brunette responded by opening her eyes and then darting towards the older man. "D-Demon," she stuttered, pointing a finger towards the ceiling. The other X-men looked up at the ceiling, expecting to see a red skinned creature with horns and a tail. Instead, they were greeted by a blue skinned mutant with pointy ears, hanging upside down from the chandelier.

Logan retracted his claws, Scott kept his sunglasses on, and Rogue pinched the bridge of her nose. "That ain't no demon! That's just Kurt."

Kitty looked at the skunk haired teen with a perplexed expression on her face. "Kurt?" Impossible, she thought. That was a name given to humans. She must have meant Beelzebub, or something along the lines of that.

Professor X maneuvered his way to where the still baffled brunette stood, taking care not to wheel over any feet sticking out. "I should have introduced you to him earlier. His name is Kurt and he's another fellow student at this institute, just like you. But unlike some mutants that you've already seen and met, he has a rather unique appearance." He turned to where the aforementioned mutant was, and called him over. "Kurt, now might be the time to properly introduce yourself."

The blue furred mutant teleported to the ground, emitting a sulfur smell when he appeared in front of Kitty and the Professor. "Uh.. hi, sorry for scaring you like zhat. And for zhis," he added sheepishly when she started to cough from the fumes his teleporting gave off. "Anyway, as you probably already know, I'm Kurt," He grinned, exposing his fangs, and extended a three fingered hand for her to shake. However, seeing the horrified look on her face made him think better of it. He quickly brought his hand to hair, making like he was just going to run it through his indigo locks.

"Okay, uh...I think I'm just gonna, like, get some sleep now," Kitty said, adding a mental note to herself to never go down for a midnight snack again.

As the young brunette ascended up the staircase Kurt sighed and looked down at his feet. He didn't mean to frighten the new girl, he just wanted to join her for a midnight snack. Noticing the forlorn expression on Kurt's face,Scott patted him on the shoulder and offered some words od encouragement to uplift him. Meanwhile, Professor Xavier began twiddling his fingers together. Ororo, after noticing this, asked, "What are you thinking of, Charles?"

"Nothing," He answered out loud for the others to hear. H ethen directed his thoughts to Ororo, We need to find a way to cure this...this phobia of hers if we ever hope for there to be a unified group in this facility.

How are we going to do that? Storm thought. By now the others had disappeared back into their rooms, including Logan.

You'll find out tomorrow. I have a special plan for Kitty involving a lot of Kurt...

i'm leaving it here for now, sorry that it's so short but i hope you guys enjoyed it anyway. :)