AN: Heres a Victorious fic. Jade is a shemale and she's going to fuck Tori, also Cat in later chapters. BTW Tori's bi and Cat's lesbian. Tori's been eyeing Jade and Cat wants to fuck Jade

Hollywood Arts:

"Beck Please!?" Jade yelled as she chased Beck down the hall.

"After what you told me! You think I want you now?"


"No I'm out!" Beck than ran to his car and drove away. Jade fell on the floor with tears in her eyes. " Man that was some serious chiz with Jade guys!" Andre stated to the gang. "Im out!" he quickly stated as he ran off. "Jade problems? Im out too guys!" Robby said as he ran off in the same direction of Andre, leaving Tori and Cat behind.

"You wanna-?" Tori started but Cat ran off.

"Don't do it Tori!" were Cat's last words before she left too. Tori sighed and looked around. Surprisingly, once the news of Jade's ended relationship has everyone running, but not her.

"Ah Fuck it!" Tori shouted as she headed toward Jade, who was still on the ground weeping. She put her hand on Jade's shoulder. Jade was surprised at the touch and she turned to see what fool would try to talk to her. She saw only Tori motherfucking Vega. "Out of all my friends, why would it have to be her? Wait! She's not my freind?" she thought to herself, but GOD she needed to talk to someone, anyone, even Vega.

"What do you want Vega!?" she shouted.

"I-I just wanted to see if you were okay or-" she was cut off by Jade shouting.

"Do you think I look okay?!" Tori only nodded "no".

"Beck broke up with me! Okay! Are you happy now!" she shouted again and burst into rollers like before. Tori was shocked about what she heard. "Why?" was all she could say. Jade got up and looked at the fool again. "Because -Because," was all Jade could say, she didn't have the heart to tell Tori her dark secret. Instead she grabbed Tori's wrist and threw her in the janitors closet. "Jade?" was all Tori could say before she was cut off when Jade started to unbutton her pants. "Does she want to fuck me?" Tori thought as she got wet down south. Tori just watched in anticipation as Jade took down her pants, revealing black boxers with a bulge in them. Tori had a questioned look on her face as her eyes met Jades.

"Tori, I'm-I'm a shemale." As soon as Jade said that she pulled down her pants letting her "friend" free. Tori gasped at the sight of it, she'd only seen "one" on a porn video nevertheless seeing one in real life. She actually got turned on at the sight of it and she licked her lips, Jade saw this and looked confused. "Does Vega like this?" she thought

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