Isla Nublar, 125 Miles East of Hinomoto

Several armed Women stood around the holding pen, weapons in hand. They all had nervous expressions and were trembling. Everything had to go perfect otherwise people would die. Only one woman stood out from the rest, she was The Thunder General by the name of Claudette Vance. She was the chief game warden at the park. She held her Sword, The Thunderclap, at the ready as a forklift appeared through some trees and approached the holding pen.

The forklift stopped at the huge Iron Gate and lowered its cargo, a reinforced Container. The cage rocked back and forth as it was lowered and many women raised their guns in alarm.

"Calm down..." Claudette called out.

The forklift dropped the crate on some rails that lead to the pen gate, and then it reversed away. A group of women wearing hardhats and armor that said InGen on them approached the crate, and prepared to push.

"Loading team you're up." Claudette said to the already working women.

The women grabbed onto the handles on the side of the crate and started to push. Suddenly a loud hissing broke out, making everyone jump back in fright.

"Come on, get back in there." Claudette said angrily and they started to compose themselves

The women got over their fear and started to push the container towards the gate to the holding pen. Finally, the crate locked into place with the gate and a green light flashed above them, indicating it was safe to raise the gate now. Each an every member of the loading team exhaled in relief and wiped sweat from their foreheads.

"Loading team step away...Gatekeeper you're up." Claudette ordered.

The loading team scrambled away and a solitary woman, Echidna, approached the container, then climbed up it and onto the wall next to the gate.

Inside the container, a reptilian eye stares at Echidia, then the creature purrs.

She turned a key in the gate control panel. A green light flashed on the panel, telling her she can raise the gate.

Echidia then grabs a Handle at the top of the gate and then lifts the gate so the predator can walk into the holding pen. Then the predator charged at the gate. The container then jumped back 6 feet, Echidia falling to the ground right in front of the open container.

All the workers and soldiers were stunned, Oh shit.Claudette thought and ran over to the scene. Echidia lay on the floor, hardly conscious when a large reptilian claw grabbed her leg, starting to pull her into the container.

Alarms buzzed around the holding pen, soldiers ran toward the crate. Just as she thought she was done for a human hand reached out and grabbed hers. Claudette stood there and yanked her back in her direction. Claudette was now in a game of tug-of-war with a dinosaur.

"WORK HER BACK!" Screamed Claudette, still yanking Echidia in her direction.

She gripped Echidia's hand and struggled to keep her alive. She turned her head and saw the look of terror in her eyes.

Meanwhile, the dinosaur was starting to get the upper hand and more of Echidia's body disappeared behind the crate wall. She screamed out in pain as the dinosaur's huge teeth sunk down into her leg.

"SHOOT HER!" Claudette screamed.

Echidia's hand started to slip out of Claudette's hand.

The Soldiers started to load there Guns.

"SHOOT HER!" Claudette screamed again.

Echidia's hand had slipped out of her hand.

She heard the terrified cry of Echidia inside the crate but the dinosaur killing her quickly silenced it. Then a tranquillizer dart flew into the crate, putting the dinosaur to sleep, but it was too late. Claudette sat down and put her head in her hands and sighed, her father wasn't going to be happy. There was probably going to be a major lawsuit by the family of Echidia.