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Maybe, if I just stretch it like this... Ow! No... Not like that... Navi sat on the hilt of the Master Sword, testing her wings. So far, not so good. Link had insisted that he was more worried about her recovery than her lack of help during combat, but if the number of times he'd been hit since entering the temple was anything to go by, he certainly wasn't used to fighting by himself.

Navi hopped onto his shoulder and peered into his face. As she'd suspected, he was fast asleep, his head lolling onto his chest and his hat draped in his face. Upon entering the room barely five minutes ago, he'd insisted upon resting. His request was met with refusal on Dark Link's part, but he'd seemed entirely un-phased.

"You need a rest already? That's pathetic." Dark Link muttered.

"I don't need a rest," Link replied, punctuating his words with a yawn and a little stretch. "I just feel like having one."

"I thought we agreed to move through this temple as fast as possible." Dark Link grumbled.

Link, with a contented expression, simply settled himself against the wall and stretched again. "True, but there's no point hurrying if we're just going to need to take one huge long break when we get to the end."

The shadow snorted and looked away. "Rest all you want, I'm not going to waste any time, and nor am I going to wait for you to continue."

"Fine by me..." He muttered lazily, his voice trailing off and his eyes closing. Navi could've sworn he fell asleep right that second.

Drak Link didn't bother to look back at the pair, but Navi assumed he was addressing her instead. "The map said there were chests in this room, right? And we're looking for a key. I'll look for that while you laze about."

"Okay." She murmured in reply. She watched him pick up the Lens of Truth from where Link had left it on the floor next to them, then he began searching the room. She heard him mutter something like 'stone umbrella', then watched him pull a huge block from within an illusion of a wall and use it to hold the spikes falling from the ceiling at bay. As soon as he was out of sight, she turned her focus to her wings.

She'd given up trying to stretch them by the time re returned. He leapt from atop the cell on the other side of them room and walked back over to the fairy and her companion. "He's completely out of it, huh?"

"Yeah." She replied. She watched him hesitate for a moment before sitting down next to them, but a few feet away.

"How are your wings?" He asked quietly.


"...That's good."

Pause. "What about you?" Navi asked.

He cast her a sidelong glance. "What about me?"

She jumped from Link's shoulder onto the floor and walked over to him on slow legs. When she reached him she fluttered her wings, trying to jump onto his shoulder instead, but she could barely lift herself an inch off the ground. Upon seeing her struggle, he quickly extended a hand, which she gladly climbed onto. "I can tell something about this Temple is getting to you, I just don't know what." She waited for him to raise his hand, then hopped off onto his shoulder.

"Y-yeah." He muttered uneasily.

"Are you scared?"

"Of course not." His reply was quick.

"And what's up with you and that song?" She pressed. He looked away from her and she could see him clenching and unclenching his jaw. When he didn't reply she touched his blood-stained cheek. "You've been really distracted. And look, you even got yourself hurt. That's not like you at all."

He sighed. "Can't you hear the spirits in this temple?"

"You mean... The ones in the walls?"

"Them too." He glanced at her. "What do they sound like to you?"

"...I'm not sure what you mean. If you mean what kind of expression they have, I can't quite tell. I can only just hear them."

"Huh." He turned away for a moment. Before she could ask anything else, he continued. "They're evil. There is no light in any of the soul they still have left. And you can hear it in their voices. It may be but a whisper to you, but to me, they're excruciatingly loud."

She paused for a moment. "Why can you hear them differently?"

He barked out a small laugh. "Oh, you don't know? It's because I am basically the same as them."

Navi gave a slow nod. "You are an entity given form from part of Link's spirit."


"...Then what about the song?"

"I'm not entirely sure, but I'm assuming it's the same concept. It's just... really painful to hear."

"Then why did you come with us? You should've stayed in Kakariko Village."

"I don't know, it's like something is calling to me. I feel like I might find something here that I need. An idea of how to not become simply a piece of spirit like them, maybe?" He sighed. "It's probably hopeless."

Navi looked closely at him. "You're not nearly as un-attached to living as you say, are you?"

He smiled. "Life's grown on me. Heck, Link's grown on me. So has Sheik. And you."

Both of them turned with a start as Link stretched himself awake. Navi turned back to Dark Link before jumping onto the floor again to make her way over to Link. "You know, you really aren't such a bad guy."

After Link shook himself awake, the trio gathered their gear, including the newly gained key, and set off in the direction of the locked door that had been blocking their path. As they left, the hero's shadow grit his teeth as he tried to ignore the whispering that followed him.

Join us, Shadow boy... Join us...