Out there death was companion, it waited beside the weary who longed for the downpour of hope and change, such things never came down to the unending desert, not since it was made by the great fall of long ago, it had been that way been and ever since. No one moved there by choice, the desert was only two things to its inhabitants. They were either exiles pushed out of their old lands by the expanding dog city states, on behalf of Thunderian interest or in search fabled relics of power. There was nothing out there but death.

Death waited beside those unprepared and the weak as they journeyed its kingdom, all living were just servitude to it. This was what the child like Crocuta concluded in her intelligent, yet detached mind. She had to be detached, even to her mother Spaelea, warmonger and leader of the Hyaenids and founder of the elite guard that served to protect her line, and deal with any trouble within..

Crocuta saw the lessons that her mother gave out to others, that power provides true justice, strong rule above all else. Emotion of the 'heart' was pathetic and cowering, her mother often reminded her that her people where were they were in the desert known less affectional as the deadlands because previous rulers of the Hyaenids believed in a sense of self entitlement that they would never lose the green lands, but the city-state scum pushed them out by more powerful weapons. Steel against stick, cavalry against foot as they were overrun and driven to the edge, just so the dogs had more resources to appease the greed of the cats. Her mother gave her upbringing with the clear understanding that there was no place to entitlement in this world. You fought to keep it or you perished.

But this was not the desert, the room she scouted was a part of a new discovery that tested her mother's determination, many spoke out and many the Lunataks had to deal with. In the end though mother was right, as always. Crocuta only wished those who questioned her were dealt with after they had seen the discovery that laid in the heart of the deadlands and not before. But as her mother proved in the past, there was no place for the emotion of the heart.

The scale of the fortress was almost inconceivable, at the time Crocuta didn't think buildings of that scale could even exist, she heard tales of towering walls and buildings in Thundera and that the dog city states even had their own accomplishments, but even the wildest tale, paled to what she saw and she was just a child. It was fortunate that Spaelea was no child for she was mother to her, Queen to the people and Saviour of her kind, fearlessness, anger, strength everything about her was inspirational as she did everything to breach those walls and obtain the power within. It was the Hyaenids and not the desert or the stooges of the cat that decided the tomorrow of the Hyaenids she said before the siege.

The siege was to a fortress decorated in the shape of a skull with horns from the sides, was dangerous as it looked, when they came closer they could see defenders with diversity amongst ranks, Crocuta never seen these kinds before, some had looked like Thunderians themselves, some insect like and strange reptilian freaks, it was as if behind the daunting walls was in fact a refuge of civilizations who sought to hide from the world, as well as hiding all the best resources said her mother convincingly. It was so strange that greenlands would grow beyond the walls of the fortress, just proving again theat they were prospering and that must be taken for the Hyaenids to prosper. The Hyaenids lost their lands, they were taken, now they had the chance to do the same, it was just the world was.

Crocuta remembered the battle whilst looking at the murals within the room, still fresh and ongoing, the battle as she abseiled with her mother and her elite guard, she watched the simple slaves, entire villages and races her mother had rounded with violence, making the numbers into a swarming mob, and directed by trusted officers to ensure the fodder were the ones that took the blunt of the defenders power. The mob had makeshift catapults of wood, but the defenders wielded magical combatants the like she had never seen before, but even her mother was dismissive to it ignoring the coloured lighting like rounds of magic knowing that something more powerful rested within. The abseil was successful and the break in proved something else, that with surprise even these defenders that yielded what can only be described as 'magic' could be bested by surprise and a arrow to the heart. It was clear the defenders regardless of breed were still susceptible to death. Just as it had always been in the desert, and as for the defender as Crocuta stood over him, reloading her shot considering putting a second in to silence his agony, but despite the agony the strange creature, cat like, not so much talked to her but criticised her. Rather than mock she was curious as to why this thing felt it had the moral right even though she bested it by cunning and power..

'You…are much like them'

Crocuta kept her small crossbow within her cloak. It was a strange creature, an adult she brought down but it was its appearance she found to be jarring, it was similar but not the same that her people spite in the legends, a cat that had no trait of Thunderain but it looked different, not the brown tone of its skin or its chestnut fur but that its eyes had nobility, honour, compassion. It did not have the ambition that Thunderians were known for.

'What is a Thunderian doing here?' She was curious as she was disgusted.

His reply was aimed at correcting her assumption by growling at the tag that it deemed offensive.

'My kind are noble, settled long before the pawns of Isfet brutalized this world. WE Qadians are decedents of Ma'at, like the great King Carnivus and like I-'

'You are nothing' She said cutting in. 'I don't care what you think is different, you are a Thunderian, you have no right to be here.'

'No, I am part of Ma'at legacy, a true creation of nobility. It is you that are Thunderian'

'Pft. Absurd! I am a Hyaenid, as is my mother and hers before! We share no blood with them, or any form of cats!'

'Huh.' He scoffed weakly at the young Crocuta. 'You are a child indeed in your thinking, it is not blood or name, but your souls, you and the Thunderians share the same benefactor, and for that you two will always be the same. Always be Isfet'

'Your entire life was behind a wall. You know nothing.'

'I know more, it is you that knows nothing of your heritage, this room has books of history, books that were written when the forces of evil, the forces of Isfet came took our future, dwelling us here to this. We know so much more because lived through it. Child''

Spoken with so much confidence it made the child ponder what the dying thing was prattling on about, her eyes narrowed, and her words were cold.

'If I was my mother we would not be having this conversation, in this room of book and spells point to me what will back your words and I will see you receive assistance, or do you think I won't because i am what you always expect me to be?'

The unnamed Qadian paused, and reluctantly pointed to the book he believed that may convince this child to see things differently, but more to it in his heart he was not ready to die.

Crocuta saw the book, heavy but carryable, it laid on a high shelf, so she simply knocked the cabinet down sprawling and treading on all other history just to get to hers. Already she moulding herself in her mother's image.

Crocuta opened it to see blank pages, momentary she was about to flip and use the shot of her bow but the pages came to life in magic and spells she had no understanding of, at least not yet. It was no coincidence that this spell translated the words to a language she understood, the sorcery was truly sophisticated…which meant there was truth to this relic that her mother was seeking this havoc staff

'Our tales are different' Crocuta said factually, wavering some consideration about accepting another perspective. 'About how the cats took our favour of the Ancients' Flicking through pages the book so far strangely seemed to support her people's history that in old times her kind were the preferred ones of the Ancients but it was lost, by deception, by poison from the cats. A fall of grace that has endured as long as the blasted desert, but privately to her they were fairy tales, but for another book in a lost world to document a similar variant…was it a coincidence.

Then the similarities with the tales of her people ended, there were words she caught briefly before shutting the book quickly. Her eyes caught something, it challenged the past and even possibly revise history. She stayed quiet and just stood in that pause, contemplating…

'Master' Crocuta turned, her servant crawled, a variant, a stray of her people that she found in the wilderness and took not pity, but ownership of it. It was a small girl like her but brown fur and a cowl covering its mouth, it spoke softly, even fearful to her, and looked even more so when Crocuta eyed her subject.


'The Queen has finally broke through the shrine, but I came to you because I feel something powerful is waiting inside, and you told me to come if I suspected there be danger'

'I will go to her, you assist this thing-'

The servant looked oddly for a moment and quickly stepped out of the way as Crocuta stormed past without regard but as she walked on she instructed the rest of her order.

'-With its death'

The wounded Qadian could only watch haplessly as the 'servant' shown a gleeful, spidery movement with her arms and legs, drooling with a terrible snapping sound coming from behind the cowl and leapt onto him catching briefly of the terror behind that cowl before he screamed. Crocuta briefly paused, but so as to hear that moment perfectly, one day she might accept the words from the book but she won't accept being lectured to by someone who had no right, he lost, she lived for tomorrow, such as it was for a Hyaenid as decreed by her mother.

And on cue was the sound of Spaelea's great battle.

Her pace quickened, within those torn doors was a clash of destructions walls hit with a thunderous force of power, equally matched by loud curses and bursts of rage from her mother, batting what was in there that defied her goal.


Crocuta snuck down amidst the fighting, skipping throw the shadowy covered stairs, routing round any dim spots and remaining hidden yet seeing pure murder seething through the eyes of her mother. A giant to her in height and statue, and to even her own guards she stood a foot taller to them when fully upright, though not technically gifted she was nonetheless a prodigy of brute force and of sheer violence, she is the leader for a reason. Yet even she was displaying a behaviour Crocuta had not seen in her mother till now, full of anger and impatience, her so-called adversary had stalled the battle long enough to anger her, even her royal attire, the cape and armour were mired in dust, dents and chinks. Her struggle was wearing her sense of control down, her stamina even more so but the murder in her eyes remained, compelling her rise again.

yet there was a seed of disturbance planted in Crocuta, isn't she seeing 'right' power was what mattered yet her mother seem to be losing to someone who was besting her in that. Might suited her mother's rule, it was her governance, so to see her challenged like this questioned the logic Crocuta was always she argued, the battle was still going and the queen would win because she is strong, she is the saviour as promised to be. If she failed...Crocuta silent the thought, it wasn't an option.

Yet Spaelea's adversary, who stood in the way, was impossible to ignore, not his strength but because of it's...face. Glancing at him was akin to see unblinkingly the sky at night, to witness the mysterious small pearls of white surface errily, some still, were closer or further and the occasional one 'moved' it was an abyss beyond understanding or sense, a vastness that dwarfed Crocuta, and that terrified her.

This 'thing' this seemingly faceless one was no different. A layer of silvery silhouette of his facial appearance outlying a depthless emptiness of darkness. What was this thing that could move and see without eye or mouth? It had the appearance of masculinity but it was still an 'it' A creature void of personification. Never had Crocuta felt so sickened at seeing something like it before.

She quickly hidden as it turned to her direction, perhaps sensing something was there but she retreated from its…sight. How? How did that thing see? How long did that diseased abomination remain here? Daringly she peeped out and saw what it was guarding something and at once her eyes were lured to the mystery of the ram skull head of the staff levitating in light. A girl of logic, she pondered the reasons for its existence and could think of none, but she could almost sense a dark vibe resonating from it, as if the light was there to eventually cleanse it of its dark past. Then the fight returned as Crocuta quickly hid with heart in mouth watching her mother lead the attack, strike after strike with her strength that was excelled all others and used it violently, smashing walls, trying to hit the ever evasive thing or destroying physical projectiles thrown at her, even a ball of magic that stung her just made her snarl and staggered on, it was as if fate was persevering her cause, absorbing and fighting even if her exhaled breaths were becoming increasingly exasperated.

Still the faceless danced around her, firing his magic and ghosting into the air and summoned elsewhere but Crocuta saw a brief smirk in her mother, her ears twitched, her senses were finally picking the faint sounds of where the faceless would reappear, combined with her honed predatory instinct she lashed out at the predicted area. It was in clear control before but now the thing panicked, his arm held up quickly, from its palm, light appeared and bent round him like a dome, it was incredible for what it was, before her mother fractured it into pieces of oblivion.

Now it was down and unarmed, but its other hand was still charging more magic, crimson in look, reflective in anger. It was fired quickly and directly into the Hyaenid queen just as she was about to throw the final punch herself only to scream in anguish, terrible and infuriating but more so to Crocuta as she watched the security and strength of her life falter before her. The Queen hit the ground gasping. The faceless creature no longer rising with magic like an arrogant elder and could only pick himself up slowly, relying on rocks to support himself till he stood upright. Yet it's surprise could be clearly heard reacting to seeing Spaelea still defying his power.

'You should be that dead' It said.

Crocuta saw the defiant glare her mother gave, but also a creeping look of powerlessness, and fury that it was like this.

The thing lectured on 'You have desecrated my city with an army of slaves, you have tried to murder its lord and take what was never yours, you are guilty of all these crimes, and I am to ensure you will commit no more again'

Another reddish flare of magic came from the thing's hand, it was smaller but Crocuta knew it would be enough to kill her mother. Crocuta knew, this would be the end, of her mother, the defeat of her clan and sent out to the desert to slowly die. She couldn't bear thinking about it, and rather than fight it, she cried, like the cowards she bereathed at in the past, not she too was expressing emotion from the heart, first the sobbing was soft till it became a rushing flow of hysteria, wrapping her cape tightly as she came out of hiding, face reddened, she will be a coward if it meant saving her mother. The faceless creature stayed his hand and sounded... Appalled at her mother.

'You brought a child into war?'

Spaelea said nothing but her eyes did cast seemingly shame at her child for begging like this, Crocuta still moved, the cape still held tight with one hand and out and the other hand kept in as she stumbled pitifully.

The faceless creature whose appearance Crocuta found so disturbing to look upon offered his hand, his tone of words countered her perceived prejudice of it, he spoke with the words of a concerned parent. 'Come here, there is nothing to fear'

Crocuta noticed the gesture, the offer was based entirely on trust, his hand was lowered for her to receive, such a gesture changed her concerns that her crying subsided, the cheeks no longer carried tears down the face and her seeing the face of this creature was not so grotesque after all. In the harsh world there was still someone who believed in such things, were they really the right things her people needed all this time? Trust, co-operation, was might actually right? If it wasn't then her mother was wrong in everything, including her rule. Could she accept that her mother had actually been deceiving her all this time? Crocuta's brow tensed, wasn't this meant to be the faceless meant to be the selfish being that kept power to himself? Was this for her people? How can the staff, if it was what her mother dreamed of, bring glory without war? Without hatred?

Crocuta was morally lost, but she looked upto the faceless again. She knew now what she was to do.

She took her outer hand that kept the cape over her shoulders and arms with the other hand kept hidden under the arm she offered her hand from. The faceless accepted the touch of the hand and as quick as the hand was offered did Crouta close her grip with it, it was a child grip but for a moment it held the hand down and that was more than enough time for her to draw out the other arm that was hidden and from it came hidden bow with her finger on the trigger, and fired.

It was a silent yet dramatic shot straight into the heart of the faceles,' striking him with a precision that severed the immediate end of the heart's beat by metal old yet sharp at the end and sunk deep into his robes and through that heart.

The faceless grabbed it's chest and staggered, clinging to the wound hoping to conjure some last magic but he could never create himself hope, nobody can. No hope could be made in the deadlands, only death as it was once more.

Crocuta remained silent, something gnawed at her, something she never felt, nor will feel again it was a voice telling her how wrong it was to do that, there were so many that asked for it but this one never threatened her, and looked to be genuine in trust. The deed almost tore her apart till her conditioned nature finally won her over once more.

'The fool' She said with a spat, she stepped back briefly though as her mother stood tall, though there was distance the feel of her authority made her a giant anywhere she went.

'I couldn't agree more, my child.' She walked with a pat on her shoulder. 'You did the right thing, think of the cats who offer luxury and kind words but only give swords and worse. This is their history, as is the history of their pawns, the city-states of their dogs. We are the receivers of this abuse, band he would had deceived you as any other.' Spaelea took another look at her foe and sneered for all its power and life he had no sway over the extent of his legacy. 'He offered and you killed him, you my child had the strength to see the deceit behind the offers of luxury and kind words. You saw it all and have become so much stronger because of it. Now' her eyes saw the attraction she was long after, the havoc staff. 'Now to embrace authority and true rule!'

'My mother' Spaelea turned back to her child who bowed before her own eyes. 'Who are the ones who told you this place?'

Spaelea simply smiled, the Queen had told everyone of her 'visions' of this place but her daughter had known by her own logic that no vision described this and that 'vision' was a fancy word that enshrined herself with divinity to suit her needs.

'You think I have no vision?'

'I'm not sure, but if you do...then how does this all end? Did they tell you that?'

'No, and you don't need to be worried about that' Crocuta noted but said nothing on how her mother's last words drifted a little, was there something more? If it bothered her mother in the slightest then it was something she wasn't going to dare ask about. Her mother instead though walked to the staff, drawn to the great power once more.'

'For with this staff we will never end as we reclaim our lands and our entitlement across the city-states. ALL OF THEM!'

The light over the staff died once Spaelea grabbed it, now a new light came from the staff a destructive glow of burning yellow as it fired through the ceiling and beyond in a violent pulse, it had no shape or form like the magic bearers from outside who must be panicking when seeing who had the power. The staff was now all power, pure raw and terrible power, a terror for all those to come.

The ape Addicus looked behind, gave a long stare before turning back to the group, the leader of the other pack that Crocuta had left her group, earlier she seemed to be day dreaming somewhat but had her attention directed at Silithe's and was now walking up to them leaving the others.

'Hey' Whispered Addicus though the clumsy weight of his voice did little to perfect the idea of actually whispering. 'That thing back there is heading upto us' Silithe turned his head and made Addicus blood go cold, the lizard wasn't impressed in how he just bellowed that out.

'No' Cutting off Addicus excuse to try and 'equal' the score as was clearly on his mind. 'I'll deal with her' He said in an actual whisper. Addicus was supposed to nod but his response was non expressive at best.


Silithe growled a little raising his voice a little. 'I said I would deal with her'

'But-' Despite Addicus looking to object he did back down but Kaynar stepped in either out of not reading Addicus response very well or was just being...kaynar.

'He said!' With a louder voice. 'That he would deal with her! So deal with it!'

'Hey!' Snapped back Addicus. 'I heard the time that comes after one!

'Quiet down' Snarled Silithe!

'Baboon fool!' Retorted Kaynar. 'There is no time after one! Don't you know your maths? It's one after one after one!'

'I'll remember that when am counting your teeth!' He snarled closing in with fist raised, which was fortunate for Silithe as the two had lowered their posturing and ready to anticipate each other's grapple meaning he could reach their heads and slam them together with a tremendous whack. The two both cried and dotted round the corridor briefly dizzied by Silithe's second to last resort to shutting them up. the first being would had been grabbing a gun, but as there non evident then head banging was sufficient.

Silithe turned to see Vultaire just standing there keeping his distance from Silithe's solution.

'Your quiet aren't you?'

'Well it was over so quickly, which I anticipated by the way, that I thought diplomatic solution, would be unpragmatic'

silithe remained unimpressed. Very unimpressed.

'Do you have any idea what you're on about sometimes?'

'Well Lord Mumm-Ra does. He alone knows the full extent of my talent'

'I have to agree, the subjection of bird city was surprisingly straight forward despite the predictions, thanks to your tactical expertise'

'Why thank you' Originally it went past him then his brow then narrowed and his voice raised. 'HEY!'

'My point' Silithe added with a an accusing finger 'It certainly isn't the technology and it's definitely not your strategy of attack either, that got you 'Command' You offer nothing in all three!'

'Look the last claim that can be debated for another time, but I am not so useless as you think, ever considered its what's I can DO with the technology offered?'

'What are you saying?' Silithe became serious, it wasn't the reaction Vultaire was expecting.


It ended there as a cough from Crocuta caught their attention though she gave a look of warning at the vulture before Silithe could see it, Vultaire saw the glare and wisely drifted a bit from the two but kept close, they were still better company then the jackal and the ape. Speaking of the ape he was on the ground wheezing with his giant arms on his chest, it looked like he ignored the order to not settle the score, now he was two down. Or was that one after one? Vultaire thought mockingly.

'What do you have to say?' Snarled Silithe as the 'Mutant' leader took issue with the Lunatak counterpart.

'I figured we could talk to mend common misunderstandings, we have a shared objective?'

'Don't flatter yourself, you talk worse than the bird does'

'I have a name' Eavesdropping in but the two jointly snapped at him.


To which he did, quickly.

Crouta looked back at Silithe, the pretence of charm faded quickly, Silithe was blunt which made this a straight forward affair of establishing certain terms very quickly.

'Appreciate the honesty but your just pint size to me'

'Don't push it girl, that staff won't give you victories and the world alone'

'Interesting philosophy, ever thought of telling him that?' Silithe knew full well she meant Mumm-Ra but avoided the naming outright in case he heard.

'Afterall' Added the Lunatak 'Why else are you tagging along still? Thundera is gone, you got your aim, the promise but here you following behind a Lord with a sword. Why haven't you turned away? Is it because you know that power is absolute? Regardless be it girl or lord the outcomes remains the same? That freedom means nothing so long as there is someone with absolute power?'

'I know the consequences of losing such power, what became of your people when your mother died and you were too little to carry her legacy? He challenged. 'Your people were crushed that's what! Exiled to every part of this world. You people fared no better than mine did! I go to power like Mumm-Ra because its self-preservation. The cats are not fit to rule.'

'Then we agree that they must all die'

'Whatever happened to just wanting Lion-O dead?'

'Did Lion-O burn your homeland? Cats are cats, they have no spine and turn against on all those that do'

'I can tolerate a cat, not all need to be dead so Mumm-Ra can get what he wants. I however cannot tolerate you, I do not want a drink, laugh or even a chat with you. I want you gone, and if killing lion-O means the last of you and me being able to return home and build up for your inevitable mad run for land grabbing then so be it! You have been groomed to carry your mother's mad ambition and I am not so dulled like the rest to not see that!'

Crocuta fumed, seethed but it was all under check, crackling her knuckles but did not retaliate, there was something that was admirable about the lizard's defiance, he had so much spite in him, which made her ask the question.

'Where were you then? During my mother's run, amidst the great grune campaign.' Noting with fluid sarcasm. 'When your kind trailed behind a cat with a sword?'

'None of your business.'

Crocuta chuckled 'So be it, but let's be clear shall we? I have my mother's blood but my mind is mine own, whereas my mother could be tolerable herself...sometimes...I'm much more of a moderate example of leadership. I can understand you were clearly oppressed against the cats, and so were mine own via their state puppets, but I can live upto her expectations should I wish it, but I can tolerate you, even the stinking bird!'

'My name please' Insisted vultaire politely.

'But I cannot and will not tolerate cats. Ever. Including that stinking cat over there!'

Vultaire chimed 'Well she is dead'

Crocuta stared at him with eyes that to Silithe look fitting of Spaelea herself and the temper just as much as Crocuta laid the correction at Vultaire.

'Not her you idiot! HER!'

The group were near the end of the corridor, the triangular shaped passage filled with walls and eerily red lighting to which at the end was Mumm-Ra, the lizards ritually dressed ready to act as his supporting sermon, the dead Cheetara and 'her' being Pymura who walked to her 'Lord' with a smile and held his hand. Vultaire squawked with Silithe and Crocuta exchanging odd looks as the Vulture sprinted down to the procession before either could blink. Crocuta was left without words.

'Wha-What was that?'

Now Silithe chuckled.

'He's scared'

'Of what?'



Pymura knelt her legs a little, imitating a pull of the skirt pose of an lady of class would show to a gentlecat. Though she was no lady, and nor was Mumm-Ra gentley in any shape or form, but they shared the sick grin as they reunited, the body of cheetara just made it all special.

'Did she pray before the end?' She asked, hoping.

'So that's what her cry was all about, her pray to live?' He chuckled.

'Of only she knew that only you had the right to be live, forever.'

'My love has great wisdom in her, and is not dulled by blinded by notions of equal, there is only the superior.'

Pymura nodded and looked at Cheetara again.

'She is to be brought back is she not?'

'Indeed, for she is a cleric and will be thus properly converted to serve a true Lord'

'My Master'

She took his hand, rubbed the skin regardless of its condition and went to press her lips but something came, fast and loud full of protest and outrage she turned to see in time the hands of a giant bird shoving her aside.

'Begone you foul she-cat! Mumm-Ra, allow me to give you proper help'

'IDOIT!' Bellowed the dark lord 'She was to kiss my hand!'

Vultaire looked clearly shock 'Kiss that?' He tried to retract his comment once blurbing out that offence, to the offended directly. 'I er- didn't think she intended to kiss you my Lord? I thought you needed proper help?'

'In what way would I need help?' Inquired Mumm-Ra, he wasn't amused, Pymura dusting herself after that push decided to add fuel to the growing fire.

'Yes Vultaire, why would you think Mumm-Ra would need 'help' what are you implying?'

'Nothing!' Panicky he was already one foot in the grave, and instead of taking that out, he put the other one in. 'It's just as he is the Ever-Living'

Mumm-Ra remained quiet and looked at Pymura. 'You may want to step aside, my love'

Pymura hopped back and just as quick within Mumm-Ra's hand a surge of energy crackled wildly, Vultaire gulped and scrambled off for his life, dodging shots along the way with the Mutants and Lunataks sticking to the ends of the corridor for their own good. Then Mumm-Ra sighed, the vulture would be back, eventually and he would have been calmer by then.

'Why do you tolerate his incompetence so much my lord/'

'Do not assume his flamboyancy is his namesake, his incompetence on command serves my aims well, better then you may realize'

'We still need lizards, yes?'

'They will always be needed' And with that a smirk had appeared. 'Over time however, certain additions have helped me grant the lizard army a new lease of life shall we say? Silithe may not think it, but the numbers amongst the ranks are not decreasing but are instead swelling with new candidates. He just doesn't see it yet.' He let out barely a chuckle, his own little joke would just be kept on a little bit longer for now. 'Its only been through the tech stone, the brilliance of Vultaire's ingenuity and behind closed door dealings with the Lunataks are things pushing in the way it is meant to be'

'What could had those things had bought other than disease?'

'An understandable disdain but don't be fooled by their savagery, for they bring resources for what is to come' From one of the brainwashed lizard clerics he picked a clear crystal orb held within an lantern of dark metallic ornament shaped of a demonic creature. Pymura had no idea what history or symbol the ornament itself represented but she looked at the orb and part of her dark soul tinged at seeing it.

'Long ago Crocuta's mother found, by chance an old city, supposedly. And plundered it, the havoc staff wasn't the only thing ransacked but a powerful orb as well. It was made by an ambitious child of a sorcerer but unlike him she wasn't blinded by morals and saw the bigger picture. Using her father's knowledge, the orb in her possession became stronger and served as a template to better designs to serve her ambitious need. When Crocuta gave me it I could create a lantern to hold jaga, with the tech stone and Vultaire at my disposal, I can do so much more. Oblivion was the sorcerer's legacy, the dark magic within these lanterns are his daughter's…'

AN: I'm sorry for the delay, other than work related stress, I had to do many rewrites, the original version had Bengali in but was faced with creating more back story for which seemed unnecessary given the length of his role. Also Quadlin are an actual race in the He-Man 2002 series, one of them is very cat like. It does focus on He-Man elements but develops on other things such as how the havoc staff is obtained etc. Next chapter should be sooner (hopefully) I do promise it will carry on from the cliffhanger set by the earlier chapter.

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