Chapter XIII: Panthro's gamble

The little Prince yawned out of his sleep, the bumps on the road woke him, the surrounding was of a tranquil night, the darkness was non-threatening given the soft light of the moons shone kindly and at the other seat was his loving mother. It didn't matter she adopted him; he felt the spiritual bond between them, a much greater feeling then joined by blood alone. She was rubbing her tummy, it had grown over a long time, she told him that it held a great joy he will come to know as his brother. Tygra couldn't wait but his mother, queen to her people and wife to a loving king looked troubled and sad. Tygra then noticed the carriage was going faster than he had known it to be, the air was now brushing quite fast from the open window and the road below was beginning to blur. he thought he might have heard voices carried by the wind but he was drowsy and saw no trouble even if his mother looked sad and that officer, Lynx-O was riding by the carriage in a hurried pace, flanked by a scaly thing. What was going on?

'Mama' Said Tygra with his youthful cub voice. 'Is everything ok?'

'Yes' She said but she couldn't hide a sniffle and her hand came too late to rub away the tear. Tygra looked around, someone else was missing.

'Where's Father?' He was taught to speak his father with a degree of assertiveness, the king was one of strength and expected any line, adopted or otherwise to groom themselves into a confident and hardened successor ready to take the duties and decisions as they come.

'Don't worry about him, just sleep it'll be ok'

Tygra wondered what she meant by that, the more he remained awake the more he saw through the tranquil illusion and the more he glimpsed into a procession of...panic. Something bad was happening.

Tygra wanted to ask again, even if he did fear his mother scorning him not to when he heard a panicked cry from Lynx-O it wasn't like the gentle tone he would speak to him at ceremony, he shouted loud pointing at something and telling the driver to move. The carriage geared into an accelerated pace, he heard the wheels shake, travelling at the speed they were not meant for. Tygra saw his mother yell at him and held him close, there was a noise, like lighting striking but from the earth and to them, it came quick and close though the time for Tygra to panic and cry was still there, there was light, it wasn't moon light but a burning yellow, it came close and then-

-Then everything tumbled with a violent spin, the sound eclipsed Tygra's hearing to where a straining pitched sound burned his ears with the inside of the carriage tumbling over. He held desperately to his mother as they bumped to one side, dirt spread out, composing of dry grains of earth. He heard nothing but shouting and someone tearing the carriage door of with great force, he wondered if it was Panthro who managed to escape from dog city or Grune, but to his surprise it was lynx-o who tore it off swiftly albeit with asserted effort.

'This way my Queen ,and young prince. HURRY!' He urged.

Tygra managed to crawl out quite fast, shaken but unbruised, he looked back to see Lynx-O help the Queen to his feet but her face expressed pain, she had no cuts, or bruises but the way she clutched her tummy. It seemed wrong to Tygra, something was beginning to happen...


He saw other cats, armed with shields and swords and a scaly rushing to the sound of the violence. Tygra noticed the earth around him was uneven, the terrible light that came out of nowhere had destroyed the shape of the road and the carriage, it was on its side, wheel snapped, impossible to move. The Queen cried and bit her lips at the agony that Tygra could not understand; she was leaning on Lynx-O's shoulder for support.


Another sound and he saw what it was, at the boundary of the woodland where the guards had formed outside and waited there was a tree like a pillar it stood, firm and Tygra caught a glimpse of a greyish spotted hand push that tree down aside, uprooted it with little respect and seemingly little effort of its strength. Then it came out in the open "it" was a she, an animal Tygra had not seen before, it had some resemblance to the dogs but the upper chest and arms were well developed, her armor was similar to his father or a mockery of it. Then it she gave a terrible smirk, showing off the lines of her teeth and snarling at the all those in front. She was a giant, taller than even his father. Tygra didn't like to think there was someone who could match the strength of the king, to him his father was the safety from the world but looking at this creature, he wasn't sure how safe he would still feel had his father been here, but where was he?

That was something the creature wanted to know, though her hair was long and dark, her voice was darker and demanding.

'Whelps! Where is your king, The murderer? Where is he?'

Tygra would had shouted at her to take that back if he weren't so afraid he turned to lynx-O, who just handed the Queen other to a servant and answered the creature with a unsheathed sword, he walked to her, utterly undaunted by how the thing towered him..

'This sword speaks for his majesty, leave now or you will get its answer!' Lynx-O warned but the creature did not heed.

'Fool!' She spat, brandishing her own weapon in turn, Tygra had not seen this thing before and wondered if it was truly this monster's or if she had in fact taken it from someone. The thing was a a staff, made of metal, ever smooth and purple with a white skull of a horned creature. There was a flicker of energy, yellow just the one before. He swallowed and stepped back, the creature sneered at them as if they were just mildly sharp bothersome things. She let the staff crackle in its power, playing havoc with its magic, burning the woods and grass near her and walked over it in a show of bravado.

'A dull blade speaks for Claudius? Pathetic! This speaks for me' Brandishing the terrible staff for them to see her vow was erratic, psychotic, her words spoke of Claudius with an obsession, her eyes sought him with an intent to kill as she prattled.

''This is the return for all the dead you cowards achieved! I am Spaelea, Queen to the true, though my rule is cruel to the likes of you! I will beat and disgrace your king, drag him to the heart of his capital! All that lived, and all that loved him will be the ashes of my fires, to which I will bury him by!' She smiled the last part to tygra watching and enjoying a child cower before her, and just as Lynx-O lef the charge did the staff staff flash its evil light and Tygra could only shield his eyes, but could do nothing about the terrified cries, no matter how hard he pressed his hands to his ears.

The Prince woke slowly, awakened by the bumps that followed, he wasn't sure what was going on but realised quickly what happened, he was knocked Panthro and Cheetara...Cheetara!

He got too his feet too fast and slipped a little amidst the ever increasing moving thundertank, he had awoken from a nightmare, only to live out the next.

'Cheetara!' Then he remembered in more detail of what happened, it was over, she was gone, wiping a tear from his face and barely holding back his anguish, the constant shaking of the tank was of little consequence to what he saw and will probably haunt him to his dying breath. Kat was in the back with him and called out to the driver, that being Panthro.

'Hey Tygra is awake'

Tygra ignored Kat and picked himself up, his eyes saw only Panthro and he wanted only words with him.

'You let her die'

'Not this again' Muttered Panthro under his breath, if there was no intention of having Tygra hear it then it failed, but he was too busy driving to turn and look at the prince.

'It was already too late, I had enough time explaining that to Kat, you know full well there was nothing we can do, not when we have more trouble coming. '

'Like what?'

Panthro jabbed the monitor screen, his steely hand almost broke it, but even if the arms weren't mechanical and his just his own, the strength would had been no different due to the stress of the odds against him, the screen came to life and Tygra saw for himself something chasing them, a reflection of what they drove in themselves, except it was armed and firing as they continued driving further downhill into underground.

'That's not possible'

Panthro however knew otherwise that it was, he just didn't know why.

'Everyone buckle up!'

The lizards at the control room monitored the interception units, the tanks were true to their intended design in hunting down the target, there was a large screen showing what was explored so far, at the moment the geography shown a network of caves, but at present the cats were no way near deep enough to what so called lied beneath. The monitor did pick up large burrows and an even much larger one suggesting something else did inhabit the premises. The operatives were mainly quiet; due to how short there were of personnel, at least those that were not of metallic appearance. The lizards looked round to see something of a phased rotation, there were several lizards donned entirely in metal, they were new, but didn't say anything, they stood and typed fast, quite fast. This was a contrast to the others who had an actual awareness of the surroundings; their fingers struggled to tap onto the more delicate holo keypads, and despite all their training in this technology there was a gradual pace of what they input. For now the armored lizards were at the ends of the room, as everyone else congregated into one area near where the so called 'wing commander' took his place in a chair that was more about extravagance then rigid or blending to the tactical environment.

Unlike the new armored ones who did nothing but process data, the others smelt something, it was faint, it smelt as if the air was singed with burning. It became quickly clear once Vultaire strolled in with a hurry, with the eyes that saw him remembering he was with Mumm-ra earlier. Those that saw did keep their heads down and smiled quietly to themselves as the 'wing Commander' took his place.

'Report' growled Vultaire, one lizard had to put his hand over mouth and cough away his amusement.

'Ahem. Wing Commander, Interceptor 1 is in pursuit of the cats'

'Let me see' The tracking screen switched to a chase perspective from the interceptor's perspective. 'Good, this is more like it. Is this live?'

'Erm..yes' Only the armored lizards had no recollection or worry over Vultaire's remark, the others however were still evident of the operation to remove the fuel tanker from before.'

'Excellent, attach this live feed to Mumm-Ra...My dear Lord, now we do have the Cats this time-' His mind shouted him with images and statements of the ceremony Mumm-Ra was conducting of this moment. 'No wait cancel the feed…Cancel it!'

'Attempting to now' Came a mundane reply of one worker, uncaring of the thankless role and of his 'wing commander'.

'Hurry you fools!' Snapped the self-declared wing Commander 'Do you really want to see Mumm-Ra dispose of me and my hard earned rank?'

The lizards paused and blinked at each other, a silent exchange of realization followed, actively they began tapping away on their consoles more than ever.

'Er..Were having technical difficulties'

'Feed is still transmitting'

'Connection imminent in 5,4-'

'NONONO! Make it stop! Make it stop!' He suddenly barked orders at the armored lizards.

'You' he dictated. 'Sever the feed at once!'

The armored lizard stopped, said nothing and then tapped away faster than the others, and with a slump to the chair of relief Mumm-ra saw the live feed disconnect before it could be established.

'You see? That wasn't so hard was it?'

The lizards said nothing with words but said many by their stares, which Vultaire seemed entirely unaware of, he glanced at the chase cam.

'Give me audio' He pressed a button on his seat and a joystick with a red trigger at the end. 'And patch me through to weapons'

If the tank wasn't driving through a tunnel, it was making one of its own, there was dead ends and narrow tunnels, up, down it didn't matter because the tank just made its own opening with sheer speed and power, but Panthro still drove fast to get away from the opposing Tank's targeting system.

'I'm sitting in the front' Insisted Tygra, ignoring Panthro's earlier orders, taking a step and expecting Dobo to move to move to the back. Panthro snapped and clicked his fingers.

'You're staying at the back and that's final, the only thing we have left is speed.'

'Then drive better!'

'I heard you were going to sit down' His speech was briefly cut as they the tank hit a bump and smashed through more rock to get through. His words did not change after that interruption. 'Don't make me think I heard anything else!'

There was another bump and a shake as Tygra backed down, Panthro was still playing the ignorant card and blanked out the rest that was said.

Dobo felt uneasy and gritted his teeth as much, his hand reached and pressed the ceiling to maintain his position with the tank banging and barging.

'There's only a matter of time before we hit rock a mile long?'

'I know that! I don't know how much of this network we can exploit?'

A network was Panthro's best guess, an observant cat of his surroundings, naturally mistrustful thanks to being conditioned by countless battlefields, when they first drove in the approach was simple, to get deeper and hope they can find the same level Lion-O must have been at, they were deep enough to lose comm signal entirely, no longer an advantage anyway as that Lunatak took one from Ceetara. His hands tightened briefly at recalling that smug voice on audio but like he did with the comm, he shut it of thought and focused on keeping everyone else alive. When driving down he eventually lost the advantage of distance as he reversed around looking for better routes to take and being as stealthy as he could with several tons of metal. It was only when he saw one of the tanks acting reckless smashing through cave rock, Dobo commenting he found 'remains' with a cat emblem leading to unfortunate speculation that this network was a elaborate refuge system. Some towns in his further campaigns had tunnels leading those under siege far away to safety. This seemed to be a more extensive version but with the cat emblem found and that there was no cat had ever set foot in his lifetime. Made Panthro speculate worryingly, the 'traitors' were uncaring or had some awareness of this, but if they did then so must Mumm-ra...


Panthro heard the booming voice from the chaser the intimidating chase now was tainted by an annoying smugness of that bird..

'This is all we need' Panthro wondered what he did to deserve this, the tank jolted forward as something tried to hit them from behind, the sound of the blast was too much like the sound of the weapons his Tank deployed before, in this case it was a missile that just missed them.


Panthro flinched, a nerve was provoked.

'Did he just whisk me?'

Dobo nodded and sighed, it was going to happen.

'He whisked you'


The cats held on tighter than before as Panthro slammed his foot on the pedal even hard, drifting from the left wall a little before slamming nose first at full volley tearing through the rock, not slowing down and punching out of the end, the Tank was in the air with lights shining before it fell back onto the wheels and drifted round they were in a similar place, except there was more space and kicked off the roaring sound of his engine. It was perhaps of no surprise that the only one who seemed gleeful of the danger was the kid in the back.

'You going to fire back?'

'Not quite Kat, I'm all out but I am going to fight back!'

Dobo held fast to whatever he could hold of, Panthro was going to improvise, experience said that was never good.

'Your not thinking?' Dobo geared himself for the worst

'Oh I'm thinking all right, think fast and be furious.'

'That's what I was afraid of!'

Kat cheered on, Tygra remained deathly silent, that didn't escape Panthro's attention but that confrontation for now was on pending as he dealt with this one, he roared the wheels and set off just as Vultaire broke through and followed behind, keeping it close just as intended..

Vultaire clutched the stick and moved accordingly, this was exhilarating, not quite the same as flying by any means, but controlling the move and acceleration trying to get a lock on the hunted tank was just so much fun, and the roar of the wheels and track grinding against the earth, he even found himself mimicking its sound now and then.

'Turn the audio up, I want to hear the power of my weapon'

The lizards simply complied as the sound was turned up, upping his delight more so then before. He jabbed the stick forward whilst keeping his finger ready on the trigger. 'at last I have you now! Oh they moved to the left, not to worry...Ah-hah now I have you...' The ego was brewing into annoyance. 'To the right then...NOW. I. HAVE. YO-OH COME ON!'

The zigzagging the lead tank was performing kept up the delaying game, for every lock, the tank swayed out of it, taunting him with the offer. Not for once did Vultaire think of braking and unleashing locked missiles and calling it a day, he was baited into showmanship, the cat that drove was determined to best his skill set and Vultaire wasn't going to let that show as the chase continued with the tank veering to the right and starting to ride up the wall.

'Ah-ha! Not too shabby, but I'm better!'

Vultaire followed and to his credit, he followed to near perfection, the near part was not getting the lock, both tank's traction kept the two tracked onto the walls and ceiling that would being most things down, but here the two raced and defying gravity with no let down of speed. Vultaire fired a shot from the tank's front beam, if it didn't hit the cats then it would attempt to cut off their path of acceleration, both times he missed, but the second had the effect of bringing a slight slowness of the tank. the smugness was evident to bear as Vultaire pressed the joystick further increasing the speed of his tank as much as possible, both were in the "barrel roll" maneuver and the two tanks had drove up the wall across the ceiling and towards the downward descent when the cat's Tank seemingly lost the acceleration, Vultaire cut in grinning.

'Didn't think that one through did you!' Yelling at the screen with his tank now in front going down with the chase cam having nothing to see, it was that nothingness that made Vultaire realize how much err he got it wrong, he wanted to outskill them in the roll and he did just that, now they were behind him. The image of the camera shook on screen.

'What's going on?' He was hoping for an answer that wasn't the looming truth but he got it all the same from one of the lizards.

'Catching up' said the lizard simply. Vultaire tried to shake the stick but the Tank had no control of its direction, and though safety Vultaire winced as to where his tank was being pushed to.

Panthro roared holding the wheel steady and pressing the pedal down with all his might with his tank now directing Vultaire's through wall after all that followed.

'So who is driving that?' Commented Dobo.

'Hoping it's Commander Cuckoo upfront, but if it's a cat...'

'How about Pymura?' that suggestion came from a shouting Kat.

Panthro though was quickly dismissive.

'No because I refuse to accept there's anything good about a snake!'

'Y'know' Said kat with some offence. 'Some of my best friends are snakes'

Dobo joined his disapproval 'Likewise, some of my best associates were also-'

'Are you two serious? I am barging this bird down a hole and you two are being political to me! To me?!'

The group jumped in hearing Panthro commenting a line that he himself didn't see till he saw the gaping blackness itself, everyone cried out in surprise as the two tanks drove through that self-made hole into sheer darkness only the tank front lights gave a rough idea of what was before them, but the crop was immense, it seemed the network was to lead don here but was cut off entirely, a gulf of blackness met them and the two tanks entered free fall. Even seat belted they felt the tug of the drop pulling the tank and themselves in fast, Panthro gripped the wheel and regain his seating position properly despite being belted. The tank wasn't falling straight down but was turning and rolling into the blackness, everyone was shouting and panicking and Panthro had to shut those voices out of his ears, but the lights gave some hope he saw the beams expose something rough in the dark, a surface. He hoped the space-age traction technology of this tank was as good on the walls they were falling to with the ninety degree face all the way to the seemingly bottom as it did with the ceiling.

'So that's your plan is it?' Dobo caught on.

'You got a problem with it?'

'Problem? The problem is that it'll work'

'How's that?' Panthro gave an eyebrow raised at the banter, even as they were getting close.

'Has anyone ever sung praise of a warrior who died in his sleep?' Dobo remarked.

Panthro chuckled.

'You think we'll be sung fondly of either way?'

In the face of the inevitable collision the morbid humor was shared, each had their own way of coming to terms with fear, Kat prayed, Tygra sat back and wondered of the moments missed and what could be of that someone…and the two in front shared a joke of comradeship to whatever time they could fit it into. Panthro now turned his mind and actions to the greatest test life had now thrown at him he hardened his nerves, adrenaline was controlled and he timed the accelerator knowing the movement would affect to how quick the tank would slide, scaled down the wall and if the traction can get a grip he could build momentum on. Coming down to feet of 20, 15, 10, 5


The decision was made, the tank slammed, the spinning roll made it impossible to tell if they really landed appropriately but regardless Panthro turned the wheels frantically, shouting out his battle against the inevitable once again. Kat's belt snapped as he came off with a jolt, Tygra barely grabbed the kid, saving him from the other end of the tank's metallic interior and even the prince himself was yanked out his strap but just as quick grabbed the piece tied to the wall in time. He swore at the sight of the drop a descent entirely ninety degrees down and swallowed. If Panthro could put aside his fear of heights then he can hold back any such fears himself, even if the windshield was a reminder that if he or Kat did fall that would be it. He asserted strength from a tiring but determined arm pull Kat back up, as well as himself and grab the remaining straps to tie themselves in manually. Tygra didn't stop to think how many seconds had passed, as the two in the front fought with the peril. The tank still roared its traction sliding left and right but even more impressive was he noticed the tank held its ground, even when it should be flipping over into the darkness it held and drove down the straight faced wall.

Panthro pumped his fist out letting go of some of the nerves he knuckled down.

'I will be talking about this for some time to come!'

'How about you keep both hands on the wheel and talk later?' Dobo seeing the drop for himself, was less heartened about this, with the tank driving down the face of the abyss as opposed to falling, they had no way of knowing just how far down they be going or where just that Panthro hit the pedal and rode down the face like no tomorrow, the traction rooting to the ground keeping them in this state that to their senses was a state of phenomenon then reality, it felt half real and half impossible, but no one was going to be ungrateful for being alive and take the chance to be as down as quick as possible. Panthro was soon quick to change his tone, he bit his lip cursing.

'The other tank is still here'

'How did you come to that conclusion?' Dobo was bewildered to how his friend came to that conclusion.

'It's Vultaire we would be hearing him wail out on those speakers. He's quiet so he's hunting!' He counted internally the time the Tank made contact on the wall and the time they made the drive, he took away a few seconds suspecting that for all his primadonna behavior, Vultaire knew the systems of the Tank well enough, and possibly the traction, but it was the missiles he had to be correct about. In his mind was an estimate, he gambled just as he did with the traction he had to guess when the missiles fired. it was over a minute, he thought about Vultaire's ego, his obsession with getting a clear lock and then kept the tank going down straight. They were not out of the woods as everyone watched him mutter numbers, counting down, suddenly the drop was just not on the minds anymore. Panthro was sweated coldly, counting down the numbers amidst a silent crew.

9, 8, 7, 6-

And swerved, despite being a hunter Vultaire was too trigger happy he knew the seconds the missiles traveled but also adjusted his time to the bird's finger triggering tendency. The call was close straying to avoid a missile barrage; the lines of BOOMBOOMBOOM followed the traction felt at risk due to the quaking shockwave. It was close, there was too much of that as it was, a different plan was needed.

'I'm killing the lights'

'What if the end isn't all that smooth before us?'

'The choice isn't your Tygra'

'You've been doing that a lot lately'

It was ignored, Panthro ignored it but remembered it, killing off the lights as the tank drove down the dark without light but guided instead by gut instinct, mastered by a survivor. They drove down, the fatal bump ahead was on their mind but so was Vultaire, he had to think what to do, it was clear Vultaire had learnt to be quiet, he kept his frustrations in check, his patience not quite and Panthro knew as to why, he had still expected to be the hunter of this, but the hunted was just as much as a hunter, it is the tactics that change.

Both tanks could stay by because of their traction, racing down the dark but Panthro also knew that were to make the bottom Vultaire would have them in sight and the missiles just win their luck this time. He drove in a long stretched coil pace as before, the fall was perfect circular, just as the surface was at the top where Lion-O jumped into, this was not crafted by any means save powerful magic, and in no way part of the network above, it was possible that the entire boundary had one perfect smooth surface, or at least perfect for the Tank's traction. One loop was enough for Panthro to come up with something.

'I'm going to hit the lights. Not a word.'

He could feel the angle the tank was taking as it, he drove the tank in a downward spiral stretching the diagonal line, and flicked the lights. Again he gambled on the timing, the supposed distance and immediately switched off and drove fast but he U turned with a stretch, veering far from the explosion and going up as hard as he can with the Tank driving up on a sloped angle then upward vertical. He drove hard ans in his head he was timing and timing before he inexplicably killed off the engine.


'Trust me' He asked Tygra, asked and not ordered. The concern was understandable as without the momentum the tank was beginning to slowly slide down, the angle they stopped at brought some time but he could feel the top beginning to tilt 'back' a little. His hands were sweaty but he prayed for that moment, watching the monitor screen for a flicker. There was a noise as the tank was beginning to feel thee upturn by what it was defying upto this point. Anxious faces all round, Panthro included, foot remained stationary, every nerve of his body disciplined to remain strong as he was. The nose was lifting, Panthro had to stand by this, no if's or buts if he was wrong then so be it but if he was right then he would see the flicker. And he did. The monitor showed light from the dark as Vultaire's tank came down following track, the route the cats were taking before now. It won't take long to see the detour and Panthro roared the engine to kickstart the traction as they reversed down going fast but with uncertainty as the traction didn't feel stable but chance favored that the momentum was just enough as it carried them back down, riding all the way back and be head on with Vultaire just as he was about to see the detour, now greeted by full lights by the back of the opposing thundertank with a thick rear to match giving off a devastating sound of two metals denting at each other, a awful sound followed and though the sudden shock of the bang thejolted everyone, the tank's traction to the surface remained. It backed fast and U turned again to have the nose facing in quickly fashion during and after going down the surface smoothly.

'Did we-'


Panthro turned to Kat and smiled.

'Answer your question?'

It composed of several minutes, several minutes of Vultaire watching the tank fall helplessly by the cam and several minutes of him burying his face with both hands, this was not the intended outcome, and he was so close as well. The lizards that weren't armored just watched at Vultaire burying his second humiliation and hurried to impersonate business when with a mighty thud the Tank crashed to the ground, was it fortunate that the cam survived? Seeing a wheel roll into the shadows was not something he needed. Rubbing his head and beak he considered his options, he clapped his hands quickly. There was a backup after all.

'Bring up Interceptor 2 and 3' He felt control again, all he have to do is send them to the last location and do as they were instructed. He could take control of them personally but he had enough of that, besides as the lizards scurry to get the whereabouts the interceptors were designed to serve Mumm-Ra, willingly or otherwise it didn't matter.

There was a scurry as the lizards tried to remember where it was last tracked but the armored lizards did this almost immediately. A screen flashed, replacing the cam shot of 1st interceptor, it shows a map layout of interceptor 2 and 3, but that couldn't be right. It had shown the two interceptors as stationary and both in the same place as the first. They shouldn't be down there given the drop was a unintended consequence of chasing the cats to begin with.

'Bring up cam 3' Came 3 was of a lying position too flat to be actually part of the tank it was mounted on. Though in front it did show interceptor and...Something passing it.

'Ok, Bring up cam 2'

Gain the story was the same but he saw more of the thing that passed 3, a slither of a tail exiting its image. Vultaire felt uneasy about this.

'Ok...bring back up cam 1'

He did and quickly wished he didn't as he saw teeth from the dark and red scales revealing the surrounding face as it came t the face of the cam and blasted the face of the cam with fire like no other he had seen before making the wing commander jump for his life.


There was no answer, at least not for now as the cam was lost but it did answer that this must be one or the thing Mumm-Ra had suspected off as a concern. Whatever it was it was powerful, and with a devilish smile Vultaire realized the cats were driving down to it. Live or not they, were going to a surprise.

AN: This brings up Panthro and co upto date and continues other bits that were included from the last chapter they were on, as well as forwarding tygra's trauma of the infamous night raid and the Havoc staff, though chapter 10 explains on how the havoc staff was obtained by Spaelea, some other bits such as the hellbent nature for revenge is yet to be covered.

And yes I brushed off panthro's fear of heights, I get it first time he couldn't swim, then he has a fear of heights and frankly the big guy afraid of things is just a really old gag that I'm not interested in.