The Forgotten Days IV

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The assembly was a welcoming one, with lizards out in troop rows for the guests as ordered by their 'wing commander' The vehicle wasn't lizard design or intended for them, it was unusual to see given how much tech they used had been lizard in tone and design. The one arriving was unique in that it was almost an alien comparison. The craft was hardly aerodynamic, no tail or wing, it had an advanced propulsion it seemed from within, but there were no vents showing for it. Instead the dullish grey vessel, completely flat at the base levitated gracefully, for something that appeared so hostile. The rest of the craft was a semi curved dome, round at the front but stretched back like a tear running down a cheek. The 'front' of the ship shown a skeletal design in metal of a creature unlike the lizards, and more like the, or in fact an exaggeration of the ones who piloted it. It even bore red pupils for eyes, whatever the craft's purpose was besides transport was unclear, but it was clear there was no friendly intent to any it approached who weren't on their terms.

The lizards stiffened themselves up as Voltaire walked upon the scene, observing his ranked misfits, he was flanked by jackal and the ape, one a bad comedian, and the other spoke with violence.

Kaynar the Jackal grinned at seeing the vessel dock. 'OH, visitors! And they even have their own flying pod too. Mumm-Ra must really like them, I really must ask for one of my own'

Addicus scoffed sat the idea, the brutish ape clearly had differing opinions. 'You'll just crash it, by yourself, or on us all.'

'I know, I'm finding it be quite a debatable discussion, wanna know the How many I are against…or in favour?'

Addicas stared down at his mad friend, again he was on about the voices in him, he was the fool that never stopped grinning, and He asked the birdman more on the visitors if it meant he could forget that Kaynar was beside him.

'So who's this rag-tag were to co-work? These Lunatics?'

'Lunataks to be exact, a division of the Hyaenids, a protective guard of their leader.'

Kaynar smiled, he expressed he already knew about them, Addicus was hardly surprised if that was the case.

'Oh I met them before, really nice, sociable and outgoing group. Why, I was once part of their growing membership, when they were all the rage at the time' He battled to stop his own giggling from getting hysterically out of hand, for now acting like a child who felt his references were too clever for others to understand, but Vultaire smiled wryly, he knew what the mad jackal meant.

Addicus wasn't slow to point out an omission in Kaynar's boast.

'Yeah was. What happened did they decide that all you could do was just talk and talk?'

'I didn't ask for another voice to go to my head ok?' He snapped 'I was captured by the dogs! Mangy things, worst thing was how they copped me out in their deathbattle sports! The only thing I thought they did right! A three for all in waiting! But no, one of the contestants got scared, and ran away. Scardy Cat! Scardy Cat!' He rhymed 'Just left with some dumb mutt, a Rott-Mutt, a very lucky one!'

Addicus had the urge to backhand the self-styled fool of Mumm-Ra's court, unfortunately Vultaire picked up the body language, the shrinking pupils, fists tightening and the pale face, tell-tell signs of someone who was going to commit his body as a weapon.

'You might want to reserve that posture for our guests, they respect that kind of thing.'

'Finally, warriors that are men of fighting spirit'

'Ah' Vultaire wasn't sure how to break this to him. 'They are, how do I put this…The Hyaenids, are a proud matriarchal culture'

'Oh ok' Addicus didn't get it, but it sounded reasonable, till Kaynar theatrically whispered into his ear.

'He's telling you there a group of girls'

'YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!' Spat the barbaric ape.

A controlled sound followed, the landing of metal on top of metal, the ship landed on the dock without any troubles with the hissing of air beneath the base of the ship. The face of the ship began to peel itself away, the dark metallic structure was retracting as if it was sensitive and recoiled like a hand retracting from a flame. The ship opened up and figures started to emerge from the dark.

'Pfft' Addicus remained unimpressed. 'What a bunch of A-Hol'

'Ahem!' Vultaire brushed the offended ape aside, quickly. 'Greetings, honoured members. I trust you like my Lord's offering? He is known to give generously and invest wisely to those he sees as true to his cause'

The group had assembled in full force, the two youngest, perhaps even in the early stage of juvenile flanked on either side, with a variety of gadgets and light weight material, they flanked the two in the middle. One a slim and mystic looking figure, her lower face obscured by the scarf like collar attached to her cape, showing only exotic piercing eyes. Her other companion was clearly the leader, her physique, was taller, stronger, and the uniform seemed to be based or some twisted version of the one Lion-O usually worse. In fact as Vultaire was led to believe the Hyaenids and the cats had a long rival history, and the legends in the Hyaenids folklore takes it further. It seemed then that the mimicry of the cat's royal attire was more intentional then mere coincidence. Yet most of all she carried a weapon of the ancient world, something Vultaire had the historical access to, and knowing Kaynar, he probably knew of it as well.

'Ask the pilots' Muttered the leader known as Crocuta in regards to the leant craft, Vultaire was astounded the kids knew more on how to use the tech effectively than their peers? It must had been a generation thing.

'It was ok.' Said the girl of the juvenile twins. Her sibling added what she couldn't be bothered adding herself. 'It needed some missiles, and a coca bean grinder.' Though the bean grinder wasn't what she was going to add.

'For the last time' whispered his angry sister. 'You're not having any more sugar'

'I'll have what I want! OK?'

The argument was dropped once they saw everyone was watching including their less then tolerable leader. Vultaire secretly smiled, this could be quite fun, till Kaynar brushed past his shoulder, invoking a thousand nightmares from the bird as to how the mad dog could mess this up. Sadly he had lived up to that expectation for some time, and wasn't going to let it down anytime soon.

'Aw look, children.' The pretence of the façade was even made more apparent by his disturbed grin. 'Did I mention that I absolutely looove children'

Before an eye could be blinked, the two siblings put aside their difference and gave Kaynar a sudden glimpse of what a barrel of their guns looked like. Kaynar even for a brief moment, was astonished by their speed but then he smiled and looked back at his companions.

'They have Guns?! GUNS?' He waved frantically as if he was morally outraged, but again it was all just a façade as he changed back to his twisted demeanour and was in fact amused. 'Guns indeed. Now that's parenting.'

Vultaire just hid his face with his hand, Kaynar didn't know what was said, but he did like the tone, though not as much as the hiss sound of an irritated Hyaenid who prodded his back with a stick. He turned round to see the veiled member of the group.

'Stay to your side, jackal' Said the Lunatak known as Brunnea

'Jackal eh?' Kaynar was making his full height known to her, flexed his muscles and snarled 'What did you just call me' He then smiled, 'Oh of course' His mood lightened, waving his arms with great exaggeration and mocking as his speech was. 'I am a Jackal indeed, but you know what am not?' He paused and then commented with a sneering reference to the veiled Hyaenid. 'Two faced, HAHAHA!'

The remark didn't go unnoticed and the two were found to be squaring off at each other but Crocuta, the leader got her havoc staff, raised it in the air and slammed it to the ground, setting off just a flash and sound of its power. Her fellow compatriots fell back, even Kaynar wearily back away a little. 'Wait I hadn't seen that staff in an age, oh I remember how much havoc it caused, I like you. You got the eyes of a tyrant'

'That's because she is!' Stated Slithe loudly, marching into the self-made assessment. He looked again at Crocuta and what he said spoke for his eyes. 'Your Spelaea's child, aren't you?'

Crocuta just smirked 'Get back to your post, little green.'

'My name is Slithe' He said with a growl. 'Now get off this ship.'

The hyaenids had a reputation for their laughs, but Crocuta remained stone faced to Slithe's demands. 'Perhaps you should ask the commander for his permission.' At this point Vultaire felt tempted to abdicate his position, with the hostilities brewing beyond his control. 'You should listen to her Slithe, I am in charge. Remember?'

'Not anymore!' The outburst left Vultaire in a state of shock, he was expecting some measly grumble but Slithe had fiery determination in his words. 'Men' His fellow lizard troops looked at each other in confusion, which was understandable as they were told of late that Vultaire was the new commander, and now with a point of his battle scarred fingers he gestured his men towards the 'guests' to have them removed.

But they did nothing.


'Slithe. Slithe. Slithe.' Sighed Vultaire with pretentious sympathy. 'Just because you're kind make the numbers doesn't mean it is your army.' Drumming in further humiliation for the fallen leader.

'Bah' protested Addicus, marching directly towards Crocuta, Vulatire might have tugged Kaynar back if he a chance but he would step right out of the way of the ape. Addicus was on a tantrum.

'I don't care about the lizards, that's the beak-man's problem, but I won't be won over by some stranger of a girl who thinks she can barge in anywhere because she's the daughter of someone!'

An arm folded crocuta looked at the ape unkindly, she was proud of her family line, the ape had with no intention struck a very personal cord to the Lunatak leader. 'Get back to what you do best at the circus, Monkian'

'What did you just call me?'

'Who knows, maybe I'll laugh this time when you do!' To which she laughed anyway but it was sarcastic, and aggressive, attacking his pride and strength before fists had even been raised.'

'Let's see you fare without that staff of yours!' Atticus swung his fist aiming to knock the Lunataks leader cold, but she caught the fist with open palm and begand crushing the knuckles, the ape winced but managed to yank his hand free. He drew out a knife from his belt. 'YOU'RE DEAD!'

Crocuta's aids fixed their weapons on the Atticus, then the others of the opposing group, especially as Kaynar simply grinned, he looked to be 'happy' Vultaire on the other hand was trying to pull each of them away.

'Listen, look do as I say and stop this!'

Slithe growled, arming himself and sharing the front line with the ape and the jackal and brining a physical element of the opposing line to the Lunataks.

'Monkey, Jackal, and little green, a collection of freaks for you' Said the only male of the Lunataks, his sister nodded as she trained her guns on them in the standoff, adding.

'I would say Mutants is more fitting'

'Enough banter' Snapped Crocuta She sought out Vultaire who was shying away at the back. 'Where's Mumm-Ra we did our end of the deal!'

Slithe had no idea what she meant but the knowledge a deal was even made between Mumm-Ra and them was bad enough, he kept his weapon trained but demanded answers from Vultaire fast.

'Fool! What deal did you and Mumm-ra make? Do you have any idea who just brought onboard?'

Vultaire didn't answer he gasped and stepped back, the others eventually saw and backed own with the Lunataks receding from hostilities and remaining cautious. The Lunataks all kneeled, save for their leader as well Slithe for the 'mutants' Mumm-Ra, smiled for a moment till he spoke, it was the tone of a bullish master towards a 'servant' he expected to know better even though nothing was taught to him.

'Yes Slithe I do.' Daring the Lizard to continue his outrage at him now that he stepped in. 'I am close, Slithe. So very close to my goals that I need an extra hand, professionals. And the Hyaenids are a competent breed for a job that is to be quickly done.' The subtle praise for his guests were wove well into his speech, as was his jab at the skill of the lizard army. 'Why would you question my recruitment?'

'Because Spelaea was a tyrant who used that weapon' He pointed to the skull headed staff in Crocuta's hand. 'To wipe out entire nations, she was a walking genocdilist with no remorse! Her daughter will be no different!'

Mumm-Ra only chuckled with dark irony. 'Oh Slithe! You simple swamp creature. Did I not recruit you from the burnt fields of your homeland? Armed you and your people? Used what I gave so you can do to the cats what they did to you? And your saying that she is worse than you?'

Slithe fell silent, Mumm-Ra took that as submission of his pride, and another victory to him.

'Good, do not think emotions have a place here, whatever moral outrage you have, you best quell it for future sake. In here, only power matters.' He looked to both parties and spoke to them all as one brutal instrument for his twisted purpose. 'You are all here, because you were either drawn to my power, the chance to kill to appease your base emotions'

Up to now he had addressed his own generals, his next line addressed directly the leader of the Lunataks. 'And to have your vengeance, I ally all your ambitions into one noble cause; to kill the cat with no Kingdom. Lion-O son of Claudius.'

He smiled at Crocuta, she had resentment to that name and for good reason to. 'You seem angry Warlady of the Lunataks, but don't worry, I will not rob you of a chance to avenge your mother's death a second time. Yes I killed Claudius but you, will have the right to finishing his line entirely.'

Crocuta simply nodded. Mumm-Ra look satisfied. 'However I need what you were tasked with when my commander summoned you.'

'Surely you meant Slithe here' Insisted Vultaire politely.

'No' Corrected Mumm-Ra. 'You'

'Oh, of course' He looked at Slithe with intent. 'How could anyone forget?'

Slithe simply said nothing to his smug rival.

Crocuta too ignored the petty squabbling from the other side and clicked her fingers, cueing the two juveniles to activate a remote bringing a metallic tomb, long shaped as it levitated out of the vessel.

'I smell cat' Chimed Kaynar. And he wasn't wrong as the tomb moved out via remote, everyone saw what was resting it, the recently deceased Cheetara. Crocuta smiled at Slithe, her smugness asking him how many of his men did he send to fight the cats, and how many failed. Even the others of Vultaire's group seemed quiet, reflective over this accomplishment, there was some bit in this group afterall.

'Excellent' Mumm-Ra was pleased.

With Mumm-Ra not paying attention, Kaynar gained a small opening to pass of a morbid comment to Atticus. 'Taxidermy is a thing for him isn't it?'

'Far from it' Any other day Mumm-Ra would growl at such a comment, but this was a special day with momentum building to his favour as each hour passes. 'I only need to heal the body a little and it will be ready for her return.'

'Her soul has only just now walked on the book of omens' Commented the veiled Lunatak Brunnea, revealing her knowledge on the darker magic she was affiliated to, Mumm-Ra nodded with a small compliment.

'Yes, I see you have understanding of the darker arts as I do, but make no mistake, I credit you for understanding it only. You are far from mastering it. For the Anicent Spirits have given me the means to see life after death.' His crimson filled eyes seemed to gleam brightly 'Through my red eyes I can see that, and with my hands I can take any poor soul that crosses that book. Cheetara's journey has just begun, time is in my favour, and when it is ready I will pluck her back to the world of the living with everything I need and what you will need for your task below.'

'It is to kill Lion-O' Stressed Crocuta, tiring of the pompous self-serving necromancer with the unnecessary plan to which she suspected was just a tedious game for Mumm-Ra. 'We fulfilled our part' She stated assertively. 'Why should we wait for you to do this?'

'Because there is more down there then just some cub with a blade, while it may not concern you. It does concern ME. Even the Lunataks will do as they are told!' His reply came with a savage sting of anger who was giving no second thoughts over Crocuta's complaint, he made her options clear. Get along with his plan or be discarded like lizards on the front line. He even singled out her weapon to make his point. 'And while your havoc staff is indeed powerful. It is of no match to me, and believe me child. I know.'

Apart from a low snarl, Crocuta complied, Vultaire ordered the lizards to take the body and to follow the necromancer himself as he withdrew to make his preparations. The Lunataks stayed except for Brunnea who followed to see how this ritual will go.

'Do not worry' Reassured Mumm-Ra before he exited completely 'I promise you, daughter of Spelaea that the ceremony won't be long, nor will Lion-O's death be'

The two walked on in the deep dark aided by the convenience of dim glowing rock embedded on the sides, and of the light by the spirit stone itself, their trek was testing the endurance of their legs, Lion-O sighed, after the seemingly endless narrow pathway of rock the area opened to a vast chasm, to which they stood on the base and looking up they could barely see rock of the ceiling. It was just darkness where no light shone but Lion-O was in awe and at the same time mortified, the height of this opening could fit the tallest tip of Thundera and more, just how far did he wonder, did they fall into the deep of this world.

'Lion-O, look!'

The majestic of this underworld was put aside as he followed the running curiosity of Kit and he could see why, dotted around, proud but ultimately alone and forgotten were fading wonders from a forgotten world, giant statues, measuring five times Lion-O's own height, perhaps more if these great pieces of marble and granite weren't crumbled or broken apart, by time, or something else entirely.

Lion-O walked closer to the statues, he shown a far more restrained level of curiosity, cautious and even unsettled, to Kit they were just statues by a group who just packed up and went elsewhere, Lion-O was far more realistic. These were now the tombstones of what was a proud and unique civilization, now in disarray and the people non-existent. It was all so much, too much in fact-

'Thundera' He muttered in despair.

'Huh' Kit heard, Lion-O decided to elaborate. 'Thundera Kit, it looks so much like it was, architecture built on strong firm ideals and styled by great pride, but for all the good intended, neither theirs, or ours, lasted the way we wanted them to. What good is that?'

Kit jumped on the base of one statue and climbed expertly till she was Lion-O's matching height.

'Lion-O. Your majesty.' Lion-O was surprised at the maturity of how Kit spoke, it came with confidence and proud supporting belief as if she was addressing him as a older brother. 'I don't see you as a king, I see everything good inside you, maybe Thundera needed to fall, so when it's rebuilt we can have statues of everyone, and stories that will endear us to any age, to be inspiring is better to bejust remembered, yes?'

'Maybe I should let you have the crown?'

'Ah no! I can't do that! Too big a role, I can always be a minister though'

'Such as?'

She grabbed large piece of rocky snack, sugary solid in structure, and grinned. 'Sweets, of course, your overdue on decent tasters, meh food is bland, too much meat and not enough sugar!'

Lon-O sighed and disapproved. 'Those sweets WILL rot your teeth kit, you need to adapt a healthier meal'

'Says the one who drinks the 'royal juice'. Sire.' With a grin mimicking that of the Cheshire species of cats, Lion-O coughed and turned half away.

'It's just juice'

'Oh sure, I believe you on that'

Lion-O protested. 'I am the king!'

'But not of age you're not, you should be setting an example to us all' She said candidly

'...I'm going to have to make some changes when I get back'

The little banter aside, it did give Lion-O a chance to review the settings a little bit more, they had travelled quite a long while, and he has heard nothing since, and there were plenty of broken stones that offered a good seat to rest his legs. He sighed and gave into that temptation, and took a small swig of water before passing onto kit, while kit didn't think about it, Lion-O knew just by the weight of the bag water was starting to run low a little. They had to be more careful from now on. Kit finished her sip and then smiled.

'Tell me the rest of the story'

'Oh so you want to hear more about it? Well ok' Reaching for the sword, then he knew why Kit told him to her the tale instead of showing it, the depictions of murals of that encounter were mainly absent, all but the statues in the centre of this forgotten world.

'I want to know if Skeletor makes it'

Lion-O's jaw dropped. 'Excuse me?'

'Skeletor, he's cool.'

'But he's an agent of evil, he is cruel and selfish.'

'Yeah but he's still cool, especially with that staff *powpowpowBOOM*'

Lion-O frowned with disapproval 'The whole point of letting you see through the eye of Thundera was witness history, not to go and cheer on some bone-headed bully'

'But he says his one-liners so cool, I think you should commission toys in his image'

'Toys? I don't understand the fixation from you kids with what is 'cool' I never, and mean never, at one point in my life cherished a souvenir of a figure that was meant to be despised!'

Amidst the moral posturing, a small recount of hypocrisy was engineered in his mind, a minor flash back recounting how when he was a child fought with his older brother over one of many things in that case, it was a Mumm-Ra doll. Lion-O abruptly coughed and compromised his tune.

'However I think it provides a good insight to know the reasoning as to why such people take such undeserved paths such as evil'

'So you'll tell me?'

'Well I might as well, where did you stop with the omens?'

'When it got to the scary part?'

'Hmm, oh I know what you mean: Well at that point the general, Rattlor had Man-at-Arms by the throat, his gripped tightened and yet his jaw widened showing as much his-' Kit's facial complexities were visibly pale.

'Er, too scary?'

Kit snapped back 'There's more than one scary part?'

Lion-O rubbed his forehead and sighed deeply. 'Ok I'll go further back, back to-'


'...'He' was being held by Buzz-Off when the Snakemen arrived...'

'Well Masters' Sneered Rattlor 'Who shall be elected to be King Hiss' first savour?'

Orko rolled up his sleeves and grabbed out his bag.

'I don't think so' He said defiantly, or as defiantly he could sound. 'ROKENB-

It was more that Rattlor saw the magician then know what the bag could so, he ran and let with a furious attack, catching Orko off guard as his tail, the end almost the size of Orko himself hit the Trollan and smacking him across the ground and when he stopped he was wasn't getting up, only the soft respiration of his chest shown he was breathing. Regardless Rattlor snarled at the runt.

'That was for the mongoose you scum!'

Rattlor turned to see Khan raising a brow at his comrade, he looked set to laugh.

'Shut up!' Snapped Rattlor.

The situation was bleak Mekaneck could see that clearly, but he could not afford to rule out his only choice, it was a dire option he was about to take but doing nothing and surrendering would bring in a dire demise for the whole of Eternia.

'Buzz-Off' He whispered, he, the insectoid had one subtle advantage over the snakes. Hearing. The snakes were strong, resilient, able to pick the smell and taste from their tongues, but their sight and hearing were less than perfect, but given their prowess in other areas it wasn't needed as much but from Man-at-Arms studies he did pick on that area was a weakness nonetheless. Something Mekaneck was greatly relying on as he whispered, moving his mouth as little as possible, and whispering his message in the dried air with a harsh note of urgency. 'We still have a chance, let Skeletor go'

Buzz-Off kept his eyes on Skeletor and could barely whisper back himself. 'Are you mad. This is Skeletor here!'

'We don't have a choice. Listen, his staff gives us a chance, you have to free him'

Despite the study, one piece of reception had eluded Man-at-Arms. Khan's astute awareness, he could pick up the subtle actions of Mekaneck, and then noticed the staff was not entirely unwrestled from Skeletor.

'The Staff!' He was amazingly ignored, pushed to the ground by the more much larger and aggressive Rattlor.

'I have command here, don't forget that, whelp'

Khan shot back a look.

'Forget your pride you fool and call upon your brains for a change!' Rattlor almost crushed Khan's throat with a vice like grip and hoisted him off the ground showcasing his strength and authority.

'Pride is earned, I wouldn't expect that from a lurking scavenger like yourself!'

Mekaneck knew this was his chance, he plucked his courage and shut the door on his own rationale telling him to stop, Buzz-Off turned to see what his compatriot was doing. 'In the name of the hive, what are you doing?'

'Being a distraction, till you make up your mind to free him!' Mekaneck made it clear he was challenging the Rattlor, pointing him out amongst the barbaric mob, one that ignored a half breed and followed who they considered the strongest. 'You. The so called General, face me!'

Rattlor didn't like that, the sound of no fear and defiance spurred him, turning and posturing his towering physique at full. 'What did you say?

'I'm calling you out, you scaleless coward! King Hiss is a powerful Tyrant but even Tyrants lead from the front, I never saw you lead. Ever. All I've seen is him' With great intention he moved his finger at Rattlor's old rival. 'Long before you Rattlor, we have pages on Khan, but nothing on you, not when your tongue licking for your post. The only master you fought was Orko, and he's a jester!'


'All the time, when have you?'

Rattlor fumed, he growled, gestured everyone back and took a step out of his mob. He looked down on Mekaneck with utter disdain.

'You will die knowing the truth, little one. That you the metal and flesh will be severed by my claws, I will scatter your metal like ashes, and the leftovers that could be considered flesh will be served to my king. One piece at a time.'

The general snarled and struck quick with a fist but Mekaneck was just quicker, edging the incoming blows, side stepping and parrying one strike, sliding round the shot he turned around the massive snake warrior and fired his head as a stinging weapon to the snake's back. Rattlor hissed followed a short stamper, a quick stomp on the ground reasserted his leverage and he turned with fury to the cheap trick.

'Do that again, it'll save me the effort of coming over and tearing that head off myself!'

Running again he changed his tactics aiming low with kick followed after another, and then the tail as it clubbed round, a three strike combo swiped Eternia's warrior off his feet, he could barely wheeze out when Rattlor built up his speed charging and with a heavy shoulder ploughed his foe to the wall. The wall didn't buckle and all the pressure was focused on crushing every bone and device within him, Mekaneck cried out in pain, Rattlor moved his weight off him and watched Mekaneck tumble to the ground, his mood was different, he was in a blood lust now as he clenched Mekaneck's face.

'It seems this 'puppet' has got a stiff neck, how about I loosen it?' The other snakes, save khan, mocked and cheered, empowering the general to go by his word and deliver a forced kick into Mekaneck's body. Mekaneck cried out in agony but he felt the robotic element of his neck 'moving'

Another furious kick came in again and Mekaneck screamed as his neck stretched out again against his command, Rattlor was keen to see the 'puppet' break itself. He grinning and grabbed another hand to Mekaneck's head and kicked again repeating the horrendous treatment. Buzz-Off was at a crossroad, Eternia's old enemy by his hands and the life of his comrade in the hands of another.

'Still waiting for He-Man?' Chimed Skeletor he relished the brief chance to be the unwanted advocate 'The moment the Snakemen bickered was when I held back'

'What are you saying?'

'Let me simplify this for you. Your afraid if you act now He-Man will come and I'll get away, maybe he-Man will arrive in time, if he did, well good for you'


'Only your friend does not share your time'

Buzz-Off did not want to let Skeletor go, he did not want him to escape and terrorise again but he did not want the Snakemen here to recapture Hiss, not when the Queen of the hive expected him to deliver Hiss to trial. He would be a face of failure, he would-'

He turned as he heard the large snake general roar in laughter, Mekaneck was on the ground, his neck had electric voltage stuttering from damaged circuitry, the neck was long but not entirely pulled out but enough damage was done as Rattlor ready to raise his foot.

'You are just an enemy' Mocked Rattlor 'I general Rattlor will always outlive my enemies!'

Buzz-Off turned again to Skeletor who sneered at the warrior insect's dilemma. Then Skeletor felt the restraining grip on him loosen, Buzz-Off was letting him go.

'Pity' Skeletor said 'For a moment you almost had hope' Grinned the twisted skull face of evil, Buzz-Off ignored the sick suggestion that he would choose pride over his fellow comrades but didn't change the fact it almost happened as he let Skeletor free. Skeletor was quick to seize on it, the only snake not interested in the fight screamed at the mob when he saw Skeletor loose.

'Idiots! All of you!' He hissed 'Skeletor is free'

'So obvious, it's impressive' Commented Skeletor 'well, not really.'

The staff shown its devastating aura of yellow and hit the heart of the mob, dispersing the group as it ducked from the powerful strike, the many in the middle were simply eradicated. Skeletor looked to see amusingly that Buzz-Off was engaging with Rattlor intercepting at the very last moment in trying to save his comrade's life, the two tussled heavily, but he didn't want to see heroics, he came for one thing only.


Skeletor's empty sockets flared with red anger fired up within his own hatred for the thing that ruined his plans to conquer Eternia! It was there tied, imprisoned all the heads save the main one were tied and confined and ready to be shipped to trial. Not anymore as it was ready for the afterlife of dammnation!

'Skeletor help!' The cry was from Buzz-Off who sounded desperate, desperate enough where even a proud warrior was now asking for his help as Rattlor had won the tussle and used pound to pound of his strength to immobilize the hapless insect. Skeletor scoffed, not even looking to see Buzz-Off's distress.

'Why should I?' The staff was raised at the immobile Hiss, victory at last, only Skeletor cried out in pain as something hit his side dropping the staff, suckered punched, by a shot of energy. Skeletor was now consumed with rage then pain to care.

'Trap-Jaw, what were you thinking?'

He stopped dead, Skeletor was correct in his assumption that someone did shot him but it wasn't Trapjaw.

The arm though, was. Kobra Khan hissed and grinned, the rear of Trapjaw's gun showed signs of burning, evidence that the snake used acid to dissolve ownership from its former henchman.

'Oh look at you Lord Skeletor, the faceless of evil, and now the heartless. Goodbye!'

To die by a sucker punch, was that it? He cursed the snake, steeling himself yet denying this fate could actually be real even as the nozzle of the gun lit bright, Skeletor could only watch and try to be unafraid, but in timing something struck the side of Khan and unlike Rattlor, this strike knocked Khan cold as Mekaneck dropped his head to the floor, utterly defeated.

Skeletor nursed the burnt flesh on the side of his chest, he realized that Buzz-Off was on the floor cold, which meant Rattlor ...he looked to see the general taking the body of Hiss and fleeing, Skeletor reached for the staff but immediately it flickered to a protective dome as more snakes tried to jump on him, they were unsuccessful and paid for it with their lives, leaving him to roar in fury in how his opportunity to settle an old score was denied and instead took a on a genocidal rampage on the rest of the mob incinerating the battlefield of them. The work was disturbingly one sided but even the ash filled smell of snake did not cheer up Skeletor. The other henchmen, Skeletor's, were absent, they were not there, but captured and taken with just two masters to keep him company. He scowled at Mekaneck with no regards of his condition, not forgetting what he did earlier.


'I don't understand?'

'Why did you save me? Why to me of all people? I am Skeletor, overlord of evil! And yet you saved me. Do you think I would be indebted to you? Is that it?'

'No not at all' Mekaneck voice unsettingly weak. 'I was there when you were-'

'You know only of my power, don't ever mention that name. It is Skeletor you address'

'...What I'm trying to say is, we all been fighting without a giving out much of a chance..'

'A chance for what?'

'To end a fight without having to fight it…An-nd to create a peace by trusting the other'

'Trust? You think this one action resolves all my issues with Eternia?'

'No, I guess not…but is an opening isn't it?'

'What an absurd concept.'

Skeletor turned to fee Mekaneck had fallen quiet, his body was still. Very perfectly still. Skeletor said nothing, he became quiet and tugged the cape closer to him. Buzz-Off dipping his head above ground fought to keep consciousness, he was to drop unconscious any second. Skeletor doubt the bug was taking on what just happened.

'Funny' Skeletor said dryly, there was no humour despite what he had said. 'Normally I would laugh at this. If you excuse me'

Kit sobbed, breaking Lion-O's storytelling and so nursed her head with hand gently 'Hey kit, look am sorry but these things happen unfortunately.'

'But why Lion-O? Why do people do these things to each other, the fighting, hate, when does it get better like you said you would?'

'But I did say or implied there was some scary parts'

'Death isn't scary Lion-O It's real'

Lion-O got himself in a corner for that one, telling her earlier things get better was a bit overprotective, now as the history mentioned became darker.

'I was wrong about that. I'm sorry, I didn't think you would be upset because it did happen a long time ago.

'So has everything else. All this matters to you' Gesturing to the ruins, and even ther spirit stone. 'Thundera was a long time ago now bit it matters, why shouldn't it matter because it was yesterday? Yesterday is what makes up today is what my dad use to say when farming, the seeds we plant grow in the future according to how it's looked after. Don't you think that's our problem Lion-O? That we don't attend to the seeds on our fields. And when you harvest you find that all you reap is a lot of bad stuff, all because you didn't care about it, were indifferent to it.'

So quiet the cave had become, it was a criticism on Lion-O and even his attitude, the courts attitude of old Thundera that was blasted at, a contrast between a child of poor and a son of a king was exchanged. The young king remained silent, he had no contact with kit, now he too was a stone, hard, isolated, a piece of the old in a constant world, but unlike the statues and relics that broke to the world over time, he looked to Kit acknowledging her once more.

'I think of all the advisors I had when I was in the court, defence, war, finance and not one was for the people. Your right kit, I shouldn't had been so nonchalant about the past of other cultures. I'm always concerned of ours, but I should consider more of others to. Have you enough of a rest?

'You can always finish off the rest'

'Sure, but I have to warn you it doesn't get better, but you do want to know what's going on.'

'I like to be on equal footing yes, but then maybe I can see a connection that you can't'

'True' Smiled Lion-O.

Buzz-Off try to reach out his hand but a call for attention was not on Skeletor's mind, he did his lip service of respecting Mekaneck's sacrifice, though did that fool truly meant what he said, he didn't want those words right now, he wanted Hiss dead and was racing to the surface to get there. The Snakemen were hardly discreet, running with the clear advantage of distance, they would had to be at the surface, and he would never catch up to the surface by foot like this. Instead he got his staff to swing at full power and the inheritor of havoc did just that in one brutal. If not taxing process of magic and stamina did he fire an attack that tore the levels above, with the added award of hearing Snakemen scream coming from the dark. The above levels were clear and after Skeletor finished breathing some air for his muscles to renew strength he started the bold task of using his superhuman agility to jump to each fragile ceiling opening, climb on top and jump again.

'You won't flee so easily you reptilian scum!' Cursing their very beings Skeletor arrived onsight, and on target firing a weaker, but nonetheless powerful shot of his havoc staff. It struck several lizards out the picture but Rattlor already had Hiss on a craft ready to go, it was a small two person craft much like the ones Skeletor's forces of evil use, in fact it was the exact. The lizards were intelligent enough it seemed to accommodate a few whilst he was imprisoned at the moment of their uprising long ago.

'Very clever' But said with great reluctance. Once Hiss was onboard, Rattlor threw off the other snake who helped Hiss onboard that snake being Khan himself. There was a second craft that followed but with his minions unconscious and tied to, they were sacrifices for Hiss return by meals. If they were just to feed some simple mob Skeletor would had cheered on their departure, but Hiss was no mere snake, and TrapJaw slowly woke and saw his boss fighting.

'Hey it's Skeletor he's here to save us!'

And as always he, like the others made that misobservation that assistance meant rescue.

Skeletor was only being practical, and he often wished those fools knew that. Especially that Mekaneck! The selfless gesture, was he proving a moral point, flickering to the incident was understandable as it was raw and alive in his mind but he had to recollect to now as he made his attempt to stop the snakes, and after swatting the first snake that intruded on his own space he swung the staff to the ground setting off an expanding dome of power, dark orange force of energy expanded seeking to wipe out everyone in distance, and it was working! The mob that swarmed him, if not dead were fleeing back

Suddenly he lost footing, something had gripped his leg, from under the ground, it clenched tightly as another clawed hand came up and tugged on the same leg, though Skeletor resisted the pull he could do nothing about Kobra Khan breaking out the ground at almost impossible speed, launching up and punching Skeletor square on in the face, dropping the staff and losing focus on the attack. Rattlor was saved but wasn't going to thank Khan, instead opting to finally start the craft and sped off with Hiss and the credit that he had saved him.

That was it, his chance gone, and so it seemed his life with Khan standing and posturing with arrogance.

'Sad isn't it? Rattlor gives the king his life and all I have to give is your skull on a platter, no treasure, it's just commodity between snakes. Oh well. Still, it won't change how am going to enjoy this!'

A sharp whistle of metal could be heard, its sound intensified within seconds till it punched the ground and shook up dirt and fire, a fuel of chaos to keep the chaos already in progress on-going. Other snakes flew in various directions as another missile came and struck. Khan hesitated, but turned from Skeletor seeing the urgency in shooting down an armed opponent then a disarmed one. Skeletor saw the hovercraft that was launching the attack, it was too bright coloured to be declared property of his 'evil warriors' no it was one of Eternia's! And only Eternia would have the absurd policy of letting some woman fly those things! Despite its timely intervention he saw nothing good about Teela's arrival, and yet it was only Khan that stood upto her firing from the arm canon that he had obtained from Trap-Jaw the shots were surprisingly accurate and close, then again Khan had traits of timing, cunning and boldness, that almost seemed exclusive to him. An almost admirable trait from a snake. Almost.

Skeletor took this chance to get himself up and grab his staff, obtaining his advantage once more, leaving Teela and Khan to exchange their righteous folly, and sought to get out of this mess, finding hiss wasn't a problem, he knew what that thing would be revived at, and getting to him was. Dispatching another snake as quickly as it had jumped him, his gaze was upon several snakes who, if there was time, would be of amusement for they bickered and crammed themselves on another hovercraft left by one of the master's.

'So that's how that little imp got here' He mused, the craft was working but it was hardly 'hovering' more skidding across the dirt, he could, and in fact did walk to them and just the staff flash a warning of its power.

'Snakes' He commanded 'Get off my craft' Upon seeing the havoc staff they panicked and jumped, Skeletor immediately got on and showed off how the craft was meant to be flow, though scowled he had to fly on such a brightly coloured gimmick of a machine, ignoring the gradual acceleration and hitting full power. The satisfying thing is he just saw Teela get the best of Khan, the latest shot kicking the snake of the ground and dropping his weapon, meaning she did not see him at all, and when she turned her head to hear what that craft was Skeletor gave a smirk 'My thanks' and the power of the havoc. He could had killed her outright but it was better he shot her craft down, it sent her down to the ground but she jumped off at the last second only to see herself surrounded by snakes.

'And who says I don't treat you lot!' Skeletor laughed at his own joke and at Teela's expense, snakes though deadly could easily be swayed by their hunger, it gave him the time to distract them from regrouping with Khan but gave him the reassurance there was one last master to deal with

Teela swallowed hard, this was a disaster, right from the start too because it was discovered by fluke, Orko racing off and her following to see this! She had left the capital with reinforcements eternian guards on hovercrafts, but it seemed the snakes anticipated this as she flew at the horizon of her destination, ambushing from the ground, and battering through the solid cliffs with superhuman reflexes to ambush and overpower the crafts. Too focused and too driven she ploughed through, the strong draft bellowed out the fate of her men, but she had no idea once she pushed through it all that it was just her. When that danger was cleared she alerted her father on where Orko had gone and what just happened, She wanted to chase the craft once she briefed him but he told her a firm no to that, her priority was to find Orko or anyone else there, adding he would stop Hiss' escape. The instruction came with a controlled authoritarian dialogue, he was angry at her, but in his own professional way. Saying he'll deal with the escape of Hiss was him saying he'll clean up this mess, as far as he was concerned, she had her chance and instead just wanted her to ensure the safety of Orko or anyone who could be there. Anything said from Man-at-Arms was never light or gentle, he either spoke like a tutor or scold you like one and his way of saying 'help others' was him stating her to stay on the sidelines for now.

The battle with the snakes was anything but a sideline, and with the losses with the ambush prior she was on her own against a hoarde of snakes but up till she was shot down by the appearance of Skeletor she had the weapon advantage over a blood thirsty mob.

Now shot down and alone she considered the stages of disaster to have come full circle.

'I say we feast on her, or better yet, we bring her to be turned by Hiss' Teela looked on with disgust, yet the snake that said that felt hot laser burn on the ground, dangerously close to his feet. He looked, despite it's build it gulped when it saw Khan wave Trap jaw'sgun.

'Idoits, if she's here then how long will 'He' show up? hmm?' Berating them for short sightedness. 'Kill her now, I'm off to make arrangements for our inevitable guest!'

The other snakes snarled at being commanded by a less blooded breed such as themselves but Khan had a gun and fierce reputation to keep them at bay, the snake that Khan shot a warning to snarled 'What right does he have to instruct that? Fine let's just kill her and-' A cane, ironically the head of a snake, swung and connected the bone of the snake's jaw that it cracked in force sending the brute down to the ground holding his mouth.

'I'm not going to stand by' Said Teela defiantly, Khan could had shot her, she noted but why not? Incompetence? That was wishful thinking, despite the odds against she was determined to hold out, a rough count was about twelve per movement of her eye, she was outnumbered but not outspaced the snakes had banded loosely with space between in this arena, maybe just…just hit and move, counter and run, that's all she fought about right now as the snakes rallied and charged at vicious pace.

She dodged two, slid passed by another and struck one that just lunged and timed it so it would hit another. Bonus to her, others jumped on her but she was faster and ran and pole jumped. Fifteen seconds in and she was still alive, it didn't seem long but with the odds considering it was a miracle at this stage. With distance gained she became innovative, finding loose rocks, and sizeable ones she got out her staff and took full swing at the objects, whacking them with equal power and with total accuracy striking each charging snake out, if she had the time, and no threat of death on her mind, she could consider this being the basis of a sport of some sort.

The time was ticking and sweat was trickling on her brow as she defied the mob, despite her valour there was one thing she was short on, time. Some of the snakes flanked her, burrowing from behind and jumping out, she had enough speed to swat one aside, but the other ploughed it's fists straight into her stomach. A painful cough followed, her body rode through the air and crashed onto the ground. Yet her teeth were clenched, fight of the adrenaline kicked in, holding the staff out to hold to block off the same attacker who knocked her, it was just a normal snake, one that got the better of her tiring state. It snarled as it pressed down closer to her, despite fending its advance with the staff, there was a dreaded inevitability setting in. Inevitability had a chorus in the form of other snarls of other lizards, they were gathering round. Her dream promised her a life of retired home, to pass gracefully in sleep, life though had its own promises and unlike dreams, life's always did what was promised to come.

Is this it?

The weight of her body was lifted suddenly, the snake on her was thrown far into the air, beyond the corner of her eyes but caught by the ears, the sound of it smashing into rock and stone. The snarls stopped, a radiated aura of fear seem to have crept into the snake's advances, and she could see why, with a hand extended to her she saw the strong, good hearted hero himself.


A mere tug from his god-like physique of strength was easily enough to get her on her feet. Twirling the staff, her determination and inner fight renewed with great confidence. He-Man smiled back, but not so to the snakes, who were afraid, more so He-Man's Battlecat roared its battle at them.

'I had no idea Snake Men were so well trained in ganging up like bullies. If you want a fight' The challenges was ended by a gesture of his hand daring and infuriating them at the same time, the mob now shared a mutual agreement to tear him apart. He-Man flexed his muscles, exercising his strength with every blow of his fist and swing of sword. Never undaunted, nor unbounded was his strength, swathes of the snakes were scattered, even as they charged to him, he came to them faster, cries of anguish and shock with each sound strike. The dispersal of the mob was done even quicker when he activated his retractable grip on his gauntlet, hitting several snakes and pole-arming the rest by its length as it was sung. The grip released the snakes and retracted to his arm. He-man didn't count how many they were but he could see they were all down, for good. Teela was clearly grateful.

'Incredible' She said with thanks.

''I'm sure you cut down a good number yourself before I arrived'

Teela looked at him with words to say but both stopped at hearing a very sarcastic clap of their accomplishment.

It was khan.

'Oh very good, He-Man. Very good indeed' He laughed at them as if they achieved nothing.

He-Man grabbed his sword, Battle-Cat snarled, Khan held up his hands. 'Sword first, questions later? How very Eternian of you' He sneered just as the base screamed its klaxons, red siren flashing.

He-Man was in no mood, he leapt at the snake and pinned it down to the ground, hand on throat.

'Enough games! He-Man warned. 'Where's Hiss?'

'King Hiss lives once more, but your friends down below however-AGH!' Hiss could feel the pressure from He-man's grip onto his throat, the squeeze was that of anger but had a vice like control, and he knew it could be tighter as He-Man himself did.

'I said no games!

'An imp, two Eternians and an insect are all down there, with a generator full of Drillium ready to go overload. It's not a game He-Man, its death!'

With a snarl He-Man tossed Khan across the ground, before Teela and a very angry Battlecat that put its weight on paw on Khan's back.

'Hold him there, he has crimes to answer for. I'll stop this!' Ignoring the warning cries of the sirens, He-Man went ahead, whilst Teela rushed to her crashed vehicle, the damage was not as extensive as she had feared, the body part was wrecked, and gun ports were ruined, but that was the plating, beneath parts seemed damaged, one or two circuits even burnt but as she reactivated the ignition it sputtered into life and weakly hovered. It was working, but the most important part was the communications on the console. 'Father? Father, its Teela.'

Khan eyes opened. It was all he needed to know, Battlecat held him down but only squarely on the back. , he turned his head well enough and spat his acidic venom, the aim wasn't perfect but it was of a very strong quality, the part that fell on the ground beneath Battlecat's venom scorched the ground and acidic vapour rose. Acidic mist caught the cat by it's opposing ankle, it roared in pain as the acid burrowing deep into the bony part of its footing, it backed off and Khan rolled away and spat a second time, catching the cat's mask and letting the acidic vapour scold and infest the cats breathing. He did this once to the cat before, back when he sought to capture Eternia's Queen, but with only one paw, and the other in pain there would be no repeat of the cat's breakout.

'NO!' Battlecat's pained howls had Teela in a panic, turning around she saw the breakout and stretched the staff out, but all the extension did was measure how fast Khan got out of the hold and come straight at her, catching her swing. The two wrestled, both battle weary but Khan had the greater cunning and trickery, and grabbed the staff with his serpent mouth, his hood extended to give him greater hold and balance, all he needed as it freed his hands to grab Teela's startled face and slam the back of her head against the craft Khan discarded the staff from his mouth. Admittingly he was impressed by Teela's refusal to stay down, but she had no strength to stand either.

'Not bad. All slaves are valued by their strength' Even if it was a compliment, it was a short one, striking her with a backhand to put down any chance of a second fight. Teela was now just barely conscious as Hiss lifted her onto the craft. 'And King Hiss would surely recognize yours as a source of entertainment!'

He spun the craft round into gear, incredibly the cat had half the mask removed but it was non responsive, his work was done as he drove the craft onto the direction where Hiss would be revived with a reward that will not leave him short changed of gratitude, he took a look back at the base and grinned. Sure He'-Man will get to the reactor, but he should be getting to the gun anytime…

Time wailed at him, each passing second was a klaxon to his ear, the base was a wreck, gutted from within, battle between snakes, the mechanical defenders, or their remains, some sign of weapon fire from the infamous havoc staff. Did Skeletor help, or was he the third party? No time to debate, he punched down an opening in each floor, to find his friends and stop the overload. Gut feeling told him Hiss would had been kept at the bottom, the intensity of the wreckage seen was a clear hint to that. No need to go any further down, he couldn't even if he wanted to.

'Orko, Buzz-Off, anyone!' There was nothing as he raced down the cluttered walkway of rubble and deceased Snakemen. Someone had gone all out on them, most likely Skeletor again.

There was something he noticed, a fresh smell of acid, he didn't go far to see a hole in a wall on his left to see an opening, a large funnel in the centre, metal with a break in the middle. It was the core generator of the Drillium. No light meant no forcefield that held the pressurized Drillium, it powered the entirety of the base. Even as Prince Adam he knew the dangers of highly pressurized Drillium unchecked. He stepped in self-made opening. It was a room with various devices that monitored the generator, digital numbers that can only be translated as dangerous numbers with the klaxon wailing, without them they might as well be a radio frequency for whichever master was needed. Instead he looked for the colouring, everything was built with safety in mind, green labels showcased route for assembly points, blue was mandatory warning, and the red button between the closed door in front, that would had been the entrance, positioned next to other devices meant one thing. That was the shutdown mode.


He took a step, he looked down, seeing his boot had felt a barrier in the form of a wire, it was just a tug but he realized suddenly, and tried to get out, too late, the weapon that the wire was connected to was tripped and the shot was fired. He-Man cried at the full blast, it caught him at the lower chest sending him crashing back. He felt his skin breached, even for his great size, strength and durability he felt quite wounded by the ambush. His eyes widened at an even more horrifying thought, he couldn't stand, his body was not just wounded but numbed by the attack, his nerves were losing feeling, was it the design of that weapon, or simply the shock?

He-Man shouted again. 'ORKO! Anyone!'

This time his shout had seemingly awoken someone to respond, it was a very faint, nervous, and frightened but definitely Orko.

'…He-Man? Oh goodness it's you! You have to get us out of here!'

'Orko, I need your help. I've been shot!'

'Oh No, nonono!' Orko flew straight to He-Man and gasped at the wound. 'But that be! You're He-Man'

'Orko. A shot is a shot, ARGHH! I need you to heal it, please it's down to you'

'Bu-But Me? Please don't say it like that'

'Orko! You have to take responsibility when it's given, you can do it. I know you can'

Orko paused, a brief self-examination of his own capability before realising the urgency far overweighed his self-doubting.

'Your right He-Man, I'll do it.' Orko stretched his fingers, animating them but in a more controlled and fluid pattern then his occasional waving around. 'Magic from my hands, dry the bleed and bring healing once again'

He-Man gritted his teeth in agony, Orko at first thought he messed it up but He-Man had only anguished at the transformation feeling the wound dry and seal away before he gasped at the speedy surprise of the recovery.

'You did it Orko, my thanks now to stop that overload'

'Oh so that's what's causing that noise. Wait did you say overload? Oh no that can't be good!'

He-Man peered through the wall, he couldn't see the gun but he could see the Drillium was starting to set alight, maybe had minutes and he could feel the brilliant heat of it already. He could only frown at his situation.

'Still might be booby trapped. Orko? See that red switch?' The Trollan nodded 'Fly over and hit, I can't go in, Khan as it rigged for me'

'But not for me, gotcha!'

'Be careful' He-Man stressed. Orko nodded and flew inside, going to the switch and ignoring the strong heat, he hit the button only to see it was smashed on closer inspection. Khan had destroyed it'

'Its broken He-Man'

'Damm….Orko get here now! Orko could see for himself, the Drillium, pressurized and hardened had no safety measure to contain them, not they were breaking down and sparked a brilliant pulse of light, which burned. Orko screamed and flew straight out, quicker than he had ever been, it was a race for life afterall, and He-Man grabbed his Trollan friend just as he flew out and pulled him aside, escaping the firey white flame.

'Wherever the others are, we need to find them. FAST'

'This way, am sure their down here!'

The two raced down into the vault itself, and saw a mixed jigsaw of fallen snakes, rubbles and somewhere in the mix, the masters themselves. Mekaneck, Ram-Man and Buzz-Off. He Man saw Buzz-Off first, the proud warrior was half buried in fallen debris of the vault's own interior, he was out cold, hopefully not too long. Orko was quick to find Ram-Man, his size meant that even fallen debris had great difficulty concealing him.

'That just leaves Mekaneck. Where is he?' His voice began to tremble, stutter and break into a burst of terrible denial. Oh—No. no. no. no. NO!'

'Orko! What is it?'

'Oh Adam! I can't say it!' Forgetting the coded name, Orko was distraught, anguished and not wanting He-Man but a friend, Adam who was a child when he first met him, and the same Adam that kept his world of a harmony and carefree intact. Now it was gone, Mekaneck was dead.

'no' Said He-Man softly to himself, another bang from the Drillium hinted it was nearing total eruption. He placed a hand on Orko. 'Orko, if we grieve here, no one will remember him. We have to go.'

Orko, wiped his face and picked up his bag, he reluctantly agreed with what He-Man said. 'Your right. But I can help you take everyone here in one go. The bag was opened and proclaimed 'ROKENBASS!'

The unconscious duo Ram-Man and Buzz-Off fell in. The gravity of Mekaneck's death kept the level of the accomplishment down, Orko just spoke swiftly with a mature tone for once, but saying it with a sniffle at the end. 'Let's go'

The duo ran brazenly past the fires from the generator, helped by Orko using magic to push away the fire as best as he could, and followed as He-Man leapt from one floor, to the next and another. He-Man dared to hope, he was a floor away when the hope stalled. The final combustion could be heard from the generator, now there was a boom, a fiery eruption of fire, dirt and ear deafening sound. It shot across the bottom floor in less than a second, and up several floors and counting as that second passed. He-Man saw the coming destruction and grabbed Orko, arms and head shielding over him as he was seemingly drowned in the tsunami of earth and destruction.

Khan didn't need to look back, he flew at a gradual speed, he didn't want to be far away, but just enough for the barely conscious Teela to see the complex drowned out in an eruption of fiery earth, seeing the total waste of the destruction had severed her confidence that He-Man survived and dropped her head into unconsciousness as if it was a signal of defeat.

Khan took it as that and laughed, flying off to the direction where Hiss would return.

AN: This was a nightmare. A long bloody nightmare to do.

By far the longest chapter I had ever written, it has been rewritten over and over, and for good reason to as it brings about several plot points, as well bringing in new plots, and all to be arced over etc as well getting back to other characters, especially Cheetara.

There are references made also to either series of past events (such as the Mongoose that Rattlor was angry about) Or Drillium which is a word that would be in time be rephrased to something more familiar.

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