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A/N- this is a series of one-shots about the ambulance crash in the end of "Dark was the Night" (8X09).
enjoy :)

Chapter 1:

Alex's POV:

I opened my eyes and felt my head pounding in pain. The ambulance crash. The baby. Mer.
slowly I stood up and saw Meredith's lying unconscious next to me; for one second I thought she was dead but then I saw her eyes slowly open.
"Mer are you ok?" she nodded; she had a small cut on her forehead.
"let me look at your cut"
"no, it's nothing. I'm fine. How's the baby?"
I looked inside the incubator and saw the baby's chest slowly rising up and going down as she breathed.
"We need to get out of here before another car will come" I said
"but what about the baby?"
"We'll take her with us"
Mer carefully took the baby out and opened the ambulance's door. We saw 4 bodies- 2 adults and 2 kids lying on the ground. I checked for pulse but all of them were dead.


General POV:

Suddenly Meredith and Alex heard a soft sob, they quickly and saw a girl that looked like she was around 16 years old walking towards them.
"oh god!" she said and started to cry when she saw her family's dead bodies.
"I'm Dr. Karev and this is Dr. Grey let us help you. Are you hurt?"
"no but why you're not helping my family? Do something!"
"I'm so sorry but they are all dead. You need to move to the side of the road so you won't get hurt. Mer you should also moveā€¦" he turned around and saw that Meredith looked pale.
"Mer? Are you ok?"
"yeah I'm fine just feeling a little dizzy"
"let me take the baby"
Meredith wanted to resist but she felt too sick to start an argue. She sat down and leaned against the ambulance.
Alex looked worried but before he could go and check on Mer a car came and hit the ambulance and Meredith.