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Chapter 7:

chapter 7:

"Mere!" Cristina entered the room and her eyes were full of tears
"what happened?" Mer asked her worriedly
"I haven't got the chance to be with you. When I heard I was so worried…" she fought the tears as much as she could but she decided to give in to her emotions and started sobbing.
Mer moved a little in her bed and tapped on it to signal Cristina to lie next to her. She hugged her and started to talk: "I know you were worried, if you would've been in an accident I would die of worry! But I am ok, I'll be lying if I said I'm fine or good but I will be ok. I've got you, Derek, Zola-"
"wait, did you just say you've got Zola?!"
"yeah! You didn't hear?" Mer said and a huge smile spread on her face. "on the day of the accident Janet came and gave us Zola"
"I didn't really have the chance to talk to Derek, but WOW this is great!"
suddenly Mer saw that Cristina's gaze moved to the lower part of her body- to where the blanket covered the gap of where her leg used to be.
"You really didn't hear anything" Mer said trying to joke a little.
The tears came back to Cristina's eyes. She hated being such a crying baby especially now that Mer needed her to be strong but this was overwhelming.
"Mer, y…your leg. W..what happened?" Cristina knew in her head what happened but she didn't want to believe.
"infection…" Mer tried to put a smile on her face but for the second time since she woke up reality hit her, hard. She really didn't want to join Cristina's cry. This was so out of their character but they didn't really care anymore.
They both let themselves break down and they bawled while hugging each other.
When Derek walked in he saw his wife and her best friend hugging and crying their heart out. At the first second her wanted to go to Mer and ask her what happened, he wanted to yell at Cristina for crying but then he realized that Mer needed that cry and that moment with Cristina so he quietly left the room to give them some privacy.
After what seemed like forever they both calmed down and looked at each other.
Suddenly Mer had a small smile on her face that soon became a giggle. At first Cristina looked at her like she lost her mind but soon she joined the laugh. It was like in George's funeral when they were so overwhelmed with everything that happened that laughing was the only way to deal with it without losing your mind. "I… I lost my leg in an ambulance accident, and Derek got shot" Meredith said between laughs.
"so did Owen, and Burke!"
"and then I had a miscarriage and couldn't get pregnant"
"and I had an ectopic pregnancy and then I got pregnant again and I don't even want kids!" her laughs grew stronger.
"I almost died on 4 separate occasions that all had to do with Seattle Grace Mercy Death"
Cristina started to cry from laugher as she repeated Meredith's last words "Seattle-Grace-Mercy-Death. Get it? Because we all almost died! This is too funny!"

after laughing for 10 minutes without being able to stop they finally calmed down.

"seriously Cristina, don't be sad or worried. Before you'll even notice it I'll be back to work to steal your surgeries"
"ha you can keep dreaming about getting the cool surgeries while I actually perform them"
"wanna bet I can get better surgeries then you?"
"competition's on. From the day you come back we'll have a 3 day 'cut-as-much-as-you-can" surgery marathons. The one who has the most and best surgeries wins."
"what's the prize?"
"I don't know, think about it when you lie here for hours and feeling bored"
"ahh what would I do without you?"
"you'd starve and die alone- old and stinky"
Meredith smiled as Cristina left her room.


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