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Chapter One: Normal Point of View

He walked through the town. His hood up, his head down. He was just making his way through the crowd, trying to get as close to the tower as possible.

His 'plans' had always worked. If they didn't, he had others.

You might be wondering what his name was now. His name was Patrick, and he was an assassin.

He didn't choose to have this future, this future chose him.

So here he was, making his way to a Borgia Tower. Going to ignite it. Just, acting like a normal man. He took a right, and then continued walking straight ahead to the tower.

He could just see it burst in flames from there. Mentally taking note that there were guards right there, he had to find another way.

If he attacked any guard, unless it was at the top or with the Borgia Captain, he would be spotted and attract other guards.

So he turned to the left to get to the dock. There were guards there too.

"This city" he started to think to himself "has so much gaurds... I need to find another way that doesn't require jumping in the water from the docks or just walking straight into an attack."

He turned the other way, making his way up the hill and to the edge of the small hill. He sprang into the water, no one really looking. He swam across, to the tower.

The wall was the only thing keeping him and that tower apart. It wasn't going to stop him. A task is a task, after all.

He pulled himself onto the top of the wall.

He lunged from the wall onto the Borgia's Tower, ready to ignite when he gets to the top. He climbed fiercely up the tower, getting to the top in no time.

Right at the top, igniting the hay pile, he quickly escaped by jumping into a haystack. He climbed out, and ran away. Right behind him, the tower bursting into flames.

Running through the city, he spotted and an old friend. Long forgotten.

The two of them were best friends, until they had gotten old enough.

Patrick had moved away. He moved away from the city, and his best friend. And his loved ones. Especially Laura. He loved her like he loved his family, but would never admit it.

He shook his head back into reality.

Was it reality? Or was he dreaming? Finding an old friend, it seems like a dream. But it was certainly reality. He continued walking, noticing that she just walked past him as fast as possible.

Did she forget? Did she hate him? He won't know until he gets the answer.


Yes, it's pretty short. But I'm so excited for this story and I can't wait for the next chapter! The chapters will be longer once I get used to this story! I CANNOT wait for the next chapter, I swear! I'm hyper, also! X3. Anyways... yeah... Chapter Two: Assassin's Point of View is coming up soon! And by soon I mean as soon as I finished it!