A thief. A. Thief. I think it's how you spell it. Thief. Yep, I was right. I just used facebook. Anywho, ON WITH THE STORY!

Chapter 6: The Thief's Point of View.

My eye's scanned around the crowd. I could tell that there were valuables in a man's pouch.

I smirked, just acting casual. Walking up to the side of the man and taking the pouch. He was stupid, he didn't even notice.

I also found a woman. Hm, she was dressed oddly. But my eye's spotted a man. He was dressed even more weird. I couldn't help but to just take what was in his pouch, so I did the same thing.

Oh, what a big mistake I've gotten myself into.

He had found out faster than anyone who had ever found out I've been stealing their belongings.

He chased after me.

How stupid of me this time. The one thing I noticed was that I saw him before.

On a wanted poster.

Maybe if I take him to the Borgia Captain, then I'll get money.

Just handing him in would be fine.

I was lost in thought, I started to slow down.

Crap. I couldn't escape now. He had tackled me to the ground, and got his things back.

I knew I should've looked at his face before I could... steal any of his things. He got his pouch back. I needed this money!

Oh wait, I didn't.

Stealing things was my life, but someone had told me about this guy.

Get him at all costs.

He got back up, so I did too and I tackled him.

Oh, how stupid of me. Maybe I should've grabbed a weapon first.

He took out a hidden blade, and put it up to my neck. Crowds of people ran away. We switched positions, and now I was on the bottom.

Mistakes were made, but that wasn't stopping me.

"Get him, at all costs. He isn't good around others." The exact words from the girl who had told me to get him.

"Are you attacking me for any particular reason?" He asked. I could see his brown eyes from under his hood.

I just stuttered out a reply. He was about to kill me, but I was saved!

I praise whoever this hero is.

It was the girl who was dressed strangely. I don't know her, why is she saving me?

It was a battle just waiting to begin. I quickly got up with my chance, and ran away.

I'll get his money. Or, better yet. I'll get him, and return him to this girl. Maybe she'll give me his money instead of me having to steal it.


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Chapter 7: The Assassin's Point of View COMING SOON

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