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Anywho, I should be back on track, I got a couple chapters of this (Among Demons) ready to go, and the next Stowaway update should be within a week or so (don't quote me on that), I dunno how long Kurtio-Lariette'll take, 'cause Kurtis isn't cooperating XP

So this is my latest concoction, featuring a young Lara and Kurtis, and general demon-esque epicness. I'm gonna try to be serious-ish with this one, lets see how it goes. Enjoy. (Kurtis is in bold, Lara isn't. Hope that helps.)

Desperate to Escape

My eyes opened, my mind still stuck in a dream. I frowned as I stared up at the dormitory ceiling. It was only a dream, and I was still here. Curses.

I shot up from unconsciousness, and pain sliced through my back. Cursing fluently, I realized I was in Medical. Again.

Sighing, I got up out of bed, determined to ignore the happenings of the dream. It was such a good dream though; I was Lara Croft, archeologist-adventurer extraordinaire, exploring a lost tomb. I shook my head to clear my thoughts as I showered and dressed. Every day in the finishing school was the same. Smile, dance, smile, sew, smile, giggle, blush on command, smile, drink tea, smile – even though you feel like stabbing the girl next to you through the eyes with her teaspoon. It was easy, but it bored me out of my skull. I half-heartedly pulled a brush through my hair, and headed downstairs for breakfast, the dream still buzzing in my head.

My head spun, and the events of the previous day – or whenever it was – came back to me. A big demon, a fight, getting slammed into walls, the whole shebang. To be frank, I'm not even sure if I can count on five hands the number of times this has happened. And every time my head hurts like hell afterwards.

I'm sick of this. I need something new.

I've had enough of being attacked by demons. Maybe I should quit the legion, go somewhere else. Somewhere they can't find me.

I need to escape.

And that's the Prologue! Next Chapter should be up tomorrow-ish. Reviews, hugs and cookies appreciated!