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I Dream of Only You

Chapter One: Sweet Dreams are made of Him

"Brynjolf I need to talk to you…" The quite voice drifted off, as the Master Thief turned to the young Nord, who he had picked out on the street. Brynjolf could scarcely believe his luck at finding a skilled thief after suffering their run of bad luck. So he had recruited the young man often opting to just call him lad, instead of the Nord's real name.

"What about, Lad? And shouldn't you be with Mercer taking down Karliah?" Brynjolf asked turning to the shorter Nord. The younger man's eyes shifted about, resting on the other members of the guild, before finally his eyes settled back on Brynjolf.

"Can you follow me? I don't think I should… Never mind, I should just go. I'll see you in a few days." As the young man turned Brynjolf was struck by a sense that if he let the Lad go he would never see him again.

"Wait, Lad, what is it? You can tell me, can't you?" Brynjolf asked resting a hand on the other Nord's shoulder, not holding him there but asking him to stay. Brynjolf was trying to find a way to stall the lad; he needed to talk to him. Slowly the man turned to him again.

"I'll…. I'll tell you but not here. Follow me. I need to get some things from my house here anyway." The younger Nord seemed jumpy and nervous, and for some unfathomable reason Brynjolf felt on edge, but anticipation was coursing through the master thief's veins. Brynjolf was confused.

In all of his years of thieving Brynjolf had confronted incredibly dangerous men and wild beasts, but this young man could set his heart pounding with just one glance. Brynjolf was surprised the Nord's sharp senses never picked up the sound of his rapidly beating heart. The Dragonborn was no ordinary thief and Brynjolf knew the Lad could, with just one word, send him to oblivion. Hello Sovengarde good bye good life.

So why in the Void did this feel like love? Brynjolf had never been in love but he'd heard so many heart felt love stories from Vekel that he thought he knew, but if this is what it felt like Vekel needed to enlarge his vocabulary to fit in a better description. Damn beating thing in his chest.

"Alright Lad, but when we get there you'll tell me or I might have to get Vex to ring it out of you, got it?" Brynjolf consented, trying to calm the racing, slightly less than innocent, thoughts of the young man before him. The blond head bobbed, and the elder thief's hand slid from the strong shoulder.

Turning with a gesture to follow the un-hooded blond moved to the exit that would place them next to Mara's Temple in the Grave yard, holding the Honored Dead. A soft, peaceful breeze made the Nightshade flowers sway as it was alive and the soft glow of the vibrant purple flowers gave the graves a haunting look. The blond Nord flipped his hood up smiling softly at the peaceful setting and slipped into the shadows, and out of sight, Brynjolf following close behind.

In the shadows of the moonless night they made their way to a home Brynjolf had hear the new Thane owned. The young thief slipped out a key and quickly opened the door and ushered in Brynjolf. A voice echoed from the basement foot steps approaching with it.

"Greetings, my thane." Whoever the voice belonged to they were close, and Brynjolf didn't know what to do. He looked toward the young lad hoping for the best. Also not having his head cut off by the Thane that would be pissed about their intrusion into his home. The younger thief smiled and shook his head.

"Go back to bed, I don't need help, I'll be leaving soon and need you to get a good rest so you can watch his boring place for a few days." With the lad's answer the foot steps stopped and the voice agreed before going back from where they'd come from.

"How did you do that, Lad?" Brynjolf asked relived he wouldn't have to kill a Thane or the oblivious HouseCarle. He never knew the Lad had done this, breaking into a Thane's home with a key, before. Wait, how did he get a key?

"Well a HouseCarle listens to their Thane don't they?" The cheeky response made Brynjolf roll his eyes, before realizing the cheeky Nord wasn't joking.

"You're a Thief, how in the world did you become the Thane?" Brynjolf nearly sputtered, not losing his composer because of the small shock.

"Remember how I told you I made plenty of my money in honorable ways? I'm not just a thief you know, but that's a story for another day. I need to grab my traveling equipment from my room; I have everything else waiting on my horse, just out side the gate. Come on I'll show you to my room, where we can talk." The younger Nord moved forward and Brynjolf followed, noting the rooms they passed through were nicely furnished and did give off the feel of a home. A comfortable home that was not overly lavish or simple. A perfect fit for young blond thief.

"Lad," Brynjolf began but the blond stopped him from finishing by raising a hand.

"You know my name Brynjolf, we are alone so please call me by my name, Loki." Loki just stared Brynjolf in the eyes getting a twitch in his hand that Brynjolf had found meant he was nervous. Brynjolf kept him self from grinning like an utter fool.

"What ever you say… Loki." Brynjolf hesitated saying the name, not wanting to sound like an excited teen getting to talk to the center of his dirty fantasies, and yet wanted so desperately to go back to calling Loki, Lad. He'd made a comfort zone and now he was out of it. Crap.

Loki saw his stress, and got worried. That's why everyone in the Guild loved the young man, he cared for almost anyone, even those he didn't know them, and he was fiercely loyal to his friends as well as protective. The Guild had made him part of their family, and he loved them for it. He was a great thief, possibly the best in the Guild, but he was a better friend and brother, as the Guild would call each other. They were brothers and sisters in crime.

"You okay Brynjolf? You can sit you know." The easy to read concern on Loki's face made Brynjolf sit and almost let a smile slip up.

"Yeah, Loki I'm fine. Now what did you need to talk to me about?" Brynjolf asked as he sat in a chair across from the one Loki had taken to standing by. Loki actually shifted on is feet. His calm façade was slipping, and seeing this let Brynjolf relax just slightly. If Loki was nervous it meant Brynjolf had a slight advantage, and wouldn't be Shouted into Oblivion… Hopefully.

"I… I, damn it! Why does this have o be so difficult?" Loki let out a heavy sigh and gripped the back of the chair while leaning over it, towards the fire in the hearth. He let his head fall forward, and for a second Brynjolf couldn't see his face, and felt worried.

"Lad… Loki, if it's that difficult to tell me maybe you can talk to me about this another time later, so you can think it over." Brynjolf wanted to know what was troubling the blond boy, but he didn't want the lad to be distressed.

"No, I want… I need you to know. Brynjolf I…." Loki sighed and Brynjolf stiffened no, the lad wasn't going to say, "I think I've fallen for you." Loki finally finished after his trial off, so he let his head lower again and turned away from Brynjolf, possibly scared of the retaliation.

Quietly as he could Brynjolf got up and moved behind the younger boy. He leaned forward, pressing his chest against the lithe back, laying his hands on top of the pale ones griping the chair's back. Loki stiffened considerably, the muscles all over were tense as a whip, Brynjolf was now completely out of the comfort zone he'd made around Loki and swimming in boiling waters.

"Loki are… are you sure?" The hesitance and pause went unnoticed by the smaller man currently trapped between Brynjolf and the chair. Loki's breath hitched and he shook softly, his feelings rising high.

"I… I'm… yes I'm sure." Loki admitted his voice shaking and his head low. Brynjolf grinned like a sly fox and all of a sudden Loki was pulled back by strong arms and pinned down to his bed. Loki was stunned and looked up at Brynjolf, who had his hands pinned above his head and to top it all he was straddling his waist, in utter shock.

"I need you to understand this Loki, I think I may have fallen for you as well… How about we put this to a test, hmm?" Brynjolf asked, trying to reel Loki in. Brynjolf's thoughts were far less than clean.

"Brynjolf…" Loki wined; blushing as he softly arched up, it seemed Loki's thoughts were not pure either. Brynold leaned down almost brushing his lips against soft velvet skin of Loki's throat.

Brynjolf jerked awake as Vex shook his shoulder He sent her a slightly resentful glare.

"What is it Vex?" He groused, still tired, he rubbed at his face. Vex actually looked worried She sighed and glared back at him.

"Mercer's back and no Loki's not with him. Come on he wants talk to everyone about what happened with Karliah." Vex answered, leaning back and crossing her arms over her chest. Brynjolf's heart skipped a beat, Loki wasn't with Mercer? That wasn't right, was not right at all, Loki had left right next to Mercer saying he'd be back, he should be here.

Where was Loki?

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