Title: Five Times Antonio's Heart was Broken Ch. 1
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1378
Pairing: Slight Antonio x Kotetsu
Topic: T&B Anon Meme Prompt: "5 times Kotetsu unintentionally broke Antonio's heart."
Type: Canon Setting
Genre: Humor, a little crack
Warnings: Not really, maybe some light slash, but this is more humor if anything.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Tiger and Bunny. Tiger and Bunny belong to Sunrise and their respective creators.
VTM: Currently working on revamping this story a little, I'll try to have more to you guys soon.


The first time was when Antonio realized that he was attracted to Kotetsu for more than just their "friendly rivalry". Eventually the two of them moved from being rivals to actually being friends. The two started to do more than just meeting up for a quick brawl to see who was tougher. Antonio wasn't sure how it all started, but Kotetsu at some point just started hanging out with him. It was nice, Kotetsu wasn't intimidated by him at all, so it was because he must have genuinely liked him. Antonio wasn't really sure how to take this at first, but he grew to like the friendship that they had.

They'd hang out together talking about heroes, when they got their powers, or pester Tomoe on their way home from school, and even try sneaking a couple of beers from the liquor store the Kaburagis owned. Of course, they'd always get caught by Kotetsu's older brother, Muramasa and get an ass kicking, but that was beside the point. The point was that Kotetsu became the first "real friend" that Antonio had in a while.

When his next powers awoken Antonio lost the friends that he had as a child, whether it was out of their own fear or because their parents kept them away from him. As he got older, more questionable people began to gravitate towards him because of his tough appearance. And before he knew it, he was somehow the leader of a gang of punks. It was a little comforting finding out that Kotetsu went through similar experiences...minus the becoming the leader of a gang of punks. Either way, it was good to have a friend that understood such things as the harder part of life that came with having strange powers that you never asked for. It was easier to relax and let his guard down and not have to put up the constant act of machismo. Antonio could just act more like regular guy his age. Or at least as normal as things could get for a pair of trouble making nexts.

The "incident" itself happened when he was staying the night at Kotetsu's for a horror movie marathon. It was Halloween and they were both too old for Trick or Treating and at least it was something they could do that didn't involve mailboxes, jack-o-lanterns, baseball bats, and probably getting arrested by the cops. It was fun; they spent a good portion of the time making fun of some of the cornier movies. Pointing out zippers on cheap costumes, bad special effects, and mockingly imitating the terrible acting. But there were a few movies that were better than others, that left the two boys in silence and then laughing nervously, not wanting the other to know that they were a little creeped out.

Later that night Muramasa came in after closing the store and told them that they had to turn off the TV and go to sleep. That was when things started to get a little awkward. Antonio was on the floor while Kotetsu had the bed. Neither of them seemed able to find sleep, Kotetsu kept staring at the ceiling while Antonio couldn't help but glance at the dark space under Kotetsu's bed from time to time. Logically, the bulky teen knew that there really wasn't anything under the bed except maybe some clothes and the magazines they stole from Muramasa's room. But, he couldn't help but feel like there was something watching him from that little dark space; it was getting a bit unnerving.

Antonio then tried to keep his focus on the ceiling, hoping that sleep would come for him soon.

"Oi, Antonio...?" Kotetsu asked quietly. "You still awake?"

The bigger teen debated for a moment on whether to answer or not, it was when he thought he heard something from under Kotetsu's bed move. "Y-yeah..."

Kotetsu rolled over and looked down at his friend. "You're not scared, are you?"

Antonio frowned at the smaller teen. "Of course not." He said with a huff. "Are you?"

"Pshh! No, I was just wondering, I thought that I heard you whimper like a baby." Kotetsu said jokingly with a smirk. He then noticed that he was getting a glare from the bigger teen. "What?"

"Don't even joke like that!" Antonio said suddenly. "I've been hearing weird noises from under your bed since we had to turn off the TV..."

Kotetsu's smug smirk faded pretty quickly, he looked rather horrified by that information. "W-what...?"

One thing led to another and the two of them ended up uncomfortably sharing Kotetsu's bed.

"Kotetsu...Why are we both in your bed?" Antonio asked in a flat tone.

"Because sleeping on the floor hurts my back and wouldn't it be easier for something under the bed to get you if you're already on the floor?" Kotetsu explained. He felt a little embarrassed by the childish logic of thinking that something was under the bed, but after all the movies it was enough to make both boys paranoid enough to believe anything.

"Good point." Antonio then fidgeted a little, trying to get a little more comfortable. The position they were in was awkward, to say the least. Antonio took up most of the bed of course, which meant that Kotetsu was uncomfortably sandwiched between the wall and his bulk. At some point though, Kotetsu managed to somehow end up half laying on the bigger teen, as if he were an oversized pillow.

Antonio couldn't help but notice that his heart was beating a little faster. The awkward closeness left Antonio let him take in details of his friend that he probably shouldn't have been noticing. The secure hold that the smaller teen had on him and how he was pressed against him was a good reminder of how lean Kotetsu really was. The smaller teen looked deceptively scrawny with the way he wore his school uniform, it was easy to underestimate him. Even without his next power Kotetsu had a lot of strength packed in that slender frame of his. Slender, pretty strong, and not a too bad looking face either. Antonio then shook his head, trying to stop his mind from going into any forbidden territory. "Hey, how about we just move into the living room?"

"Sure, you can go first." Kotetsu said in a blunt tone.

"Like hell!" Antonio shot back. "You go first! You're the one that wants to be a hero!"

"You're the one with impenetrable skin!" Kotetsu pointed out. "If a crazy killer tries to stab you in the hall they couldn't do shit to you!"

"You are fucking horrible!" Antonio nearly shouted. "I'm not some meat shield!" It actually hurt a little hearing that from Kotetsu, but Antonio wasn't sure if it was his pride or something else.

"SHH!" Kotetsu tried to quiet him down. "You'll wake up my family!"

And right then...


The legs of Kotetsu's bed finally gave out from the combined weight of both of the boys.

The bedroom door suddenly swung open and the lights were then turned on, revealing a very pissed off Muramasa. "What in the hell are you two doing!?" he shouted, he was about to chew the teens out and give them both a good whack upside the head. But it only took a short moment for the scene to click. "People are trying...to...sleep...?"

If Kotetsu and Antonio's position wasn't awkward enough before, it sure was now. Kotetsu by this point was now lying on top of Antonio, the bigger teen had his hands on Kotetsu's shoulders. It looked as though Muramasa had interrupted the two in the middle of "tender moment". Both of the boys looked up at Muramasa like a pair of deer caught in headlights, Muramasa just stared at them for a good long moment, his brain was trying to process just what it was that he was seeing. Finally when his senses returned to him, he quietly shut the door and could be heard hurrying back to his room, and slamming the door. Obviously he wanted to forget what he saw or maybe just try to blame it all on a really weird dream.

The three of them never brought up "the incident" again...Unless they were really drunk. And even then it was still rather awkward for Muramasa.

-End of Chapter-