Title: Five Times Antonio's Heart was Broken Ch. 4
Rating: PG-13
Word Count:
Pairing: None
Topic: T&B Anon Meme Prompt: "5 times Kotetsu unintentionally broke Antonio's heart."
Type: Canon setting, set towards the end of the series, some spoiler warnings.
Genre: Drama, Slight Romance, Slash
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Tiger and Bunny. Tiger and Bunny belong to Sunrise and their respective creators.
VTM: Here's chapter 4!


There was one time Antonio unintentionally broke Kotetsu's heart. Kotetsu found himself struggling, keeping Antonio's arm from crushing him as he was pressed against a brick wall. This entire day had been nothing but a nightmare. First he saw his face plastered across the news, being accused of murder of all things. Then no one, not Agnes, Ivan, or Pao-Lin, seemed to recognize him. Kotetsu tried desperately to talk some sense into them.

There was a brief moment of relief in the back of Kotetsu's mind when he saw Rock Bison coming down from the sky. For a brief, brief moment though, because right after he landed Kotetsu found himself stuck between Rock Bison and a hard place.

"Earning points by capturing crooks like you is our job!" Antonio declared.

"You idiot!" Kotetsu said, completely dumbfounded by what was happening. "I'm your best friend!"

"Best friend?" Antonio said with a hint of confusion. For just a second his arm seemed to ease up.

Kotetsu felt his heart jump slightly; maybe he was finally getting through that thick skull of his. But then Kotetsu felt Antonio's strength suddenly return full force keeping him securely pinned in place.

"What nonsense is that, you low life?!" Rock Bison shouted.

"What?!" Kotetsu couldn't believe what he was hearing. Antonio Lopez, who he had known for years, didn't recognize him. He felt a sickening feeling in his stomach as his heart sank with that realization. What was happening? Did he do something wrong? Why was everyone acting like he was a criminal? Had they all gone mad? Looking at Antonio, Kotetsu had to question if he had been a horrible friend to the man. Was this what the dumb cow really thought of him?

Soon that sudden feeling of uncertainty and despair gave away to irritation and annoyance. He couldn't keep thinking like that, something was terribly wrong with Antonio and the others, Kotetsu knew that he was not a criminal. "Okay, that's it...!" Kotetsu growled as he activated his powers. "You bastard!" He yelled as broke free from Antonio's hold.

"This guy...! He's a power-type NEXT!" Rock Bison announced to Pao-Lin and Origami.

'No shit Sherlock!' Kotetsu thought as he ran, dodging getting hit by a truck by escaping into the sewers. It only reaffirmed that there was something wrong with him. Of course he'd know that! So why was he acting like he had no idea? He had to find something, any way to make them remember. Kotetsu hated this feeling, the feeling that he was unknown, completely forgotten. Origami and Dragon Kid, he saw them from the beginning of their careers as heroes and tried to be helpful to them the best he could with his fatherly instincts. Antonio just hurt; he'd have to get him back one day for this if he ever made it out of this crazy day in one piece.

Down in the sewers Kotetsu took a moment to try to catch his breath. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, that sickening feeling was still with him as that uncertainty started to sneak its way back into his mind. So many questions, what was he going to do? How could he prove to them who he really was? Kotetsu started to think back on his friendship with Antonio over the years, looking for something positive to hold onto and reassure himself that things were going to be okay. Maybe even some fodder to help remind him just who this "lowlife" was. "Tsk...A lowlife? The nerve of that guy..." Kotetsu grumbled disdainfully. Instead, he was faced with both the good and the bad that he had done to the man that was supposed to be his friend. Remembering the times where Kotetsu knew he probably hurt Antonio, but was either too proud or stubborn to admit it. Maybe, just maybe, Kotetsu did have it coming, as some kind of sick joke of karma. He gave a heavy sigh as he pushed himself to get moving again, he had to keep moving, or they were going to catch him. 'Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, horrible hero, and a horrible best friend.'

-End of Chapter-