Female Cenobite

Congratulations on purchasing Female Cenobite model. This model goes along with the Pinhead model. You will find assembly is non existent. Just take the cenobite out of her packaging and stand her upright. She will automatically look for Pinhead and take her place alongside him. You will find that she is also very quiet do to a throat wound. This is normal and does not affect her speaking and yelling (although she can't yell loudly) at all. She is self sufficient tending to her needs herself. Although she does appreciate someone sharpening her knives for her. Despite her seemingly cold demeanor, she does like contact and a hug now and then wouldn't hurt (her). She is also quite talkative and will answer your questions so long as they are not stupid. Below are some of some faqs that come with your model.


What do I call my Female model?

You may call her Female or Nickoletta. It is safer to call her Female unless she REALLY, REALLY, likes you.

2. Female keeps walking to me smiling. She has no ?

She likes you. If she has no weapons she is interested in more than just a simple ownership/friendship. Where you going on your honeymoon?


Ok, jeez! We won't say you like the one that purchased you. Damn! (someone needs to get laid) hey, your purchaser is over there…

Female keeps playing with her throat wound looking at me? She has no weapons.

Ohhh boy… We don't know what you did to her…but obviously she's got it bad for you. Good luck.

Female is trying to kill me no matter what I do

One of two things. You rejected her advances or she plain just don't like you.

Not leaving us so soon are you?

Uhhhh…yea. Sorry I got to do something. I'll call later. *kiss*


No. Its not hands that call us…its desire!

I didn't open the box!

Didn't open the box?! And what was it last time Kirsty….didn't know what the box was…and yet we do keep finding one another.

Our customers would like to share their experience on owning the Nickoletta model. They are 100% dissastisfied with their purchase. If you don't believe us on how wonderful the Female Cenobite model is…then here it is…straight form our customers' mouths.

Ricky: At first I was skeptical on getting the Female Cenobite model. Upon her delivery and unboxing, I found she was rather attractive. She is quiet most of the time and usually I don't even know where the hell she's gone to. Being in constant worry for my life has taken a toll on my sleeping (I don't sleep much anymore) and I keep my knives away from her. But I can rest assured my home is secure and no one comes in and leaves alive. A great purchase.

Mikey: Hiding in the closet while Female Cenobite looks for me is not what I expected. But it keeps me in shape and on my toes. For some strange reason after her unboxing I decided on a whim to plant a real kiss on her lips. I never expected it to turn out the way it did. Now she's looking for me wanting to be with me forever. They say only a certain person will gain the interest of Female and I guess im the one that's gotten her interest. Opps gotta go! She's grabbed a damn wedding dress and…OHHH CRAP! SHE'S FUCKIN' GRABBED ME! NICKOLETTA NO! WE CAN'T GET M-M-M-MARRIED BECAUSE…OHHHH…WOW I GUESS WE CAN….OHHHHH DO THAT AGAIN….

There you have it. Only two people have gotten the Female Cenobite model. Mainly because of the outrageous price of your soul and Female's picky tastes. It seems as if Mikey one of our best customers is going to be a daddy soon. So yes *males: be forwarned that Female Cenobite can become impregnated by you if you choose to do the nasty with her. In that case you guys are really fucking sick. Seriously. Why the hell with her?

*Oh, crap she's right behind me isn't she? Dammit! H-hey Nikky, ye-yes I been meaning to call you. W-what? Are you sure? How can the baby be mine? OH…lookit the time! I gotta run….i'll be back with a few items. Buh bye! *runs off*