Chasing Love

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Summary: After Stefan takes Klaus's family, Klaus gets revenge by taking Elena. He compels Elena to leave with him. Damon is frantic to get her back. While Damon and Stefan rush to find Elena, what will Elena be like when they finally get her? Will Klaus turn her into a vampire and make her his mate? Or will Damon get there in time to save her?

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Chapter 1

Damon was sitting and enjoying a drink after Elena left. Her words echoed in his mind after he had told her that Stefan was gone. She had said, "Then we let him go, Damon. We let him go." She seemed ready to do just that. She had stared into his eyes and he had felt their connection. He had felt it. He knew he would have to be patient and wait until she was ready until they took the next step. After he had taken Elena home, he called Stefan. Of course he didn't answer.

Hours later Damon's phone rang and Elena's number showed up. Worry filled in his gut as he answered the phone.

"Elena, are you okay?" He asks quickly.

"Funny you should ask, mate."


"What the hell are you doing?" Damon demanded.

"Well you see Damon, Stefan stole my family so I have decided to take the lovely Elena for myself."

Fury burns through Damon's entire body and he races to his car and speed as fast as possible to Elena's house. The bloody scene is overwhelming. Alaric is lying on the floor with a knife in his back. Knowing his ring will allow him to heal Damon hurries up to Elena's room. She is gone.

Klaus's laughter sounds in my ear. "Did you honestly think I would be calling from her house? I have to say, Damon, panic does not a smart vampire make…" His voice trails off and Damon yells in rage.

"Where is she?"

"She is mine now, mate." He answers before hanging up.

Damon paces the floor and keeps calling Stefan. Finally, Stefan answers.

"What do you want?" He asks Damon in an annoyed tone.

"Klaus took Elena." Damon tells him.

Stefan pauses and panic fills him for a second before he reigns it in. Why should he care about Elena anymore? He knows that is a lie. He knows he still loves her, but he can't have her. Klaus ruined that for him.

"Klaus wouldn't take Elena, Damon. He knows we keep her from harm. He needs her breathing."

Damon screams into the phone. His brother is an idiot! "He called me, Stefan. He told me he had Elena. I am at her house now. She is gone!"

Stefan finally seems to understand. "What does he want?"

Damon yells in frustration. "He didn't ask for anything. He just told me you stole his family so he was keeping Elena. You have to give him his family back, Stefan. It is the only chance we have to get Elena back."

Stefan sighs, but relents. Damon considers this to be smart because otherwise he was going to rip Stefan limb from limb. Damon hurriedly dials Klaus again.

"Damon, it is a pleasure to hear from you again so soon."

Damon doesn't beat around the bush. "Stefan has agreed to give you back your family in exchange for Elena."

Klaus is quiet for a moment before he speaks. "Well, I see you have been busy. However, Damon, I never asked for my family back. I simply took Elena instead."

Damon's body is seized with fear and rage. "He will give you all your family back! We just want Elena!"

"Well, you have wanted Elena for a very long time, mate. However, things have changed. I fancy her. I intend to keep her and make her mine. When the time is right, I will make her my mate. I just have to…ummm…make her accept me first."

Chills run down Damon's spine. Klaus was an original. He could do anything he wanted. What would he do to Elena?

"Klaus, I will give you whatever you want for Elena. Anything."

He would have given up the entire population of Mystic Falls to save Elena from Klaus.

"Thank you, but no. However, since your persistence is rather heartening I will allow you to say goodbye to the woman you love before she becomes mine forever."

Damon waits anxiously for Elena's voice on the line.

"Damon?" She asks in a soft voice.

"Elena, did he hurt you?" Damon questions instantly.

"No, but he intends to keep me. Damon…" She trails off and Damon is quick to respond.

"Elena, I will never stop looking for you. Do you understand me? I will look for you for as long as it takes. Don't give up." He wants to encourage her.

She responds quickly with a tear filled voice. "I won't. Damon…I love you." She says breathlessly.

Damon's breath catches in his throat and he rushes to speak as well. "I love you, Elena. I have loved you since the first time I saw you. I won't ever give up." He assures her.

"Say goodbye, love." Klaus says in her ear.

"No." She tells him stubbornly with anger.

"I do admire your spirit." He tells her before the line disconnects.

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