Chapter 1

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Everything changed after the Final War. The Dark Lord finally fell, Harry got together with Ginny finally after all these years, and Ron. He is was one of the hardest things to think about. Ron, the man I had come to love after all the years of fighting the darkness by his side, after all the years of doing his schoolwork, and bailing him out of trouble, Ron got married to Lavender not even one week after the war, breaking my heart in the progress, I was over it now, but when he had first announced their impending marriage I was shattered. And to top it all off, when I Obliviated my parents, I did the charm wrong, causing them to lose all of their memories of me permanently. So now, I had no parents, a not so broken now heart and no belongings in the world to my name besides the clothes I had kept at the Burrow, and the room that the Weasley's had given me when they heard of my parents.

But even I had to admit I didn't have it nearly as bad as some of the other people in the Wizarding world. The Weasley's had lost a son in the war, and George just wasn't the same without his twin brother. And poor Molly and Arthur, to lose a son must be so hard on them, although they try and stay strong for their family, you can see the loss and sorrow in their eyes when they think that no one is looking.

And Bill, the poor guy. After being married to Fleur for almost a year, he was mauled by Fenrir Greyback during the Final Battle, and he was infected with the lycanthropy virus. Although he wouldn't turn into a full out werewolf on the full moon, he would still have some wolfish tendencies like his eyes would turn black, he would be extremely moody and irritable, and he would be ruled by his instincts, hunt, sleep, eat, kill, and mate. Remus has helped him out for the last couple of full moons, but according to him until Bill found and claimed his Mate, his full moons would be painful and lonely and would only grow worse over time. And because he had been mauled by Fenrir, his face had scars running down the sides of his cheeks and on his chest and back. I had felt bad for him until I saw how he embraced his scars and was proud of them, saying "how they showed he survived a horrific ordeal", but his wife, well ex-wife now, had hated them saying they made him ugly, so with a quickly filed divorce with the Ministry of Magic, she was off to her family in France, leaving behind a not so heartbroken Bill.

Apparently after the honey moon period had ended between the two, they couldn't stand each other, always arguing and fighting over the littlest and most insignificant things. Bill was glad things had ended between the two, and was now apparently waiting to mark and claim his mate, "so they could live a long happy life together and make tons of little wolf cubs and to mate to their hearts content."

I had always had a soft spot for Bill, but I had never known what to make of it, and I still don't know what to make it. There had always been a strange pull towards him that I couldn't explain, and on his wedding day when he had married Fleur, I was jealous. I had never been able to understand the responses he has always gotten out of me, I just chalked it up to how one would feel towards a big brother that was until the first time I saw him after the Final Battle. Ron had already married Lavender, and they were off in a corner snogging, and I was sitting at the kitchen table trying to avoid looking at them when I noticed someone had sat down next to me. Looking over, I saw it was Bill, and he was looking at me with an emotion in his eyes that I couldn't interpret. We didn't talk, just sat in a companionable comfortable silence. Occasionally, I would look over and see his eyes shifting from their normal blue color, to that of the black color of his wolf. Oddly enough though I wasn't scared of him like I knew that I should be in the presence of his wolf trying to take over his body, instead I felt safe and I didn't know why, so I just laid my head on his shoulder and leaned into his embrace as he circled his arms around me and held my body against his, occasionally he would sniff my hair making me blush, but other than that we just sat in companionable silence.

That was the first time I had noticed his strange reactions towards me. Since I was staying at the Burrow since I had lost my parents, I had seen him more often than not. Sometimes he would be looking at me with his blue eyes, and sometimes he would be smiling softly at me with the black eyes of his wolf. He seemed to be spending more time around me than usual, and I had researched to try and find a reason for his strange behavior, but I could never come up with any answers, only more questions. I was disappointed that I couldn't find any answers, but the answer to all of them was niggling at the back of mind, and I just couldn't identify what it was that I was supposed to know.

Over the weeks, I had grown to have a crush on Bill, but then again, who wouldn't, especially when he was looking at me softly all the time, and he always seemed to be near when I needed something, like a cup from the cupboard that I couldn't reach, or if I wanted the last roll at dinner, he would grab the bowl and hand it to me so that I could have it, even when it caused every other Weasley in the room to groan at the loss of food. I would tell him how I feel, but I knew that he had a mate out there, and I didn't want to make things awkward for when he found her, so until then I would just love Bill from afar, and not intrude on his personal life.

As I came to that conclusion, I sat up on the bed in the room that I was occupying. It used to be Ginny's room that I would stay in when I was visiting for the summer, but since Ron had moved into an apartment with Lavender, Ginny had been staying with Harry in his room. My room wasn't very big, but it wasn't small either, it had an adjoining bathroom so that I didn't have to share with all the other males in the house, and there was a large window across from the bed so I could look out at the night sky every evening. Other than that it just had a bed, and a dresser which I kept my clothes in. I may not have had many things, but I was somewhat happy with my life right now.

A light knocking came from across the room at the window, so quickly looking out; I saw that it was an owl. Letting it in, I gave it a treat took the letter from it, and watched it fly away before I looked at the letter in my hand. It was sealed with the Ministry of Magics seal, so I tore it open, and read it contents:

To Ms. Hermione Jane Granger,

Here at the Department of Magical Creatures, we have received notice that you the mate to a Werewolf. You may ask how we know this, but it is standard protocol that when a Magical Creature knows who their mate is, they tell us and we make a file of it. If said Magical Creature whom you are mated to does not tell you within 1 and ½ months of knowing that you are their mate, we here at the Department of Magical Creatures step in and will tell you that you are their Mate for the safety of Wizarding Society, since a Creature without its mate is a very volatile being. Below you will find the name of the man that you are mated to, and we wish you the best of luck with you and your mate's future.

Congratulations, you are the mate to one Bill Weasley.

Sincerely yours,

Dolores J. Umbridge

Head of the Department of Magical Creatures

As I sat down on my bed and pondered the letter, the only thing going through my mind was "WELL FUCK ME!"