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Vacation- Chapter 1

Angela sighed as she looked out the window. It was a typical sunny day to match the happiness of everyone in Blue Water Village...everyone expect her. She had gone through so much last year, and she was still coping with it. She went to relax on her bed, ignoring the constant beeps on her phone indicating that someone had sent her a message. The minute she sat down she felt something and she jumped up, a bit startled. When she looked to see what it was, she noticed that it was her dairy. She smiled, she hadn't written in that thing for so long. She drew a deep breath, grabbing the diary with both hands and opening it up to an empty page where she could write out everything that had happened to her in the last year.

Dear Diary:

I'm sorry I haven't been writing to you much diary! With school and everything, things are a bit hectic. But, it's summer time now so I have finally gotten a chance to write to you. Let's just start over ok? Let's just pretend like I haven't written in this diary since I was a child.

Hi, my name's Angela Pleasant. I used to have the perfect family, and the perfect life. I had a wonderful mom and what I thought was a wonderful dad. My sister and I hated each other but that's ok because who really gets along with their sisters all the time right? I had an amazing boyfriend named Dustin Broke, and my family had tons of money. Well, not as much as the Goth family but we got by. My sister and I could even be seen on TV and my whole family was on this cool pizza commercial one time. But anyway, all of that changed when I reached my sophomore year of high-school.

It was great at first, I was starting to become popular. But quickly, one thing led to another. First, I lost my boyfriend who was my first ever love. Then not too long after that I find out that my dad cheated on my mom with our maid! Ugh! I mean our maid, really come on! And then I find out that she's pregnant, then my mom tells me that she's moving to Blue Water Village so of course, I decide to go with her. But one good thing came out of sister and I became close. I could depend on her for anything, and I met a new guy named Rick Cormier. We're still good friends now, but we'll never be together or least I don't think so. But then guess what happens? My sister runs away like a little coward! I never thought she would turn her back on me. But I guess I was wrong.

So I've just finished my junior in highschool. I'm a bit popular because my mom is engaged to Malcom Landgrab. I guess I should be happy for her...but I want her and my dad back together, it would just make things so much easier. I live in Blue Water Village of course, and I always have guys, and girls talking to me, asking me how much money do I think I'll have and will I ever get used to being Angela Landgrab. But I will never be a Landgrab! I'm always going to be a Pleasant in my heart, and I hope that one day my mom and dad will get back together. My only true best friend out here is Melody Tinker, she gets me, and she likes me for me. I still talk to Meadow, Tosha, Ivy, and Rick though. Dustin has mysteriously vanished and I wonder if he's ran away with Lilith but he couldn't have, right? I don't really talk to Dirk that much but apparently, he's dating Ivy right now? Shocker right? I didn't think he really went for cheerleaders.

"Angela! Angela!" Angela's mother called from downstairs. She sighed, closing the diary and heading downstairs, she was still in her PJ's but she didn't care. It was 8:00 on a Sunday morning and she just felt like relaxing. She only went to church at night time now so she had nothing to worry about. All they did was pray in front of Will Wright's statue anyway, it was nothing like the church in Pleasant View. Of course, she could always visit Pleasant View, it was only a drive away, but it would hurt too much for her mom.

"Yes, mom?" She said quietly, staring at the pancakes that her mother was making.

"Oh honey, cheer up! It's been practically a year since you know...the move and stuff. You need to get out more. What's your little friends name? Selody?" She questioned Angela.

Angela sighed, "It's Melody and no thanks, I think that I'll just go ahead and chill in my room."

Mary sighed, handing her daughter a plate of pancakes, she hated to see her daughter so upset, "Honey...I'm sorry for everything that's happened. I know you miss your dad, and your sister, but things happen and we have to adapt. You're always so bright and cheery, I never see you smile anymore."

"How can I mom?! You and Malcom are getting married so there's no chance that you and dad can even get back together?! The police still don't know where Lilith is! And Dustin hasn't spoken a word to me! - She took in a deep breath- At least I still have my old friends...and Rick too." Angela stated, taking in more breaths to stop herself from crying. She was just so tired of holding everything in and pretending like everything was alright.

"Honey...your dad and I are over, I wish it wasn't true, I really wish things had played out differently but they didn't. We have to live with it. I'm going to be an elder in 5 days, I can't go back to how things used to be. And don't you think I miss Lilith? I do, but I know that wherever she is, she's safe. I believe that Will Wright is protecting her." Mary said, tears spilling out of her eyes.

"I-I'm sorry mom. I didn't mean-"

"It's ok honey...I understand how you're feeling. Let's just move on though. How about we go shopping?" She said, forcing Angela to let out a small laugh.

"Shopping? With you, no thanks. Maybe I'll call up Melody or something." Angela smiled, for the first time in a long time.

"Ok honey. Oh, let me call Malcom down here to eat breakfast with us. We have a surprise for you." She told Angela. Angela rolled her eyes but sat down anyway.

When Malcom finally came down the steps they ate breakfast together silently.

"So...what's the surprise?" Angela asked and Malcom smirked, "Eager much?"

"Oh just tell her Malcom." Mary laughed.

"Ok, we're going on vacation this summer!" He smiled.

"Oh." Angela said, taking a bite of her pancakes.

"Oh...that's it?" Mary said, looking toward her daughter.

"Well it's just that, our last vacation in Tiki Island wasn't that great. All I did was go and look at the museums and I only got to hang out at the beach once." Angela mumbled.

"Well this one will be fun, promise." He said.

"Wait! Am I going to River Blossom Hills?! Are they going to let me become a fishing boat captain?!" Angela says eagerly, her face lighting up. She had planned on going to college out there, but she would be so happy to take a vacation there and see what she was getting herself into.

"Um, no it's not in River Blossom Hills. Surprise! We're taking a trip to Vernonville!" Mary and Malcom said at the same time.

"Wow, really? Vernonville? How is that going to be fun?" Angela whined.

"It will just trust me honey." Mary said.

"Fine, whatever. When do we leave?" Angela asked them.

"Monday morning." Malcom replied.

So...sorry if this was super long! I really wasn't trying to make it that long. The next chapter will be all about Lilith, and I will go back and fourth like that unless I can make it about both of them on the same chapter without it being too long.