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Mission Impossible Part 1- Chapter 15

6 pm

It was six o'clock and Alexander was anxiously waiting for the witches to come. Would she chicken out at the last minute? His phone beeped and he casually took it out of his pocket. He had two missed calls from his sister Cassandra and Mortimer. He guessed that they were probably a little worried as to where he was but didn't they read the note?

He called Cassandra, trying to sound as believable as possible, "Hey what's up?"

"Hey where are you?" Cassandra said in a worried tone, "Dad thinks you disappeared and Dirk won't say word."

"I'm out with a friend. I just wanted some time to hang out." Alexander said in a high pitched voice.

"It's Monday! Don't you care that you missed a day of school! I already told them you were sick. Thank goodness you have me! You're in big trouble! What's wrong with you?" She said in a rushed tone.

He froze. He had completely forgotten that it was Monday morning. He felt sweat began to drip down his forehead (something that always happened when he got really nervous), "I-I'm sorry. I just needed to clear my mind. I've been thinking about mom a lot. I just want the night off. I need to go somewhere, take a little vacation. I'll call you when I get back."

Cassandra sighed, she knew exactly what he was going through. Of course she missed her mom, but she was a mom now, she was expecting a child soon and she didn't have time to be worried right now, "I'll make an excuse for you. But you owe me. Bye. Tell me when you get to wherever you're going. And please, come back soon."

Alexander sighed, "Of course. Bye."

He closed the phone, well at least he was telling the truth. He was really feeling all of these things, but probably not enough to leave. Part of the reason he wanted to see his mother so bad was because he hardly remembered her. Of course he knew what she looked like. She was on every milk carton in town, but he didn't remember any special memories. His phone beeped again, this time it was Lucy. He felt his heart race, he wished that he didn't have feelings for Lucy, she obviously wasn't interested. But what was he to do?

Hey Alex. Do you wanna hang out today after-school? I' can meet you at my house since I don't have color guard today.

- LuCy :D

"Darn it!" He hissed, why right now of all times did he have to be invited to hang out with her?

I would love know that but I can't. Family stuff. Maybe some other time?

- Alexander

3 seconds later the phone beeped. Wow was she a fast texter!

Oh that's ok. I'll just hang out with Brittany. Talk to you later Alex!

- LuCy :D

Well, there went his only shot. 10 minutes later the witches came through the door, each holding a broom stick. Alexander got up and fixed his shirt, "You're 10 minutes late."

"I had to get my broom fixed. Poor thing, got stuck in a bush and broke some of it's bristles." Frances said, "Now come on, we're wasting time. Let's go. Hop on the broom."

"M-Me?" Alexander said, a little nervous, "Is that broom even safe?"

Frances rolled her eyes, "You want to find your mom or not?"

He sighed, "Alright then, let's do this."


Angela was close to getting to Strange Town. She noticed the difference in the neighborhood. It went from pretty grass and flowers, to dirt roads, and abandoned places. This place sent shivers down her spine, and she wished that she didn't have to be here. Yet, she kept a smile on her face. If she didn't, her mother would probably suspect something was up. Throughout the car ride, she kept getting text messages from her friends. Not that that wasn't normal, but the text messages that Romeo sent her kept sending heat to her face. He kept giving her compliments, but why? Maybe he was just upset with Juliette and was looking for someone else to talk to the way he did with her, she thought.

"Do we need to take a bathroom stop?" Mary asked, looking through the mirror to see Angela.

"No, that's alright." Angela smiled, in reality her bladder was pretty low but she just wanted to get to Strange Town already.

"Alright well the body guards will be waiting at your new home. It's a small house, but it still looks nice nevertheless. And we have a tracker in case you get into some an alien abduction, are you sure you want to be here?" Mary asked in a fearful tone.

The car pulled to a halt, they arrived at Strange Town and Angela took in a deep breath, "I'll be fine mom. And nice to know you have a tracker on me." Angela laughed.

Mary got out of the car and helped Angela with her bags, then gave her a big hug and handed her the map to find her house, "Stay safe Angela, please stay safe."

Angela smiled, but inside her head she was screaming. She could only hope that she would 'stay safe', and she hoped that no one would notice what kind of stunt she was pulling.


Loki paced through the room angrily, breaking anything in his way. He didn't know what to do now; he didn't understand how things could have spiraled out of control. He found out that there were two teens who had found out about Bella. He was making plans to get rid of them altogether, but he wasn't sure how to go about it. First, he needed to dig up some kind of dirt on them.

"Nervous!" Loki called, expecting the clumsy adult to come running toward him.

Silence...Loki stopped pacing, and then opened his bedroom door, "NERVOUS! COME HERE!"

But it seemed as if Nervous was nowhere to be found.


Nervous was at the Curious' house. He usually came over there when his parents were out but he wanted to talk to them now. He knew that he would be in trouble with his dad but he had to ask about something. He shivered at the thought of what his dad might do to him. He still didn't understand quite why his dad did what he did, but he never questioned him on anything.

"Here's some cereal. You looked hungry Nervous. How are you?" Pascal asked him.

Nervous first tasted the cereal; he widened his eyes with excitement and began to chew on the cereal even quicker, each spoonful was like heaven to him, "What did you put in this!"

"Uh, milk." Pascal laughed, rubbing his pregnant tummy at the same time.

"It tastes so different than at the house with dad! Usually the milk is sour and chunky, and the cereal- is that what it's called?" Nervous looked to him, and Pascal nodded so he continued to talk, "Yeah, and the cereal, it usually has these green spots on them. I like this one better."

Pascal sighed, he felt so bad for Nervous. He didn't know what was going on at his house, but he knew that something had jogged his memory and he didn't act like a normal adult. Pascal gave the man a smile, "Well that's uh, that's good then. Vidcund should be home any minute now, maybe he'll order some pizza for us."

Nervous smiled, "That's great."

"So uh, what did you come over here for again?" Pascal asked, not that he wasn't happy to see Nervous. Nervous was actually a good friend of his, it's just that he usually didn't come until late at midnight, when he could sneak away from his parents house.

"Oh right!" He said, dropping his cereal bowl on the coffee table, "Ugh, I got this letter in the mail last night. I know it's mine because it says my name, but I was having a hard time reading it. Looked important though, everything was in big bold letters. Could you tell me what it says?"

Pascal grabbed the letter rather curiously, then opened it up slowly. He squint his eyes at the tiny font that did happen to be in bold letters. Staring at the paper he began to read it.

Dear Nervous Beaker,

Hello, its're birth mother. If you're reading this than I have passed away already. I just want you to know that I love you so much and I'm sorry, I'm very sorry that I had to give you up. It wasn't the right time for you and I to live together. I wish we would have created more memories. But I know that one day you'll remember me. Just think of the teddy bear Nervous. Remember, the one I gave you when you were little, it only had one eye, it was all I could afford, but you were so happy with it. I leave all of my fortune to you, the money is in the envelope, please, take it and be happy.

Pascal gasped, dropping the envelope. He was happy that Nervous found this instead of his adoptive parents for some reason. He had a feeling that they would keep the money for themselves.

"Nervous, what do you remember about your birth mother?" Pascal asked him.

Nervous froze, then let a confused look on his face creep in, "I remember that she has red hair...Circe's alright. She's mostly at work all the time and-"

Pascal's eyes widened, the poor man didn't even know that Circe was not his real mother, "Nervous, listen carefully to what I'm about to tell you, Circe is not your birth mother...Olive is."

"The one who everyone thinks a murder, how can that be? No, that can't-" But Nervous was cut off when he felt a sharp pain inside his head, "AHH!" He let out a scream as he held his head, it felt like it was on fire!

"Oh, you're just so beautiful...if only he could see you right now." A dark skinned lady sighed, looking up at the sky.

The little boy let out a giggle and tugged on the ladies hair.

The lady laughed, then handed him a bear, it was an old torn bear with only one eye, and ugly clothing. She sighed, "I'm sorry he couldn't get you anything else. They don't play with much in their world baby Nervous."

"Nervous! Are you ok?" Pascal asked, shaking the kid fiercely.

Nervous let out a sharp gasp, "The bear." Was all he could say.

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