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Mission Impossible: Part 2

The aliens reported their findings to Loki and Politician Tech 9. They said that they would come very soon, so Dustin had to think of a good plan.

"Please, please, get me out of here. I'll do anything!" Dustin pleaded. The aliens smirked mischievously at him, "And why would we do that? You're weak you know that?"

Dustin resisted the urge to roll his eyes, "I-I'll work with you. I'll help you in whatever you need."

The aliens whispered among each other, then turned back to look Dustin in the eye, "And what makes you think we need more workers?"

"I can give you more information about Bella that you could report to can help his experiment." He blurted out, and the aliens stayed silent for a few moments.

"Ok, fine...Loki and Politician Tech 9 are coming soon, so get on a suit and I'll tell them you've decided to join the crew. They'll decide what's next." The aliens agreed, and slowly Dustin nodded his head.

He didn't have a plan; he was going to do what he always did...wing it. Dustin let out a sigh as he went to grab the uniform the aliens wore. It was an ugly ragged outfit, and it came with a gun, a knife and some keys, but Dustin didn't care about all that. When he came out the aliens were well pleased, but he held a hand up, "I have to talk to L- the girl I brought with me. She may want to join."

The aliens were skeptical at this, "Are you up to something?"

Dustin gulped but shook his head, "I told you, my loyalty is to you guys."

" have five minutes though." He stated, and Dustin was off without a second glance.


Meanwhile, Angela had just arrived to her new home. She didn't go looking for Dustin and Lilith right away, but she went on walks and asked if anyone had seen 'Bob' and 'Crystal' lately. The body guards were right behind her, and it made her feel a bit uncomfortable. As a result, no one had seen them. Just what Angela had suspected. She wondered how she would ever be able to find them, but she decided to wait until late at night to go snooping around.

Hours later

A few hours later when she was inside her new house and had finished her homework, she decided to write about everything she saw in Strange Town. As she looked out the window, she started to record her scenery. The desert area was barren, but she still had a lot to write about. She looked up in wonder when she saw a strange broom flying through the sky. She got up and silently went to the front door in the house.

"Where are you going?" One of the body guards asked her, and Angela waved them off, "I'm just going to watch the clouds. You guys can stay here."

He shrugged his shoulders but watched her until she left the house. She ran to the front of her house to see the broom landing. She squinted her eyes and looked closer, "Alex?!"

His widened when he got off of the broom with the two witches, "Angela? What are you doing here?"

She made her way towards him, and pulled him into a hug, "Awe! You've gotten so big and even more adorable."

Alexander blushed a little but chuckled, "T-thanks…I'm here for something important though."

"What?" Angela questioned, "Whatever it is can't be as important as what I'm going to tell you. Let's go inside though." She smiled, then glanced over at the witches, "Uh, you guys can come too I guess."

"Thanks Angela, but I'm really here for something extravagant." He stated, and Angela rolled her eyes, "For the love of Will Wright Alex, would you talk like normal Sims your age? And I'm here for something important too – she leaned in closer – to find someone…your mom Alex, she's alive."

Alexander was bewildered at this, "You know?"

"Of course I know, Dustin called me, told me to come out here." She whispered.

"Hey you guys! Are we going to make a plan or not?" The green witch called.

"Ok, we really should go inside and straighten things out." Angela stated, and Alexander agreed as they both made their way into the house.


Lilith watched as Bella lay peacefully in a small corner. She felt sorrow for her. She had been trapped there for so many years. How she could stand it Lilith wasn't sure. She didn't know what she would do if that would have been her. She turned her head quickly when she heard the door open and she felt a twinge of fear grip her heart though she'd never admit it. She didn't want to see those green faced aliens again.

Relief swept over her when she saw that it was Dustin, and she felt tears fall down her eyes, "How did you!-"But Dustin ran over to her and closed her mouth shut, "Ssh." He said quietly. He planted a kiss on her lips and looked over to see Bella for the first time. Her skinny body looked horrible, and you could tell she was close to death.

"What's going on?" She mumbled.

"I'm siding with the aliens and you have to join." He said in a loud tone so all the aliens outside the door could hear, and Lilith was appalled, "What how could-"Dustin covered her mouth again, "So will you join?" He winked at her, and Lilith caught on slightly, "Of course I'll join?"

"Good." Dustin said in a loud tone.

"What's your plan?" Lilith mouthed and Dustin shrugged his shoulders to indicate that he didn't know. If this were any normal moment between the two, she would have smacked him for that.

The aliens opened the door and forced Lilith to put on an outfit. She went to the bathroom and thew one on rather quickly.

"Loki said he will be here at sundown. He will evaluate you guys then." An alien spoke and the two Sims nodded, "For now you will stay here until night." And with that the aliens made their way to a different part of the house.

Dustin pulled Lilith into a tight embrace as Lilith let tears fall on his shoulder, "I'm sorry I got us into this." She whispered. She moved to pull away, but he kept her close toward him, "This isn't your fault…"

When they separated they stared at each other for a brief moment, "What are we going to do?"

"We're going to save her." He whispered, and then looked around to see if any aliens were there. He walked to the front door; of course it was somehow locked from the inside, "Someone will come for us." He stated, thinking of Angela.


"So Lilith called you, and Dustin called me…oh my gosh they must be in really big trouble. What if they're hurt?" Angela said in a worried tone as she took a seat on the bed in her room. Alexander sat next to her as the witches and body guards mingled down stairs.

"We need to find them before something even worse happens. Problem is, their phones are most likely dead…how are we going to find them?" He questioned, but Angela didn't have an answer.

She pondered the thought when her phone buzzed. It was three messages from Meadow, Rick, and Romeo. She paused for a moment, but quickly threw her phone to the side, right now all she could think of was her sister. She'd always thought of her sister as a little witch, she was bratty sometimes and really annoying, but then she grew to love her.

"That's it!" Angela blurted, "Witches…you brought witches with you…can't they see the lives of other people?"

"Maybe, I don't have any knowledge of magic doers. I'm all science remember?" He said, "Let's ask them though."

They both made their way downstairs and gasped when they saw one of the witches flirting with a body guard.

"Gross!" Alex stated, and Angela chuckled.

"Frances, can we talk to you?" He said, and she walked over toward them, "Did you guys figure out a plan?"

"Well maybe…is there any way you can see the life of another sim?" She questioned in a quiet tone.

"Yes but, it's a lot more complicated than it seems…I would need an item of the Sims, and it would make me very tired, I'd need at least a few hours rest after I finished." She stated, and Angela nodded, "We're going to need you to do that in order to find them."

"What was that?" One of the body guards questioned but Angela shook her head, "Nothing." She then turned to the witch, "So will you do it?"

"Sure, do you have an item?" She asked, and Angela stared down at her heart shape necklace, she remembered that Dustin had bought it for her when they were going out. It was early in the relationship, and he was head over heels for her. But that was then, and this is now. Sighing, she handed her the necklace.

"Thank you. Now, I'll need some peace and quiet. I'll go upstairs and you make sure that no one gets up there." She instructed.

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