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Somebody Save Me: Chapter 17

Angela and Alexander waited downstairs as the witches used their globes and began to see where Dustin and Lilith could be. They sat there and talked for a while about random things.

"I haven't heard from you since your birthday Alex. You never answer my calls. How is everyone?" She asked, and he shrugged his shoulders, "They're alright. My sisters having a baby pretty soon. I'm sorry I don't answer your calls, I've been doing a lot of stuff in school. I'm trying to get a science scholarship you know."

"Wow, that's great! Tell your sister I said congrats. How is your little friend Lucy, or is she your girlfriend now?" Angela smirked, and he laughed as his face flushed, "Uh no, we're just friends and that's all we'll ever be."

"Why?" She pushed, and he sighed, "I don't know, she's just not interested in me that way."

"She probably just doesn't know that you like her." She replied and Alexander gave a dark chuckle, "She should know, it's pretty obvious."

"Well I don't think you should give up. You guys would be so cute together!" Angela smiled, and he shook his head at this, "She's too good for me. How are you anyway? Are you still with Dustin?"

"No, we broke up a while, even before your birthday. It was hard but I'm getting over it now. I still care for him a lot though." She said honestly, and he nodded, "Wow, I'm sorry I didn't know, you guys always looked so happy."

"We were for a while, but you know if there's anyone that Dustin would go out with, I would have thought that it would be Lilith. I mean, at least they get each other. But I guess that's why they've always been such close friends." She told him, and Alexander couldn't help but think that maybe she was right. When he was little he always saw Lilith and Dustin talking to each other. They always seemed like best friends.

The body guards were either sleeping, eating, or talking. As Angela and Alexander continued to chat, they were interrupted when they heard a weird shimmering sound, and they jumped, startled when they noticed the two witches had transported themselves over to them.

"Whoa! Could you guys like, not do that? That's so scary!" Angela shrieked, and the green witch rolled her eyes, "Now's not the time. Look, I found your guys' friends, and they're in grave danger. We're going to need a lot of help for this one. So here's the plan..." She stated.


"NERVOUS!" Loki called out angrily. After finding out that there were two posers who had discovered the true identity of Bella, he was stressed, and angry. He was going to head over there but not after he started a quick test on Nervous, "NERVOUS GET OVER HERE NOW!"

"Honey, what is all the yelling about?" Circe said in a soft tone, but Loki gently shoved her away, "I have a lot of stuff to deal with. Where the hell is Nervous?" He spat, and Circe sighed. Originally, she wanted to adopt a child because she knew her husband would never have kids. He never seemed to have time for her.

And when she saw Nervous, she was so happy to have a child. She wanted to cherish him and love him forever, but as he started to grow up, she noticed a change in Loki. He became more interested in science than his son, and he started to use him for experiments. Suddenly, she began to wonder what her life would have been like if she were to stay with Vicdund. Although he was into science too, he would have cared for her. She knew he still had feelings for her, but it was already too late. She couldn't leave a family behind, no matter how bad she wanted to just take Nervous and run away. She wanted to tell Nervous he was an adult, and that he could move out, but she didn't have the courage.

She was snapped out of her thoughts when she noticed that Nervous had walked in. He had an expression on his face that Circe had never seen on him before: anger.

"Where have you been!" Loki screamed, but this time Nervous didn't cower away. He didn't cry, or even apologize for his actions. He said the three words that Circe never thought he would say.

"I hate you!" He screeched.

"What?" Loki said in a shocked tone.

"You're not even my real dad! And you - he pointed to Circe- you're not my real mom! I don't need to stay in this house. Both of you, you're liars. I'm moving out!" He spat, venom in each word he said.

Anger burned inside Loki, and he swung at Nervous. Circe cried as Nervous fell the ground, and stumbled to get back up. She watched as Nervous lunged at his father, and she tried her best to break them up.

"Nervous!" She cried, as she pushed the two of them away from each other, "Nervous, what's happened to you?"

"Something that needed to happen a long time ago. All you guys ever did was use me. You never told me the truth. Olivia is my mother, and I never even got a chance to have a good relationship with her. Now she's dead, but I will do her good. I'm moving out, and I'm going to report you to the police for what you've done to Bella." He said as tears fell down his eyes.

Circe realized that part of this was her fault. She hadn't been giving him his anti memory potions, but inside she smiled, because she was proud of him.

"How does he remember this?" Loki hissed, and Circe didn't know what to say. She felt her heart beat quickly, but then she looked to her adopted son, and stood next to him, protectively putting a hand on his shoulder, "I haven't given him his anti memory potion for a while now, and you know what? I'm glad! All you've ever done was bring this family down. You're sick Loki! I'm sick...but that's going to change. Nervous and I, w-we're moving out and there's nothing you can do."

Loki was angrily with this, and he wasted no time trying to keep them in the house, but side by side Nervous and Circe worked together, fighting Loki off as they ran away from the house and never looked back.



It was midnight when Loki had come over. He was so distressed, and scared of people finding out. But he knew that Politician Tech 9 would do something far worse to him if he didn't complete his mission. He wondered what would become of his marriage now, and how everything had become so screwed up in the first place. He looked toward the two teens, and he noticed that one of them looked familiar.

"She says her name is Crystal." One of the aliens muttered.

He looked closer at her, and a sudden flash of memory came to him. He had seen a girl like her, but she had red hair, and she had done tons of commercials (this was when he hadn't gone completely mad).

"Impostor!" He spit in her face, and Dustin lunged at him. The fight broke out without hesitation, and Lilith screamed Dustin's name as the aliens began to pound on them. She started to kick at them, but it was to no use.

"Do away with them! Both of them!" Loki screamed. And they quickly took a rope and began to tie them up.

"We will hang them." He said in a dark tone, and Lilith felt the tears fall down her face as she saw how beaten up Dustin had been. There was a scar on his cheekbone and blood on his mouth and nose.

The aliens had prepared everything they needed to hang them, and Lilith felt her heart drop. It wasn't the fact that she was about to die that scared her, but it was the fact that she never got to save Bella, who had been stuck their for years. She wanted to help someone before her life was over, and now she was never going to get that chance. As the aliens tied the rope around their neck, Dustin looked over to Lilith and gave a sad smile, "I love you Lilith."

Lilith felt the butterflies in her stomach, "Out of all the times to tell me this, you choose now?"

He let out a dark laugh, "Better now than never."

The aliens were ready to hang them.

"Ready?" The head guard said as he looked to the other aliens, and they nodded.


BAM! The door busted open and in came a bunch of body guards. Following them were two witches, and two very familiar faces.

"Angela?" Dustin choked, she really had come. The witches wasted no time using their powers to get through the aliens and even Loki.

"Alex! Angela! You guys are here!" Lilith exclaimed, and they smiled at her despite the circumstances. They worked their way through the ropes and Lilith and Dustin fell to the floor. Eagerly, they ran toward Angela and Alexander.

"I can't believe you guys are here!" Lilith said as she held onto the two sims for a long time.

"Hey you guys! We don't have all day!" The witches said as they continued to use their powers to get the aliens away.

"Right!" Dustin said, "We have to get Bella and soon!"

Dustin and Lilith lead the sims to where Bella was. Alexander couldn't describe how he felt at the moment. He was finally going to be able to see his mom for the first time in a while. As they bust the door open Alexander began to cry as he saw Bella's grey body laying there.

"Mom!" Alexander cried, and he fell to his knees as he stared up at her.

Bella's eyes fluttered open, and her eyes widened in curiosity, "Alexander?"

He nodded, and she got up as fast as she could and pulled him into a hug, "My son! My baby!" She cried.

Many Years Later...

Lilith and Dustin ended up getting married, and they worked side by side doing detective work after the police had found out everything that happened to them. Lilith took frequent trips to Pleasantview and visited her family who was now happy to see her all the time, still though her home was with Dustin in StrangeTown. They spent four years in La Fiesta Tech so that they could get their maters degree. Even people in Vernonville heard of them, because they were seen in the newspapers so much for their work.

Angela moved to Riverblossom but still kept in touch with her family and her friends. She spent a year dating Rick but they both decided that they were better as friends. She focused on becoming a fishing boat captain and when she found out that her job would be in Vernonville, she was reunited with Romeo and they eventually got married.

Cassandra continued a decent life with Darren in the kids, and Daniel continued to struggle to support Kaylnn and the baby. Nerverthless he was happy to be with her, they were supposed to be together after all.

Don Dina, and Nina were thrown into jail for being associated with the kidnapping.

Nervous lived with the Curious family as they showed him how to get a job and gain skills. Circe divorced Loki and begun to date Vicdund, and Loki lived the rest of his life in prison.