"Mr. Pokota I think we're lost." Filia sighed as a long travel down the tunnel, they had been taking so many turns they felt they were going in circles, both of them had long lost track of time it had easily been hours.

"Well, it's been a long time since I last came here…" Pokota sweatdropped, rubbing his head.

"So why don't you turn back?" Milina came out of the shadows, her hand on her hip. "You already have passed this turn six times you know."

"You." Filia narrowed her eyes. "Where's your partner?"

"Dealing with the other half of your group, while I handle things here." Milina replied, no emotion shown on her face. "He'll take the Blast Sword and finish off your friends."

"You lousy…" Pokota hissed, charging energy in his hands.

Filia drew her mace. "Ms. Milina, I'd much rather we settle this another way."

"I don't care for the situation myself, but a certain someone needs to learn a lesson." Milina just shrugged. "Besides the fact that there's a possibility my employer is telling the truth."

"About what?" Filia raised her eyebrow.

"That is not your concern." The silver haired woman replied sternly. "So, nothing personal." Her hand glowed as she placed it on the ground. "Earth below me, submit to my will! DUG HAUT!"

"Yikes!" Pokota cried, making sure he floated high enough up to avoid the stone spears coming up from the ground.

"AHHH!" Filia cried, her dress getting cut on one of the spears. "Are you insane? Casting an earth spell inside a cavern will-" she was cut off by the massive rumbling inside the tunnel, causing parts of the ceiling to fall.

"Fireball!" Pokota cried, destroying the rubble before it hit the priestess's head.

"Now you understand the seriousness of this situation?" Milina asked, still with an emotionless glance. "I will not hold back, I know full well your potential."

"This is bad…" Filia grit her teeth. "I can't transform here either due to the small space."

"And most offensive spells could cause a cave in." Pokota brought up. "What do we-" he was cut off by a bright white light that appeared between them, when the light faded several familiar faces appeared before them!

"Ah! Where are we now?!" Martina cried, clutching onto her husband Zangulus who was next to Vrumugun.

"Filia!" a little green haired boy rushed over to the priestess.

"VAL?!What are you doing here?!" Filia cried, looking up at the blonde male dragon in human form she knew had obviously transported them there. "Milgasia what in the world were you thinking?! I left him with you to be protected!"

Milgasia let out a sigh. "I apologize Ms. Filia, but it was needed to bring him with."

"Blame that monster Xelloss, he's the one that insisted on bringing Val with." The elf next to him, Memphis huffed for a moment. "Good to see you again Miss Filia."

"Hoo hoo hoo hoo! My, my that was an interesting way to travel, wasn't it Mr. Wizer?" Naga cackled, standing next to the brown haired inspector who was looking around.

"What happened to Miss Lina?" Wizer asked, rubbing his head.

"She stepped out of the area at the last moment, I was unable to take her and Xelloss with." Milgasia sighed, shaking his head. "I just hope they're alright."

Milina took a few steps back, narrowing her eyes at the sight of all the new arrivals. "… Looks like we're outnumbered… I better tell Luke…" she mumbled, taking the moment of distraction to leave.

Filia sighed, holding Val close to her. "We're getting you out of here as soon as- Hey wait where did that woman go?"

Pokota looked up. "Drat! She got away probably to go warn the other guy!"

"Well that means they went down the other path Mr. Gourry and Ms. Sylphiel did." Filia brought up. "We better go and warn them…" she then looked down at Val. "But we're getting you out of here first!"

"Awww but Filia I can help!" Val pouted. "I helped earlier ask Milgasia! I wasn't able to assist Miss Lina and Uncle Xelloss in fighting that guy but I helped with research…"

An anger vain popped on the dragon priestess's forehead. "…. You took my little Val into a battle Milgasia?!"

Milgasia sweatdropped heavily. "Can we discuss this later?"

"Agreed, we need to find a way out of here first." Zangulus brought up. "You said you know the path Gourry took from the start, right?"

Filia nodded. "If we can find our way back to the entrance I believe we can trace their steps."

"Just a question, who are all you guys?" Pokota asked, rubbing his head in utter confusion.

Memphis shook her head. "Introductions we can cover on the way, let's go!"

"Luke!" Milina cried, once she had arrived on the other side of the cavern. She noticed the blonde swordsman was too busy with the demon wolfman, as was Lina Inverse who had just arrived.

"Milina? What are you doing over here?" Luke asked, smirking slightly. "Worried about me, my love?"

"No." she replied flatly. "Just came to tell you I was right and we better drop this mission, there's a second golden dragon, an elf and many others on the way here now. We're heavily outnumbered and it's not worth this risk."

Luke blinked rapidly. "B-but you're the one that agreed to this!"

"I said drop the mission, not that we shouldn't have taken it." Milina corrected him. "I was hoping taking such a job might help assist us in finding the information we need… Though these people do seem quite skilled, I'm unsure if they can help us. Better to regroup for now."

Luka just rubbed his head. "Um, alright then. They're too distracted this moment anyway." He darted off with her.

"Hey! Where the hell do you think you two are going!" Lina snarled, having noticed the two take leave.

"Allow me to give chase, Lina dearest." Xelloss, the purple haired priest chuckled as he pecked a kiss on her lips, disappearing from sight.

It was a bit down the tunnel when the priest appeared before Luke & Milina, opening his amethyst eyes. "Going somewhere?"

"Well shit…" Luke growled, drawing his blade.

"That was fast…" Milina noted. "You're a Mazoku, aren't you?"

"Observant, I see." Xelloss smirked, his eyes narrowing and on full focus on Luke. "… Interesting. Just exactly did Lord Dynast promise you two in return for this mission? You're obviously the mercenaries he hired."

Luke blinked rapidly. "Dynast? We were hired by King Wells."

"Who was really a dark lord in disguise?" Milina asked, still showing no emotion while Luke looked shocked the moment she said that.

"Ahhh, very observant, especially for a human." Xelloss chuckled, waving his forefinger. "I can see why Dynast found you two interesting, perhaps even made an offer how to deal with…" his head turned to Luke. "… Your 'roommate'as it were. How goes he, by the way?"

The crimson eyed man stiffened from that. "How the hell do you know that?!"

Xelloss vanished for a moment, then appeared behind him. "That, is a secret." He winked. "It was a pleasure making your acquaintance, Mr. Luke. Along with yours, Ms. Milina." He then opened both eyes with a stern look. "But be warned, while I'll let you slide for trying to harm my Soul Touch's comrades, I will let you live. Attack her yourself, and I don't give a damn who you are, you will pay. Also…" he floated up just a bit. "If you wish for things to remain the way they are for now, stay out of Seyruun."

"What the hell do you mean by that?!" Luke growled, but then the priest vanished.

What Xelloss had just said must had bothered Milina, because for once she was actually looking a tad unnerved. "… Luke?"

"That son of bitch… Was he just playing me or…" Luke struck his sword into the ground. "… Does he know about me… And him…?"

Author's Notes: This chapter might be slightly confusing as it's second half mirrors some events in The Soul Touch in Chapter 41, which I'm currently writing. This was a scene omitted from there, so I decided to put it in this story.