Chloe's POV

Click. Click. Click. Small sounds waved past my ears as I ignored the idea of danger nearby, and fell back into a deep sleep. The moment was quickly shattered, however, as someone gently shook my shoulders. I groaned as I struggled to escape the person distracting me from my sleep.

"Chloe! Wake up," a deep voice whispered. My eyes snapped open in realization.

"Derek? What's wrong?" I whispered urgently with a scream locked at the back of my throat.

"I heard something," he stated while he's on high alert, using his senses to detect the source of the foreign noise.

"M-maybe I-I raised some-somethi-thing," I stuttered while I stared at the window, expecting a dead body to arise and tap on the foggy surface.

"No," he told me with confidence, "I don't smell anything dead."

"Do you hear anything else?" I asked as he answered with a shake of his head, "Then let's go wake everyone else." I got out of bed and followed Derek as we went to wake everyone up. We all sat in the living room, highly conscious of our surroundings, as we discussed the issue.

"I think that we're fine. I'm sure its nothing Derek. You're just paranoid," Aunt Lauren suggested.

"I heard it too Aunt Lauren. It was a clicking sound. I don't know what its from but it sounds familiar," I argued. Aunt Lauren shook her head gently and looked down upon me as if I was a little kid. Anger began to rush through my blood. I looked over to Kit and hoped for his support, yet his expression seemed as if he shared the same opinion with Aunt Lauren.

"Derek. I understand that having to be on the run isn't easy for you kids, and all of you have been under a lot of stress. Yet we've just settled down, and so far nothing happened. No one else heard the noise and I'm sure its just your sensitive werewolf hearing," he explained.

"I heard it too," I retorted.

"Chloe. I understand that you're involved with Derek, yet if he's wrong, he's wrong. There's no need for you to cover for him," Aunt Lauren scolded.

"Are you saying that I made it up? Why would I do that? Things like this are no joke considering our circumstances!"

"I think we should move," Derek stated.

"I think you need to relax. Go back to bed Derek," Kit said to dismiss the conversation as he stood up. Derek clenched his jaw in frustration. I waited for everyone to go back to their own rooms before grabbing his hand and lead him to my room. I sat down on my bed and patted on the spot next to me. Derek took the message and sat down next to me as I took his hand.

"I believe you Derek. I really heard it," I told him.

"Its fine Chloe. I don't mind. I just think that its unsafe here. I really think we should move."

"I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight," I sighed as I laid my head on his shoulder, "can you stay here with me tonight?" He hesitated, and I knew why. Although Aunt Lauren never said it out loud, I knew what she thought about our relationship. I glanced up at Derek, prepared to get mad at him for letting what my Aunt thought affect our relationship. His eyes, however, were settled on the blank wall across from us with a distant look on his face. My mind wandered back to tonight's events. I squeezed Derek's hand, finding comfort in his presence.

"I smelt something familiar. I smelt something familiar, yet I can't remember what the scent is!" he said urgently, clawing at his head.

"Its okay," I breathed out, "relax. Don't worry about that for now. We'll just watch out for anything that happens while we're here." I shifted to turn off the lights. I climbed onto my bed, kneeling behind Derek. I wrapped my arms around him from behind and placed a kiss on his neck. I rubbed my cheek against his, silently wishing for him to calm down, and hoped for the same for me. I reached up and rubbed a frown away from his forehead, yet felt his shoulders tense beneath my arms instead. I rubbed his shoulders, massaging his back, as I placed soft kisses on his neck and cheek once in a while.

I lead him away from the edge of the bed to the pillows. He laid down, yet it was apparent that neither of us would sleep well tonight. I laid in the comfort of his arms and closed my eyes to listen to his breathing as we both prepared for the danger awaiting in the darkness.

My eyes snapped opened as sunlight clawed through the windows. I looked up to see Derek staring down at me. We both stayed silent, since there was nothing else to be said. They didn't believe us, and we don't know what we heard last night. All there's left to do is to wait. We both got up and prepared for the day. Soon enough, I found myself treading down the stairs, with my hands entwined with Derek's.

We entered the kitchen to find everyone else sitting at the table, eating breakfast, as they casually conversed. Seeing them reminded me of dinner last night, and the comforting feeling that moment had provided. Today, however, I found myself in the same kitchen, with the same people, yet it seemed as if I was watching a movie. No matter how much attention I paid to it, I was never a part of it. Derek lead me over to the table and we sat down in front of the food already placed neatly for us.

The conversations died down as tension settled around us. I found comfort in holding onto Derek's hand. I glanced up to see gazes settled upon us. I looked into Simon's eyes and saw him smile awkwardly. I sighed, my appetite lost as I felt them isolating Derek and I. I put my fork down and waited for Derek to finish his food. He finished just as they began cleaning up. I kept a firm hold on his hand as I wandered into the living room. I settled down in front of the TV and let my head rest on Derek's chest. I stared blankly into the TV and watched it, void of any emotion. Derek's arm lifted and with a small click the TV turned on.

"I don't like staring at a blank TV," Derek said with a serious expression. The look on his face and the silliness of the moment elicited a giggle from me. He turned towards me with a small smile. His eyes flickered to the window, where the forest surrounding the house was on clear display.

"Lets go into the forest," I suggested. With a small nod he stood up, pulling me along with him.

"We'll be in the forest," Derek called out as we stepped through the door. I breathed in the smell of rain and wood of the forest and hugged Derek from his side as we strode past the lines of trees. I peered up at him through my lashes and found his nostrils flaring as he tried to find an unfamiliar scent.

"What do you smell?" I asked.

"You. You smell nice."

"I'm serious," I scolded with a blush ablaze on my cheeks. I stopped walking and turned towards him, flinging my arms around his neck. He bent down slightly to accommodate me. I clutched onto him, pulling him close to my body, feeling his warmth.

"Are you okay?" he asked gently while he nuzzled my neck. My mind brought me back to the feeling of abandonment that gnawed at me this morning, and I suddenly realized that the feeling had existed throughout a majority of my life. Until now that is. I have found comfort once again, yet it wasn't the same as the feeling I got from being a part of a family. It was a feeling that burned through my body and ignited my emotions. The feeling was a stream of fire that sent my heart pounding violently against my chest when I am with him. The feeling that made my cheeks glow from his affection.

"I love you," I whispered. He froze, and his entire body tensed. My heart clenched when he sighed, pulling away from our hug. He looked firmly into my eyes as I bit my lips, tears on the brink of spilling from my eyes from the delay of his reply.

"I love you Chloe," I heard from him as blood pounded in my ears. I smiled and placed my head on his chest as I wrapped my arms around his waist.

"Chloe!" a sharp sound rang sliced through the forest, breaking our moment. My name repeatedly sounded through the forest as Aunt Lauren panicked at my disappearance. Derek lead me to the source of the sound where Aunt Lauren stood with a look of disapproval.

"Aunt Lauren," I addressed with annoyance clear in my voice, "do not go shouting my name in public. Are you trying to make me get captured by the Edison Group again! You seriously need to learn what it's like to be on the run. After all that time being on the side trying to capture us you need to start getting used to running away."

"I'm sorry Chloe," she whispered as I stormed back into the house, with Derek following close behind. I sighed and turned around to face her as I walked back into the house. Yet the urge to apologize died down as soon as it approached. I walked back to my room and found Tori sitting on my bed.

"Hey," she greeted, "I want to go shopping. Come with me. Its going to be a girl's day out. Your Aunt wants to come along though." She looked at me expectingly, waiting for me to say yes. I felt disappointed when she didn't talk about yesterday's events. I was hoping that she would talk to me about it. It seems like a giant rock has been placed upon my chest, and talking to someone was my only solution to this dread that plagued me.

"We went shopping yesterday Tori," I reminded her, "and you bought more than enough clothes."

"Well we need to shop for groceries, and for once, I feel normal. I don't want this feeling to go away."

"Okay then," I nodded as she jumped up to gather the things we need for the mall. While Tori went to get changed, I sneaked into Derek's room. Although he usually sleeps in my room, he still has his own room, where all his things are. I opened his closet and grabbed a warm hoodie that Kit bought him yesterday. His scent remained on it from him wearing it for our walk this morning. I slipped it on and walked down to the front door where Tori stood. She rose her eyebrows at my choice of outfit, yet she didn't question me about it. As we waited for Aunt Lauren to grab her things, I walked into the living room and found Derek and Simon watching TV.

"I'm going to go out with Tori and Aunt Lauren," I told Derek, "I'll see you later." I kissed him on his cheek before returning to Tori. I walked along side Tori and Aunt Lauren as they shopped. The carefree feeling that was present during Derek and I's walk is no longer with me as I strolled through the mall.

"Hey," a voice sounded from behind me. A figure appeared next to me, casting a shadow upon me as the scent of cologne assaulted my senses. I smiled at the guy and continued to move on. "Are you new in town? You probably are since I wouldn't miss a pretty girl like you," he flirted.

"Thank you," I replied. I steadily ignored him, not wanting anymore attention. He slung his arm around me and I immediately pushed him away, rushing forward to Aunt Lauren, hoping to escape him. I felt a pull on my arm and looked up to see Aunt Lauren smiling at the boy that was catching up to me. Aunt Lauren kept me by her side as the guy stood in front of us.

"Hello," the young man greeted Aunt Lauren. "Why did you walk so fast? I haven't even asked your name yet," he continued.

"This is Chloe. I'm her Aunt," she told him. I nudged Aunt Lauren, glaring at her for acknowledging him.

"I'm Carter. Nice to meet you Chloe," he said with a charming smile.

"Carter!" a man from a distance ordered. Carter glanced at him, yet ignored him and directed his attention back to me. The older man that looked to be in his fifties stormed up to Carter, and grabbed his arm. Carter winced at the force the man used. "Lets go! We're leaving," he said firmly. Carter followed him and the older man nodded at us and left. I kept a glare in Aunt Lauren's direction the rest of our trip. My anger at her clouded my thoughts, yet I cannot ignore the familiarity I found in the man that pulled Carter away.

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