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Lucy's POV

The best part of going back to school is seeing old friends, making new ones, and doing new things and continuing with old activities. The hard part is that I don't really have old friends and I don't plan on making new ones. You just don't plan those types of things. Doing new things though, that is definitely on my agenda, but I had never had anything to continue. I either didn't try in the first place or quit a few weeks later. There was no "just wait it out and it'll get better." There just wasn't.

Because it's hard knowing that you can't too attached to things. That's the way everything is, growing new, stronger attachments everyday it seems like; and that terrible, lonely moment when you have to cut other attachments. Just like I have to be less reliant on the Drake's; or so that's what my parents claim. But I can't argue that I agree, it would be a little healthy, if only Nicholas Drake weren't my boyfriend, and that Solange Drake weren't my best friend. Oh, who am I kidding? They're the best thing that ever happened to me. How can I even think of letting things go?

All the time I tell myself that I should really become closer with the people I have gotten to become friends with at school but every time I consider making plans, the Drake's just always have a better offer. It's not like I'm missing out on anything that my school friends could offer, am I? Because all they really do is hang out at the mall. But hanging out with the so-called 'mysterious' Drake family, gives me a little edge. Besides, what normal human hangs out at a royal, handsome vampire's house every day after school?

Sometimes I think Hunter and Chloe and even Christabel are the luckiest things in the world. Having to still deal a tiny bit with school but still! Hunter and Chloe go to a school type academy thing in order to deal with this type of stuff! They were the lucky ones who had the opportunity to learn all this kung-fu whatever they do! Christabel has Connor which I don't quite understand but it's better than hitting on Nick! Christabel doesn't have to completely report to my parents all the time and her and Connor usually hang out at my house anyways. They like it there. Not that I don't but I prefer the Drake's over mine, any day.

Lately my parents have been AWOL, which means they send Christabel and I to hang out at the Drake's all the time. It's like they just want us to move in there, which I already have, but Christabel still needs to. Helena and Liam even decided that it might be a little better for Christabel and me if we stayed at the Drake's. Of course, with the deadbolt locks on the doors and windows, but it was an offer that I couldn't deny. Liam said he would take it upon himself to ask my parents and Christabel's parents if it would be alright that they do so. Luckily Christabel's parents have easily accepted the Drake's. If only they knew that they were vampires.

Although not entirely sure how all of this started, we began to move out. I didn't exactly know what was up with my parents, I knew I had to push myself to figure it out but I decided to move into the Drake's house before they got all mad and changed their minds. Christabel had packed up her stuff quick and easy. Of course, she didn't bring much stuff to begin with. I on the other hand, had a room that I had built up for over my whole lifespan, knowing my parents; my room was set up five years before I was born just preparing for the day that Lucky Hamilton would be born. It was kind of freaky thinking about that.

Everything seemed just peachy but in reality, Nick and I weren't speaking to each other. I knew why but I didn't want to believe it. Solange was trying so hard to push me away, her family was trying to. The only reason Helena and Liam offered to have me move in was because of whatever was going on with my parents at home. The worst part was that school was starting up again and I just didn't know what to do anymore. What is anyone supposed to do to prepare? I had a kick ass summer and I really didn't want to just throw everything away.

Slowly I pack the rest of my things by myself. No one to help carry boxes out to the car; just looking at the plain walls and wondering if I'll ever move back in again. My bed frame and mattress, my dresser, and my desk are the only things that remain from before. Suddenly I feel like I should hesitate about moving in. Just the thought of not being home for a while still sickens me a little bit because when I need space or I get an odd vibe from the Drake's, I can just go home and pretend things are as normal as they can be. I keep staring at the walls, and as I stare I start thinking about how much of Nick and Solange and the rest of the family I'll really see. The sunlight pretty much drains all of the Drake's energy except for Liam so the only one who would really be awake with me is Christabel. And when we can stay up at night, I fear and dread that they'll have some urgent call to Court or have to battle another new breed of vampires.

I guess I always knew what I was getting into, but did I really know what I was getting into? I felt strangely foreign lately. I just hate the thought of being left behind. Because, you know, I'm not a vampire and I have school and human 'needs' to attend to.

I allow myself to blink and it wakes me from my trance. I move on downstairs, to say goodbye to my parents, not like they cared that much about me leaving as I was gone all the time. Sometimes I felt a tiny bit ashamed to call them my parents. They were weird but cool which was why I love them but they are so out of it that I am embarrassed.

At first I start to say the usual, 'I love you, I'll miss you, see you, visit me anytime, goodbye' routine but today is not the same. Nothing is ever the same. Instead I blurt out, "what is up with you two?" before I can think twice.

They don't act shocked. They look as if they've been expecting it for weeks and just waiting for me to burst. Dad sighs as if it had never mattered. Mom looks like she is disappointed, not of herself or dad but of me. A flame ignites inside me and I visualize a bride between my parents and me, and slowly it starts to burn. A burn that stings for eternity has just begun. Mom speaks first, "Dad and I have urgent action things to do. We can't afford distractions and we will be gone for quite some time. We didn't want to leave you alone. We are going to have to get rid of the cats. But you can get a new one, I asked Helena and she said it would be fine as long as it was only one."

All they tell me is 'urgent action' and that I'm a distraction, and that my cats are practically already gone from under my hands? The bridge is gone. All of the bridges are gone except for one. The bridge that detours through memory lane remains, but that's the only bridge I could afford to keep. I try to steady my breathing as I had been choking on air. "'Urgent action?' Such as what? I can take care of the house! I'm not alone and I'm not a baby!" is all I can say. But it's all I need to say because it has summed up what I've been dying to scream in their face.

"I know. I hate to say this but I fear that this town is unsafe. I just can't afford to trust anyone. I mean, honey, believe us, we trust you! But you will be so busy! Last time we were away, we discovered that more people need our help somewhere else and that this is urgent action. We aren't selling the house, but it will be vacant. The cats aren't being sold; some distant relative on your dad's side is taking them all! In truth, we want you to treat the house like it's a safe house. As in, for emergency's only. Helena and Liam understand this; in fact, it was in a way, their idea." Mom explains. Finally she looks like she might cry.

All I manage to do is nod and hug my parents before I leave. We don't say goodbye but I take our family photos; the ones that were being left behind for a reason that I didn't know. I was clearing out the house now; taking memorabilia with me. Some things just couldn't be left abandoned in our house.

I finally pack everything. I take more photos of the house before it is completely abandoned. I get the 'distant relatives' contact information. It turns out being my second cousin Adam who's a vet tech. I call him up and tell him all he needs to know about the cats, and I also tell him to e-mail me pictures of them every so often. He says of course he will and that they are truly good pets and that I've treated them well. I'm glad he thinks so because lately people don't think I can treat things well.

When I arrive at the Drake compound, everyone knows I arrive. Yet no one bothers to help me unpack my things. I didn't have much to unpack anyways, but it felt like a lot to me. So instead I just leave everything in my trunk.

All I feel is that I have to prepare myself for the future. For the storm that I have walked in to.