Shir :Hai Guys! Itz me Shir , Just cause i like Akito and Agito from Air gear

Shan: shir ... wtf ? like seriously wtf ? LOL this made me laugh lmao .

Shir: i'm writing a fanfiction akito and agito includes all of the main characters except for the 2 pig characters and i'm calling Akito and Agito Twins! and seriously you guys should review atleast. ( i'm not nagging don't worry )

So basically the name of this story is The Daily Life Of The Twin and this story is not related to the main story/manga/anime at all ~~ Enjoy~~

I do NOT own Air Gear , Characters , whatever is related to anime and manga ,but i own the story

Chapter 1

Day 1 - Start
Girls + Bathroom = Guess What?

Twins POV in the Soul's 'Cage'

''Hey Agito , we're stuck in the 'cage' again- I'm so bored in this place- why can't we be a bird anyway? Freely flying in the sky so graceful , im so jealous of ikki (crow) '' Akito said as he sighed in boredom in the 'cage' of his soul. '' Like I fucking care , all I can think of is if we're gonna be free from this stupid fucking 'cage' or are we gonna be fucking stuck in here forever? '' Agito mumbled in an irritated tone as usual ''Sooo... I hope the day comes when we will "finally become free from this bloody sea...''

[ Main Story]

'' Sooo... Ikki what are we going to do today? We haven't had any parts wars or any challenges after we beat Sora , I guess we're too pro ass ! '' Laughed Kazu , '' Kazu, Kazu! Quickly! You're missing a man's best dreams , the GIRLS *censored for safety reasons*!THEY JUST CAME BACK FROM SWIMMING CLASS! '' Ikki exaggerated as he was looking at the *censored!* with blood coming from his nose. '' Ikki , I'm tired of looking at *tacos censored!* everyday. Why can't we have a war or just have some fun?.. '' Kazu lied ... well not really , he was also trying to look at *tacos censored!* , kicking Ikki to the side to get some view to see * pie censored! XD this is fun* . ''IKKI , MOVE IT , I WANNA SEE *pie censored and tacos censored XDD* COME ON , YOU GOT TO SEE IT LONGER THAN ME! '' Kazu said while pushing Ikki to the side but Ikki pushed back ''NO!I'm the leader ,I deserve to see IT longer than you, Kazu !'' , '' But you asked me to come see IT, you betrayer! '' Kazu fought back. Akito just smiled and looked at them , Ikki and Kazu noticed , ''what'cha smiling about Akito?'' Ikki asked ''Nothing nothing.'' Akito said with a smile.

Life is so peaceful here isn't it , Agito? Do you want to switch , I've had enough freedom today . I wouldn't mind staying in the 'cage' for awhile ~

Nah , I'm too fucking lazy to deal with those idiots right now.

You sure Agito ? I really don't mind! You don't have to think for me right now don't force yourself !

Nah , it's really okay , you deserve it .

''Are you sure? Agito-kun...''

Well I ended it here because im lazy and I have writers block!

Review will be appreciated! and this was written for pure entertainment , next chapter will come out soon i promise!

Written by Shir

Probably Edited by Shan

*Fact: The censored stuff and IT is what you think it is. Probably xD *