i know her, and that's all that MATTERS

a/n: its that feeling that you have a 7.30 class, and its already 5, but u couldnt get hold of yourself to sleep.

"What time is it honey?" asked the old ebony haired man to the young lad beside him on that bus.
"Quarter to seven gramps," answered the lad. He noticed that the old man became uneasy and he started looking through the streets with an anxious face. He kept on sighing, as he continued tapping his wrinkled finger on the seat in front of them. Quietly disturbed, the lad asked him, "Any problem gramps? You seemed anxious."
"I'm already late, my wife must be waiting for me."
"Where is she?"
"In the hospital."
"That's sad, she's sick?"
"Uhuh, Alzheimer's." The old man smiled with the curious look the young man gave to him. "Yeah, Finn doesn't know me."
"How many months had she been suffering from such?"
"Five years."


"And she doesn't recognize you?"

"I know and love her, and that's all that matters."

e/n: now im hungry.