I stared wide-eyed as my brother Jonathan lunged for our father. He shifted into a wolf and took our father by the throat blood splatted across the ground. He ripped back ripping a while in fathers neck. I screamed and ran towards the forest. Tears ran down my face as I struggled to see where i was going.

"Why. brother! Why, brother!" I screamed

I did not believe brother would go as far as killing father to get to be the leader. Mother as gone, she had left days ago on a hunt to find the army of vampires. Brother must want me dead too, as I was to be leader when I was old enough.

I had shifted into my Lynx form to get through the forest quickly. My paws thudded against the soft earth. I slid to a stop when I saw a woman at the edge of the forest. I stepped back and stepped on a branch, breaking it. She turned to see me.

"Well, hello there. Are you alone?" she said

This lady smelt familiar, she even had mom and dads scent on her. For some reason I trusted her. She bent down. She had fiery red eyes but they looked soft

"My name is Maria, I won't hurt you," she told me softly

She handed me a coat.

"Put this on quickly, I don't want to be caught out here."

"You're a vampire... One that drinks human blood, but you smell familiar." I said this when I shifted back to a human.

She hesitate "yes but stay in my sight."

"Okay!" I called back and sat down by a tree, looked up at the stars, tears ran down my face. I miss my mommy and daddy.

Why did big brother kill them?

Anger filled me and then there was a crack and a tree branch fell. I yelped and jumped up the ground shocked slightly and leaves rose in the air I reach out and touched one and it caught on fire.

"Cool." I giggled I heard foot steps, i turned around seeing that Maria came out.

"How did you do that Little One?" She asked

"Im not sure i just reached out to touch it and it caught on fire. I can also make leafs float." She stood there for a moment then ran of then came back with water a stone.

"Try to lift the water out." She said I did, it was a little difficult though, took me a few tires before I was able to do it, it was very difficult for me to keep ahold of it. I lifted the stone and crushed it turning it to dust. I grabbed the stick beside me setting it on fire then put it out with the water Maria brought to me.

Maria asked me to lifted a boulder, and when I couldn't I got mad and a tree behind us caught on fire.

"Let me take you to see someone." We left once the tree was put out.

It took us a while but we reached a huge Victorian home. There was a man on the front porch sitting on a chair with a cowboy hat covering the top of his face. Maria and I walked up to him, I hide behind her, gripping to her leg.

"Jasper." She said

"Yes, Maria?" He looked up I caught a glimpse of his red eyes. I hid my face in her leg, I was shaking a little. How could she know this man?! He seemed friendly but he drank human blood, I was told these vampires were bad! Maria did too but for some reason, I felt overwhelming trust for her.

"Come meet the newest member."

Member? Member of what? I thought to myself. When he looked at me he looked shocked.

"Maria she's a child." Jasper gasped

"Powerful one, she's a ShapeShifter and at that the Silver One I believe plus she can control all the elements."

how did she know? i thought

He looked a little worried and weary. He looked worried, probably wondering why I'm with Maria. He crouched down and looked me in my eyes.

"What's your name little one?" he asked.

"Isabella Swan but call me Bella," I said to him

"What a pretty name" he smiled "I'm Jasper Whitlock."

"Nice to meet you, Jasper," I mumbled

He smiled and I yawned, my lids dropping and Maria laugh.

"Are you tired ?" Marie asked and I nodded, "Jasper take her to my tent and then stay with her she'll start training tomorrow."

"Come let's go." He said picked me up. His cold skin didn't bother me nor did the fact that he was a vampire even though the stories I was told was that all red-eyed vampires were bad. He didn't seem bad and I'm sure Maria wouldn't take me to a bad person. I was alone in the tent once he left but, for the first time, I felt safe.

When I wake the next morning after eating I trained with the others. I ended up putting them all to the ground with a difficulty0of course and that's how my life went on after at least tell November 18, 1863, the day I made my escape with Jasper and Peter and Charlotte.

We made our escape at night.

"Come Death, we need to leave." Death is a name given to me because of all my powers.

"Okay, I'm coming'." I quickly shifted and we made our escape As soon as we hit the woods, were being followed.

"We're being followed," I said to them They then were right behind us and I quickly thought of the tree branches and they swung out grabbing one of three newborns tarring him apart jasper and Peter got the other two and I thought of them being on fire and they caught on fire.

"Nice work Death," Peter called to me We were on the run for days before we split up.

"Death you can come with me if you would like," Jasper said

He has been with me since I was six, I trusted him. Peter and Charlotte were kind but I trusted Jasper more especially after I figured out that Maria had lied to me, she only wanted me for my powers, Jasper felt bad, he blames himself for not seeing who Maria was from the beginning.

"Sure I'll go with you," I said with a smile to Jasper

I did stayed with Jasper but only for a while. I decided to go and look for my brother, I had received a few letters from Kyle while in camp but its been years and Jonathan may have gotten to him.

"Look Jazz I know he might not be alive now but I want to look for him, he's the only family I have left." I said as we were outside on the back porch.

He looked sad and I hugged him. He had become family. I was going to miss him dearly. I pulled away and wiped a tear from my cheek.

"We'll met again, I know, though I don't know how long it with be."

"How can you be so sure, Death?" He choked up a little

"Because, I just do. Here take this and hold on to it. Tell we meet again." I said giving him my necklace. It was a wolf with silver eyes that sparkled with a red moon behind it.

"You would have been a family member the second my parents saw you, and on the back in our last name, they would have thought you of as a Swan ." I said and turned away

"Be safe." He called to me he looked heart broken.

"You to." I muttered running into the forest and turned into a hawk, letting the soft yellow and orange light of the setting sun get caught in my feathers warming them as I left.