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Dedicated to Kennedy and a Guest

Jaspers pov

Something flashed passed me, with such speed it nearly knocked me down.

What was that? i thought to myself

"Wait Bella!" i yelled going after her.

Bella pov

"wait Bella!"

No no no cant wait. i thought as i raced to the battle.

I then knew i was getting closer when i heard the yelp and cries from ahead. i used my power over wind to race to it just as i got to the clearing i saw John. my muscles bunch up as i jumped the wind carrying me as i was in the air.

"John you hurt us for the last time!" I screamed as the stone glowed blinding me and ever one there.

Johns pov

NO! She got the stone!

"John you hurt us for the last time!"

then it began to glow, and i felt it sapping my energy. I fell to the ground, whining. I let out a screaming.

The pain was nothing i have ever felt, it was as if it was ripping out my soul, my heart. i screamed again and began twitching. Then there was a snapping sound as i was forced to shifted back. I let out a last scream as the light died and i was on the forest floor with Bella standing over me snarling and then i black out.

bella pov

I was over John was at last finished he could no longer hurt us.

"Bella lets go home." Jasper said and put a hand on my back

"One sec." i turned to the clan that helped John

"Get him out of here and never come back!"

They whimpered but they took John and left.

I looked into Jaspers golden eyes and smiled as he wrapped his arms around me.

"Its over."

"Finlay." He whispered

i turned to him the sun was now setting casting of shadows from the trees, the rays catching his honey colored hair, making seem as if it was glowing as he bent towards me and pressed his lips to mine.

He pulled away as the sun went down and the moon just coming up the stars that were out sparkled.

"I love you." He whispered

"I love you too, jasper."

And we walked hand in hand as the moon rose higher a higher, thinking that we finally have peace, but really it was only the begging.

Okay i going to make a sequle but i need some ideas you can help me write the next one if i like your idea! i'd love your ideas and help.

Thank you Tanyaochy