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It was past midnight when Bolin opened his front door. From what he can see, every room except for one was unlit. Bolin didn't mind, though, for he had enough cases that forced him to come home late and memorize the path to his bedroom in the dark.

This case was no different. The team busted a drug ring that night. The standoff took place by the docks, and it lasted forever. The drug cartel just kept barraging the police with pieces of earth, fire, and water. With his pro-bending experience still relatively fresh, Bolin was able to dodge and attack with ease. That didn't mean though, that when they arrested the criminals Bolin wasn't tired. All he wanted to do was go home and get some sleep.

Reaching the bedroom, he could see his wife sitting up on their bed. She was sleeping, head lolled to her side. There was a book on her lap, and an empty mug on her nightstand. The lamp, the only source of light in the house was still on.

She fell asleep waiting for me to come home.

Bolin quietly bended out of his police uniform, and he changed into dark green pants and a clean undershirt. After hanging his uniform in the closet, he sauntered over to the mattress. Crawling over to his sleeping wife, Bolin shook her gently. In the act, the strap of the sleeping woman's pale green nightgown fell, revealing a pale shoulder.

"Asami, I'm home," Bolin whispered.

Moaning, Asami woke up and lethargically turned her head towards her husband.

"Welcome back," she murmured, smiling wanly, "how was the case?"

"We got'em. It just took way too long for them to stand down," her husband complained.

"Well," she said, placing her pillow flat on the bed and laying down, "you're back home now, and that's all that matters."

Bolin followed her lead and laid down on the bed as well. The couple was facing each other, giving each other a kiss goodnight and their nightly "I love you" s when Bolin felt it.

There was somebody else in the room.

Quickly shuffling out of bed, Bolin stood and stomped his feet. Feeling the vibrations around him, he sensed a heartbeat-

- right by Asami.

Panicking, Bolin jumped on the bed, startling the already confused woman in green. Asami was sitting on her legs, fists formed as if she was preparing for a fight.

"Bolin! What's going on?" Asami screamed.

"There's a third heartbeat in this room," Bolin confessed, "and it was by you."

Asami's emerald eyes widened as she gasped. She then looked down and touched her stomach.

"So that's why I was nauseous the past two weeks," she mumbled.

Crawling back to the bed, Bolin furrowed his eyebrows.

"So the vomiting… and the heartbeat…" Bolin muttered as he rubbed his chin in thought, "I'm very confused right now."

Asami smiled and clutched her husband's hands in her own.

"Bolin, I'm pregnant!" she exclaimed.

Her husband's eyes widened in shock, and his mouth was agape.

"You're pregnant? As in I'm going to be a father?" Bolin asked faintly.

Squeezing his hands and nodding, Asami shouted, "Yes! We're going to be parents!"

Letting go of their conjoined hands, Bolin wrapped his arms around her, placing her on his lap and rocked her around. Laughing at his wife's reaction, Bolin kissed Asami, smiling into their kiss.

"I love you, Asami," he quietly declared.

"I love you too, Bo," she whispered back.

The two laid back down, the fatigue from the day final getting to them. Before closing his eyes, Bolin placed his hand on Asami's abdomen.

He can feel the baby's heart flutter as his own soared.