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Important: Sachiko is third year, Yumi is second year. Touko is Yumi's Petite Soeur already in this and Suguru is not engaged to Sachiko and never was. I wanted to put this here because I felt it was not important to the story itself, but needed to be explained to avoid confusion. This story is heavily about Yumi and Sachiko. ITALICS indicate thoughts in this story! I have seen it done in books before and I found it very clear and easy, I use them quite a bit for thoughts in my stories.

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Ogasawara Sachiko

"Yumi." Sachiko breathed waking up from her sleep realizing she had dreamed about the younger girl again. This was becoming a common occurrence for Ogasawara Sachiko as she sat up in her bed trying to calm herself with deep breaths.

Why do I keep dreaming about her...? Sachiko thought to herself before crawling out of bed and making the way to the kitchen, walking as quietly as she could, trying not to disturb anyone who may be sleeping behind the many doors that filled the moonlit hallway.

Sachiko had arrived at the kitchen and filled a glass with water before leaning against the counter taking a drink still lost in her thoughts. These dreams have to stop. I don't think I should be dreaming about saying such things to my Petite Soeur. Yumi would be appalled to know what types of things I am saying to her in my dreams... She thought taking another drink from her glass as the door to the kitchen swung open.

"Oh, Sachiko, what are you doing in here so early?" Ogasawara Sayako, Sachiko's mother asked with a confused look on her face.

Sachiko finished her glass of water before turning and placing the empty glass in the sink, knowing she couldn't tell her mother she was dreaming about Yumi. "Sorry, I couldn't sleep and decided to come get a glass of water... I will be going back to sleep now though, I still have two hours before I have to wake up for school." Sachiko said making her way out of the kitchen back towards her room.

Sayako paused for a moment wondering if her daughter was hiding something it was unusual for Sachiko to have difficulty sleeping, she decided Sachiko was telling the truth and dismissed her doubts as she went back to her morning routine.

Sachiko took let out a sigh leaning against the door to her bedroom, staring at her bed, thoughts of Yumi still crossing her mind. I have two more hours, I really should try to get some sleep...



"You seem a little out of it Sachiko, you feeling alright?" Rei asked noting Sachiko's almost distant expression.

Sachiko instantly straightened her posture a bit realizing she was being a little obvious about her thoughts, something her Petite Soeur was well-known for, not her. "Yes, I'm fine, I just didn't sleep very well. I'm sorry for worrying you." Sachiko replied after clearing her throat as the two walked towards the Rose Mansion to finish some work they had.

"You didn't worry me, I was just looking out for you." Rei stated with her suspicions still lingering seeing how Sachiko had straightened up a bit when she asked. Sachiko was well-known for being a proper lady that never faltered in her mannerisms.

Rei had known Sachiko long enough to realize that those slight falters she did have usually meant something was on the raven haired girls mind. Whether it was something serious or just another small misunderstanding between her and Yumi was something that Rei would not know until Sachiko was ready to talk about it.

Sachiko and Rei were greeted by Rei's Petite Soeur and cousin, Yoshino when they approached the Rose Mansion. "Gokigenyou, Sachiko, Rei." Yoshino said with a slight bow which was acknowledged by Sachiko and Rei bowing their own heads. "Let's get going everyone is already waiting." Yoshino explained holding the front door open for Sachiko and Rei.

The three made their way up the old slightly creaky wooden stairs towards the council room which was on the second floor. Sachiko's mind was starting to wander in all different directions as she shook her head and swallowed the awkward anxiety that had manifested within her. Why she was feeling this confused, she had seen Yumi a hundred times before this and it's not like anything had happened between them to make her feel this way. Sachiko shook her head and took a breath tying to calm herself as she entered the room with the other two girls. Sachiko's eyes instantly went to the pig tailed girl she had been having these crazy dreams about as she proceeded to take her seat.

"Gokigenyou, Onee-sama." Yumi said as Sachiko took the seat next to her at the end of the table.

"Gokigenyou, Yumi." Sachiko replied her head in a slight daze hearing the younger girls voice. Her voice, it's so soothing... Sachiko thought before blushing a little realizing what her mind was wandering to, thankfully her blush had gone unnoticed. She decided to pick up the paper in front of her and try to start reading it to hopefully get these ridiculous thoughts out of her head.

After a minute or two of struggling to focus Sachiko realized her idea to read the papers had not worked very well as her mind kept going back to her Petite Soeur, who was reading through her own papers. She always looks so happy even when doing work like this. Sachiko thought as her eyes slowly drifted over to Yumi and remained there for quite sometime.

Touko, Yumi's Petite Soeur and Rei both shared confusing looks at Sachiko's suspicious behavior before Yumi interrupted everyone with a question to Sachiko. "Would you like more tea, Onee-sama?"

Sachiko's head jumped ever so slightly when she realized Yumi was looking at her. "Yes, that sounds good, Yumi." Sachiko said a little uneasily after a slight pause, she had stared at Yumi and not even aware of her surroundings. Sachiko worried that she would be found out and used the time it took Yumi to get her tea to regain her thoughts as she looked back to the paper. I have to stop this, Yumi even noticed I was looking at her...! What would my Onee-sama think knowing I'm having these types of thoughts about my own Petite Soeur?

Sachiko's thoughts were interrupted as a new tea-cup was set in front of her and that scent that she could only describe as heavenly made it's way to her nose. "Thank you, Yumi." She said after a slight pause enjoying the moment that Yumi was standing next to her.

"Sachiko are you alright?" Yumi finally asked noticing her Onee-sama had been staring at her a bit and acting a little off.

Sachiko did the only thing she was good at when faced with a situation she was unsure of, looking at Yumi with an almost irritated look on her face. "I'm fine, Yumi." She stated a bit coldly effectively hiding any signs of something being wrong.

Yumi looked down at the table almost scared, she had no idea what had caused this sudden change of mood in Sachiko but she could only feel that it was something she had done without realizing it. "I'm sorry, Onee-sama." Yumi said feebly thinking of things she could have possibly done to upset Sachiko in the past few days.

Sachiko's mind was still full of thoughts about Yumi as she took a deep breath before clearing her throat. "I'm sorry, but I have matters to attend to and need to be going now, if you will excuse me." Sachiko said looking around the table noticing the slight nods from the rest of the Yamayurikai members.

"I'm going to." Yumi stated standing from her chair a few minutes after Sachiko had left. Yumi was worried about Sachiko and that cold remark made her think she had done something. Yumi left the council room leaving the other members of the Yamayurikai behind, worried that something had happened between the two usually inseparable sisters.


Rei and Yoshino

"So what do you think happened between Sachiko and Yumi?" Yoshino asked walking home with Rei which was normal considering they were not only cousins, but neighbors.

"I don't know, but I noticed Sachiko was acting a bit strange also. I tried to ask her about it, but she didn't want to talk about it." Rei replied thinking back to the way Sachiko straightened up when she asked.

"Well, something is definitely going on, the way Sachiko was staring at Yumi during the meeting and how coldly she responded to Yumi's question. She almost seemed irritated." Yoshino said trying to make sense of everything that happened.

"Yea and Yumi put her head down almost scared, I wonder if Yumi did something to Sachiko?" Rei questioned even though she knew Yumi would never hurt Sachiko.

"I agree, Yumi did react a little oddly but, I don't think Yumi would do anything to upset Sachiko. Yumi loves Sachiko, I don't think she would ever hurt her, it's probably just another misunderstanding like usual." Yoshino said as she and Rei arrived outside their houses.

"Yea, Yumi wouldn't hurt her older sister, it's probably just Sachiko being stubborn about something again. I bet Touko probably knows something, after all she is involved in both their lives." Rei said as Yoshino nodded in agreement. "Anyways, I will talk to you tomorrow morning, I have a ton of homework to do."

"Alright, I will call Touko later tonight to see if she knows anything. I'll see you tomorrow morning." Yoshino said before turning and walking the short distance to her own front door.


Shimako, Noriko, Touko

"Touko, did something happen between Sachiko and Yumi?" Shimako asked a slight concern in her voice as the three walked towards home, they all lived in the same general direction and it had become a routine for them to walk home together. Touko could easily get a ride like she used to but after becoming Yumi's Petite Soeur she had become friends with the rest of the Yamayurikai and enjoyed walking home with Shimako and Noriko.

"I'm not sure, Onee-sama hasn't mentioned anything happening between them. Sachiko was acting odd though and she seemed a bit cold towards Onee-sama." Touko explained just as curious and clueless as the rest of Yamayurikai.

"Yes, Sachiko did react quite coldly when Yumi asked if she was alright." Noriko added as the girls stopped at a bus stop where Shimako and herself usually left Touko for home.

Touko usually bid her farewell when they arrived here but today she decided to stay and talk a little longer. "I just wonder what would cause Sachiko to react like that and the way Onee-sama reacted makes me wonder if something happened between the two." Touko said thinking back to how Yumi had lowered her head almost a little scared and ashamed when Sachiko told her she was fine.

"There is definitely something going on. I've never seen Sachiko stare at Yumi so much, it was a little weird." Shimako said after a moment of thinking between the three girls.

"I wonder if Yumi told her?" Touko mumbled causing Noriko and Shimako to look at her in confusion.

"Told her what, Touko?" Noriko asked as Touko raised her head realizing she was thinking out loud.

"Nothing, nothing, forget I said anything." Touko replied a little frantically before taking a deep breath. "I have to get going, I will call Onee-sama later and talk to her." Touko said bowing her head a little to Shimako and Noriko before starting to walk away.

"We will see you tomorrow morning, tell us what she says alright?" Noriko said before Touko got out of hearing distance.

"I'll see you tomorrow morning." Touko called back before disappearing around a corner from Shimako and Noriko.

Shimako put a hand on Noriko's shoulder to get the younger girls attention. "I am anxious like you to know what is going on, but perhaps we should give them a little space. Touko doesn't seem to want to talk about it, we shouldn't ask her to." Shimako said calmly as Noriko sighed and nodded.

"You're right Onee-sama, one of them will tell us when they are ready." Noriko concluded looking back briefly to the corner Touko had just gone around before turning back to the bus that was coming to a stop in front of them. "Let's hope it's not a big problem."

Shimako smiled looking over to her Petite Soeur. "I'm sure everything will be fine." She assured Noriko with a smile.


Yumi and Touko

"Yumi, you have a phone call." Yuuki, Yumi's brother said from the other side of her bedroom door.

Yumi went over and grabbed the phone before returning to the chair at her desk she had been doing homework at. "Hello?"

"Onee-sama?" Touko asked from the other line.

"Yes, Touko, this is Yumi. Why are you calling?" Yumi asked, she was a bit surprised by Touko's call, usually only Yoshino or Sachiko called, though Sachiko's calls were usually very brief.

"I'm sorry, Onee-sama I don't mean to disturb you but I wanted to know if everything was alright?" Touko asked concerned as Yumi raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Yes, I'm fine why?" Yumi replied after a short pause.

"We were just worried that something happened between you and Sachiko, is all. She was acting very oddly today." Touko admitted though this didn't really surprise Yumi, unfortunately though she had no idea as to why Sachiko was acting strange.

Yumi paused for a moment thinking about Sachiko. "Nothing happened that I know of, though I can't help but feel I did something wrong to upset her." Yumi sighed recalling Sachiko's cold reaction to her earlier.

"Did you tell her?" Touko asked a little hesitantly, she didn't want to upset Yumi by bringing this up, especially since she said it was her own private matter.

Yumi was silent for a moment knowing exactly what Touko had referred to. "No, I didn't tell her, Touko." Yumi said a little quietly like she did not want to talk about it. "I don't know why she seems upset towards me, but all I can do is wait until she tells me, because I have no idea what I've done and I don't want to make it worse."

"I'm sure everything will be fine Onee-sama. Perhaps you should talk to Sachiko though? She might tell you what is on her mind, after all you are the one she seems to trust the most in this world." Touko said trying to cheer Yumi up a little after noticing how she had become quieter, something Yumi was good at doing when something was on her mind.

"You're right, Touko. I will ask her tomorrow after the meeting if she doesn't tell me." Yumi replied a little more cheerfully this time. "I have to get going though, Touko. I still have a lot of homework to finish."

"That is fine, I just wanted to make sure you were alright. I will see you tomorrow, Onee-sama." Touko said waiting for Yumi's response.

"I will see tomorrow, Touko. Thank you for worrying about me." Yumi replied before hanging up the phone with a sigh.

I hope I didn't do anything to upset Sachiko... If I did I wish I knew what it was, but I guess Touko is right. Talking with her would be the best option right now. Yumi thought to herself before looking back down at her homework wishing it would finish itself.


Yoshino and Touko

Touko had sat on her bed thinking about her Onee-sama still holding the phone. I wonder if Yumi is telling me the truth? Did she really not tell Sachiko? I would think this is how they would both react if Sachiko took it badly... Touko jumped a little startled by the phone in her hand ringing.

"Hello?" Touko said after answering the phone and putting it up to her ear.

"Hello, Touko it's Yoshino, I was calling to see if you knew what was wrong with Yumi and Sachiko." Yoshino said hearing a sigh from Touko.

"Sorry, Yoshino, I'm not sure. I just got done talking with Onee-sama and she says she is unsure why Sachiko is acting like this." Touko explained which made Yoshino frown a little bit, after all Touko was her last hope for information regarding the two. That is unless she felt like facing Sachiko and Yumi, which she knew Rei would not allow.

"What do you think happened, Touko? Do you think it's possible something happened to Sachiko at home?" Yoshino asked curiously.

"It's possible, but I haven't heard of anything happening in particular, though that doesn't mean something couldn't have happened. Onee-sama said she was going to talk with Sachiko tomorrow after the meeting so I guess we will all have to wait until then to see what is going on." Touko said still having her own suspicions about what the issue really was. She thought it was perhaps about Yumi telling Sachiko, but then why would she still need to talk with Sachiko if Sachiko had already known? Touko couldn't stop thinking about that point which made her think that Yumi was probably telling the truth.

"I guess so..." Yoshino said with a slight pause. "Do you think it would be bad if I asked Yumi about it tomorrow?"

Touko thought about it for a second before answering. "I don't know if you will get anything from her, but you can certainly try. Don't push her to hard for answers or she may start becoming a little afraid to face Sachiko."

Yoshino sighed knowing that Touko was right. Yumi had become better at dealing with Sachiko but she could still be very intimidated by Sachiko quite easily when it came down to it. "You're right, I will see how she looks tomorrow and decide if I should ask or just let it be." Yoshino concluded looking over at the clock. "Well, that is all I wanted to talk about, thank you, Touko. I will see you tomorrow, have a good night."

"I will see you tomorrow Yoshino, have a good night." Touko said hanging up the phone and setting it down on the small table she had near her bed with no answers to the problem still, which slightly bothered her. "I guess I will just have to wait until tomorrow." Touko whispered to herself before getting ready for bed.



Sachiko had gone home and started doing her homework immediately, it wasn't the most fun but for Sachiko it was a good way to escape reality, which at this point Sachiko happily accepted. Unfortunately, Sachiko had only taken about thirty minutes to finish her homework and as soon as she finished her mind started to wander to her dream again. "Yumi, you look beautiful today..." She thought before opening her eyes realizing where her mind was going again.

"Perhaps a bath will help me relax a little." Sachiko said to herself as she stood up and walked towards the bathroom that was connected to her room. It was a large bathroom that had black marble walls and floors, that suited the modern style of the sink and bathtub, which also had a glossy black look to them.

Sachiko sighed as she turned on the water in the tub watching as it started to fill. I don't know what I'm going to do if these thoughts keep getting worse. Perhaps I should ask Youko, she has always been there for me, she is my Onee-sama after all. How do I tell her though...? Do I just come out and tell her I'm having impure thoughts about Yumi? Sachiko sighed before shaking the thought out of her head.

"I don't know what else to do. I guess I will just see how tomorrow goes and call Youko if I need to." Sachiko finally concluded with a sigh, Yumi still crossing her mind.

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