This will be the beginning of a series of strongly influenced by the concept of an all-knowing entity (like the ones found in Pretty Little Liars/ Gossip Girl). It'll most likely be connected one shots, meaning the first few will be beyond confusing, and then the later ones will fill in the gaps.

It ia centered around an AU Gundam Seed Verse. All of the plot twists I would have added will be weaved into this fic.

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'Content'= Thoughts

"Content" = Speech

~ Content ~ = Shooting Machine's voice

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Chapter 1: Insomnia

Insomnia, grace me

With your presence.

Who needs sleep?

Not I,

For I despise being confined by Mortality.

And there is nothing

More mundane and more human:

Than the temptation of Torpor,

This respite~~~~~~~~~~~~ from Reality,

Their desperation~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ for Dreams…

Shinn had taken a liking to the Minerva the second he stepped aboard it. If for one reason only, his attraction to the ship was due to the fact that the mandatory training apparatuses were available all night and all day.

More specifically, the shooting range was open for use 24/7.

So, on certain nights…

(When Mayu's laugh refused to stop echoing in the hollows of his mind, and all he could see when he closed his eyes was the familiar vermillion memory of explosions on a shattered verdant Orb hillside, and all he could feel was the heat of the flames rising from where pieces of his family's bodies decorated the broken ground, and all he could smell was their blood…)

…He went to the shooting range.

And pretended his target was every single member of Orb parliament.

Or, sometimes even the faceless pilots who had been inside of the mobile suits that had ignorantly killed the family of a 15-year-old boy and left him alone to fend for himself in a world permeated with war.

Shooting at their faces provided a purpose, motivation, and most importantly… an ample distraction.

By spending his energy trying to obtain the highest score on the training device, he received a welcome respite from his treacherous, dark mind.

Until earlier today, Rey had held the highest score on the shooting range: 95.87%.

Until earlier today, that had been the score that Shinn had been adamant on beating.

And he almost had.

Over the past few weeks, the gap between his highest score and Rey's record had lessened, bit by bit.

Last night, Shinn had reached 95.81%.

Despite his initial purpose for using the shooting range, he had taken pride in the fact that he was gradually catching up to his comrade. His gunsmanship ameliorating was just icing on the proverbial cake.

Every one knew that any score past 90.00% was considered fantastic. A score above 95.00% was considered unachievable, even for Coordinators.

Well, that is, until Athrun freaking Zala came on board and (while teaching Luna the flaws in her handling) scored a 96.13% on his first goddamn try.

Then, of course, the veteran had the nerve to act as if what he had done wasn't a big deal, as if he hadn't just made Shinn's weeks of effort amount to nothing.

His fury only exacerbated when Athrun hadn't even bothered to put his name as the score holder.

Shinn silently seethed at the memory.

Athrun beating his score so carelessly wasn't even the most infuriating part of Shinn's day. He had, unfortunately, been forced to spend more time aboard the same ship with her.

That stupid, ignorant, Attha-blooded bitch.

Shaking his head rapidly to remove the unwanted thought of her, he continued walking down the hall to the deck, where the shooting infrastructure remained from earlier.

One of the other things that Shinn appreciated about the Minerva was its crew; no one else on the ship would come out and train at this hour.

They could sleep.

They didn't see the mutilated body of their baby sister every time they shut their eyes.

Having grown accustomed to the fact that he was always alone during his nightly shooting sessions, he was understandably surprised to see that there was already someone out on the deck.

Not recognizing the individual, Shinn thought it was best to stay hidden until he could identify the skilled shooter.

'Who is it?' The thought ran unbidden across his mind as he saw the shadowed figured shoot against the target with an amount practice and precision on par with the Red coats.

But he knew all of the Reds onboard the Minerva. This mysterious figure wasn't Luna or Rey or any one else Shinn could name.

Confused, the young pilot took the risk of moving closer to garner a better vantage point.

He needed to identify this person.

After a few moments, a face of consternation switched into one of complete and utter bewilderment. The shooter, the one that had skills rivalling the top soldiers on the ship, was none other than one of the faces he had planned on using tonight to help beat Athrun's new score.

Despite his anger at the fact that she was in his spot (and the impulsive desire to go and interrupt her), he couldn't help but be curious as to what her score would be.

The screen stopped moving and the robotic voice of the apparatus spoke as her score shone in bright green numbers above the machine.

~ 98.98%. New record. Please insert your name. ~

'What. The. FUCK!" The furious thought blasted against Shinn's cranium as he glared at the princess, who was currently in the process of putting down the gun.

'She's not a Coordinator! For gods sake she isn't even a soldier! There is no way she could have gotten a score that high!"

As he saw her fingers wrap around the (most likely still warm) gun again, looking as if she was going to begin another round, his fury increased tenfold. He stood up from his crouched position and was just about to go onto the deck to confront her when the blue-haired veteran from his thoughts appeared and beat him to it.

From the looks of it, Luna's green-eyed saint (the one that was the acclaimed epitome of "composure" and "calm") was furious.

He stomped over, luckily from the entrance on the other end of the deck, and yanked the gun from the girl's hands.

Curiosity winning over his impulsiveness once more, Shinn stealthily stepped within hearing range and then returned to a crouched position

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Shinn's brows rose in surprise at the anger that saturated the ex-pilot's words. Although he was whispering, the silence of the night and the emptiness of the ship's deck allowed Shinn to hear every single word.

Cagalli turned to face Athrun, and from what Shinn could see, she was…smiling?


The fact that she replied so casually and followed her careless response with an innocent shrug only served to irritate Athrun further.

"Have you lost your mind? You are out on the deck! Anyone could have seen you!"

Athrun didn't give her time to respond as he continued to chastise the princess.

"And what of the scores? You don't think everyone will be suspicious when they read Cagalli Attha as the holder of the highest record tomorrow?"

She cut him off, seeming affronted that he would think her to be so reckless.

"Don't insult me. I'm not stupid. I knew they'd be suspicious if they saw my name, so I left it blank. If anything, they'll assume it was you who got the score and that you were too modest to put in your name again, just like this morning."

The veteran sighed in resignation.

"Cagalli, stop this. Go to bed."

The blonde firecracker scowled at his suggestion and turned to face the shooting apparatus again. A haunted look adorned her features.

"Athrun, you know why I can't."

Athrun only sighed again as he placed the gun in its designated spot and turned off he machine.

He used his newly freed hand to grab onto Cagalli's wielding one. During his examination of the reluctant girl's hand, he frowned when his gaze came to rest on her palm.

"Your hand is bleeding. How long have you been out here?"

She turned back to face him and replied in a neutral tone.

"That was my first run." She paused for a second to bring her hand towards her face, clench it, and release it. She seemed distant as she continued. "My body isn't used to the shooting speeds anymore...It'll get better though. That was my weaker hand anyways."


"Kira doesn't want you near guns."

At that, Cagalli yanked her hands away from Coordinator, putting some distance between them as she did so.

"Well Kira isn't here right now is he?" She said it with a strange bitterness, and Shinn couldn't help but wonder who this 'Kira' was.

"You're acting like a child."

"And you are acting like a goddamn parent. You aren't my father, Athrun."

"You're right, I'm not. So, I have no qualms in forcing you to get back to bed."

She sighed in irritation and growled at her bodyguard before taking steps towards the entrance he had used to come onto the deck (luckily, the one on the opposite side of the deck from Shinn).

However, as she passed the veteran, she spoke over her shoulder with a sigh.

"I'm only going because I know that you won't go to sleep until I do."

His lips tilted upwards a little and Shinn couldn't help but roll his eyes at the look of adoration that flashed through his fellow Coordinator's eyes.

"Accurate as always, your highness."

She bristled at the epithet and then stalked away. After coming as close to genuinely smiling as Shinn had ever seen him, Athrun followed.

When he was sure the duo had left the deck, Shinn turned around and made his way back to the barracks he shared with Rey.

Upon entering the room, he was surprised to find that his roomate was also awake. The blonde was currently laying on his bed facing the ceiling with his light blue eyes wide open. Shinn was surprised when he spoke.

"How was training?"

Shinn hesitated for a second before replying.


If Rey noticed the uneasiness exuding from the dark-haired boy, he didn't say anything.

So, in silence, Shinn changed and laid down on top of the covers. He sighed in irritation and turned in order to face the wall.

His hand crawled beneath the pillow and searched for a familiar cool metal. Finding it, he tightened his hold around the desired pink trinket.

Then, he manged to shut his eyes for a few hours despite the horde of questions jumping back and forth within the paradigms of his mind.


I beg you

Find me~~~~~~~Take me

For I hate human things.

P.S the ~~~~~~ in the poetry parts are suppose to be regular spaces, but fanfiction won't let me format it like that.

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"I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about Shinn."

"Don't play dumb Attha. I saw you last night."

"What's going on?"

"Something's wrong with the computer screen's and transmitters. They've all been forced onto one channel, and it doesn't belong to EA, Orb, or us."

All of a sudden, the loud static stopped. Silence filled the air and the screens remained black. Then, stark white words started to appear.

""Welcome to Absolution.""

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