*Note I made up Eleanor and she is not part of the Xena Warrior Princess series.

*This is just a preview and I would appreciate feedback.

A wise woman once said "it's not easy trying to prove you're a different person.' To this day many people still talk about the heroic women who traveled all over Greece and beyond with her best friend. Most people know the wise woman as Xena Warrior Princess; to me she is more than just my friend, she is my mom and this is my story.

My name is Eleanor and I will be twenty years old this winter. Since I was a baby it has been just the two of us living in Amphipolis running a tavern. I have not met my father and my mother does not mention him. I have an older sister named Eve who travels preaching Eli's message; occasionally visiting the two of us when she can.

When people discover I am the daughter of the heroic Xena people always ask "what is it like having Xena as a mom?" My usual response is "life is never boring" which usually satisfies just about everyone. Most people don't want an elaborate story; they just want to know if the rumors they have heard are true. Occasionally we meet people who actually want to have a full conversation about the mysterious woman.

Just before my nineteenth birthday a tall and muscular man with fawn colored hair came into the tavern looking for Xena Warrior Princess. I remember thinking about the stories that parents tell to children about the evil warlord Xena coming back to life so the children would behave. At the time I did not realize my mom was the heroic Xena Warrior Princess; to me she had always just been mom. Little did I realize how different life would be after the moment the mysterious man came in to the tavern.