Many years ago in a Beautiful landscape, away from any human being, grew Beautiful Truffula Tree's. They were no ordinary trees either. You see, these trees were very special. The touch of there Truff was softer then silk and Smelled of butterfly milk. The also provided fresh clean air and fruit like berries for the Bar-Ba-loots who ran among the land, Swomee-Swans who flew threw the air, and the singing fishes who lived in the river. The trees had a variate of colors, such as red, yellow, orange, pink, and even some rare purple ones. When one would look above all the Truffula trees at once, a sight of beauty colors mixed well together. As the years went on more and more Truffula trees grew, but one day something amazing happened.

It was the morning after a terrible stormy night. As many of the animals came out from the safety of their home, their eyes filled with sadness, for a Truffula tree was lying on to ground having been struck by a lightning during the storm, causing it to break and fall helplessly to the ground. All the creatures had gathered around the beautiful tree that now lay in the ground, Even the Lorax. The sight of seeing the Truffula tree on the ground sadden them all, but they knew it was the way of nature. For when it is time for a Truffula tree to die it uses the last of its life energy to produce a few seed pods in its truff for the Loax, speaker of the trees, to take and pant just as he has done for many years, But this time was different.

With a sigh the Lorax went to go retrieve the last of the seed's inside the Truff. Once at the top, he began to move the Truff apart very slowly till he found the seeds. Less then a minute of looking, The Lorax stopped suddenly and looked amazed at what he had found. When the creatures saw this they became curious and all gathered around him. All stared in amazement at what they saw.

Instead of finding seeds, the Lorax had found a sleeping young girl, looking no more then a 7 year old human child. This human was different though, She had pink, with a hint of red, hair that went to her shoulder. Looking almost like the Truff on the tree, just not as puffy and with slight bangs swiping left over her forehead just above her closed eyes. She had a slightly round face, small pointed ears, a small cute nose the went well with her small pink lips. She wore a pink Truffula dress that went to just above her knees. They Lorax's eyes whiden at the sight of a pair of wings putraied from her tiny back. They were extremely beautiful, the sun shining down, castes a golden glow over them. Her skin was a light peach color that went well with her other features.

As the Lorax reached out a furry orange hand, the young girl's eyes fluttered opened to reveal dark pink gem like eyes. She and the Lorax stared at each other for a few seconds, before she yawned and stood from her laying position on the ground. She was two heads taller then him, but that was to be expected. After a quick stretch the Young girl smiled and looked to the Lorax.

"You must be the Lorax, speaker of the tress. I'm Fay." Her voice was happy and sweet. She extended her hand for him to shake.

"How do you know who I am?What are you and Why are you here?" The Lorax asked, not yet taking her hand.

"I'm a Fairy. I'm here to help keep the trees and animals safe and happy. amd they trees told me about you." Fay giggled, her hand still out streached to the small oranged man.

Still looking at her sceptically, a small breeze came with the voices of the trees telling the Lorax that is was true of what she said. In half a second he smiled and shook her hand. From that day on, she and the Lorax worked together to keep the peace within the Forest