A hundred of years have passed since the day the Truffula Fairy had been brought into the world.
It was another warm and sunny day in the Truffula Forest. he Fish were singing, the Bar-Ba-loots were playing with on another, and the Swomee-Swans were either flying high in the sky or laying there eggs. The Swomee-Swans that flew in the sky, were not the only one's flying that day,For non other then Fay , they Truffula Fairy was also flying with her bird friends. Her wings moving fast, which created a small soft fluttering sound.

Though a hundred years have past, Fay looked no more then Seventeen years of age. Her body grew to that of any 17 year old girl, but her hair, eyes, and personality staid the same. As she grew she would use some of the truff's of the trees to make new clothes that would fit her growing body.
Looking down from the sky, Fay smiled brightly at the beautiful view beneath her. She loved to look at all the colorful Truff's mixed together so well. Looking around one last time she did a small back flip in the said and dived towards the ground at a fast speed. When only about two feet from the ground, the fairy righted her-self up, beating her wings faster to slow her down. She hovered above the bright green grass for a few more seconds, slowly her bare feet finally made contact with the soft grass, her wings coming to a stop.

"Where did they go?" Fay asked when she did not see her Bar-Ba-loot friends come up to her like they usually did.
As the fairy began to look for her friends, her ear began to twitch slightly at a very strange sound. It was unlike any sound she had ever heard within the forest.

Now hovering a few inches off the ground. The fairy quickly followed the sound and sudden singing that her hearing was picking up. In less then a minute, her eyes set on a strange object that was on top of a hill with a mule in front if it.
As she got closer to the strange object from behind, she jumped back in surprise as it started to move. Moving her self sightly higher into the air, just to see over the moving object, she saw the Bar-ba-loots following a strange being. This strange being seemed to be the one singing the very interesting song, though not really paying attention to what it was saying.
So not to be seen, the fairy landed quietly on the ground and followed the strange being while hiding behind the Truffula trees.

When they finally stopped in the middle of the forest, the strange being began to throw things out of the object on wheels, at the Bar-ba-loots an the other animals that were around.

The fairy had almost flew out of hiding when she saw dangerous things almost hit the animals. She quickly stopped her self when she saw the animals taking some of the wired and interesting objects, and surrounded the strange being. Her breath caught in her throat as she finally got a clear view at the being.

For it was a boy, a very tall boy at that. What she could see was that his Skin was a slightly darker peach color the her's, short black hair was covered by some sort of hat on top of his head, A long sleeve white shirt under a gray vest. Gray pant's with gray pointy shoes. He also wore funny green Gloves on his hands.
The fairy was brought from her thoughts when One of the Bar-ba-loot's attacked the boy, who suddenly had some kind of barrier in front of him. As the animals teeth pulled a pieces of the strange shield off, white balls of cotton busted out and flew every where.

The fairy put off her focus of the piece of cotton the flew her out her hand she cough, only to realize that it was not cotton at all. Looking at the small thing of white that was in her hand, she sniffed it.

'It don't smell bad.' She thought as she placed the white 'cotton looking' thing in her mouth.
Her eyes lit up in shock as she chewed. It tasted sweet and chewy in her mouth. Once swallowed a huge smile was on her face, still tasting the sweet little white cloud, as she now called it on her tong.
As quickly as it came, her smile left as she heard the sound of a Truffula tree hitting the ground and being dragged away.

When she looked from behind the tree, her eyes opened in shock at the now stump of a Truffula tree. As she took one step towards the stump, she quickly drew back at the sound of lighting! The wind quickly picked up causing her hair to blow in all direction. She hid back behind the tree just as a lightning bolt hit the stump,causing a powerful magic wave threw out the forest.

Everything soon settled, when the fairy finally looked from behind the tree, her eyes landing right on a the small orange creature that was non other then the Lorax him self. Her eyes moved from the sad look on the Lorax's face to the stump that once had a long white trunk and a beautiful pinkish red truff. It felt like a little piece life had been take from her at that very moment.
Seeing him pick up a small rock, she knew what he was dong, along with the animals. So she and the animals began to help. Once the stump was surrounded by rocks, all staid silent. Morning for the lost of their tree.
After the small morning of the truffula tree, the fairy hid once again but this time In side the truff of the tree, giving her a good view of the argument that was about to begin between the boy and Lorax.

"Did you chop down this tree?" The Lorax crossed his arms, looking at the tall human boy before him.

"Ah no. Who did it?!" The boy acted as if it was not him.

"Whats that?!"

The fairy frowned in disprove as the boy picked up the Ax next to him and drooped in to the smallest Bar-ba-loot bear that she liked to call Pipsqueak, and tried to blame it on him, though she and the Lorax knew he was lying.

"Leave Va-ca the premises, Take your Ax and Get out!" The Lorax tried to shoo the boy away.

"And who are you?" The boy poked the orange creature, causing him to jump.'

"I'm the Lorax, guardian of the forest. I speak for the trees." The Lorax Sated simply, only to get a wired look from the boy.

"So your telling me that you did not see me magically appear out of that stump. With all the lightning and thunder and stuff? You didn't see any of that?"The fairy could not help but giggle as the Lorax waved his hands in the air as he tried to get the boy to believe he was telling the truth.

''No, but that sounds amazing, can I see some of that?" The boy asked with amusement.

"Sure, but that's not how it works."

"OK, um, didn't really happen... Oh I know what you want." The boy poked the orange creatures noise and pulled out a Sweet little white cloud from his pocket.

"I got one of these for the cutest little guy I ever saw! Yummy Yummy Yummy!" The boy's voice was suddenly baby like, causing the fairy to giggle again.

"How dare you! Gimme that!" The Lorax snatched the sweet white cloud and began to examine it.

"i'm going to eat this, but I am highly offended by it." The Lorax then popped the sweet treat into his mouth and chewed quickly.

The fair covered her mouth to quite her giggling as she watch the Lorax kick the stakes that held up the boy home it seemed, out of the ground and the boy running after him hammering the stakes back into the ground to keep it from falling.

Her giggling ceased when she saw him about to hit her small Bar-ba-loot pipsqueak. She would have flew out of her hiding spot but the Lorax got to him before she could move an inch.

"So you'ed hammer one of natures innocent creatures?" The Lorax petted the little guy before letting him go back to his friends.

"What? No, I would never hurt the little guy! You on the other hand I would gladly pound you and your mustache into the ground."

"Behold, the intruder and his violent ways. Sham on you, for Shame." All the animals agreed this the Lorax, but something inside the Fairy told her different.

"You know what, You Liston to me you furry little meat loaf. I'm a chopped down as many trees at I need! News Flash, I'm not going anywhere! End of Story!"

When the boy was in his tent home, the fairy flew out of her hiding spot and headed to to opened window in the back.

As she peaked threw, she saw the Lorax speaking with the boy, but this time she didn't listen, instead her attention was draw to the many different objects into the room. Quietly she flew into the room and up to the ceiling giving her a better view of the place.

Her attention was quickly drown to the opening of the door and the sight of her furry friend leaving. She knew that it was time for her to show herself to the boy. Landing on the wooden floor the fairy stood with her hand behind her back.

"He may be small, but he sticks to his word." Fay could not help but giggle as the boy before her jumped turning to looked at her and falling to the ground.

~Once-ler POV~

The Once-ler could not believe his eyes. There standing a few feet from hims was a girl, looking no older then a 17 year old girl, but she was unlike any girl he had ever met.

This girl had Pinkish red hair that looked just like one of the Truffula trees out side, but not as puffy her bangs swiping to the left, just above captivating dark pink gem like eyes. His blue eyes traveled from her face to the rest of her body.

She had a pink top with one strap over her left shoulder, the bottom of her top ending just above her belly button, showing off her flat stomach and slight hour glass shape. A dark purple skirt hugged her waist ending just below her mid thigh.

What stunned him that most was the pair of slightly transparent wings that sprouted from her back, the sunlight coming in from the window behind her gave the wings an angelic glow that went perfectly with her lightly peach colored skin.

"Who are you?" The Once-ler felt his hear skip a beat and he heard the sweetest giggle come from her.

"I'm Fay, The Truffula fairy and also guardian of the Forest." Fay could not help but giggle again as she watched the boy try to get up, only to fall again.

"Who are you?" She asked once he was finally on his feet, she had to look up to him slightly, seeing he was a head and a half taller then her.

"I'm the Once-ler."

"That's a weird name." Fay giggled again when she saw the boy smack his head.

"I'm sorry to in trued but I must ask that you don't cut down any more trees."

"Oh I see where this is going, your with that furry orange thing right. Well as I've said before I'm not going anywhere." The Once-ler Crossed his arms and looked down at the girl.

"If you cut down the trees, many horrible things will happen to this forest, my home... I didn't ask that you leave, I only asked that you don't cut down any more trees."

With that said, the Once-ler watched in amazement as the wings on the girl's back began to flutter and lift her off the ground. Silently he watched the girl fly out the window behind her and out of sight.