Little Red

By: Travel1701

Disclaimer: So…. I was looking through tumblr and was inspired by a post by bigdaddyalpha so go check it out. This is my first Sterek attempt…. Ever. I'm a bit nervous but I'm sure it will be fine. I've basically ignore the whole Kanima Jackson, Peter coming back from the dead, Lydia being immune to the bite, and a whole bunch of other stuff actually so this is really just an AU off of season one with established Sterek. I'll never own Teen Wolf and I don't want to. Jeff Davis is a god and deserves every cookie ever. No beta so all mistakes are mine! :P Enjoy!

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Chapter One: Quiet Before the Storm

It wasn't like Stiles meant for it to happen. It just… sort of… happened. In retrospect, he really should have seen it coming. He'd basically raised himself since his mother's death, the only way his father being able to cope was with ridiculous amounts of hours at work. Then after the whole Scott fiasco with Peter, Stiles yet again stepped up to the plate, soaking up everything werewolf related in order to save his and his best friend's sanity. Scott still totally owed him for that by the way. The humiliation of actually being seen in public with the "Twilight" series alone was worth major points. But back to the main issue, which wasn't really an issue because Stiles was totally okay with it… but still.

Again, he really should have seen it coming. After all, who was the one who'd picked up the werewolf training slack when Derek disappeared after defeating the Alpha? Who had stayed up every full moon to make sure that his best friend didn't accidently maim or kill anyone? Who was the first person Derek went to after his return to Beacon Hills? And who was the one who turned Derek's ragtag group of outcasts into something that actually resembled a pack? Oh yeah. That would be Stiles.

It was just… it was normal behavior for him. Taking care of others was what he did. It was like his thing. He'd taken care of his dad after his mom died. He'd taken care of Scott when he was bitten by Peter. He'd taken care of Derek when he was running from the law. It was only natural for him now to take care of the pack. It was a natural reaction to sit down at the table to help Scott with his algebra homework. It was a natural reaction to referee when Jackson and Scott got too serious with their video game. He didn't think twice about ordering Lydia to change her shirt because for the love of God, her cleavage didn't need to be broadcasted to the entire world. He didn't bat an eyelash when Erica, thankfully lowering her bitchy-ness from a level ten to a level four, had asked him to teach her how to cook. He didn't pause or hesitate to allow Isaac to curl into his side at night, nightmares' reducing him to whimpers, howls, and tears. It was completely normal in his eyes to go out and take Boyd shopping even though the Beta resisted every single time because that boy could go through an entire closet in a week thanks to Derek's training.

It just didn't occur to him until it was too late that by doing all of those things, by simply being Stiles, he'd earned the title of Den Mother to the pack. And Stiles… was oddly okay with his title and place within the pack. Actually, scratch that; he was more than okay. He was ecstatic.

So, there he was, in the newly remodeled and refurnished Hale house kitchen, plain white apron tied behind his back, with a bowl in one hand and a large mixing spoon in the other. Sitting comfortably on the counter, Isaac and Erica were quiet, watching Stiles as he moved smoothly throughout the kitchen to check on the various snacks he was preparing for tonight's training session. Surprise, surprise, but teenaged werewolves ate a lot and needed a lot of calories, so the counters and stovetop was overflowing with food.

In the living room, growls and shouts could be heard as Jackson and Scott participated in their daily video game battles, this week's game of choice being Left for Dead II. Without having to look, Stiles knew that Allison and Lydia were both sitting on the couch watching, Allison playing cheerleader for the boys and Lydia playing referee and making sure Scott and Jackson didn't kill each other. Boyd would be sitting at the foot of the stairs, reading while simultaneously watching the battle before him, his lips curled upwards as he tried not to laugh.

A warm feeling enveloped Stiles as his thoughts continued to stray towards his pack and not the food before him. This was pack. He knew where everyone was and that everyone was safe, happy, and healthy. It was a good feeling. A small smile graced his lips and a blush settled on his face as his thoughts strayed further, away from the pack and towards a certain sourwolf who would be home any minute.

"Umm… Stiles? Stiles?"


Blinking, Stiles was pulled away from his thoughts when Erica reached forward and smack him on the arm. Gently, however. She didn't want to actually hurt him. "Hm? What?" he asked, his hands once again in motion to stir at the batter in his arms. He looked over to Erica and Isaac. "What is it?" he asked again.

Isaac hesitated before he said softly, "You were staring off into space again. And the cookies in the oven are about ten seconds away from burning."

Stiles's eyes grew wide in horror before he shoved the bowl and spoon in his hands onto Isaac before he hastily grabbed the oven mitts near the stove. "No!" he cried out, desperation clear in his voice. "Not the chocolate chip!"

Erica smirked and let out a huff as Isaac began to stir, both of them, as well as the three werewolves in the living room, watching and listening with keen senses to make sure that their den mother wasn't burnt while attempting his cookie rescue. Slamming the oven's door down, Stiles reached into the heat and pulled out the tray of cookies. Thankfully, they weren't blackened to a crisp. Instead, they were perfectly golden and amazing. Stiles let out a sigh of relief and placed the tray onto the stove before closing the oven.

He did a quick sweep of the cookies, just to double check, before he nodded. Turning back to the two werewolves on the counter, he flashed them a smile. "We've saved the days guys," he proclaimed, taking the bowl from Isaac's hands. "Crisis averted! The cookies will be fine."

Isaac smiled while Erica just rolled her eyes, although Stiles knew that she was just as relieved as he was. Everyone loved his cookies and it would be a sad day at the Hale house if they'd burnt. After all, Stiles's cooking was what the pack looked forward to during training. Placing the bowl next to the last empty cooking tray, Stiles began to scoop out chunks of the batter from the bowl and onto the tray. Jumping down from the counter, Isaac hesitated before resting his chin on Stiles's shoulder. "What are those?" he asked quietly, gesturing to the tray.

Stiles felt his heart warm up at the pack's shyest wolf and he raised a hand to ruffle the boy's hair before he answered. "These wonderful beauties," he said. "Are treats that my Home Ec. teacher once taught us how to make. They're energy bars but I've given them a little kick so that they're werewolf approved. Or they will be werewolf approved after you guys try them. But they were kick ass when we made them in class so they'll be awesome."

Isaac made a noise of approval before burrowing further into Stiles's neck. Stiles just hummed and continued to pack the tray with the batter. A comfortable quiet settled over the kitchen again, save for the few interruptions from the living room. Outside, the light was beginning to fade, signaling that training was about to begin. All was right in the Hale pack's world. However, there was just one thing missing.

As if on cue, both Isaac and Erica were suddenly at alert, their eyes locked onto the entryway to the living room. All noise stopped as the game was paused, all werewolves at attention, listening to something that neither Stiles nor Allison could hear. Then, the sound of a car door slamming shut.

The reaction was instant. Isaac and Erica were racing out of the kitchen, joining the others in the living room as the sound of the front door opening could be heard. Happy growls and whimpers could be heard from the living room as the pack greeted the new arrival, the growls and whimpers soon being overpowered by a low rumble that nearly resembled a purr.

Shaking his head fondly, Stiles simply finished up with his energy bars before he set the tray in oven, making sure to check the temperature as he did. Once that was finished, he went to the sink to wash his hands, as hands covered in energy bar batter were not ideal. As the warm water ran over his hands, washing away the batter, Stiles felt two strong and warm arms wrap themselves around his waist, pulling his towards a very warm and very solid chest.

Immediately, Stiles felt all of his muscles relax and with a sigh, he leaned back and, after drying his hands quickly on a nearby hand towel, wrapped his own arms around those that were holding onto his so tightly, his hands curling around the hands of his mate. A low rumble sounded from Derek Hale's throat, causing his chest to vibrate, sending a shiver down Stiles's spine. Slowly, Derek leaned down so that he could press a soft kiss to the side of Stiles's neck. Stiles let out another sigh and murmured, "Hey there Sour Wolf."

Derek allowed himself a small smile, hidden in his mate's neck, as he rumbled, "Hey there Little Red. There's enough food in here to feed a small army."

Feeling a little flip in his stomach at the nickname he would never admit to loving, Stiles scoffed and pressed in closer to Derek's front. "A human army sure," he said, tilting his head back to flash Derek a smile. "But you werewolves eat a lot, especially during training. Got to make sure the cubs are fed after all."

Derek didn't say anything, just continued to rumble affectionately, his hold on Stiles tightening as he pressed another kiss to his mate's smooth neck. Stiles hummed and closed his eyes, just enjoying the feel of his Alpha, melting into the embrace. Yes, now all was truly well within the Hale pack. Their Alpha was home, content and with his mate. The food was cooked and ready for the onslaught known as training and the cubs were, for once, not fighting with each other and entertaining themselves quietly. All was peaceful in the Hale home.

And on the far side of Beacon Hills, right at the edge of the city's limit, a feral smile with far too many teeth shone in the fading light as smoldering red eyes scanned the city before them. The peace that had settled over the Hale pack was about to come to an end and with its end, chaos would plague Beacon Hills once again.

End of Chapter One

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