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"Talk" normal person talk

"Talk" device talk


- Konbanwa: Good Evening

- Minna: Everyone

- Mou: An expression usually girls does when being teased or insulted

- Arigatou: Thank You

- Niisan: Older brother

- Magical type: A type that very skilled in terms of magic. Very powerful in long range combat

- Fighter type: A type that very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and has great physical attribute. Very powerful in close range combat

OP theme: SECRET AMBITION (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS)

[Mobhilda City, Neko Café, 20.15 PM]

"Sonic-papa!" Vivio cried at me as she ran towards me with her usual sweet smile. I responded by getting out on my chair and embraced her with my arms open. Her height has become similar to mine, though I'm slightly taller with her.

"Hey there Vivio! Good to see you still healthy as ever," I said, patting her head and rubbing it playfully. Nanoha and Fate then followed suit

"Konbanwa Sonic-kun," Nanoha said, and kissed me on the cheek. "Sorry for making you wait for us."

"It's okay Nanoha-chan. I still had my time left to wait for you girls," I simply replied while returning my kiss to the brunette. Then I went to Fate and kissed her as well. "Fate-chan, konbanwa."

"Konbanwa too Sonic-kun," Fate smiled at me as she patted my head playfully. It makes me feel a slight blush but it was good feeling nevertheless.

We then ordered a table for four and immediately went to sit on it. Vivio and I were next to each other, while Fate and Nanoha sat on the other side of it, facing us. We ordered a pizza and cookies for four of us since we don't want to eat too much at this time of a day.

While we were waiting for our orders, we had nice family chat to relieve some of our stress. "Haa…man I'm beat today. Our squad got a lot of assignments today…" I began first, sharing my day's events with the others.

"Let me guess, another civilian's problems?" Fate asked.

I nodded; "Yeah, we have unusual five cases regarding civilians' problems, from retrieving lost items to catching thieves all around the city." I lean back on the sofa. "Seriously, I would prefer a challenging one, even if it's only once."

"But Sonic-kun, you do realize we have to do our jobs regardless the type of it, right?" Nanoha responded while putting her elbows on the table, acting as a support for her chin that rests atop her hands. "Even a simple case such as yours needs to be done properly."

"Haha, you're always the same, Nanoha. Never changed the first time we met," I teased her slightly. She blushed.

"Mou, Sonic-kun! I'm serious, you know," Nanoha pouted, resulting the rest of us laughed by her antics.

"Sorry sorry, I just wanted to lighten you up a bit," I apologized, feeling kind of bad for making her pout like that. I do have to admit, it's cute… "But don't worry, I'm always serious whenever there is an assignment for me and Shads."

"Sonic-papa, how's Shadow-niisan doing?" Vivio asked about my rival.

"Nah, he's still the same. Always takes things more serious than I do," I simply replied, not wanting to add more details about that black hedgehog. "He's even more ambitious to beat me whenever we spar together."

"You don't say." Fate leaned her head back on the booth. "But you're lucky there Sonic-kun. Nanoha and I have to do some paper assignments more than usual today."

"Yeah, I can see what you mean," I admitted without further elaborating the discussion because I understood their pain of having to do paper assignments. Hell I'd be so damn bored if I were in their shoes.

Ah, perhaps I should introduce to you guys about my family here, although I'm not the type of person to do so, so I'll make it short.

Takamachi Nanoha was a woman I met immediately after we entered Kizuna Academy on our first year. At that time I was 7 years old, while she was one year below me. The school was divided from elementary to high school and was affiliated with MDF. She has a deep and kind personality but can be clumsy sometimes, which makes me laugh whenever I play jokes on her. She always helps me whenever I'm in trouble, particularly in subjects that consists theory problems because I suck at that. Of course I return the debt in P.E. class because I'm an athletic person while she's not. When we entered third grade of elementary school, we discovered that she is magical type, while I was fighter type. Even so, we still talk and help each other like we used to. When we're graduated from the school and entered the MDF, we stayed in contact whenever we have free time since we have been put in different squads, until I confessed to her about my feelings on one day, and she gladly accepted it with open heart. She admitted that she also had the same feelings as I did.

My other wife, Fate Testarossa Harlown, was a transfer student during our third grade in elementary school. Apparently, she's from England and was transferred into this city by scholarship. When I and Nanoha saw her, we were in awe by her beautiful red eyes and her golden hair that was tied in ponytails both right and left. At first, she was kind of cold toward us but as time progressed she had become more open to us and we learned the truth that her mother, Precia Testarossa if I remember, died when she was very young. No wonder she had that cold expression when I saw her for the first time; she was trying to hide her vulnerable feelings. Anyway, she's actually very good on every subject, but I still beat her in terms of physical stuff. Like Nanoha, she was also the magical type, which makes her a friendly rival toward Nanoha. Eventually, she entered the MDF like us and became to have feelings toward me like Nanoha did. On one day, she confessed it to me and back then I wasn't sure whether to accept it or not since I already accepted Nanoha prior to that. She told me that Nanoha actually would be happy if I accept her and since I also liked her as well, I agreed and planted a kiss on her lips. I also did that to Nanoha, by the way.

Shoot! I almost forgot. The "Harlown"on her name came after she was being adopted by Harlown family, which makes Chrono, my boss, her older brother.

And the last member of my family is Vivio. She's actually an adopted daughter because as I told you earlier, animals and humans cannot have sex together, thus I alongside Fate and Nanoha decided to adopt her during one of our missions involving large-scale criminals back then. I don't want tell that for now since this is a family moment. When we first found her, she immediately clambered onto her feet and ran toward us, clinging on to me; not caring who she was hugging, since she was blinded by fear. My heart then felt…rather shaken, I recall, and I wasted no time to adopt her as our daughter. When she joined us, she was a crybaby at the very beginning, but after we educated her, she became a very lively and optimistic girl plus more cheerful as well. One thing for sure, she's very close towards us the moment she called us "papa" and "mama" the day we adopted her. She's now in Kizuna Academy and has entered second grade at this year.

Well I think that sums up our short introduction. Back to the main story.

Vivio was very ecstatic when our orders finally came to our table; apparently she was very hungry. I couldn't help but smile every time I saw her expression. During our family dinner, Nanoha's red orb suddenly let out a sound.

"Master, you have incoming mail," it announced. The red orb was actually given during our third grade and it was named Raising Heart.

"Ah, arigatou Raising Heart," Nanoha responded. She opened up the mail using a holographic screen on her right side and the message was from another one of our friends; "Minna, it's from Hayate-chan! She said that she invite us to her house at 12:00 PM!"

"Wow! Really? She rarely invited us for a long time there." My eyes slightly widened when I heard the invitation. Yagami Hayate, another one of our friends, is a commander of MDF. Damn, I'm kinda slight jealous of her position but she definitely deserved that role.

We enjoyed our peaceful family dinner until Vivio was down for the good. She suddenly was sleeping on my lap and I stroke her hair gently. I can't help it, since she's still a child.

"Looks like Vivio-chan is tired there," Nanoha commented, seeing our daughter's face.

"Yeah, guess it can't be helped. She has low stamina than we do." We decided to end the dinner as I carried Vivio in bear-hug style and paid our bill to Rogue.

"Thanks for the food Rogue," I thanked her while carrying Vivio.

"No problem Sonic. Just make sure your daughter not peeing on you," she smirked at me as a reply.

"Haha, thanks for the advice," I replied in sarcasm. I turned toward Amy and said our goodbye as well, which she replied by waving her hand.

[Mobhilda City, Sonic's apartment, 22:00 PM]

Our apartment is located in the middle of city, but close enough to MDF headquarters. It has a fair price for us to be living here and the facility here is comfortable and modern. The room itself got a plasma TV, two rooms, a living room, and a large sofa, provide us enough to stay here until we get ourselves our own house. Actually, it was Hayate's recommendation for us to live in this apartment.

Damn, I owe her a lot.

Once I put Vivio into her room, I walked out from her room and silently shut the door. My eyes felt heavy after that work I done for a day. "Damn…guess I hit the bed now," I said to myself, going back to my room and waiting for me on my bed were my two lovely wives. "Hey Nanoha, Fate, did I make you girls wait?"

"No Sonic-kun. We're just changed our uniform a few minutes ago," Fate replied, shaking her head lightly. Nanoha was in her pink pajamas while Fate wore a black nightgown. My god, they look even cuter now. I went to changing room and changed my uniform into light blue pajamas.


I accidentally stumbled on my own feet as I hear that voice again in my mind. It had been several days since I last heard that hollow voice. I kept asking myself why that voice keept haunting me but unfortunately I still have no clue whatsoever.

Yet somehow I got this bad feeling.

"Sonic-kun, what's wrong?" My wives, Nanoha and Fate hurried towards me the moment I tripped. Looking into their eyes, I noticed that they were worried about me. I slowly stood up and shook my head lightly.

"It's okay girls, I just getting tired that's all," I said, half true half not. I didn't want to make things more complicated so I decided to hit the bed immediately. Unfortunately for some reason, my vision went blurry when I tried to walk to the mattress.

And that moment, I almost was going to hit the floor until a pair of arms grabbed me. It was my wives who grabbed my arms and I couldn't help but thanking them for this, before my eyes drifted to nightly rest.

All that I could remember were my wives' soft voices whispering, "Sonic-kun, rest well." besides my ears and soft pillow that was placed below my head. Ah, I enjoyed this sensation. My body turned around to Nanoha's side and grabbed her soft hands, while Fate hugged my back in gentle way.

And that moment, I went to dream world and hoped it would be good one.

But you never know what kind of dream that will show itself to me tonight.

Because some dream can hold the future for mankind peace.

And I hope I'm not the lucky one.

…yet, I'm actually excited if it was true.

ED theme: Let It Out (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)


- Since this is AU, the background of the characters will be slight different from the original series, but I'll try to put the NanohaVerse and SonicVerse into this.