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Lucy lay on the ground, her head was throbbing. She could barely hold it up without it hurting but she sat up anyway. When she opened her eyes it was dark. Lucy bit her lip as the horrible dream burned in her mind. She clutched to Lacey as she strained her eyes to look around. She could see partially in her right eye. She sighed in relief. She wasn't completely blind. Lucy frowned as she looked at Lacey. IT angered her thoroughly that she let this happen to Lacey. Her grip on Lacey tightened. She bit her lip until bled. She tasted the salty liquid in her mouth. A cruel laugh sent chills down Lucy's back as she looked out into the darkness. The boy was there, but so was another woman. Ultear was there a smirk on her lips. Lucy let out a growl, an angered, enraged growl.

"You did this," Lucy hissed, her teeth showed. "You killed Lacey,"

"Now, now, now, Lucy" Ultear smirked, "Or should I say, Rin?"

Lucy snarled. Her grip on Lacey had been harder than earlier, and it would hurt Lacey. Her brown eyes flashed between brown and black. A dark aura developed Lucy. Her anger developed her every feature, not one part of her face showed the joy she once prided of having. This darker side was taking over completely, and she wasn't even trying to stop it. All that she wanted to do was make them suffer until the last dying breath by her bare hands.

"I will make you pay!" Lucy screamed as she looked at the two people before her. Hate burned through her brownish blackish eyes.

"We only killed her to provoke, and besides, we did you favor," The boy grin a sickeningly cruel smirk, "Since she is still a dark guild member, so we just killed a guild member, right, Ultear?"

"Yes, James, that is correct," Ultear smirked, "So, Rin, what shall you do? Your own kin has been slaughtered before you and you were powerless to do nothing, so what will you do?"

Lucy let out a demented laugh, which startled the icy duo. She placed her hand on her left eye with her hand. Her eyes were still brown, but Ultear was beginning to push Lucy over her edge of sanity. "I will kill both of you,"

Ultear snickered at Lucy's cockiness. "And how will you do that, hm? You can barely stand, so how will you do it without your legs?"

"I never said I couldn't use my legs," Lucy smiled darkly as she stood brushing herself and Lacey off. She set Lacey down lightly and unsheathed two swords, one longer than the one she usually used. A smirk on her face as she swung the sword as if it was nothing. The sword was like her arm, the evil smirk striped anyone of any self-confidence they had before facing her. It had been years since she had used the sword, but it felt like she had been using it for years since Rin Chi. Lucy pulled out a black katana that gleamed against the moon light. Its movements were like it was its only living organism. The swift un-humanly accurate swings and attacks, they were devastating to the one who is being attacked. Ultear and the boy stared in shock and a hint of fear. Her heels of her boots made a dark sound on the ground. The dark ground she stepped in as she left an imprint, blood would seep into the footprints from the ground. Her swords ran through the ground.

"Now, it's time for you to see and feel real fear,"

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