One of the best things about living with the scientists was that they'd put all sorts of yummy delicious food in the fridge for during their lunch breaks or late-nighters. In Pinky's opinion, since the lab was his and Brain's home, anything left in the fridge after hours clearly belonged to them. Which was so thoughtful of the scientists! Because sometimes, when he didn't have his little red wagon, it was very difficult to carry big things home from the grocery store. He'd have to settle for just one block of cheese sometimes! Just one! The inhumanity! Or... umm... inmouseanity.

And don't even get him started on the frozen foods.

Being so small, Pinky could only go so fast when carting his little red wagon full of groceries. So by the time he got back to the lab, anything frozen ended up completely melted. That included ice cream. And it was very hard to eat the ice cream when it was spilled all over the sidewalk (not that he didn't try). So it was always a treat when the scientists left ice cream for them!

Pinky loved all the flavors of ice cream! From the classic vanilla to the wonderfully whimsical cherries jubilee! It was like a party for cherries in a tub! And rocky road and mint chocolate cookie crumble and anything with a 'c' in it really. C was such a nice number.

Strawberry was also a delight, especially because it was Brain's favorite. He absolutely adored the nights where a plan failed early enough that Brain would agree to curl up with him and watch late night TV with little matching bowls of ice cream. They always ended up watching the boring channel TCM (Brain said it was Turner Classic Movies… but Pinky was convinced that it was really called Tolstoy Cows Mooing), but he didn't mind, because there was something so married about watching TV from the bed with ice cream at the end of a long day. And Pinky liked being as married as possible.

So sometimes, he'd write notes to the scientists asking for them to go buy some and he'd stick them on cans of tuna. They didn't always find them right away, but within a week, there was usually a tub of strawberry ice cream waiting for them in the freezer.

After a particularly grueling workout on the wheel one night, Pinky skipped over to the television to pop in his VHS tape of the Nutcracker ballet. He absolutely adored it and would dance all the parts! Though he preferred to be Clara, she was so pretty. But the Nutcracker Prince was also very heroic and got to fight the Mouse King (though Pinky knew he was just a rat pretending to be a mouse, no mouse could be that evil and mean). So, while he pranced his way over, he passed his chubby hubby, freezing as he noticed what was in his hands.

Oh! What a good idea! A bowl of ice cream to treat himself after such a hard workout was just what he needed! Clapping to himself, and quite thankful that he had a husband who came up with such good ideas, Pinky changed course and bounded into the little kitchen area. His hopes set on that refreshing bowl of strawberry ic-

Poit. The freezer was empty of anything ice cream. Blinking blankly, Pinky closed the freezer and then reopened it. Still nothing. He repeated this several more times, until he realized it wasn't going to make the ice cream come back. Flopping on the counter with a pout, he'd been so excited, Pinky pondered his next course of action. Well, he could always eat something else... oh, but his heart was set on ice cream! Such a shame that there wasn't a single bowl of ice cream left in the whole lab!

It took him a moment to remember what inspired him in the first place. Ears and tail perking, Pinky smiled brightly and hopped to his feet. Brain had a bowl of ice cream! Oh, of course he'd share! He had to, it was the last bowl!

"Brain! Oh, Brain!" Pinky flitted back over to his husband, beaming at him as he clasped his hands together in front of him. "Hi, Brain! Narf! Can I have some of your ice cream?"

The megalomaniac removed the spoon from his mouth to frown at his companion. There had been enough in the carton for his own bowl, which just went to show how often the humans actually bothered throwing things away. And he'd wanted to take the last of it for precisely this reason. Pinky always got the last of it, simply because his mind went to the sugary dessert far more often than Brain's did. "No, Pinky."

His smile didn't fall immediately, but when it did, it fell hard. No? Wuh... why would Brain tell him 'no'? And then it hit him. Oh! Silly him! He forgot the magic word! "Oh, sorry, Brain," he giggled, plopping down beside him, expectant grin back in place. "Please can I have some of your ice cream?"

Frown becoming a scowl, Brain scooted away to put some distance between himself and his husband. "The addition of manners, while appreciated, are hardly enough in this case. I repeat: No, Pinky." He'd hit a snag in that night's plans and a small dessert break had been just what he'd needed. Pinky wasn't going to disrupt it.

"But good manners solve everything, that's what Mr. Rogers says," Pinky protested, completely baffled by this development. Brain always said "yes" not "no". That just wasn't right at all. He bounced his way over to him, eyeing the bowl all the while. He suddenly wanted it more than he'd ever wanted anything. It was awfully difficult to lift his gaze from the pink dessert in the bowl into the pink dessert of his husband's eyes. They were still very pretty even when he was a scowly-scowly faced scowler. "Please, Brain? There's no more ice cream left, and I really, really want some!" He went to rest his chin on his shoulder, gaze going straight to the bowl. "Please?"

"Pinky, Mr. Rogers is hardly a reliable authority on solving everything. If manners worked so well, I would merely have to go on a worldwide broadcast and ask if I could pretty please be the world's sole ruler. With you," he added as an afterthought, dipping his spoon back into the ice cream and rolling his shoulders to get his husband to move. "You can wait for the scientists to purchase more ice cream. This bowl is mine." Pointedly, he put the spoon into his mouth.

The whimper he made had been entirely involuntary. His wide eyes followed the spoon, lingering on his husband's lips, but for once without the desire to kiss him until his brains got all yogurty. No. He wanted what was in his mouth. And he wanted it now. "Oh, Brain, I can't wait that long! My heart wants it! That's what it's saying!" Well, actually his heart was saying "thump-thump" but he didn't have to know that. Pinky angled his head towards Brain, blue gaze finally leaving his mouth to lock onto his eyes again. He made another whimpery sound, purposefully this time, and reached out to paw at Brain's arm. "Pretty please, Brain?"

The smaller mouse shifted, turning his torso to angle the bowl away from his cagemate. He attempted scooting away again, his scowl deepening as he removed the spoon. The whimpers and the hungry stare had made him want to give in. Brain's contrary nature really gave him no choice but to become more stubborn against sharing. "No. You can wait for ice cream."

Instead of moving around him to be at the same angle as the bowl, Pinky tried to climb into Brain's lap. He needed that ice cream more than he needed to watch Dr. Bill or Laury. His tongue wanted to lick and lick that spoon and the bowl until every last little bit was safe in his tummy. He whimpered again, rubbing his nose along Brain's jaw. "Pretty please with sugar on top?" he asked, tilting his head as his eyes shimmered hopefully.

Really, that was just unfair and childish. Pinky knew Brain had a difficult time resisting when his eyes were like that and having his lover crawling all over him was difficult to resist in an entirely different way. Irritated, Brain held onto the bowl with one hand, using the other to push his counterpart away. "No, Pinky. I mean it now. Enough of this."

"But, Brain," he whined, rolling onto his belly with lowered ears and a wilting tail, not at all like his normal 'playtime' pose. Pinky could've easily snatched the bowl and ran, but that was just mean. It was Brain's ice cream after all, he just wanted him to share. Because sharing was caring. Big blue eyes somehow managed to get bigger. "Poit. Don't you care about me?" He placed his hands on his husband's thigh, resting his chin on them as he gazed up at him.

"Of course I care about you." Color rose to Brain's cheeks, partly from embarrassment, partly from a different emotion he had to battle away. The placement of his hands, and particularly his chin, was excessively intimate. "That doesn't change the fact that this is my ice cream." He tried spooning more up, but those big eyes were so captivating and distracting that he bobbled the spoon a bit, the sugary pink dessert dropping to his chest. Drat.

Brain was his husband, so by definition, any part of Brain belonged to him. That included his fur. And he needed his chubby hubby's fur to be soft and clean, so any spilled ice cream was a big no-no. So Pinky wasted no time in lapping up the cool treat from his chest, dragging his tongue over and over until he was absolutely certain he could only taste Brain. Smacking his lips, he smiled adoringly up at him, raising his rear to the air as his tail gave a hopeful little wiggle. "Please? More?"

The red in his cheeks had deepened and he squirmed a bit, averting his gaze. Oh, that tongue did things to him that he shouldn't be so susceptible to, given his massive intellect. But he had to remain firm. Pinky wasn't going to get to him that way, absolutely not. Thankfully, it was easier to refuse when that tempting behind and those beautiful eyes weren't in his line of sight. "Pinky, you weren't even supposed to have that much. I said no." He managed to actually get the ice cream to his own mouth, sucking the ice cream from the spoon.

This was so much harder than he thought it would be! The smile dropped into a pout, it couldn't work if Brain wasn't looking at him. Rubbing his cheek against his chest, he slowly moved his way down until his head was back in his husband's lap. Pinky softly licked his thigh and made another quite pleading sound, to grab his attention. His blue eyes were big and bright, not quite so much with hope anymore as it was tears, and his ears were plastered down to his head. He really needed the ice cream.

Brain let out a little wheeze at the lick. He kept his gaze averted, trying very hard not to encourage his husband. A little nervous, he gathered a little more of the strawberry sweet and finally made himself look down. Oh. His heart quivered a little. "Pinky, don't cry over ice cream. That's ridiculous."

"But you won't share with me," he whimpered, nuzzling him. The lanky mouse curled his body closer to Brain, his tail wrapping around his husband to brush against his crookedy one. Pinky could see it in his eyes, hear it in his breathing. He was breaking. Keeping his eyes as sad a possible, he began to knead his thigh and around his knee. Without breaking their gaze, he licked again. "Narf."

Against his will, his tail twitched towards Pinky's. He managed to avoid wheezing again, but he did have to bite his lip and look away again. "Begging is... hardly going to work," he managed, his attempt at a grumble sounding rather unthreatening.

"I already tried asking nicely, Brain," he reminded him, his voice no louder than a soft purr. "I don't know what else to do." He peppered kisses down to his calf, then back up to his hips in attempt to get him to look at him. It didn't do at all for him to look away, not when he was trying to look as cute as possible! And Brain was making those lovely faces, the ones he could never resist. But his husband wasn't budging. He didn't want to have to do this, but he left him no choice. Pinky squeaked, a rather pitiful sound, as he pawed at Brain's other thigh. Then he squeaked again.

Brain couldn't resist, his gaze dropped yet again. His eyes had darkened. "Pinky, that's highly unfair," he murmured, struggling against the urge to give in if meant more kisses. Instead, he took another spoonful of ice cream for himself, cleaning the spoon thoroughly with his tongue.

His blue eyes followed the motions of his husband's tongue. Oh... he wanted to be that tongue and taste all the yummy ice cream. It was so pink and delicious looking! He licked his lips slowly, crawling more into Brain's lap and rubbed against him as he rolled over onto his back. His head pillowed on one leg while his upper back draped over the other. More needy, squeaky sounds spilled out as he pawed at his lover's chubby tummy.

Brain's ears fell and he slid the spoon into his mouth, unconsciously fellating it as the sounds charged rather primitive synapses in his mind, setting off a hunger that had little to do with the ice cream in his bowl. It was so very unfair. He wanted to give in, really, but slowly shook his head.

"Brain," he pleaded wantonly, making more of the instinctive sounds as he wrapped his arms around him. His fingers danced up and down his spine a few times, then settled at his tail to stroke the crookedy appendage. "Please," he whispered, pressing a kiss low on his belly.

He let out a soft sound that bordered on a moan, tail lifting into the touch. His hips shifted a little and he slid the spoon out of his mouth and dipped it into the melting ice cream. "Pinky, I..." Swallowing in an attempt to rid himself of the hard lump in his throat, Brain let the spoonful drop to his chest.

Pinky arched up to lap up the strawberry dessert, freely moaning out his appreciation. He sucked on his chest long after the treat was gone, until he couldn't keep his body lifted. Laying his head back on his thigh, his tongue lolled out and his eyes went half-lidded, gaze begging for more. He didn't mind if he had to eat it all off his husband, that just made it more fun. Especially when it made Brain all squirmy.

Brain's own lips parting, tongue gliding along his lower lip. Another spoonful of the ice cream was dropped a little lower, some of the melted cream rolling down. It was a little cold, so the shiver he gave wasn't only from anticipation. "I suppose... it wouldn't hurt to share."

His eyes lit up and he eagerly sucked and licked up the next dollop of ice cream. He covered his husband's chest and stomach with little nibbles and kisses, just to make sure he got all of the melty, slippery, slidey strawberry. "Oh, thank you, Brain," he moaned, dragging his tongue through his soft fur, only pulling away to wait for more ice cream.

After setting the bowl to the side, Brain laid the spoon on his own tongue next, but left the dessert there as he hauled his husband up for a needy kiss. His lips parted on a moan, encouraging Pinky's tongue. A hand moved down, fingers gripping and kneading his companion's thigh.

A surprised squeak escaped him, he hadn't been expecting that. But he couldn't complain! He loved kisses and he loved ice cream so getting both was simply gah-lorious! Pinky's leg twitched and spasmed as he happily let his tongue slip past Brain's lips to play with his lover's warm muscle. Oh, this was the best way to share ice cream! One of his arms moved up to wind around his shoulders to help keep him up while the other stayed low on his back so he could continue petting the bendy tail.

Whimpering softly, tail twitching eagerly, tongue lapping hungrily. He only broke away when he needed air, swirling a finger through the dessert and over Pinky's muzzle. He lapped it up, humming softly as his taste combined with the strawberry. Oh, his two favorite flavors.

Nose scrunching, Pinky giggled and let go of Brain's tail to scoop up some ice cream. He painted Brain's cheek with it and kissed it off, repeating with his other cheek. "See Brain? Isn't sharing lovely?"

"In certain circumstances," he agreed, turning his head to capture Pinky's lips again. "In this particular situation." Brain leaned away, nudging him back. "Though I may just let you have the rest," he purred, a small smirk curving his lips.

"Really, Brain?! Narf!" Beaming brightly, Pinky obediently moved back, his ears perked high and his eyes sparkling with adoration once again. Oh, best husband ever! He'd be on his best behavior if it meant getting to have the rest of the yummy, tasty, delicious ice cream!

"Mmhm. I think you may just deserve it." He lifted his hands to Pinky's cheeks, enjoying their warmth, and drew their lips together for a warm, albeit brief kiss. "Maybe."

Squirming with delight, Pinky rubbed their noses together. "Poit! What do I have to do, Brain? To make the Maybe grow up big and strong into a Yes?"

Brain hummed, nibbling at his lips fondly. "Not much at all, my dear," he murmured and drew him into another kiss.

Pinky enjoyed the kiss, he really did, but the ice cream was melting! Like the Wicked Witch of the West only delicious! "Brain, tell me," he whined, lapping at his lips, as if to coax the answers out of him.

He didn't want to say it aloud, a little embarrassed by what he wanted. Particularly since he was usually so against getting messy. But he really wanted that tongue on him. "Just... keep doing what you've been doing."

Blue eyes blinked at him. "Begging?" he asked, swiping his tongue under his chin.

"Well, no..." His head tilted back on a soft sound. "That."

"What?" Okay, now Brain was just being all con-fused. He said no it wasn't begging, but that it was? What else could 'that' be? He hadn't said anything else! While the sound he made sparked a fire in his belly, it wasn't quite enough to distract him from his single-minded purpose. Ice cream. Pinky made a sound, a sound that would've been considered a frustrated growl from any creature not as... well, Pinky, and nipped at Brain's now exposed neck. "Do what? I don't understand, Brain."

At the nip, he let out a mortifying squeaky sound. He hadn't been expecting that. "You can have it if you keep... li..." He squirmed against his husband. Pinky misunderstood him at the worst times. "Continue... licking," he mumbled.

Pinky's ears twitched at the squeaky sound and completely spasmed when he deciphered Brain's mumbling-jumbling. "Sure, Brain!" He grinned, pleased that it was something he could do very well. Burying his face in the crook of his neck, he slid his tongue against his fur. Quick and slow, long and short, light and sometimes enough to taste the skin beneath. He loved keeping Brain guessing, and making those lovely sounds.

Grasping at the fur of Pinky's back, Brain let the pleased noises out directly into his husband's ear. Whimpers and breathy moans, soft squeaks and a long whine on a particularly lengthy lick. It was only on his neck, but his wonderful tongue was driving him mad. "Pinky," he purred, "that... that's exquisite..."

Oh, he was torn now. He still really wanted his ice cream, but the sounds leaving his husband were just as delicious, if not more, than any dessert. Pinky nibbled on his collarbone, then lifted his head suddenly. A rezebralation! He'd just combine them! Oh, he was just full of good ideas today! He leaned away to grab the bowl of still melting strawberry ice cream then proceeded to spoon some onto Brain's shoulder.

With a happy little laugh, he placed his lips over it and suckled until it was all gone and then some. "Here, Brain," he chirped, handing him the bowl so he could wrap his arms around him. "Put the ice cream wherever you want me to lick! Troz!"

Too much blood rushed to his head to make his ears buzz for the erection to spring to life at those words and the images they inspired. But his body gave an effort, the pouch parting to allow a bit of the pink length to poke through. He knew just where he wanted Pinky to lick, but with his lover still mostly in his lap, it was difficult to get the ice cream down there. And the chill would probably affect things negatively anyway. Perhaps when it was more melted and he could get his husband out of his lap. For the moment, though, he was satisfied with smearing a bit onto his chest, trails of the liquefying dessert streaming down his front.

Pinky purred, bending low to catch the dribbly droplets with the tip of his tongue before dragging it up to the source. He moved some of it around, making patterns on Brain's chest before swallowing them down. Nuzzling against the patch of damp, but clean fur, blue eyes sparkled up at him. One of his hands slid around to his front, for the bulge had not gone unnoticed, and he greeted the shy head with soft strokes from his finger. It wanted to play too, how delightful!

Brain nearly dropped the bowl entirely, breath stuttering out on a low moan of his husband's name. This was, by far, the greatest ice cream break he'd ever taken. He would have to remember this when the scientists bought strawberry ice cream next. Or possibly mint. He imagined mint would just add an extra tingle, shivered at the thought and lowered his head to rub his nose against Pinky's while the melting dessert was spooned lower on his body.

He licked his husband's lips before scooting back out of his lap. There would be an easier way to do this. Lowering himself onto his stomach, Pinky used his elbow to stay propped up. He could go higher or lower this way, perfect! His lips and tongue explored every inch the ice cream touched quite thoroughly, making sure to give everything equal attention. Including the special pouch. His index finger traced along the outside of it, dipping in every now and then. "You're so yummy," he breathed against his belly, batting his lashes up at him.

He could feel his length growing under the gentle ministrations, the wondrous motions of his very thorough tongue only heightening everything he was feeling. With a small, squeak of a sound his only response, his words temporarily stolen by that beautiful gaze, Brain drizzled the melted ice cream over his torso in meaningless little patterns. Pinky's body was still blocking what he really wanted licked, but he was willing to wait a little longer. "Your... your tongue," he managed, tone husky and breathless. "Perfect."

"All the better to lick you with, love," he purred, then giggled because that was a clever thing he did there, wasn't it? "Narf." He nuzzled his way up, taking his time to lick along these new patterns. One, slow, long drag of his tongue. He cupped the heated shaft in his palm and rubbed his thumb over it. It'll be your turn soon, he promised, dropping down to place a kiss right above the pouch.

Writhing, Brain let his legs spread. He leaned back a little, accidentally spilling some of the melted dessert right into his lap, though most of it concentrated on one thigh and he whimpered. Some of it had ended up on Pinky's face as well, his hips giving a roll and his tongue lolling just a little when he realized.

Pinky blinked, startled by the sudden splash of ice cream. Then he laughed, beaming up at Brain, but it shifted into a coy smile as he took in his expression. Oh, he liked how he could see his tongue. He kept his eyes on his mouth as he lapped up the spilled treat on his husband's thigh, nipping and sucking and kissing as well. He moaned quietly, the heady scent of his lover mingling with that of strawberry made his body tingle. "Good idea, Brain, being tasty all over." Pinky lifted his head a little, raising it closer to Brain's, his gaze darkening. "Am I tasty too? Poit."

The megalomaniac lapped at him as if possessed, tongue bathing his face thoroughly. His cheeks, along his snout and along his jaw. He got beneath his chin, nibbling lightly on his neck, and made an eager little noise. "Yes," he moaned and his tongue glided up to the base of his ear. "Yes, always." One hand released the bowl to curl into Pinky's pelt, keeping him in place so he could lick and nip even after the taste of strawberry had vanished.

Caught up in half-giggles and half-moans, Pinky arched his back to feel more kisses, more of Brain's mouth. He stroked the length still hot in his palm, could feel a similar heat bubbling up inside him. Shifting so his knees were under him, he lifted his hips and bottom, giving a little wiggle. His tongue tried to play with Brain's, following it when he could, pressing his own open-mouthed kisses to Brain's jaw and neck.

Whimpering, unable to take it any longer, Brain ducked his head to lick Pinky's chest and make sure he was able to keep his hand steady. There wasn't much left in the bowl after his spill and he didn't want to miss and ruin his last chance. He hated doing it, but used his free hand to remove Pinky's from his shaft and bit his lip as the heated pink surface was thoroughly coated. Releasing a squeaky, pleading little love song to encourage what he wanted, Brain gave his husband's groin a warm caress, a promise for attention after he got that mouth.

Pinky shivered, his pouch quivering as he dropped his front half back down. Oh, he was hoping this would happen! His eager mouth opened wide and he drew as much of his arousal in as possible with his lips. He sucked and rubbed his tongue all along it, the taste and scent filling his head with dizzying sensations. His desire switched gears, suddenly he wanted to get past all the strawberry to taste his husband. All of him. He made little whimpery sounds as he bobbed and suckled.

It was so hot and wet and Pinky that Brain couldn't even begin to resist the emotions welling within him. He reached down for his lover's ears, the bowl falling to the counter with a clatter he couldn't hear over Pinky's noises and his own squeaking songs. His legs had spread wide and he leaned back a bit to try and offer as much of himself as possibly to that fantastic tongue. An instinctive part of him that was usually deeply buried awoke and was crying out to Pinky's, getting louder as he tried unsuccessfully to keep from rocking his hips.

His fingers gripped Brain's thighs, keeping them spread and in place as he licked all around. Squeaking back, he nuzzled the base of his shaft, lapping at his pouch. Then he licked the dripping tip. Oh, it tasted better than any ice cream flavor ever. Sliding his tongue along the slit, his pitchy, needy sounds increased and his lifted hips jerked in the air.

Brain pried one hand away from Pinky's ears, grasping his tail with it and pumping heatedly. He tried very hard to lift his legs and hook them over his lover's shoulders, whined when he couldn't manage it, but the noises his perked ears were picking up and the marvelous tongue kept most of his attention away from any negative emotions that may have tried to form. His answering squeaks became an octave higher, tail snapping to the side in an unconscious, submissive move.

Whining, he rocked back into the hand at his tail. "Brain," he panted, giving his erection a few more licks as his own eased out. He trembled with a need to overtake him, to make him his and he wouldn't share him with anyone. Not even ice cream. Releasing Brain's thighs, he reached back to encourage the crookedy tail, his squeaks firmer, insistent as he swallowed him down, relaxing his throat despite how eager and excited each of Brain's submissive sounds made him.

His tail twitched and spasmed, staying well out of the way of everything but the fingers. It tried to curl around them, the bends straining. But his focus, what little he was able to muster through his delirium, was on that delicious heat. Only the thought that injuring Pinky would end this kept Brain from thrusting deeper into that mouth, kept his hips still. His little song shifted, turning from eager pleading to warnings. So close already, Pinky's firm noises only encouraging him to give in.

A long, hard suck was his response as he hollowed out his cheeks. He wanted more, oh, he wanted. Pinky moaned around his length, suckling and suckling and trying to taste all of Brain. Every last bit. His fingers tugged hard on his tail, pumping jerkily, in time with his tongue. He made a demanding sort of sound, squeaky and growly and needing all at once.

Ears falling, Brain had no choice but to give in. That sound was so foreign from his husband, but incredibly effective in the megalomaniac's current state. He let go on a high whine, gripping Pinky's tail tightly and letting his head fall back as his seed spilled down his counterpart's throat. The loud love song that squeaked out was all praise - beautiful, talented, remarkable... yours, yours, yours.

Pinky drank him all down, only a little dribbling past his lips and down his chin. The sounds made his heart swell, his mind spin, and his loins throb. He gave the spent length and few farewell licks, then lifted his head to nibble and suck on Brain's neck. His own squeaky love song agreed wholeheartedly: mine. A shiver ran through him, not used to feeling so possessive, and began to whimper, rubbing his face against his shoulder.

The song and the whimper kept him going when he would've otherwise just wanted to curl up and be finished. Instead, his submission continued to rule his mind so Brain finally laid down. He rolled onto his stomach, lifting to his knees and offering himself entirely to Pinky's claim. His tail was held stiff and slanted and out of the way, little encouraging noises pouring from him.

Moaning in approval, Pinky draped himself over his husband. He wrapped his arms around Brain's middle and nipped and kissed between his shoulder blades. His primal instinct flared and another shiver wracked his body as his length rubbed against Brain's thigh. But as he leaned back, gripping his hips and admiring his entrance, something stopped him. They weren't ready yet, his mind cleared enough for him to know that much, that if he took his husband right that second, it would hurt and be bad.

Trembling, both from need and from the idea of hurting his Brain, Pinky placed a kiss to his tail and rubbed his hip soothingly. "I'll be right back, Brain. I need our lunar-chant." He shakily got to his feet, it seemed like ages since he'd last stood, and wobbled towards their cage. Trying to get the delicious image of Brain being completely submissive to him out of his head for the moment.

Brain had hardly heard the words, let alone understood "lunar-chant" in his current state. He'd been so wrapped up in the feel of his lover against him, about to take him, and... and now Pinky was elsewhere. Ears drooped, crooked tail sticking straight into the air, he followed instinct and began to sing again. His squeaks were loud, the mating calls designed to be enticing and promising. And he only grew louder the longer he was gone, hips swaying in time with the calls.

Pinky almost turned around twice. The songs going straight to his weeping length. Something primal inside him assured him he didn't need to get any slicking stuff, that all that mattered was claiming and keeping, and the sounds really only made it worse. But his love for his husband chased away those urges, the hypnotic calls of his mate, because he wanted Brain to feel good too. And the loobeyrent helped with that.

It didn't make his search for the stuff less frantic though. He found it right by their bed and squeaked with unbridled delight. Dashing back to his lover's side, he hugged him tightly around the middle to calm him, quiet him. Because now that he was looking at him, watching those hips sway, all he wanted was to be buried in the tight heat of his husband. So he kissed him behind his ear and hummed, dutifully ignoring the pulse in his groin for now because his chubby hubby came first.

"Sh, Brain, shhh. Narf. I'm here now," he cooed, kissing his ear again as his own twitched madly to drink up the sounds.

Songs that had started to get desperate went softer, had a purring quality to them. But they didn't stop just in case Pinky tried to leave again. His legs spread a little wider, back arching to better press against the mouse above him. He wanted to be filled, needed it so badly that he'd begun to harden again. Entirely untouched with just the promise of what was to come. He'd be mortified if he had that capacity at the moment. "Pinky," he purred, the first word he'd managed in a while, but it faded right back into the squeaky love song.

"Brain," he squeaked right back, assuring him that he would not leave even if it started raining chocolate covered bananas. He kissed down his back until he reached the base of his tail. Smoothing his hands over his husband's wiggling rear, Pinky knelt down behind him and reached for the three and one oil. His fingers thoroughly coated in the substance, he gave Brain's hip a squeeze with his free hand as he traced the outside of his puckered entrance. His desire poured out of him in keening moans and he slipped a finger inside.

Breath hitching, every other sound a needy little squeak, Brain pressed back into the finger and tried to urge him along. He wanted more. He wanted everything. And he wanted it now because he knew Pinky did. His mind was entirely locked onto his husband, tuned into anything that would please him. The strongest urge he had at that moment was to please his lover, offering anything, giving more. His own keening moan was an echo, his droopy ears perking up and back to listen for anything Pinky wanted.

Moving his finger in and out several times, he was quick to add the second, his hips moving in time with his hand. He leaned over and rubbed his cheek against Brain's back as his fingers went deeper, stretched farther, sought out the spot that would let him know his husband was ready for him. Pinky purred and moaned out soft praises, encouragements. His husband was so good, so good. He was so glad that he was his, all his and no one else's. The nip to the small of his back and squeaky song conveyed that much as he moved within the tight muscles.

Brain lifted his head, gazing at him with half-hooded eyes over his shoulder. Oh, his Pinky was so beautiful. Beautiful and wonderful and- "Yes!" the smaller of the two cried out, the exclamation as sudden as the brush against his most sensitive of spots. His squeaks were loud and primal, not so much a song as it was just a conveyance of how perfect it all was. He clenched around the fingers, hips thrusting mindlessly as his entire body spasmed. Now, please, now...

Pinky wasted no time in removing his fingers, needing to be engulfed, surrounded, inside his husband. He groaned out little squeakies as he slicked up his shaft, rocking into his hand. He stroked Brain's thigh, as if to soothe the spasms, tongue lolling as his own darkened gaze fixated on the pucker. So close, so close to being inside. But before he pressed in, he shivered, gaze roaming over his husband's back. Quietly whining, he nudged him to roll over; he wanted to see his face, and something deep down, something not-so primal, didn't think it right to do it to Brain that way. Not his precious hubby.

He kissed him deeply, squeaking softly to let him know why, and wrapped his husband's legs around his waist as the tip of his length pressed in slowly. The heat turning his squeaks into moans.

Brain squeaked back, rubbing their noses together, arching his back and tightening his legs. His arms came around him, fingers grasping at his fur. It didn't matter to him what the position was just so long as he was filled, as long as it was Pinky. He purred, keeping his hips still so his husband could choose the pace, and perked his ears to better hear the sounds he made.

Waiting only a moment, just to get used to being together, being joined, Pinky rocked back out and in quickly. He wanted it fast and he wanted it hard, he'd been waiting so patiently, begging, and coaxing and he wanted him now, now, now. "Narf," he panted, the tic still present among the love songs even as he fell into the sensations. Oh, Brain felt so good, everywhere always. He gripped his hips, pulling him closer as his own thrust in and in and in.

"Pinky," he whined, clinging to him, holding on for the ride. It was so good, so much. Every sense was dominated by his lover, feeling him, seeing him, hearing him. His tongue flicked out to drag along his neck. Tasting him. It was all so wonderfully overwhelming. He let out a squeaky song that was purely love and continued to lick.

Love, love, I love you. Pinky blinked, darkened, glimmering gaze fixated on his husband. A high-pitched sound was drawn out as he tipped his head back, giving more of his neck. "Brain, Brain," he keened, hips moving faster and deeper. Oh, he wanted to stay connected to him like this for always. Wanted to be the only one to ever bring Brain to the brink and back to love and cuddle and keep.

His length, still so sensitive from his first release, was trapped between them, aching and throbbing and every thrust just dragged him closer to the edge. He held himself back, wanting this to last as long as possible, wanting to stay locked together. Every sound Pinky made left him wanting to hear more, so he continued lapping and began moving his hips eagerly to try and match his husband's pace. So hard and deep, surrounding him and filling him. He licked his way up to Pinky's ear and sang again, everything he felt spilling into the instinctive squeaks.

Choking on a moan, Pinky moved faster, squeezing his eyes shut past the prickling tears. It was just so much. All the feelings, in his heart and in his gut, needed to spill out and he just wasn't ready yet. But Brain's hips were moving with him and his songs were touching every part of him. It was so much. Pinky kept one hand on his hips and the other squeezed between them to grip his length, vigorously pumping him because he couldn't hold out much longer. He went deeper and harder, angling to try and find that spot again before the fire in his belly consumed him entirely. "Brain...!" he squeaked out, nuzzling and licking his neck.

Oh. Oh, if Pinky was ready... Brain moaned into his ear, arching his back. His eyes closed tightly and a loud, squeaky wail was torn from him when his husband found what he was seeking. His hips moved erratically, tossing his head side to side. The hand on him, the length so deep and wonderful in him and hitting that spot so perfectly... He couldn't breathe, couldn't have held back even if he'd been trying any longer. His muscles clenched, his wail becoming desperate, pleading squeaks. There was too much, and it was so good, but so overwhelming.

Brain was so, so beautiful. Pinky forced his eyes open to watch him writhe, so pretty. His pretty, smart, brilliant husband. All his. His own cries became frantic, squeaky declarations of love as the muscles clenched around him and everything became so very bright and wonderful as he came. Spilling his seed as he rocked and jerked deep inside his lover, his hand still urging Brain's release.

As he came down from it, Brain licked just below his ear and released soft, pleased sounds. Though his body trembled still, his hands didn't lessen their grip, nor did his legs as he wanted to make sure Pinky stayed close. "Pinky," he breathed. "I love you so much..." He pressed soft kisses against the pink insides of his ear, let out quiet squeaks that echoed the words.

With a whimper, Pinky finally ceased the rolling of his hips and wrapped his husband up tight in his arms. His ear quivered, as did the rest of him and he nuzzled the crook of Brain's neck to try and settle himself. "I love you too," he told him softly, alongside several kisses. "I love you, Brain."

Brain purred softly, nuzzling his ear until it went flat so he could thoroughly lick the back of it. He couldn't think of anything else to say, didn't particularly wish to say anything. He just wanted to stay close, instincts still largely in charge of his foggy mind. Surrounded and claimed - it was wonderful.

Pinky tried to encase all of Brain with his body, tail winding around to tangle with the bendy one he so adored. He reached up to caress one of Brain's ears, keeping his head down to sigh happily and enjoy the attention being given to him. The little licks to his ear only made his desire to cuddle stronger and he rubbed their chests together. "Stay forever," he cooed quietly, closing his eyes to just listen to Brain's heart beat in time with his.

"Yes," he quietly agreed, kissing the top of his head and nuzzling into the messy fur. He'd stay anywhere as long as Pinky was by his side, he decided. His mind was slowly starting to return to him, but there was no rush to move. His grip did relax, though, fingers stroking along his spine.

Humming happily, he pressed more kisses to his shoulder, neck, and chest. Such a giving husband, he shared so much more with him than he needed to. And he never even properly thanked him for what he wanted in the first place! "Thank you, Brain," he purred.

"Mmhm." With a pleased sigh, Brain nosed his brow to try and get his head to lift. He wanted a kiss. "Anytime you'd like to share my ice cream, feel free," he murmured.

His head lifted immediately, his blue eyes sparkling and his smile bright. "Narf. Oh, Brain," he indulged him with a kiss, then another as his hand smoothed over his brow. "What about you? When I want a little taste of you, do I get to feel the free then too?"

"Mmhm," he repeated, rubbing their noses together and kissing him again. He couldn't possibly refuse when his mind was still struggling to reach its normal functionality. The potential for more of that whenever possible was far too tantalizing a prospect to refuse. "You're so beautiful," he cooed, taken by those eyes.

Pinky giggled and ducked his head bashfully, only to pop back up for another kiss and nuzzle. "You can share me too, whenever you want!" Because sharing was caring, but this was special husband caring, and if Brain would share himself with him, then Pinky must do the same! Plus, it was always delightful when his chubby hubby got all 'mine' on him too. He licked the tip of his nose fondly and hugged him a little tighter.

Brain snuggled closer, letting out a soft sound as he felt the softened shaft moving within him. "Of course I can," he purred and kissed him. "You're mine."

"And you're mine," Pinky laughed, beaming, his tail trying to wag despite being caught up in Brain's. His eyes glimmered as if he had a secret and pressed their noses together. "Troz. And I take very good care of what's mine."

The megalomaniac fidgeted a little, tail twitching at Pinky's wagging attempts. His hands slid from his back to his cheeks, stroking gently. And a blush rose to his own cheeks as it suddenly hit him just how... wanton and needy he'd been. He had very desperately wanted him, and Pinky had actually had the wherewithal to get the three in one oil and keep from hurting him. Brain kissed him softly, humming. "Yes. Yes, you do."

He took a moment to preen, pleased by the agreement, then noticed his lover's cheeks. Tilting his head, but making sure to keep Brain's hands where they were, he bumped his nose against one of the cherry-grape red blushes. "Brain, you're blue! Why? Poit." He sought out Brain's gaze with a curious look of his own. "Love things are over." Though he was still happily, cozily inside him, but he liked it that way. All warm and safe. Maybe Brain thought it was embarrassing.

"If I were blue, you would have cause to worry." Brain let his eyes drift shut, decided explaining would be just as mortifying as what he'd done itself. Besides, Pinky certainly hadn't minded his neediness. An eye opened, a little shiver running down his spine. Oh, no, Pinky hadn't minded at all. His sweet, happy husband had been very possessive and it had been very nice. "I'm just a bit embarrassed that you're able to make me lose control so easily, my dear. Don't fret."

Pinky's eyes narrowed a little as he kept their proximity, focusing on Brain's one open eye. "I knew it." Then the seriousness faded and he grinned at him. "Oh, Brain, you're my husband. Narf. There's no need to get all blushy-embarrassed. It's what husbands are supposed to do. I mean, poit, you make me lose control all the time." Though that was mostly because he knew Brain liked to have all the control, like with the world, so Pinky freely gave it to him whenever he needed it. Oh, maybe Brain thought he wouldn't give it back after. "Don't worry, love, I'll find your control for you."

Blinking both eyes open, he nuzzled his husband fondly. The last person he would ever go to to help his control was the one who tore it away with big eyes and a warm tongue. But the offer was precious in its own fail way, so the megalomaniac refrained from saying so. Besides, he didn't want to give his husband the knowledge that he was so easily manipulated. "Thank you, Pinky."

"You're welcome!" He pressed a big, enthusiastic kiss to his cheek and gave his ear a tweak. His stomach made a grumbly noise just then and he looked down. "Zort. Egad, guess I'm still hungry. Oh!" His eyes lit up and he smiled at his husband expectantly. "I know! Why don't we go out for a date? We haven't had a date-date in a while. Oh, please, Brain? Please can we?"

Brain scowled a little, but the fact that his husband was still buried within him was a very strong reminder of how effective his begging was. And between his plans not gelling and this, they were already horribly behind schedule. He sighed and bumped his nose against his cagemate's. "I'm not going anywhere without a bath."

"Oh, I don't mind taking it with us. But do you think we'll be able to get it out the front door just you and me?" His eyes crossed for a moment before he discarded the thought. "Poit. So, does that mean we can go?"

"Pinky, don't make me contemplate hurting you while we're still joined so intimately." He shifted his hips a little, biting his lip to keep the noise he wanted to make at bay. "I didn't mean taking the bath with us, I meant indulging in a bath before we leave. So, yes, it does mean we'll go on date."

Giggling, Pinky shifted his hips back. Oh, it felt funny when Brain did that! But it usually meant he was ready to move, so he carefully slipped out of him. "Hoorah! Oh, I like that plan better. You're so clever, Brain, I mean, what would the bathtub want to eat anyway? Besides soap. And spiders." He pressed their lips together again, then brushed another kiss against his ear. "Zort. I know just the place we should go! They have the most delicious dessert menu, full of all sorts of sundaes!"

Porn for the sake of porn~ No better reason for it, right?

Written with the lovely StarShineDC!