Sliding his hands down his sides, the taller mouse looked around for his chubby hubby's jacket, picking up the discarded clothing so he could put it back on. "Here, love. Narf! Don't want to forget this either!"

"Yes, I know. Now get down to the pedals, Pinky, so we can..." Brain trailed off, then blinked several times before settling Pinky off of his lap. "Wait there. I'll return shortly. I seem to have forgotten something important." Brain pushed open the van door and tugged on his jacket on the way back into the restaurant. He was back in minutes with Pinky's rolled-up menu and a scowl. Their waitress truly had been an annoying one. He'd call and complain if she hadn't actually saved the menu for him. "Alright, Pinky. The pedals."

Pinky perked up at his husband's return, tail wagging as he hopped to his feet. His eyes went straight to the rolled up paper, curious as to what was so important. At first he didn't recognize it, but then he clapped his hands together as the light bulb went off. "Oh, my drawing!" he chirped, a pleasant flutter in his chest at the thought that Brain deemed it so special. He saluted Brain, then flounced over to the edge of the driver's seat to bounce to the floor. "Right, Brain! Narf!"

Brain settled the drawing onto the seat beside Pinky's wig before climbing up to the little station that would allow him to see over the dashboard and drive. Two quick motions had the parking brake pulled and the car pulled in drive since no one was in the spot in front of them. The less he needed to reverse, the better. "You may as well just sit on the gas pedal, Pinky." He looked down, quirking a brow. "I'd like to make it home quickly."

"Narf!" Giggling, he hopped onto the pedal. It was his favorite part. That and jumping back and forth between the brake and the gas. It didn't take long to get home, and no issues other than a couple red lights. Pinky scurried back up once the van was parked and popped the lock to open the car door for himself and his lover. "After you, Brain!"

"Thank you." Brain plucked up both wig and menu, depositing the first onto Pinky's head and tucking the second beneath his arm before jumping down. He'd had plenty of time on the ride back to consider just what he wanted to do with his husband and the contents of the drawing was the highlight. He flicked a look over his shoulder, lips curved into a smirk, eyes smouldering. They were home now; nothing was off-limits. He purposefully twitched his tail and began to head in. "Come, Pinky," he called back, a purr in his tone.

Pinky fixed his wig a little, looking after Brain with an eager gleam in his eyes. "Poit. Right, Brain!" He leapt down and shut the door, skipping to catch up to his husband. Before he overtook him, the taller mouse reached out to give his tail a sharp tug and laughed as he ran ahead of him into the lab. He'd get the bath started! After a quick game of hide and seek. Brain wanted him, and he felt the same, but he was gonna have to find him first!

Brain rolled his eyes, understanding just from his laugh. As if it would be difficult to find his wayward companion. He had a bad habit of forgetting to tuck in his tail or drop his ears... or actually hiding. Covering one's eyes didn't count as hiding, but it was easier not to ever correct him.

Tail wagging, Pinky ducked behind several beakers, taking off his wig and propping it up to look like more of him was there. Trying to quiet his giggles, he went a little further away. The hem of his dress the only thing visible as he wiggled out of that piece of clothing and left it by Brain's books. Oh, what fun! He'd think he'd found him, and then it wouldn't be him. Very sneaky! Muffling more laughter with his hands, Pinky darted back to the cage, locating boa and draping it around his shoulders, a good compliment with the lace lingerie he still had on. He ducked down, watching from the door of their cage to see what Brain would do, then he'd make his entrance! Fun-fun silly-willy!

Brain noticed the wig the moment he appeared atop the counter, reflected as it was in the beakers. It was dismissed immediately, the megalomaniac scanning the area for any other signs of his playful husband. The placement of the wig made the easily located dress suspicious, so he wandered into the cage first to set the menu down (it clearly wouldn't fit in his sardine tin, so where else could he possibly put it?) and hang up his jacket.

When he left the cage again, it was to actively seek his wayward lover. The toy chest was still open, which could only mean the boa. That incredibly massive, intriguely erotic feathered boa. He was very tempted, as he made his way towards the dress just in case, to let out a squeak to draw him out quicker. Pinky and that boa was... Well, it was quite the combination.

Pinky's eyes had gone wide and he'd held his breath as he laid low when Brain had come into the cage. Luckily he was preoccupied and didn't glance over at him. Once he'd left again, Pinky crawled out after him, his belly brushing the countertop as he continued to stay as low as possible, his tail flicking playfully. He waited until Brain had ventured near the dress before rising to stand on his two legs. The boa he let slip down one shoulder as he leaned against one of the flasks provocatively, his eyes half-lidded and his ears lowered a bit. He cleared his throat, twirling one of the ends of the boa as he gazed wantonly at his husband.

He couldn't stop the shiver, his tail flicking upwards. Brain looked over his shoulder, intending to give him a mild reprimand for his ridiculousness. It dried on his tongue, was replaced with a senseless, eager noise. Gorgeous. His tail sprang straight, the length of it pressing against his spine. "Pinky," he breathed, "that's..." Sinful. It was positively sinful for him to be standing there like that - eyes hooded, boa slipping, and those lacy underthings that he really just wanted to peel away. "Egad."

It wouldn't do to laugh, but Brain's tail was just so silly! Sproinging up like a spring! Still, Pinky managed to bite back his laugh, mostly because the way those pretty pink eyes looked at him made his belly warm and tingly. So he batted his lashes and hunched up his bare shoulder, moving the boa more and dragging one end over his stomach, right above the hem of his panties. "Want to come play, Brain?" he purred. "Narf."

The megalomaniac turned the rest of the way, slowly as if any sudden movements would send Pinky away. The pouch was quivering, his length already beginning to break free of it. "Yes," he replied, gaze following the boa's movement. "Pinky, you're just... incredible."

Pinky pushed away from the flask, holding his arms out to display as much of himself as possible. He did a little turn for him, wiggling his hips and tail, making sure to keep as much of his gaze on his lover as possible. His eyes were drawn to Brain's pink, slender shaft, and felt his own pouch tremble beneath the lace. "Brain, you're still awfully far away." His voice lowered, slightly husky as he stretched his arms above his head. "How can we play if you're all the way over there?"

"Closer, yes..." Brain didn't entirely know how he made his way to Pinky, but it felt as though he'd simply teleported. Across from him one moment, pressed against him in the next with his fingers stroking along his sides and his tongue lapping at his chest. He let out another eager sound, licking his shoulder, nibbling on it. He wanted to touch everywhere and taste everything. It didn't matter how many times they'd made love that evening already, it didn't matter how often they made love at all - Brain couldn't get enough of his beautiful, wonderful, dazzling husband.

Moaning softly, Pinky nuzzled and nipped at Brain's ear. He wrapped his arms and part of the boa around him and lifted him up, crushing their lips together. His body and the flask sandwiched his husband as he pressed his back against it. He nudged himself between Brain's legs, coaxing them to wind around his waist as their groins rubbed together, wringing a hungry, needy sound from the taller mouse.

Brain clutched his shoulders, echoing the sound as his hips wriggled and his length rubbed against the lacy panties. He squeaked against Pinky's mouth, lapping at his lips hungrily. And his fingers slid down, running over the boa and through his fur. Pleasepleasepleaseplease-

Lips parted to suckle on Brain's tongue, deepening the kiss. With one hand, Pinky reached down and around to stroke the crookedy tail as promised earlier. His other dragged an end of the feathered blue thing over Brain's ear and along his neck, brushing his fur with it. "Brain," he panted into his mouth, his length straining against his panties, the only thing separating him from Brain's arousal.

His tail wiggled and tried to curl in on itself, but the snap from before had left it sore. But Pinky's touch was marvelous. Ear twitching, he let his head fall back. It broke the kiss, but offered anything else Pinky wanted. A hand slid down, eagerly massaging the shaft through the lace. "Pinky, please," he whined. "Down. Down. Lie down." It was so difficult to articulate his thoughts, his mind jumbled and throat clogged with senseless noises. "I want to touch you."

Pinky buried his nose in soft, white fur as he sucked and lapped at his neck. His hips rocked steadily under Brain's touch. He could feel the heat of his palm, right there. Just not close enough. He barely heard Brain's pleading over the rush of blood in his ears, but he managed a nod and went down, taking Brain with him. "'Kay, love," he breathed, whimpering softly when each move had his length brushing against his undergarments. "Touch me all you want. Poit." Pinky lowered his back to the counter, letting Brain straddle him and latched his mouth back onto his throat to become dizzy from both the taste and scent of his husband.

"Yes," he moaned, fingers raking down his sides and over his chest. They snagged in Pinky's fur where he'd been cleaned before, so he slowed and petted instead. His body lowered, lips and tongue making their way over his lover's body. Even where he still tasted of lemon and disinfectant, he just burrowed to the skin beneath to get to the scent he craved. His hands dropped to his hips, teasing the panties and the warm fur beneath.

Wiggling underneath him, Pinky made eager, encouraging sounds. They turned a bit desperate when his touch was still blocked or hampered by the lace. "Brain, no teasing, s'not fair," he moaned, bucking up, trying to get more. He tossed part of the boa around Brain's shoulders, taking an end in each hand and dragging it back and forth. Boas were very convenient.

Brain only slid down lower, flicking his gaze up as his hand found the back of Pinky's knee. He kneaded the spot, panting against his hip and trying to get some of his mind back from this haze of pure want. Failing, he lapped at his husband's thigh, tongue just at the edge of the panties. His scent was so strong here, but there was just that one barrier in the way. It was as frustrating as it was erotic. He bumped his nose against Pinky's length, sucked on him through the lace. "Wearing this is a tease," he managed. "That boa is a tease." And it tickled in a wonderful way.

"Noooo, don't do that," Pinky whined, fisting his hands in the feathers as he squirmed. Unsure if he wanted to get away from the deliciously hot mouth or closer. But it was torture, making his length throb while confined. "You're a tease! Narf!" His knee jerked as it was massaged, his whole leg trembling from the attention it was getting. So much feeling from just one spot, it made his thoughts mushy and his insides buzz with pleasure. "Egad...!"

There was a part of him that rather liked that idea, reveled in it. It took charge of him for the moment. He rubbed his nose along the confined shaft, nuzzling it through the length. He tugged at the hem with his teeth, tongue dipping beneath with no sign of actually drawing them down. But, oh, Brain wanted that scent. And the teasing part of him was quickly being overruled by the rest of him, the needy and desperate rest of him. He finally dragged the lace down, tugging at one of the ribbons, and ran his tongue up the newly bared length, shuddering as his heady, strong scent destroyed what was left of his coherency. His next sound was all submission and need, his gaze dark and loving when he looked up.

His ears twitched, perking up as he squeaked through the sensations. Oh, he shivered as his shaft twitched and wept, relieved to be free. Pinky met the dark gaze, his own glimmering with a similar desire. Foregoing the boa in exchange to hold onto his husband, he reached for him and made enticing sounds to coax him back up. He needed him closer so he could love and cuddle and touch and bury himself in his lover. Pleasure him until he couldn't think or see straight.

After a final inhale of the intoxicating scent and a last lick, Brain crawled back up. He nudged their noses together, squeaking softly while his tail decided it needed to be as straight as possible. Yes, please. I love you. Take me, touch me, love me. All yours. He clung to Pinky's fur, ready and so very willing to give everything. He continued to squeak, the sound growing more insistent with each repetition as his tongue began exploring his lover's face in warm swipes.

Pinky's head fell back, moaning appreciatively as he enjoyed the licking. And the sounds. The sounds awoke a possessive, primitive dominance not familiar to him. He gripped Brain's hips and ground their lengths together repeatedly, his fingers kneading and spreading his thighs. He returned the squeaky love songs as continued rutting against him, mine, mine, mine. I love you. Because no matter how lustful he got, that was always most important. "Brain, Brain, wait... we need..." His voice cracked as he tried to think, tried to find words for what it was exactly that they needed.

"Bed," he managed, grasping Pinky's shoulders, needing an anchor to keep him from simply combusting. "By the... It's..." But Brain's voice faded back into the instinctive squeaks, begging to be filled, taken, touched. Touched everywhere. He wanted to be surrounded, bombarded and unable to escape, so begged for it, the squeaky songs pouring from him while his body writhed, hips following Pinky's guidance with abandon, legs parting without question.

The fleeting notion of taking and claiming what was his was quickly disregarded. No matter how turned on he was, that wasn't an option. Pinky nudged Brain off him and took a moment to pinch himself really hard. That and the lack of contact helped clear his head a moment. Oh, wasn't it difficult being the responsible one? That's why he left it to Brain most of the time, but he really wasn't in any position to be responsible, not with those squeaky love songs. Each one a plea to be loved and pleasured and it didn't seem like he realized he needed the special slicky stuff to do that.

Swallowing thickly and squeezing his eyes past his body's desire to turn his lover over and take him, he pinched himself one more time for good measure, then shakily sat up and got to his feet. "Okay, Brain, okay," he cooed, scooping up his husband in his arms to carry him to their bed. "Poit. We'll do love things in a minute. Promise."

Brain immediately buried his face in Pinky's neck, licking and nipping eagerly. For a moment, he'd thought his lover was going to leave. Take this scent and all this warmth away and he'd been a step away from increasing the intensity of his squeaks. Instead, out of sheer gratefulness that he was being taken to wherever, the songs turned to acceptance. Anything he wanted. "Pinky," he purred and sucked on his neck where the pulse beat strongest.

"Egad..." His knees wobbled a bit, and he had to hike his panties back up so he had full use of his legs and balance. Because Brain's mouth and sounds were making him all kinds of dizzy. "Please don't do that yet, Brain," he whimpered, gripping their cage door with one hand and focusing on the cool metal instead of the soft, warmth wiggling in his other arm. The bed was still so far away. And his thingy was not happy at all being put back inside his unmentionables. He tried counting to some number, he wasn't sure what he made it to, before letting go of the cage's support and cradling Brain close as he crossed the floor to their bed.

The very small part of him that was aware that Pinky could drop him at any moment struck a chord. Brain stopped lapping at his neck, burying his nose into the curve of it instead to continue breathing in the scent he couldn't get enough of. His sounds switched gears, the squeaky love songs encouraging coos, full of praise and love... with an undercurrent of desperate need present in the way he clung and continued to try and get closer.

Once he lowered Brain to their sponge bed, Pinky nipped his neck then laved his tongue over the spot. "Hush, Brain," he purred, trying to sound dominant and failing, even before he added 'please' to his command. Leaning over his husband, he reached around for the three in one oil somewhere beside their bed and came out victorious. Alright, now he was safe to touch and take and lose himself in the inviting scent of his lover.

Making squeaky, growly sounds, Pinky sealed their lips together and rubbed all over him. He'd give him all the touching he'd been begging for now. Their chests pressed against one another while his hands roamed over every available bit of him, tracing and kneading and memorizing every detail.

The failed dominance only left Brain more pliant, more eager. Only Pinky would be offered everything and treat it with care. Only Pinky was worthy of total surrender. But the smaller mouse wasn't in a place where he could analyze his own reasonings; he was too far gone to do anything more than enjoy. His hands explored Pinky's body as well, mimicking and matching every motion. There was so much of him and the scent assaulting his senses quickly swept him back into the world of squeaky begging. His legs spread, lifted to wrap around his lover's waist and he whined and writhed in earnest when he realized the panties were back on. Off. They needed to be off. How could Pinky possibly take him with such a barrier in the way? "Pinky!" he squeaked.

"I know, Brain, I know!" he whined back, trying to wiggle out of them. "I needed to walk. Troz." But now they were just unbearable. Once they were around his ankles he was able to kick them off. He squeaked eagerly, licking all up and down Brain's chest as he unwound his legs from around his middle. Not yet, he needed to prepare him first.

His length throbbed, anxious and ready to be surrounded. Pinky coated his fingers liberally in the oil, then lifted Brain's hips and slid his index finger along the puckered entrance. He circled it twice, but his husband was so needy already, he couldn't make him wait much longer, so he slipped inside and moaned at the tight heat. Stretch, right, he needed to stretch him. Pinky curled his finger within him as he kissed and lapped at Brain's throat and jaw.

Brain attempted to roll his hips, barely managed to rock them. It was so good, but it wasn't enough. He wanted more. Head falling back to allow Pinky all the access to his neck that he wanted, he squeaked his pleas. But when that finger brushed against the sensitive spot within him, the sounds stuttered to a halt while his body dealt with the sudden, blinding spasms. It was so much that Brain couldn't even breathe until they passed. His squeaks returned with his air, fingers scrambling for purchase in the fur of his lover's back. I love you, I love you, I love you!

"Oh, Brain, I love you too," Pinky gasped, adding a second finger as he scissored and brushed against the special bundle of nerves again. His husband was just so beautiful. He was beautiful all the time, but especially so when lost in pleasure. And he did want to make him feel so, so good. Pinky squeaked back in his ear, loving praises and adoring compliments. Deeming him stretched enough, and clearly eager, the taller mouse slicked up his shaft and allowed Brain's legs to wrap around his waist again as he positioned himself at his entrance.

"Yes," he moaned, bumping his nose against Pinky's and clinging tightly, trembling with anticipation. He was so ready, so eager to surrender himself to his glorious husband. He was so special, so precious. The words spilled out, some part of Brain needing to say them aloud. "I love you." It wasn't only instinct, coming from the basest part of him. It came from his normal mind, his evolved mind. All of him loved Pinky. His eyes were dark and dazed, so full of what he was feeling that the tears were already beginning to spill. "I love you so much."

Pinky lapped up the dampness from his cheeks as he slid inside. His heart was bursting, his own emotions rolling inside along with the intense, physical pleasure. "I know," he hiccupped past a squeak, setting a rhythm. "I know, I love you too. I do. Narf." Hips rocked in and away while he kissed his husband, pouring as much love and affection into it as possible. These were love things for a reason, after all.

Relieved, needing an outlet for wave after wave of such strong emotions, Brain poured himself into the kiss and released pleasured squeaks. He was finally, finally being filled, taken. And the scent surrounding him was extraordinarily overwhelming. It was Pinky. So much Pinky, and exactly what he so desperately needed. No escape.

Angling his hips to better hit that special spot again, Pinky squeaked back as he increased his tempo. Faster and harder, he wanted there to be no thoughts in his husband's big, silly head distracting him from their love things. Leaving one hand gripping his hip, the other curled around his length and pumped vigorously. He wanted to surround him, touch every inch, be engulfed in his taste and scent and make his lover endure the same. He rubbed against him, nipping and kissing and sucking whenever he could. Mine and only mine. His growly squeaks rumbled in his throat, making his hips stutter as they surprised even him. Oh, the things Brain did to him.

If he'd had his wits about him, the sounds that came from his husband would've stunned him. As it was, everything in him was far too latched onto the moment, the sensations that occurred as he tightened the grip his legs had on his husband and moved his hips in time with the delicious pumps of his wrist and the mind-numbing thrusts within him. His sounds were pleasure-soaked submission - Yours. Always yours. And there was nothing else but belonging, his back arching and a wail tearing from him as Pinky hit that bundle of nerves and blinded him.

He swallowed each sound, delicious and perfect, and drove his thrusts right into that spot again and again. Changing the grip on his hips, rolling them up more to allow him even better access to the nerves that made more of those addictive noises, he removed his hand from his length to help keep him lifted. Completely at his mercy. Oh, his Brain didn't give up his control to anyone, except him. He gave it to him, and Pinky gladly took it. He was going to make him come just from hitting his spot alone.

He couldn't. He just couldn't. It was too much. Brain raked his fingers down Pinky's back, his sobbing, breathless squeaks growing louder and more desperate with each thrust. His mind was barraged with sensation, far too much for him to even begin to sift through. It was exactly what he'd craved, but so much more. It was always so much more with Pinky, his lover always knowing just what he needed and willing to give it and then some. But there was no part of the megalomaniac that had been prepared for this; he couldn't even move his hips but for useless, rhythmless jerks that were more mindless than the sounds he couldn't stop, couldn't hear anyway from the blood roaring in his ears.

But Brain managed, for only a moment, to meet Pinky's gaze. Those gorgeous blue eyes were dark and the glint of ownership in them was his downfall. He came hard, his crooked tail snapping into a tight coil, his entire body tensing but for uncontrollable spasms. The squeaky song he let out was high and long and it was only Pinky's name.

Pinky continued thrusting, or tried to past the clenching muscles. But those glorious sensations combined with the mating songs, his name in a wonderfully captivating squeak, made it impossible to hold back for much longer. He kept his dark gaze on his lover as his hips shuddered, then stilled deep inside him as he released, filling him and letting Brain's spasms bring him past the brink and then some. His teeth sank into the curve where his neck met his shoulder, a possessive love bite completely instinctive. He belonged to him, his husband.

Shuddering, the megalomaniac stayed as he was, had no choice with the way his lover was holding him. The bite wrung another squeak from him, this one soft and accepting. He felt like a raw nerve, exposed with every sense heightened. He whimpered quietly, tears still falling from his eyes, and simply went limp. He was capable of nothing more.

His heart was still racing and his body still trembling from the intensity, but it was the boneless limp that startled the fog from his mind. Pinky brought his head up immediately, blue eyes back to innocence and wide with shock. Slowly, he lowered his husband's hips back to the bed, his hands shaking. It felt like his heart was going even faster than during the love things, which didn't seem very loving at all if he bit him like that! Pinky curled his body around him in the gentlest hug he could, nuzzling his tear-stained cheek quietly. He wanted to check his shoulder, but too scared to see if he'd really hurt him. Brain didn't seem alright at all, egad, he'd taken advantage of all the control he'd given him, hadn't he? He'd let his instincts take over, and wasn't Brain always saying they were above that?

Pinky's emotional dilemma was entirely beyond the smaller mouse, his mind not even making an attempt to begin working again. He didn't even notice the way his hands trembled, his own body quivering far too much. His shoulder stung in a glorious way. His tail, which had slowly uncoiled, was trapped beneath him and aching wonderful. And the bruises Pinky's fingers had left on his hips throbbed in time with his heart. It all left him floating quite contentedly in a lovely haze. The hug, the way it left him surrounded by so much soft warmth, just made his haze more pleasant. As did the sweet nuzzles. Eyes going half-lidded, Brain began to purr softly.

Oh, he felt even more horrible now! Brain didn't even know how much he'd been taken advantage of or hurt! He was still purring! Pinky met his blissed out gaze with his own despairing, tear-filled one. He'd broke his husband. Oh, of that he was certain. Whimpering, he licked the tip of his nose then bumped his against it. "I'm sorry, Brain," he said softly.

A confused little sound interrupted the purr, Brain lazily rubbing their noses together. What could Pinky possibly have to be sorry for? He felt wonderful, the only possible complaint that it hadn't lasted longer. But even that wasn't a bad thing. Much longer and he was sure he'd be dead. Purr returning, he languidly lapped at Pinky's muzzle, getting what he could without having to lift his head.

Pinky turned his own head away, wanted to pull out because he probably hurt his insides too with how hard and fast he'd gone. Wasn't Brain always telling him to be careful? He couldn't move though, not with his husband's legs wrapped around him still and he didn't have the heart to remove them.

Something about the way Pinky turned away - had he ever done that before? - tugged part of Brain out of his haze. Had he asked too much? Still riding on overly emotional waves, the fear that he'd somehow done something wrong had fresh tears pricking his eyes, these ones distressed. "Pinky...? What's wrong? Don't be upset." He nosed his lover's cheek tiredly, voice low and soft. "What did I do?"

Not wanting his husband to blame himself for his own stupid, bumbling-botchy self, Pinky shifted his head back to face him. He shook his head as his lip quivered. "Oh, Brain, I'm a bad husband!" he sobbed. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!" He nuzzled back, hoping the affection might win him some forgiveness. Gently petting his sides might work too. If anything, it would at least be tender and loving for Brain, what love things were supposed to be.

Brain started to slip back into the haze, the gentle touches lulling him. But Pinky was far too upset. "You're a wonderful husband. But what didn't you mean to do?" Had he left his toy oven on again...? That would be an easy fix. And since his lover was looking at him again, he rubbed their noses together. Those blue eyes were so lovely, even though he was distressed.

"I hurt you," he blubbered, closing his eyes as the tears spilled out. "I bit you." His insides curdled with disgust. Sure they nipped at each other, but always in play and fun and love, never with all those scary possessive greedy thoughts and meant to be hard and mark. Sucking could leave marks, that had been okay, but teeth hadn't yet. And still, it wasn't so much the bite itself as it was the feelings he had while doing it. Control, yet no control. Egad, he was confused.

"Oh. Don't cry." Brain yawned, nuzzled him gently. That was easier to fix than the oven. The toy oven. "I enjoyed it, Pinky." He lifted heavy arms, winding them around his husband, and rubbed their fur together. He was so soft and warm, still filling him so perfectly. "I'm still enjoying it, my dear." He hesitated a moment, really just wanting to close his eyes and fall asleep exactly like this. "Did you... not enjoy it? I certainly won't... ask such things of you again if you... if you didn't." Embarrassment was, much to his displeasure, tugging him further away from the haze.

Pinky blinked his eyes open, sniffing quietly. "You enjoyed it? Really, Brain?" He looked at him, unsure and hopeful at the same time. "Poit. It didn't hurt?" The more normal his husband seemed to get, the better Pinky felt. His tail even gave a hesitant twitch.

"Of course not." A blush filling his cheeks, he averted his gaze. "It is what I... what I demanded of you." Trying to twist it to his idea entirely made him feel better about the situation, though that had certainly gone to places he never would've anticipated. Pinky really had bitten him and he'd pulled off that possessive growl with impressive results... And it was truly an issue if reflecting on his complete loss of sense made him feel warm and loved rather than mortified and irritated. "It was excellent, Pinky."

Come to think of it, his squeaks had been encouraging the whole time. Pinky rubbed their noses together, trying to get Brain's gaze back. "I liked it too, a whole lot. Troz. I was just worried, we've never done it like that before." Well, Brain had growled at him before, but it was different. It was Brain and he loved his growlies. Oh... maybe it was the same thing only backwards then.

Cheeks still reddened, Brain managed to meet his gaze again. "Well... No. No, we haven't. Not quite like that. If I hadn't liked it, I would've told you so. It was a very... intense and stunning experience, but highly enjoyable."

He nodded slowly, but seemed to digest that well, hugging him gently again and laying his head beside Brain's. "'Kay. I'm glad it made you feel good. It sounded like it did. You were being very irresistible, Brain."

"So were you, my dear. Surprisingly possessive and gorgeous." Boa and panties were a very dangerous combination. His mind had shorted from that first glance and hadn't kicked back in again until... It still wasn't working to full capacity yet. A very dangerous combination. "I'm also fairly certain that you growled at me," he mused, smiling slightly. He stroked Pinky's back gently, his purring coming back entirely unbidden. He just felt so sated and wonderfully content.

Pinky smiled sheepishly, one ear twitching down when he blushed lightly. "Wuh-Well you weren't being a very good listener, Brain." Barely refraining from wiggling about in embarrassment, being still inside his chubby hubby and all, he settled for hiding his face in Brain's neck. He lapped soothingly at the spot he'd bit while he was there, just in case it needed to be made better even if Brain hadn't minded.

"Mm... Well, you weren't going fast enough." He shifted a little, trying to free his tail from beneath him, and had to bite his lip at the feel of Pinky's softened shaft move within him. The broken appendage was the only part of him that really hurt; the bite didn't even sting with Pinky's warm tongue on it. "Would you be agreeable to bubble castles in the morning? I'd much rather just sleep."

"Of course, love. Poit." He was feeling particularly sleepy as well. All the love things, it took quite a lot out of them. Soft sounds escaped him as he felt Brain move around him, and he reluctantly, but carefully slid out. Nudging his husband over just a bit, he freed his crookedy tail and massaged it lovingly. "Beddy-bye time," he squeaked out a yawn, setting his tail back on the bed and scooting off it to go find something to clean them off enough so their fur wouldn't be a nightmare in the morning.

Brain scrunched his nose, immediately disliking the empty feeling. He hadn't wanted him to pull out, though being able to roll onto his side and have his tail free was almost worth it. Except the ick was slipping out onto his thigh, so he ended up on his stomach with his tail twitched out of the way. It ached and it was colder without Pinky and he was simply, absolutely full of complaints now that his lover wasn't nearby. He pouted miserably, tired and achy and messy. "Pinky, hurry up," he whined.

Pinky smiled fondly at his cranky-pouty chubby hubby. Moistening a cloth with water from their water bottle, he took it to Brain's side and settled on the edge of the bed beside him. "Don't rush me, Brain," he giggled, stroking his husband's back with one hand as he dabbed away the mess with the cloth. It smoothed over his thigh and entrance until he deemed him clean, then rolled him back over. "I have to get your tummy too," he cooed, wiping off his fur there and running his fingers through it. "Narf."

"My tail hurts," he muttered, just to be petulant. "You made it do things it isn't supposed to. And clean yourself off so you can get back in bed." The pout didn't fade, no matter how much he enjoyed Pinky's hands. He was so very careful with his cleaning that it was hard not to reach out and pull him down. But then their noses were rubbing together and Brain realized that he'd done just that.

"Poit." He gave him a kiss, hoping to placate him. "I am sorry your tail hurts, Brain." The sincerity shining in his eyes as he brushed their lips together again. "Are you sure you enjoyed it?" He looked at him carefully as he sat up, wiping off his own stomach.

"Yes, Pinky, I enjoyed it." Brain folded his arms over his chest to keep from reaching out again. "What I don't enjoy is you... leaving," he muttered, averting his gaze. His pout hadn't disappeared, but it had certainly softened. "Now just finish cleaning and get back into bed."

"Right, Brain." He saluted, only getting up to put the soiled cloth away to be cleaned later. Curling up on the bed, Pinky wrapped an arm around Brain's waist and tucked him in close. "Better?" he asked, nuzzling his ear down.

"Yes." He nuzzled into Pinky's chest, trying to snuggle closer. It was true: he couldn't get enough. He looked up, touching their noses together. "Pinky, I know that was unusual for you... But I did enjoy it immensely. It doesn't have to be something that occurs again if it bothered you."

He pursed his lips, tracing patterns with his finger on Brain's hip. "I liked it," he replied, hesitantly meeting his husband's gaze. "But I don't want to hurt you. Troz. What if I forget to get the slicky slicking slickers next time? Or bite you even harder? Or break your tail again?" It already had so many breaky breaks.

"Pinky, I have the utmost faith in you. Forgetting the lubricant wouldn't be a pleasant experience for you, either, so I'm sure you wouldn't forget it. And biting me even harder is... tolerable. It doesn't hurt, my dear." It stung a little, Brain only able to shove it aside at the risk of losing the opportunity to experience that again. "As for my tail, it's highly unlikely that you would break it." With an effort, he wiggled it to show him. "Your worries are unfounded, Pinky. If I succumb to that mood again, I have no desire to have you hesitating before giving me what I want."

"'Kay." Pinky nodded, petting his side once more before winding both arms around him to cuddle properly. "If you trust me, I trust me. Narf." He smiled brightly at him, tail thumping against the sponge bed. "I just wanna make you happy and feel good."

"Yes, well, you managed that." Brain lifted his hands to Pinky's cheeks, enjoying the soft warmth against his palms. "You are never to wear boa and any sort of panties together before a plan. It's a detrimental combination in regard to my brain cells."

He couldn't help giggling, he remembered all too well how great the combination worked! "After the plan?" Pinky nuzzled his hands, blinking adorably at him.

Brain blushed lightly, granting him a small kiss. "After the plan," he confirmed and pushed Pinky onto his back so he could crawl on top of him. He curled up, pressing his ear over his lover's heart. "Goodnight, Pinky." He breathed in his scent, curled his fingers into that warm fur, and the words slipped out with surprising ease. "I love you."

Purring, pleased by this position, Pinky drew the blankets around them both and kissed the top of his chubby round head. "I love you too, Brain. Goodnight."

Brain made a quietly pleased sound, eyes slipping shut. It had been an exhausting evening. But, he thought as he drifted off, the two of them were very good at getting what they wanted from one another.

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