"Put your hands where I can see them and turn around slowly," the voice boomed across the room. Myka looked at her partner, who was frozen where his hands were reaching out for the toy, but he wasn't quite touching it.

"Listen, sir, we can explain. We're Agents Bering and Latimer, Secret Service," she said, flashing her badge. The guard looked at her suspiciously, and then looked down at her belt.

"What's the Secret Service got to do with this?" he asked, his hand with the gun still pointing at Pete. She bit her lip.

"We have direct orders to take this toy as we believe it might be involved in a case we're working on," Myka continued.

"A case?"

"Classified information."

The guards arm wavered and after a few seconds of silence, he finally put it down.

"When do you think you'll return it?" he asked.

Myka paused, but luckily her partner jumped in at that time.

"That depends on how long it takes to solve the case," he said.

The guard sighed and shook his head. Another few seconds passed in silence, and Pete looked at Myka expectantly. She glanced at him, and then back at the guard.

"Well? What are you waiting for? Take it," he grumbled, gesturing to the toy. Myka turned to find that Pete had already lifted it from its stand, and he was walking to the door. Myka jogged up to him and whispered thanks, and Pete nodded.

"Should we call Kim?" Pete asked.

"The medic's would've already called her. Maybe we'll call Artie, see if we can make any sense of this," Myka suggested.

Ignoring the strange looks they got from people, they made their way out of the museum and back onto the street, where they got even more stares from people walking by, but they left them alone.

"Whoa!" Pete suddenly exclaimed, and he fumbled the toy. Myka looked at him suspiciously. He was staring at the toy in a mixture of awe and confusion.

"What?" she asked.

"It…this thing, it just vibrated," he explained.

"What?!" she repeated. "Is it doing anything now?"

He held still for a brief moment, but shook his head. "Nope. Nothing."

"Are you sure it moved?" Myka asked.

"I'm sure, Mykes!"

Their walking transitioned into a jog as they neared the car, however Myka was a bit more steady than Pete with her steps. Then again, she wasn't the one holding the dangerous artefact in her hands.

"Shall we call Artie?" Pete asked as soon as they got to the vehicle.

"I'm already getting out the Farnsworth," Myka pointed out, reaching into her pocket. She pushed the button to call him and waited. No one came up on the screen. Puzzled, Myka tried pushing it again, just in case, only to get the same result.

"Pete, nobody's picking up," Myka told him. He narrowed his eyes and took the Farnsworth from her gently. Holding the artefact in one hand and the device in the other, Myka pushed the button to ring. Once again, no one picked up.

"That's odd. Maybe he's really busy with the Warehouse," Pete suggested.

"Let's hope so…"

"Okay, so let's get all the facts straight…"

Back at the Warehouse, Artie and Claudia were prowling around in the aisles, looking all over for the whistle. Well, Artie was looking for the whistle. Claudia was glancing around, trying to catch of glimpse of Steve as well as looking for the artefact.

The silence was unnatural and completely unnerving. She couldn't even hear herself breathe, or her footsteps. Something could be charging at her right now and she didn't know. Startled by the thought, Claudia whirled around in a panic, but nothing was out of the ordinary.

Great job, Claudia, she thought. Now you're gonna make yourself paranoid for the rest of the time you're gonna be looking for this stupid artefact.

The next ten minutes she spent crawling along the floor, turning her head once every thirty seconds to make sure no artefacts were trying to kill her.

Nothing but dust, she said to herself when she got to the end of the aisle. She spotted Artie crossing her path and she gave him the thumbs down. He made a movement that Claudia assumed was a sigh, and then he continued onto the next one.

Think Claudia, think. When did it suddenly go all silent? Well, it was okay when I started inventory, I was walking with Jinx, then we said goodbye…

"I've gotta go this way," Steve told her.

"Oh, okay. I'll see you later then," she replied. He gave her a smile and made his way down an aisle, and Claudia turned to walk, ran into a shelf…

I ran into a shelf! she suddenly realized. Maybe it caused a few of the shelves to move, and then the whistle fell off when it jostled…

She pumped her fist into the air and spun around to run to Artie, only to find that he was too far away. Oh well, she thought. I'll just be around the corner. Nothing's gonna happen.

She got off the floor and stood up, brushing all the dust that had collected onto her shirt and jeans, and coughed the rest of it up. She walked down the aisle away from Artie and got to the corner, where she remembered to turn left and then right.

Here's where I knocked the aisle, she recalled. Her shoulder still hurt from the impact. Smiling, she knelt down and started to search around the shelf, being careful not to touch any artefacts. After a few minutes of searching, she was disappointed to not find it yet, but she was still hopeful. She was still confident in finding it. And when she did, she would give it back to Artie, he'd neutralize it, they would be able to hear again, and then they'd find Jinx.

Unfortunately, after a few more minutes, she still couldn't find it and she was starting to get annoyed. She was so intent in trying to find the artefact that her paranoia melted away and she was only focused on the whistle.

Suddenly she felt a hand touch her shoulder and a shot of adrenaline kicked in. Jumping, she spun around and tried to attack it, but this thing jumped also and caused her to recoil quickly.


She had hit the shelf behind with her shoulder blades, and before she had time to look, something heavy had landed on her head. Her legs gave way and she had just enough time to scream with pain (although no one could hear) before she hit the floor and sunk into unconsciousness.

Sorry about the slight delay, but there is Chapter 7. I've been a bit busy being emotionally drained from the latest episode of Warehouse 13 (don't worry, I won't give away anything for those who haven't seen it) and also the latest episode of Doctor Who. Nah, just kidding, I have been busy. But yeah, once again, sorry for the delay, hope you're still enjoying the story. Thanks for the reviews, follows, favourites and the views in general. See you next week!