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Fox Kingdom

Chap 3 Mother and Father

To say the meetings were canceled for the day was an understatement, the guardians who fought Naruto were excused to get redressed and to relieve themselves. Minato went straight to his home slamming every door shut in his rage. In his room there was a large mirror that was covered with a thick black cloth.

Minato pulled the cloth away and stared at his reflection in the mirror. "Answer me Kyuubi, I've stayed silent all these years but so help me kami answer me now!"

The mirror turned black and piercing red eyes peered through the darkness. "Why Minato I haven't heard from you in years."

"Cut the crap Kyuubi, I know you've been keeping tabs on me in some way shape or form, but that's not why I'm contacting you. It's Naruto."

"He is not your concern." Kyuubi's voice was cold.

"He is my son, I'm his father." Minato shouted.

"Don't you mean mother?" Kyuubi said his voiced laced with amusement. "I still remember your face when you found out you were going to be a mommy."

"He's my child!" Minato said blushing. It was through demon power he came to have a womb of chakra and he carried Naruto for 9 weeks. Then Kyuubi took his son away.

"He doesn't even know of your existence meeting him now there is no point."

"You're wrong I did meet him, he was here!" Minato shouted

"WHAT?!" Kyuubi shouted the mirror cracking.

"The snake man Orochimaru, he brought Naruto here and tried to sell him."

"Where is he I'll get him and bring him home?" Kyuubi said his fury evident in his voice.

"He already escaped Kyuubi, he killed the golem who brought him hear and after playing with some of the guardians here he escaped using an ice wall."

"So then he's back in the demon lands why did you call then." Kyuubi said.

"You promised me he was going to be safe, I want to see him, I want to know him, I want to protect him!" Minato shouted.

"Fool I have kept him safe I may not know how the snake bastard got him but it won't happen again." Kyuubi narrowed his eyes. "As for the other part of your rant NO. I have raised the boy to be a strong demon, as if a human like you could protect him."

"Then why did you breed me at all you could have rutted with me and been done with it why pain me knowing I can never see my son." Minato shouted.

"You were a whim, the fact you gave me Naruto is a blessing but he will always be my son."

"But I want to see him, I want…" Minato shed tears.

"Aww don't cry." A new voice snapped Minato out of his sorrow. He turned to see his son slowly appearing in his room.

"Naruto what are you doing there get home this instant." Kyuubi snapped and Naruto frowned.

"I can't Papa that snake bastard is still around, and you need to take care of him while you do that I'll stay here." Naruto said.

"But Naruto I don't think that's a good idea." Kyuubi said worrying about his son.

Naruto smiled at him and hugged Minato. "It will work out I'll have Daddy here." Minato blushed as he was hugged by his very naked son.

'That's what I'm worried about.' Kyuubi thought.

"Please Papa!" Naruto said his blue eyes sparkling and Kyuubi froze.

'Damn not the look I can't handle the look!' Kyuubi thought and with a growl. "Fine."

"Yay thanks Papa." Naruto said with a smile.

Naruto cut off the connection through the mirror.

"Alright Minato I have some rules." Naruto said he snapped his fingers and Minato gasped as his clothes were ripped from him and he was naked with his son. "Papa was right about one thing by demon standards I'm an adult, I don't want to start a mother son relationship with you." Naruto cupped the older blonde's cheek his thumb tracing over his lips. "If you want to be in my life we need a new relationship."

Minato gulped guessing where his son was going with this, and he cursed himself for getting hard at the thought. "I want to play with you in ways I'm sure Papa did with you." Minato blushed.

"Rule one: You will be my bitch, when we are home and alone you will be naked and let me take you in any way I see fit. Do you understand?" Naruto asked and Minato shivered, he nodded his head and Naruto kissed him. "Good boy. Rule 2 I'm sure you know demons have the power to create children even through male matings. I plan to build a family here you will be the first mate I take and you will help me raise this family." Minato nodded.

"What about the other kingdoms Naruto I don't…" Naruto silenced Minato with a kiss and he brought his hand down to squeeze his father's ass.

"Don't worry about that. I am will take care of everything, just believe in me and we will be together." Minato liked the sound of being together so he nodded his head. "Why don't you go draw us a bath?" Minato blushed and got up.

"Yes son." Minato left his hard cock bouncing as he ran off to take care of the task, Naruto licked his lips staring at his father's tight ass. Naruto shook his head to clear his thoughts. Getting the chance to pound his daddy's hot boy pussy was just one of his goals. There were larger reasons for him returning to the human lands.

When he was passing through the ice he felt a great danger on the other side, he changed course and avoided being captured. There were too many questions his Papa was beyond over protective had a nightly guard placed not only on the outside of the door but protection seals wall to wall inside his room, how Orochimaru was able to capture him was a mystery and what's more; he brought Naruto to the human lands instead of selling him to a demon lord. Naruto didn't like it so he planned to investigate in secret and he wouldn't be able to do it under the watchful eye of his Papa.

Naruto had plans to find out what Orochimaru is up to, and follow his demon instincts along the way.

To be continued