Legal Stuff: I don't own Kids In The Hall... I wish I owned Dave...

A/N: This poem is probably what I would say if I could ever meet the Kids.

What is there to say for you five?
You've made me laugh at the television screen,
Disregarding the fact that I might have looked stupid,
Alone in front of the TV,
Laughing at seemingly nothing.

Bruce, the serious yet wacky one,
Your deadpan face and monologues made me wonder,
There's got to be sugar under that spice.

Scott, are you really gay?
In your height and bearing I found you handsome,
I may be naive but I didn't see it.

Mark, your baby-face is enchanting,
From the smile to the bright eyes and laughter,
You are the essence of inner child.

Kevin, I never saw anyone as bizarre as you.
You're a genius and shameless,
Dark-eyed, dark-haired wonder.

And Dave, with your beautiful blue eyes and open smile,
Blonde hair, and frank manner,
Who can resist?

And you all get to do this for a living,
For which I envy you profoundly.

By the way... can I take Dave as a souvenir?