Life On Mars.
My name is Abigail, my godparents are Sue and Pete Brockman.
When I am left alone, living with them becomes my reality.
It really is Life on Mars!


Monday, 17:36

Hi, I'm Abigail and I'm currently writing my diary on the street corner of Keely road.
My dreadful aunt is faffing around in her dreadful car while I sit on the curb like a homeless, covered in suitcases. I can't wait till I'm shot of my Aunt, she hates children and treated me like scum. When the will was proccessed and it turned out I was going to live with the Brockman's she could not be happier. This day couldn't have come sooner but now its here.

''Hello!'' A sweet voice chimed from behind me, before I could speak my Aunt jumped in,
''Are you Mrs. Brockman, This is Abigail!'' She said eagerly.
''No, I'm Barbara, Sue is next door.'' She answered. Aunt pulled me up and marched over to the house next door. She knocked briskly and waited.
''I''LL GET IT!'' I heard along with the padding of feet
''What do you want?'' A little girl with curly blonde hair asked.
''This Abigail, I believe your expecting her'' My aunt shot back.
''I never knew about any of this!'' The girl remarked. A tall man came up from behind her.
''Sorry about Karen, You are?'' He asked.

"I'm Joyce Fillen, this is Abigail, you're Mr. Brockman.'' My aunt answered quickly.
''Is that the..'' He mouthed the word 'orpan'
''We weren't expecting you for another 3 days,''
''i'm going on a holiday to Nice and I didn't have anywhere for her to stay.''
''Oh, come in then!''

"I've got her bags on the corner there and uh, goodbye!'' She finished awkwardly before walking back up the path, Mr. Brockman followed her,
''Why isn't she staying in your care?'' He asked.
''Because she hates children!'' I shouted up to them. I wasn't the most thought through thing considering that would be the first thing they'd heard me say. Maybe it got across that I was a brutally honest person.

''I'm Karen!'' The girl said sticking her hand out for me to shake.
''Abigail, Abigail Parker'' I took her hand and shook it firmly.
''So Abigail, you better come in, meet the family'' Mr. Brockman closed the door behind and dumped my bags in the already messy hallway.
''Peetteeee! Who was at the door?" A woman's voice emanated from the kitchen.
''Is dinner ready'' He asked.
''Lay six plates!'' He shouted and the lady stuck her out into the hallway she saw me and her eyes roamed across me, sussing me out and categorising me like most adults do.
''This is Abigail'' Pete explained.
''Who is she mummy?'' Karen asked.
''I'll explain at dinner!'' The lady answered and Karen ran into the dining room.
''Who are you?'' A boy asked from behind me.
''To be honest I don't really know!'' I replied. He laughed,
''Cool, I'm Jake, you might wanna move before Ben tramples you!''
''Thanks for the advice, I'm Abigail, you could call me Abby, or whatever?'' I replied.
''Okay then whatever, let's go,'' He said, heading off down the hallway.
As soon as I stepped through the door I was pulled aside by the woman from earlier.
''I'm Sue!'' She said brightly.
''Abigail,'' I replied.
''You could call me Mum, since you'll be staying here.'' Sue said.
''Sure, Mum!'' I said, she smiled and hugged me briefly.
''DAAAD!'' Karen whined.
''It's always like this here!'' Jake whispered in my ear before sitting down. I smiled before Pete started talking.
''This is Abigail!'' He announced.
''Who is she!'' A boy with curly hair shouted.
''Ben, I'm getting to that!'' He countered.
''Well, this is Abigail, she is going um, I suppose your new sister,'' He hesitated towards the end.
''What do you mean our new sister, did she like get lost in the hospital and you just found her" Karen asked.
''Maybe she is an Alien from Mars and we are being chosen as a host family to show her the earth.'' The boy called Ben suggested.
''He's right, I actually have three eyes and a tail.'' I interjected.
''Can I see!'' Ben asked.
''Actually I think Abigail is pretty tired!'' Pete stepped in
''But dad, She's really interesting!'' Ben said.
''Where's she sleeping?'' Karen asked.
''On the sofa tonight I think!'' Pete answered.
''She could camp in my room if she likes?'' Jake suggested.
''Alright, we'll get out the air mattress'' Sue said.
''So, what do you mean by sister?'' Karen asked again.
''She's going to be living with us, going to school with you.'' Pete explained.
''Will she play football with me?'' Ben asked.
''Why don't you ask her'' Pete suggested.
''Sort of, I feel I should be better at football but I'm not.'' I answered.
''Can you do this?'' Ben rolled the ball onto his foot and juggled it three times.
''Pass it'' I rolled the ball onto my foot and juggled it four times before kicking it up into my hands.
''You should join our football team!'' Ben said.
''What school am I going to?'' I asked Pete and Sue.

''Well you were going to be starting school next week but I suppose the school could let you start Wednesday, you're going to the same school as Jake.'' Pete said.
''The beds ready,'' Sue said.
''Okay thanks, see you tomorrow Ben, Karen'' I walked up the stairs.
I slid my diary under the pillow and changed into my pyjamas and climbed under the covers. I felt Jake step over me into his bed.
''Night Jake,'' I said.
''Night whatever,'' He replied. I laughed as I drifted off to sleep.