Everything else was pushed onto the shelves and chucked into drawers. Eventually I got around to my clothes, I didn't take to long as I didn't really have many clothes. My wardrobe consisted of mainly of jeans, jumpers and converses, I only had one dress!
After what seemed like hours I finished cleaning and organising the room I lay sprawled on the old rug that I found in the laundry. Sue had gone out to Tesco so I grabbed myself a sandwich and started on figuring out how to work the television.
"Abby! I'm home" Sue called, slamming the door closed.
"Don't worry I'm still alive" I replied
"That's a relief! Have you finished your room"
"Yeah!" I got up off the sofa and ran up the stairs behind Sue,
"TaDa" I said, throwing my arms out.
"Well its nice and clean, but it probably won't stay that way!" Sue remarked.
"Too true!" I replied.
"Okay well, I'm going to go get the kids!" Sue said walking out. She picked up her bag and shut the door behind her. I sat back down in my room and pulled a book from my new shelf. The door was wrenched open and I heard the clanging of keys against wood.
"Back so soon!" I shouted.
"Its been six hours!" Jake shouted back as he ran up the stairs, the door swung open,
"Nice room, reading are?" He remarked.
"Yes as a matter of fact!" I replied. He breezed across the room and sat on my bed.
"So what was school like?" I asked.
"Fine, the bright side is all my friends are besotted with you" He replied.
"All of them?" I questioned.
"Well, Sam but he counts for the majority of the friends, verbally at least" Jake answered.
''So he's a particulary loquacious person then,'' I said
"I can see I'm gonna need a dictionary talking to you!" He remarked.
"It means chatty, talkative" I explained.
''Right then, well yes he is!'' Jake said.
''Anything else you did at school?" I asked.
''Uuum, not much,'' He replied.
"Wow, such an interesting school!'' I retorted sarcastically.
''Quite contrary, there is a load of interesting stuff, drama and everything" He stated.
"Lovely a decent dose of drama makes everything better," I said.
''You won't be saying that when you get school tomorrow" He said.
''Oh God, am I gonna get a bitch slap on the first day?'' I asked.
''Not unless you touch Hayley's boyfriends" He said.
''She has more than one boyfriend?'' I asked incredulously.
''Technically she doesn't have one boyfriend but she has loads of crushes and if you touch her crushes then you get a slap." Jake corrected.
''Thanks for that information!'' I said.
"Anytime!'' He replied, getting up from my bed,
''Oi!'' I ejeculated as he stepped on my new uniform.
''Oh so that's your uniform!'' He said, jumping quickly off it.
''Yeah, I think your mum bought it too big!" I said.
''Come on, give us a show then!" He said, looking down at the clothes on the floor.
''Well you have to leave then,'' I said pointing at the door.
''Okay ma'am!'' He said as he left. I picked the uniform off the floor. I peeled my jeans off and replaced it with the navy blue pleated skirt, it skimmed a inch or so above my knees. Next I buttoned up the white shirt above my singlet and tucked it into my skirt. I pulled the red cardigan over the top, pulling the shirt sleeves from shoulders I grabbed the navy blazer and put that on top of the cardigan. I opened the door to Jake as I was just finishing my tie.
''Nice!'' He said.
''Really?'' I said speculatively.
''Better than some of the other girls!'' He commented.
''What do the other girls look like then?'' I countered.
''Well for a start there skirts are a lot higher." He started, I raked the skirt up a few centimetres,
''Much higher!'' Again I pulled it up so it was at the top of my thighs.
''Yeah, thats about right, now roll up your sleeves," He instructed. I took the blazer off and rolled up the sleeves of the white shirt that were peeking out from the red cardigan.
''Now loosen the tie" I coersed the knot down a bit,
"You'll fit right in now!'' He stated. I grabbed the hem of my skirt and pulled it back down to its original position,
''Maybe I'll just stay with your mates!'' I said.
''Dunno, Hayley is looking for a new mate after Kate left,'' He said.
"Yeah...no," I said.
''Fair enough,''
"Pete, where's Jake?'' I asked.
''Oh, he's upstairs withAbby'' Pete replied, suggestively.
''Do you mean..." I said. 'There only 12' I thought.
''No, Sue I was joking!'' Pete reassured me.
''Of course, I mean she's his sister after all'' I said.
''Not by blood,'' Karen interjected as she jumped up onto a stool.
''Of course Karen," Pete said.
''So how come she is here,''
''Well, she doesn't have any parents and when she was born we agreed to be her godparents, so we are morally obligated to look after her." Pete explained.
''Is she going to stay forever!'' Karen asked again.
''Sure, if she likes it here'' I answered.
''Good!'' She said before running of again.
''How come she doesn't have any parents?'' Ben said, breezing in through the garden door.
''Well, Ben, they're dead.'' I said.
''How did they die?'' Ben asked.
''I don't think that's an appropriate question!'' Pete said.
''Maybe they were eaten by a tiger, or fell off Mt. Everest!'' He suggested ignoring Pete.
''Actually, they died in a plane crash, going to Poland.'' Abby answered.
''Are there many poles in Poland?'' Ben asked.
''I'm not sure, I've never been,'' Abby said, pondering the thought.
''People refer to people from Poland as poles,'' she added.
''Are they very skinny?'' Karen asked coming in.
''Google exists for a reason!'' Jake stated, coming to sit beside Abby.
''They wouldn't have the average weight of a Pole on Wikipedia" Pete remarked.
''Actually, you'd need the height and weight to get a accurate ratio of body fat to height to work out what their BMI or measurements or appearance would look like'' Abby said.
''Only we would get the brutally honest mensa child!'' Pete muttered under his breath.