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Monsters vs aliens: The babysitters.

Doctor Cockroach PHD was in his bed fast asleep. It was 3 in the morning and it has been 3 weeks without any alien activity so life was really boring for the monsters right now.

Suddenly one of Dr Cockroach's antennas flickered to the sound of a door bell ringing.

Dr Cockroach buried himself underneath the blue blankets of his bed and mumbled something while putting his head underneath the pillow.

Suddenly the door bell went off again and now Dr Cockroach was utterly frustrated. He was never really a morning person so he just grabbed his red fluffy bed gown, slipped on his red slippers with puppies on them and walked towards the entrance of the monster prison.

When he opened the door, Dr Cockroach looked to his left and to his right outside.

It was a very stormy night tonight and Dr Cockroach also hated the rain so he knew that he wasn't going to be in the best mood in the world but first he needed to sought this out.

Dr Cockroach looked around but saw nobody and when he turned to go back inside, he heard a loud noise.

The noise was rather high pitched and needy and Doctor Cockroach looked down and got the biggest shock of his life.

There was a baby inside a basket on the door step.

Dr Cockroach really wanted to scream and run but he knew that would only scare the baby more.

After a moment of thinking, the bug headed scientist picked up the basket with the crying baby inside of it and went back inside with a wide eyed look.

After minutes of drying himself and the baby with a towel, Dr Cockroach decided to care for the child until the others were awake.

5 hours later….

Link, B.O.B, Ginormica and Butterfly O' Saurus were sitting at the table eating their breakfast as normal.

Suddenly Link, a combination of a fish and an ape, asked while eating some fish "So, Ya know where Doc is?"

B.O.B, a blue blob with an eye ball, said with a shrug "I dunno, Link do ya think Doc could be playing tennis?"

Ginormica, a giant lady with silver hair, said to B.O.B "Um, B.O.B. I think you ate all of the tennis balls and it's not like Doctor Cockroach to just go out to play tennis in the middle of the night."

Butterfly O' Saurus, a huge cuddly teddy bear thing with butterfly wings, let out a roar and Link said to his winged friend "Good point, Butterfly O'. It's not like Doc to just miss breakfast either."

Suddenly, the monsters all heard the sound of a door open and they all turned to see Doctor Cockroach, looking like a mess and he looked exhausted.

There were bags under his huge eyes, his antennas were going downwards, and his clothes were a mess.

Everyone stared at him with wide eyes and their mouths slightly agape, Even B.O.B.

Link asked Doctor Cockroach with very wide eyes "What in Poseidon's name happened to you?!"

Doctor Cockroach didn't say a word, he just walked to the table and his head fell down on his food and it hit all of the stuff from the bin (which was his food).

All remained quiet, except for when everyone was about to leave. Doctor Cockroach shouted as everyone got up from the table "WAIT!"

Everyone stopped and froze and Doctor Cockroach said while pointing a shaky finger at his comrades' "C..Come with m..me."

Everyone followed the bug headed professor to his cell and once the door was open they saw a basket on the bed and inside of it was a baby, crying for all it was worth.

Everyone (except for the Doctor) shouted in shock and at the exact same time "A BABY?!"