When Doctor Cockroach went to check up on Ethan an hour later, he was shocked to the very core. He wasn't in his cot!

Doctor Cockroach looked everywhere in a frenzy and called out his name but he heard no replies, thinking that Ethan was kidnapped.

After telling the others the situation, Link said urgently "Okay Doc, can ya build a thingy magigg to help us find the little tyke?"

Doctor Cockroach nodded his head but on the inside he was feeling deep Pity.

He ran to his lab while Link and everyone else got to work on the Plane.

After managing to track down Ethan with a spit sample, Doctor Cockroach found that Ethan was located in New York on top of the Statue of Liberty. Doctor Cockroach now felt full rage that someone took his son and he wasn't about to rest until he has his son back safe and sound.

Once they got the plane going, Doctor Cockroach driven the contraption all the way to New York and they saw a purple spaceship hovering above the giant green statue with the mixture of orange and purple sky getting a little darker and making the city look so pretty.

The plane landed right behind the statue and Doctor Cockroach decided to climb the statue first since he was the best climber while the others followed (other than Susan who just held the ship still so the others could climb aboard while Butterfly 'O Sauraus flew and decided to be the eyes of the sky).

Once Link kicked open the door of the ship, B.O.B and Doctor Cockroach walked in with deep rage in his eyes and he did his mad scientist laugh for effect.

While both of the aardvark like aliens both looked down upon the young, crying child who was now only wearing a blue blanket to cover his bottom half and he was now in a plastic incubator like cot while wired up to a few machines.

Suddenly without warning, the door exploded and Doctor Cockroach, B.O.B and Link all walked in and Link said with a hint of rage in his voice "Hey. I think you have somebody who belongs to us."

B.O.B however just went to the window as soon as he came in to look at the view and eat the ham the aliens had in store for lunch.

The two Aliens growled in anger and Doctor Cockroach and Link began to circle the two aliens to get ready to fight for Ethan.

A western theme came on as they circled each other with fingers twitching, eyes narrowing and teeth grinding against each other.

Suddenly in slow motion they all jumped on each other in a dog pile while B.O.B just did nothing.

Ethan was completely unaware of what was going on. He just wanted to be back in his Papa's arms and not in this cold and hard cot and he was cold anyway since he was wearing nothing but a blanket.

Suddenly B.O.B went over to Ethan and slowly but carefully picked him up but in amazement, he didn't eat Ethan. He just hugged him and gave him the comfort he longed for and he handed Ethan to a rather wounded yet happy Doctor Cockroach who just took Ethan from B.O.B and jumped out of the space ship while holding Ethan and he slid down Susan's arm and once the boys had both kicked the alien kidnappers bottoms, they also walked out of the ship simply not even knowing that one of the aliens who was wounded set the ship to self destruct.

While hearing the alarm, Link and B.O.B ran out of the ship and slid down Susan's arm and met Doctor Cockroach and a whimpering Ethan.

Doctor Cockroach smoothed his son's fuzz of hair and soothed while totally wrapping him up in the blanket to keep him warm "There there. Daddy's here."

Ethan immediately calmed down at the sound of his father's English accent and suddenly the ship exploded.

Everyone, including Ethan, watched as the ship blew to peices and Link questioned "What were they doing with Ethan anyways?"

Doctor Cockroach explained "They were going to sell him. You see, Ethan is a rare being known as a 'Floxtonite'. Similar to humans but they have super powers."

Everyone looked at Doctor Cockroach and he smiled but it faded when everyone saw Monger float down in a parachute. When he landed on the ground, The monsters all had guilty looks on their faces and Doctor Cockroach was about to explain when Monger said before he could say anything.

"I know everything."

Everyone froze and looked at each other in confusion. How on earth could have Monger found out? But to answer they're question, he said "I looked at the Cameras and saw the little guy. I know that ya wanna keep him and...I'll let ya."

Everyone was stunned. Did Monger just say that they could keep Ethan? Were they going bananas? Monger smiled "I may seem like it at times but I ain't heartless. Besides I saw how good you guys take care of em so, Yes you may keep him!"

Without warning everyone hugged Monger in happiness and soon after the hug was finished, they all went back home.

The end...

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