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I want to see her again…

I want to see him again…

I want to talk to her again…

I want to laugh with him again…

I want to hear her voice again…

I want to see his smile again…

I want…

We want…

We want to see her again…

We want to see him again…

For one more time…

By the time she opened her eyes, she was stunned by the familiar scene in sight. She slowly straightened her posture from the seat, took a look around her before she could have a better recognize of this place.

"…Monorail…?" She uttered softly.

She was now inside a monorail which she didn't have clue where it's heading. From the window opposite, she saw the sky was turning to amber red. It's enough to inform her the day was going to end soon.

Where am I? She leaned back to the seat as she asking herself. With the heavy eyes and blanked mind, she doubted if she could come up with any answer. Her body was aching and heavy like she had been bind and pulled by chains. Her mind was dizzy as if like it would faint just like that, her eyes was about to close up now.

"Are you alright, misz?'

She jumped up a bit and looking at the person that talked to her.

"Hmm…uhh…" There's no word could be found in her dizzy mind at the moment.

The person winked his ocean blue eyes. "You look pale misz. Are you zick or something?" His face showed concern.

He had blond hair, a male judging from his appearance and the uniform he had on him. She spotted a name tag that labeled 'Exchanged Student' on the pocket.

"No, I'm fine." She shook, told him not to worry. "I'm just a little tired."

"Honto? Yokata~" He let out a big relieved sigh, revealing his weird slangy Japanese. She almost mistook the words inside. "My name iz Andre Roland Jean Gerard, but please calls me Bebe!"

She nodded. Bebe, huh? A funny name he got. She chuckled in her mind.

"…I'm Tsukikage Hamuko." She replied him her name. "By the way Bebe, do you know where this monorail is heading?"

Bebe winked again, gave her a confusing look but did answer her question.

"This monorail is heading to Iwatodai Ztation, and I'm on the way to my aunt'z house!" Hamuko rolled her eyes at that. Did she ever ask him about that? "I'll attend Gekkoukan High School tomorrow! Are you student of Gekkoukan too?" He looked down to her uniform.

She did the same as him, and found she was wearing the same Gekkoukan uniform. "Uhh yeah, perhaps…" The last word almost trailed off.

"Ureshii~I'm so happy!" Bebe stretched out his hand. "Nice to meet you Hamuko-zan! I looked forward on our meeting at zchool!"

She held his hand. "N-Nice to meet you…"

Bebe continued his talk like he's from France and he likes Japan culture or sort like this. Hamuko would reply one or two words, but most of the time her mind went somewhere else.

Bebe…I think I know him…but then, do I really know him?

Her gaze fell on her feet. Though she was pretty tired, she couldn't fall asleep when someone kept babbling near her ear. She fought away the dizziness, and started of thinking the question she had early.

Where was she?

She tried to remember, but nothing seemed could be squeezed out from her blanked mind. It's empty, totally empty. She only remembered her name.

What the heck with this?

Hamuko pressed her head into the palm and groaned slightly. Frustrating…when she realized she remembered nothing. She was like memories losing person that being thrown into this monorail, heading to a god damn place.

Iwatodai…an oddly ache across her heart suddenly. She pressed one hand on her chest hoping it would ease the strange pain that lingering. Then, her gaze dropped on the bag on her thighs. She opened it and starting to check the belonging inside.

There's a student ID with her photo attached, a letter, a map, wallet and her MP3 Player.

She took out the letter and read through it. Apparently she was a transfer student of Gekkoukan High School. She was supposedly on her way to the dorm. That made sense why she was wearing the Gekkoukan uniform. That's all. That's was all the information she could get for now.

Let out a frustrated sigh, Hamuko took a glance at Bebe who was still babbling with things that she didn't understand (because she never listen), wondered when he would going to stop.

"The next station is Iwatodai Station. Repeat, Next station is Iwatodai Station. Please take care of your belonging and have a nice day." The speaker announced.

"It zeems we reach the station. Zee you at zchool Hamuko-zan!"

"Uh-uhh, see you." She waved goodbye to Bebe.

She stretched her body and clapped her face to stay sober. She placed her MP3 Player first before moving from the station.

The voice of the wind sheds drops of light onto you as you daze off

I won't forget your kind smile or your eyes hidden in sorrow

While checking the map, Hamuko passed through several shops on her way. The smell of ramen and tokiyaki helped her to wake up from dizziness. Smiling, she decided she would definitely want to have a try next time.

Leaving the shops behind, she walked down the street as been told from the map, made a right turn and walked around five minutes, she stopped in front of a building.

The building had three floor height, it's written 'Girl's Dorm' on the board. Hamuko approached and knocked the door.

No respond…Hamuko knocked again, but no one answered the door.

"Excuse me, is someone inside?" Respond never came to her. She grabbed the knob and found it's unlocked. She decided to open it. "I'm coming in!"

Once opened it, only pitch black welcomed her. Winked a few times, she thought she might come to a wrong place.

I'm definitely right…Hamuko went inside, off her MP3 while another hand went for the switch. Before her hand found any switch, she touched something else instead.

"E-Eh? What is this…?" She groped the 'thing'. "Um…? Fingers…?"

"You're searching fro this, aren't you?" An emotionless voice sounded plus a 'click'. The next thing Hamuko saw the room replaced by bright light, and a pair of violet eyes.

"Aaaaaeeeeeek!" She jumped up a few feet.

"Why are you screaming?" The owner of the violet eyes asking with a tilted head. Her voice was blank and lifeless as if she is a doll. She skin was pale white until Hamuko felt her eyes were sick. It even stood out with her dark purple hair.

"W-Who are you…?" Hey…is she a human? The first impression the girl gave her was more like a ghost. That's why she was so freaked out.

"…I should be the one asking you this question." Her face was just as lifeless as her monotone.

"Oh I-I'm sorry!" Hamuko forgot she was the one got in without permission. "My name is Tsukikage Hamuko. I'm the transfer student."

The girl gave her a nod. "…I see. I never thought you arrive so late." She closed the door and had Hamuko went with her. "Come with me. Your things are up there in your room."

The dorm was not bad. It's quite spacious and comfortable. Further in was the lounge with sofa, coffee table and television. At the back there was dining area and a rather small kitchen.

"May I ask you?" The girl turned her poker face to Hamuko. "Are you living here alone?"

She shook. "The others went out this morning. I'll inform the dorm leader once she's back."

So I'm not the only one to stick with her…Hamuko felt relieve inside. It's not like she didn't like the girl, but she was so lifeless like her world was only pale white…just like her skin's color. Speaking of which, was anyone as pale as her?

"What's your name? And your grade?"

"…Kamijou Haruka, a junior like you." Up to the second floor, Haruka took her to the room right the first one. "This is it."

"Thanks, I'll remember." And then, Haruka handed the key of the room.

"If you need anything, feel free to talk to the dorm leader."

Hamuko blinked. Aren't people usually said 'Ask me if you need anything'?

Haruka ignored her blinked face, headed straight to her room without bothered with her.

Furrowed her brows, Hamuko scratched her head. Did I do something wrong?

Shrugged away the matter, Hamuko inserted the key to the key hole and opened the door. The room was well furnished with bed at the corner, television and study desk at the left side facing the window, and cupboard at the right. Her belongings were on the floor, waiting for unpacked.

She guessed that could wait. For now she just had to ready the stuff for tomorrow school. After she had done with the preparation, she went ahead to bed. I need a nap…

The next time she woke up, she was unexpectedly found the time was already reached twelve in the midnight. She rose up from the bed, groaned impatiently.

"Oww…I'm overslept…" She only planned to have a nap before she really went to bed to end her exhausted day, guessed it ended up she woke up in the midnight.

She felt better than before, at least no more ached body and dizzy mind. She didn't think she would need a sleep so soon, so she decided to unpack some of the things.

Is this all is mine? She had no idea where these things came from. She had no memories at all. Good Hamuko, now you're screwed.

By the time she about to start unpacked, all the light went out. No light functioned in her room, only green light from outside of the window.

"…What the…Dark Hour?" The word 'Dark Hour' simply escaped out from her mouth. Covered her mouth, she wondered how she knew about this. Do I know this?

Perhaps she just knew it, though she remembered nothing, but something seemed just came to her mind when the situation approached. She got up from the floor to the window, saw the gigantic yellow shined moon. I have seen this before…somewhere in the same hour…

"Hi there." A soft voice sounded behind her, made her jumped up.

A white and black stripe shirt wearing boy standing behind waved his small hand to her. His face filled with a gentle smile. Hamuko saw a black mole under his left eye.

"Who are you?" How and when did he get here in her room? She didn't lock the door though, she didn't hear any sound someone opened the door.

And at the same time, there's a strange feeling rose up from her heart, caused her eyes filled with water. She took a deep breathe, fought back the feeling that going to outburst.

The boy seemed knew what's in her mind. He walked to her.

"My name is Pharos. I'm always with you…because you're my half." Hamuko found his eyes filled with sadness. Did she mistake him?

"I'm…your half?" She frowned.

Pharos nodded. "Yes, my dearest."

Again, the tears broke down. Heartbroken feeling struck her, making her couldn't control her emotion anymore. She touched her tears, looked at it in confusing.

"Why am I…?" She wiped it off but the tears wouldn't stop from flowing out. "Why did I…?"

Why am I even crying? I just know him and why he just makes me cry like a child? I…I can't control my feeling…!

"Don't cry, my dearest." Pharos wiped the tears for her. His face sank in sadness yet a smile still hanging on it. "I'll always be with you, even the end will soon approach."

"The end…?"

"Yes…the end of everything."

Hamuko lifted her head to him, hoped to find something on his expression. He knew the things she didn't, or the things she had forgotten. The end of everything…she sure she heard it before; she experienced it before…a frightening feeling sent chill down to her spine. She found she was trembling, and the worst was she didn't know where this terrified feeling came from.

The next moment, she found other thing on Pharos's childish face. His face replaced by a silver mask with holes in his eyes. His back was chained with several coffins while his hand was holding a sword. Widened her eyes filled with shock, Hamuko screamed out and fell to her back.

"…Death…?" She panted, muttered softly under her breathe. Her hands covered her mouth.

Pharos also stepped back a little, stunned with the word came out from her. A moment later he let out a bitter smile.

"I thought you have forgotten everything…but it seems it is not like that." Sighed, his gaze fell on the floor. "I just come to give you a visit. I'm sorry if I have caused you displease…though I don't think you'll remember anything for now. Good night my dearest."

He disappeared, like he was never been there. Hamuko only watched it blankly.

Death…? Did she just speak it without her concern? The end he told…the fear, the sadness, the trembling…these all terrible feeling were the proof she experienced it before…perhaps somewhere before back at January…


An ache suddenly struck her mind as if something was trying to block her to recall her memories, making her clutched her head in pain. What the hell?

As she finally let the pain eased naturally, by the time she stood up, the light back to the room. The gigantic moon disappeared, everything back to normal.

The next day morning, she almost couldn't get up from the bed if not the alarm clock urged her. Thanks to the alarm, she managed to make it without late in the first day of school.

Tied the red ribbon in front of her chest and done with checking the things in her bag, she walked out from the room. Haruka happened to do the same at the same time.

"Good morning, Kamijou-chan!"

"Good morning…" Haruka bowed, still with that poker face. She went passed Hamuko down to the stair.

Hamuko quickly caught up with her. "W-Wait! Mind if you take me to school?"

Haruka nodded expressionless. Down to lounge, Hamuko saw no one there. Perhaps they already went to school.

"…I have informed the dorm leader about your late arrival. You can meet her after school."

"On…thank you!"

Before they went out, they didn't forget to lock the door. While they walked together to the monorail station, awkward silent filled between the girls. Hamuko would take a glance at Haruka once in a while but she found changeless on her poker face.

Did I really do something wrong yesterday? She would wonder in her heart, but she was not the type that hid things in heart especially came to this, she decided to ask.

"Kamijou-chan, did I done something wrong? You seem displease."

It's rare to find the poker face girl finally filled her face with slight shock. She seemed choking, and her face brushed up with some pink.

"…I-It's no like that…" She coughed. "I…don't know how to interact with people…because I don't know what is 'feeling'. Everyone afraid of my poker face, it's not your fault, please don't mind me."

"Then…you don't have friend?"

"…No." She looked away.

Seeing that, Hamuko let out a soft chuckle. She stretched out her hand. "Then, I'll be your first friend! Nice to meet you!"

"Friend…you want to be my friend?" Her violet eyes widened a bit. "But…" He eyes dropped.

"Yes, I'm no lying! Call me Hamuko, Haruka!"

"…Hamuko…" Softly but firm, Haruka finally held her hand. Her eyes softened as well.

"I'll fill your life with other color. Not just pale white!"

Hamuko didn't aware the girl dropped her eyes again. "…My life has long gone…"

Meanwhile, they reached the monorail station. It's so crowded with almost all the Gekkoukan High students. The monorail came faster than Hamuko expected. Both of them almost ended up being pushed into the train. Hamuko found a window side to place herself. While the monorail was moving, she placed her MP3 on to block the noise from everywhere in the train.

She looked out from the train while the monorail gliding over the sea, and the Gekkoukan High came in sight. It's feeling good. Her lips curved into a smile. It's familiar at the same time, like she had done this over and over in the past.

She turned her eyes back to the train. The song had changed to the next one, but still her love one. Her gaze happened to meet the same model of her MP3, only the different color. The owner of the MP3 Player was a blue haired boy. He was wearing the same Gekkoukan High uniform. She smiled, for some of the reason, she felt delighted by just looking at him.

Their gaze met each other when the boy lifted his head. Perhaps he felt someone was staring at him. Hamuko waved her hand, pointed her own MP3 Player, telling him they're using the same model. The boy lifted a smile, nodded in respond.

After they got down from monorail, they took a short walk to school. Haruka guided her, but it didn't seem like Hamuko had no idea where the school at all. Instead, she maybe even familiar than Haruka, than everyone expected.

Another strong and familiar feeling for the day…she wondered did she come here before? It's something she had it long time ago, as well as something she lost for sometimes.

She giggled, grabbed Haruka's hand and pulled her.

"Come on, let's hurry up!"

"Eh…?" Without a clue, Haruka only ended up being pulled by the cheerful girl.

In front of the notice board, they found out they were in the different classes: Haruka in 2-E while Hamuko in 2-F. This made the first desperate thing in the morning.

"Oww…that's just too bad!"

"…It's alright. We can meet during lunch time and after school." It didn't cheer up the girl, but Hamuko knew she was telling the truth.

"Yeah…you're right." Still, it's sounded unpleasant.

"You better go to see your homeroom teacher first. The Faulty Office is…"

"I know where it is! You go to auditorium first. See you!" Hamuko urged the poker face girl went first; she went for the homeroom teacher.

Pushed opened the slid door, Hamuko only found a female teacher was there. Hamuko walked to her and about to call her, the teacher suddenly turned around, almost caused the two of them bumped into each other.

"Wow! You scared me!" The teacher exclaimed.

"I'm sorry!" Hamuko stepped back a bit, giving a space between them. "My name is Tsukikage Hamuko. I'm here to see my homeroom teacher."

"Tsukikage?" The female teacher opened one of her files on hand. "You're the transfer student right? You're in my class 2-F. I'm Ms. Toriumi. The other transfer student was here just a moment ago."

"Another transfer student?"

"Yes…oops! We're better hurry. The ceremony is going to start soon."

The principal continued his speech endless. Hamuko let out a yawn, feeling bored at the speech. Her hand reached to the MP3 Player in the pocket and intended to place to her ears, she saw the similar model once again.

So we're in the same class, huh? What a coincidence.

"Pss, hey you!" She heard someone calling her. She looked around, but the girl next to her grabbed her sleeve. "It's here!"


"I saw you walked to school with the poker face girl in 2-E. Are you guys friend?"

She nodded. "Yes. What's wrong?"

"You better be careful of her! That's rumor said those who get near to her will end up being Apathy Syndrome!" The gossip girl slightly raised her voice and caused a teacher noticed her.

"I heard talking."

"Sheesh! Don't get me into trouble!" Ms. Toriumi warned the gossip girl.

The gossip girl winced a bit. But Hamuko didn't let go of her.

"Wait, what do you mean by that?" Hamuko moved close to the gossip girl.

"You know the Apathy Syndrome that spread recently? Just exactly like her! Lifeless and energy less…disgusted!"

Hamuko rolled her eyes and clicked her tounge. She knew Apathy Syndrome, but this was too much. Haruka indeed was lifeless and bored and pale like ghost, even she was shocked in the first time, but they shouldn't link the poor girl to some diseases like that. It's unfair.

And more, she said this was a rumor! Ignored the gossip girl, Hamuko placed her MP3. Guessed rumor would spread soon about a transfer student stuck with a weird girl.

Meh…like she care.

At last the principal released the student backed to their classroom. Hamuko immediately dropped her face onto the table when she sat down.

What a pain…as she pushed herself off the table, a capped boy approached her from behind.

"Yo, how are you?"

Hamuko tilted her head. "Who are you?"

"Me?" The boy raised a big grin. "I'm Junpei Iori. I know how tough to be a transfer student so I came to say…hi. See what a nice guy I am."

"Huh?" Hamuko grimaced. "T-thank you anyway…I'm Tsukikage Hamuko."

"What a nice name, Tsuki-tan!"

Tsuki-tan…? Hamuko sweat dropped. What's wrong with the guy?

"Speaking of which, there's another transfer student in our class. What a coincidence."

"I heard this from Ms. Toriumi too! Who is this 'another transfer student'?" Hamuko had a feeling this transfer student would be the boy who having the same MP3 model with her.

Junpei pointed the blue haired boy that sitting at the back of the classroom. "There he is. The cool guy who still on his earphones."

The blue haired boy saw Junpei pointing at him with that damn looking face; he took off his earphones and threw a question to him.

Hamuko walked to him. "Hi there! Tsukikage Hamuko here, nice to meet you!"

"Arisato Minato." He recognized her. Of course he did.

"What, you guys know each other?" Junpei raised his brow, asked in disbelieved.

Hamuko chuckled, showed the capped boy her MP3 Player. "See? We met at monorail due to this." Minato did the same.

Junpei looked at the same model of MP3 Player; there were exactly the same despite their color. He nodded in comprehension.

"I see…man, you got luck the first day in school." Junpei added a hint of tease in his tone. Minato just shrugged it off. "Hey, wanna grab the lunch together?"

Minato agreed without much question. Hamuko raised her hand instead.

"Wait, can I bring a friend over?"

"…Don't tell me is Kamijou Haruka from 2-E?"

"Why?" Hamuko remembered the thing she heard in the ceremony. "You think the same like the others? That's just a rumor!"

"Who knows? She is creepy even without the rumor."

"That's just because you know nothing about her!" Hamuko insisted. Her voice caught the attentions from her classmates.

"Fine, fine, fine! Don't yell at me!" Junpei covered his ears. "W-Whatever you want!"

"Really? Wow thanks Iori-kun!" She would tell him Haruka was not creepy like they all imaging!

Ms. Toriumi then came into the classroom and kicked the students backed to their seat. She first introduced Hamuko and Minato to the class first, and then started the first lesson of the day.

Hamuko tried to concentrate on the lesson though, she couldn't shake away the boredom and sleepiness that struck her the moment the class started. She flipped through the book on hand, found extremely familiar and added boredom into her mind. She was kind of sure she already gone through this before. But it wouldn't be hurt to listen…but the sleepiness killed her. Used the book to covered her face, she turned her head to other persons, found the slackly Junpei yawning loudly and Minato placed on his MP3. Sighing, she wondered what kind of world the classroom turned to be. But yep, she got no right to say that since she was almost the same…

The lunch time was like a century after; Junpei stretched his body in laziness. Hamuko went to get Haruka, leaving the guys in the classroom. She told them to meet up at the rooftop.

"I'll introduce you my friends. They're nice peoples!" Though Junpei wasn't that 'nice', she wouldn't want to scare off the girl.

"…You already make new friends?"

"Hehe…don't worry. First friend will always the most important." Hamuko winked, gave her a mischief grin.

"T-That's not what I mean…" Haruka looked away. Her poker face seemed to raise a light-very light-smile. Hamuko suggested she should smile often, so the rumor would just stay away from her.

The guys were having their lunch when Hamuko and Haruka got up to the rooftop. Minato handed the lunch boxes to Hamuko.

"Thanks Arisato-kun!" Hamuko pushed Haruka to front. "Here, this is Junpei Iori and Arisato Minato!"

Haruka bowed in winced especially she met the capped boy's sight.


"…Dude, I'm just a stupid." Junpei kept staring at Haruka. "Hey look, how cute she is! Damn those stupid rumors!"

"…You're scaring her." Minato said coolly. "Nice to meet you."

"What!? I'm not scaring her…"

Leaving the complaint behind, Hamuko dragged Haruka to the bench and dig in their foods. While eating, they talked about their homeroom teacher and their classmates. The homeroom teacher was Mr. Ekoda, the one who found the gossip girl during ceremony. Junpei greeted his pity to Haruka and started to talk about this Mr. Ekoda.

From what Haruka told her, there's a student absent in her class. Her name was Fuuka Yamagishi. Apparently she always absent due to her body weak condition.

"Hey Tsuki-tan, Kami-tan, do you have anything to do after school?" Junpei asked after he finished his food.

"No, why?"

"Then let's go to Paulownia Mall!" He turned toward Minato. "Come on dude!"

Minato shrugged. "Whatever. I've got nothing to do."

Hamuko and Haruka exchanged a glance. "Fine with us."

"Great, sound cool!"

Paulownia Mall was a manmade island owned by Kirijo Group, lacated nearest to Gekkoukan High. Many students would hang there after school. It's connected with a bridge named Moonlight Bridge.

Minato and Hamuko went straight to the Power Record once they're there. They hanged happily to collect their favorite songs from the shop and looked for any new release. They both had almost same taste to some of the bands and singers. Junpei just pointed their taste were too odd. They spent around one and a half hour in Power Record. Junpei almost dragged them out by force. He started regret the idea of bringing them here.

The next stop was Game Panic. Junpei would show off his talent in game, but somehow his so-called record was broke by Minato within a minute. Then Junpei challenged Hamuko on a dance game. He later regret at that decision. The last one, he put that on Haruka.

"Hey Kami-tan, let's have a match." The other two in the group were some kind of monsters from nowhere. "If you don't know how to play, I can teach you."

Haruka gave him a glance. A hint of furious across her poker face, faded before Junpei had enough time to notice it. She looked at the games around, finally picked the fighting game.

"I don't need you to teach me. Let's just go with that."

Junpei jaw dropped. He was expecting the girl knew nothing! "A-Are you sure?"

"I'm confirmed." Haruka already took her seat.

"O-Okay, just don't cry later." It sounded uncertain from Junpei now.

Hamuko and Minato shrugged after looking at each other, went aside and watched. Hamuko was a little worry for Haruka, and as they started the game, her worry immediately eased.

The result was 10 VS 0. The 0 definitely referred to Junpei.

"What the hell!? I can't believe it!" Junpei cried out. How could he lose to some new kids and a poker face girl within a day!? "…Speak it Kami-tan, are you training this everyday when nobody see you? How the hell you're so strong!?"

Haruka, on the other hand still with her poker face, having no idea what he was saying. A question mark was floated on top of her head. Hamuko and Minato both laughed at that.

At the end, Junpei had to treat the three of them ramen.

Hagakure, Iwatodai Strip Mall.

"Hmm~ oishii~" Hamuko yelled happily while took another bite. "I know this is good, but I never thought this will be this good!"

Minato nodded, said nothing but his mouth was busy with the ramen.

"…Pity my wallet. How come I will end up to this?" Junpei sighed while checking his wallet. Now he totally regret for bringing them here.

"I could have eaten this everyday now." Hamuko giggled. "Gochisosama deshita!"

"Gochisosama deshita." Minato also finished his bowl of ramen. "Thanks buddy."

"Yeah…I'll beat you next time and make you cry like a baby!"

"Doubt it." He stated bluntly.

After they finished their meal, they all agreed to head back to their dorm. Junpei lived in Iwatodai Dorm that closet to Iwatodai Strip Mall, so he left them ahead. Minato was in boy dorm, so he accompanied the girls backed to their dorm first.

On the way there, they met a white dog sitting at the roadside.

"Hey, this dog is cute!" Hamuko tried to touch his fur, patted his head.

"This dog is from the shrine behind. He usually stays at this area." Haruka explained.

"Then I can see him often! That's just great!" His fur was so fluffy and soft! I love it!

Since it's rather late, Hamuko left the dog and waved him goodbye. Minato went straight to boy dorm after dropping the girls in front of their dorm. Inside the dorm, Hamuko was greeted by another three girls.

"This is dorm leader Saori Hasegawa. The other is Rio Iwasaki and Yuko Nishiwaki."

"Welcome Hamuko-chan. I'm sorry we're not able to welcome you the last night." Saori bowed politely.

"No…please don't say that Saori-san!"

"It's nice to have more peoples come in. Nice to meet you Hamuko!" Rio and Yuko both said. "And it's rare you make up with Haruka."

Hamuko gave Haruka a glance and turned back to them. She understood what they meant.

"Well you know our Haruka-chan. She is pretty shy."

Haruka quickly excused herself back to her room. The others laughed at that. Hamuko rejoiced to have such nice dorm mates.

After having some chatting with the others, Hamuko went back to her room and continued her unpack job. She wasn't sure if these things were belonged to her. she ended up threw something that she considered she didn't need it, and caught up her pace so she could have an early rest.

By the time she finally done, the time was already midnight. To avoid the Dark Hour, she quickly changed to her pajama and went to bed.

She saw all the velvet blue. No matter the room or the blond behind the long nose old man, they're all velvet blue. Hamuko had a hard time to consider where she was.

"Where am I? And who are you?" She seemed to have a lot of this question today.

"Welcome to Velvet Room. My name is Igor and this is my assistant Theodore. First thing…do you remember us?" The long nose old man with the creepy smile asked.

She shook. "No, not at all."

He then took out a piece of paper with her name signed on top. "What about this?"

Hamuko leaned forward and took a clear look. On top of the paper was written 'I chooseth this fate of mine own free will'.

Did I sign anything before? She shook again.

"But to tell you the truth, you guys seem familiar. Did we meet somewhere before?"

Igor's grin widened. It made him even creepier.

"We did meet before…well, another place I should I say. Anyway, welcome to your journey…once again. We look forward to serve you again." Igor waved his hand, and a velvet key appeared. "This is belongs to you. Please take good care of it. Now, time marches on your world. I shall not keep you here any longer. Farewell."

A light blinded Hamuko. She raised her arm to block the light, at the same time she felt her consciousness being pulled out of this place.

Just before her consciousness completely faded, she heard something from Igor.

"How wonderful…they meet in the same world yet share the same fate. I look forward what kind of future is waiting ahead of them."

'They'…? Who else is he talking about…?

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