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Sentinel Legend Part 2:

Green eyes reluctantly opened, Chris could hear a steady thumping under his ear, and he snuffled the throat he was lying against. Chris smiled as he felt the broad hand stroke his head.

"Good morning brother." The deep baritone voice rumbled from the broad chest.

"Josiah." Chris was surprised he felt pretty good, his body still ached and his knee was still painful as he stretched his legs slightly, he felt a solid weight at his back.

"How do you feel Chris?" Nathan voice sounded behind him.

"I'm fine." Chris snuffled the other sentinel, he felt Nathan crowd closer behind him as he was bracketed by the bonded pair, he sent out his senses to find the others of his pack.

Both Josiah and Nathan kept silent as they felt their Alpha search for the other four members of the pack. Nathan gently nudged against the link smiling happily when he met no resistance; he gently began to check on the now purring Alpha, his smile grew when he was joined by his bonded sentinel. The deep rumbling purr from Josiah had Nathan sitting up so that he could stroke both sentinels.

Buck's head lifted, he felt the brush against his mind smiling he returned the touch with one o f his own.

Vin head also tilted as he looked towards the house, both men had been looking after Chris's horses.

JD stopped his chatter noting the head tilt, he was pulled closer to the moustached sentinel, as he felt the gentle touch of his Alpha against the link they shared, and he giggled as Buck snuffled behind his ear.

Ezra sat on a hay bale let out a relieved sigh as he felt the touch on his mind, closing his eyes he sent back feelings of goodwill and happiness to the blond Alpha.

Basking in the glow from the other men, Chris smothered a yawn he could feel Nathan gently running his hands over his body.

"I'll be right back." Nathan was determined to get more of the medicinal concoction into the now awake man.

"Josiah, need a shower I feel weird." Chris grumbled, he vaguely remembered being smothered in some sort of paste.

"Later." Josiah cuddled the man closer. He could feel the other two sentinels returning to the house, he felt Chris smile against his throat as JD chattered non stop.

Nathan gave Vin a grateful nod as the long haired sentinel helped him prepare the paste which had worked so well to ease their Alpha's pain, he chuckled as JD began to refill bowls so they could seep the herbs which would help clear up the congestion on Chris's lungs.

"Ezra." Chris had felt the southerner enter the bedroom, and hesitate by the door.

"Brother." Josiah allowed the thin blond to turn over so he was facing the silent Standish.

"Ezra." Ezra blinked as Chris seemed to purr his name, a thin hand was held out to him, Ezra moved towards the bed seemingly without thought. He found himself pulled against the ill sentinel as Josiah spooned up behind the purring Alpha.

Ezra tilted his head as the sentinel breathed in his scent, he felt a large hand cup the back of his neck he smiled as both sentinels relaxed.

"Guide." Chris wrapped an arm around the other man, he cradled him close sending feelings of happiness and contentment to the quiet guide. "Our guide."

"Yes ours." Josiah's bear like rumble made Ezra's gold tooth flash in a grin.

Nathan, Vin and the others enter the large bedroom carrying the various bowls and the like needed to help the ailing man.

"Chris how do you feel?" Nathan nodded at Ezra who had moved to allow the guide doctor to take his place close to pale man.

"I'm fine." Chris chuckled at the disgruntled look on Nathan's face.

"Hi Chris." JD placed the steaming bowl of herbs down a sat on the edge of the bed he smiled as all of the others seemed to crowd onto the bed around Chris and Josiah.

"Sit up for me Chris." Nathan requested he handed the man a glass full of the foul smelling fluid. "Drink it all."

Chris quirked an eyebrow at the commanding tone the black guide used, he frowned down at the glass in his hand.

"Turn down your sense of smell Chris." Nathan tapped the glass encouraging the man to drink.

"What's it for?" Chris held the glass steady.

"Pain relief and it will help with clearing your chest." Nathan took one of the bowls with the thick paste in off Vin and he noted the long haired sentinel hand the other to Josiah. "And this paste we'll rub on you will also help to make you well again as will the herbs you can probably smell."

"I want to shower first." Chris insisted he could see that Nathan wanted to refuse. "Feel to dirty and I smell weird, please Nathan."

Vin had to laugh at the expression on Chris's face, he looked so boyish and he heard Buck stifle a chuckle.

"A quick one then." Nathan allowed himself to be persuaded. "Then back to bed ok, but you need to drink first."

Scowling Chris dialled down his sense of smell and then gulped the liquid down which was a mistake as he began to cough and choke.

Nathan and Josiah moved quickly to pull the coughing man so that he was sitting upright; Nathan rubbed a hand up and down the too thin back relieved when the coughing stopped. He could hear the raspy sounds as Chris breathed; he continued to rub the man's back offering what comfort he could.

"You're not supposed to inhale it Big Dog." Buck joked; he could see the worry on the healer face as Chris panted. Buck could almost hear the air struggling to fill the congested lungs.

"Still want to shower." Chris panted out; he felt Nathan's hand on his shoulder.

"Alright Chris." Nathan watched as the man slowly made his way towards the large well equipped master bathroom, with Buck hovering beside him.

"Buck I can do it." Chris growled as he felt the bulk of his friend near his shoulder.

"Maybe you should get a bath, be easier on your knee." Buck had watched the pain flickering across Chris's face every time he put weight on his damaged limb.

"I just want to be clean." Chris muttered, he sat on the edge of the large bath, turning on the taps he adjusted the temperature and watched as the water began to fill the tub.

Buck put down the toilet lid and sat on it watching as Chris starred at the rapidly filling bath tub, frowning at Chris when he realised the lean blond looked like he had zoned, Buck was not sure on what had brought the zone. He moved closer to his friend and gently pulled him to his feet so that Chris rested against him.

"Chris you need to come back now." Buck stroked a hand up and down the man's back. "Come on back now Chris."

"Chris has zoned." Vin drawled softly, Nathan rushed passed him to get to the zoned sentinel.

"That's it Chris." Buck encouraged as he felt Chris snuffle against him, he lowered his nose to scent at the sweaty neck.

"Everything alright Buck? Nathan paused watching as Buck held Chris against him.

"I'm fine." Chris concentrated on the slow steady beat, the feeling of safety and comfort making him relax secure with the strong hold of his best and oldest friend.

Nathan nodded relieved that Buck was able to bring the sick sentinel out of the zone quickly.

"Need to get clean." Chris felt Buck release him, he patted the taller man as he stripped out of his shorts and with a moan of appreciation he relaxed in the bath, and he would wash himself in a minute.

Buck returned to his seat, he grinned at Nathan who sat on the edge of the bath, Chris's eyes where closed and Buck thought he was ignoring the two of them as the made sure nothing untoward happened to their wounded Alpha.

"Here Chris." Nathan gently patted the lean man's shoulder.

"Hmmm guide." Chris pulled Nathan closer.

"Oomph." Nathan struggled not to fall into the bath with the sniffing sentinel he felt Buck grab him.

Chris opened his eyes; he could feel how tense the man was he had pulled close, releasing Nathan, Chris sat up.

"Sorry Nathan." Chris saw the man smile as he handed over a sponge and sentinel friendly soap. "Thanks."

Nathan and Buck tried not to watch as the man tiredly washed himself, ducking his head under the water Chris rinsed himself completely, standing up he smiled at Buck who handed him a large fluffy towel.

"I can look after myself you know." Chris mumbled, and then growled as he had to lean on his close friend as his knee threatened to buckle.

"I know but I'm here." Buck wrapped an arm round the lean waist.

"Now what?" Chris hobbled back to the bed, he noted that the sheets had been changed; he sat down on the edge.

"I want to apply the paste, and then you need to get some more rest." Nathan sat on one side while Buck sat on the other. "Do you want to stand up and we can get you covered quickly."

Chris shrugged he just wanted to get dressed and relax.

Nathan looked at the man, he wondered if Chris realised he was rubbing at his damaged knee.

"Right I think sitting here me and Buck will apply the paste." Nathan saw Buck nod. "That ok."

"Fine." Chris was glad he did not have to stand up; he was waiting for the pain reliever he had drunk to kick in.

"Vin can you get Chris another drink." Nathan could tell that the quiet man was in pain.

Vin left the room to do as Nathan requested.

"Need some shorts." Chris pointed towards the draw containing his clothes. Chris was not bothered by his nakedness but he was starting to feel slightly chilled.

"Here you go Chris." JD handed the black shorts to the pale man.

Chris grunted as he pulled them on he then waited for his two pack members to start, he closed his eyes and tried to relax.

Nathan nudged against the link as he started to gently rub the medicinal paste into the lean chest, he hummed as he worked, he could feel Buck linking as well as he coated the man's back.

Chris became almost boneless as he felt the large hands moving over his back and chest.

Vin stood watching, he held a full glass of the foul smelling drink, and he waited for Nathan to acknowledge him. He could tell that Ezra, JD and Josiah who where perch on the huge bed watching the three men, they all had linked to offer their support to their Alpha. Vin smiled as Chris's head turned towards him, and the green eyes opened, he saw the welcome in the tired green eyes, he approached the man and handed over the glass chuckling at the grimace on the pale face.

"It will help so you need to suck it up Alpha." Vin heard a couple of snorts from the other men.

"Shot ya." Chris took the glass and this time he managed not to choke this time.

Vin took back the empty glass, he moved so that he could settle on the bed next to Ezra, he joined the pack as they all linked.

Nathan examined the now reclining man's knee, he looked up taking note that Chris was sleeping and quite deeply, the blond had one arm thrown above his head and the other hand gripped Ezra's hand in his and it was resting against his chest.

"How's it looking Doc?" Buck was gently rubbing in the paste into Chris's other leg; he smiled as the man pulled away as he got to the sensitive feet.

"Buck." Chris frowned then he moaned as he tried to pull away.

"Easy Mr Larabee." Ezra used his free hand to stroke the man's head; he glared at Buck who looked contrite for hurting the man lying on the bed.

"It's alright Buck." Chris felt Buck's regret for hurting him. "Sleepy."

"You rest Big Dog." Buck began to massage the thin bony foot in his hands.

Nathan finished apply the paste, he rose silent from the bed.

"Hopefully he'll sleep for a while." Nathan whispered. "Ezra are you alright?"

Chris still cradled the green eyed guides hand against his chest.

"I will be perfectly fine gentlemen." Ezra settled down next to the sleeping Alpha.

The six men wondered around the house and barn as their Alpha slept, Ezra was admiring the horses Chris kept on his property.

JD was stood looking at the mountains, he could not believe what was happening to him, he had felt like his life was over after his mother had died and he was in the clutches of the evil Doctor in Boston. He jumped as a hand landed gently on his shoulder.

"You alright JD?" Buck felt the smaller man shrug; Buck wrapped an arm around the man in a brotherly gesture.

"Do you think Chris will let me go back to Boston to collect my things?" JD kept his eyes on the floor.

Buck waited.

"An maybe visit my mom's grave?" JD whispered

Buck pulled the younger man into a hug; he could feel the sadness welling up in the young guide.

"Buck bring him here." Buck looked to the ranch house he had heard the softly spoken command.

"Come on JD." Buck guided the upset man back towards the house.

"Buck why are we going back inside?" JD was allowing the older man to lead him towards the house.

"You'll see." Buck headed passed Nathan and Josiah who were sat reading in the large living room area.

Nathan and Josiah exchanged glances as the sentinel and guide passed heading towards where there Alpha lay sleeping.

"What's going on Buck?" Nathan stood up and followed Buck and JD he felt Josiah rise and follow.

Vin and Ezra were drawn back to the ranch house; they headed inside and towards the master bedroom, following behind the six other men.

Chris was sat up against the top of his bed, he watched silently as Buck led the confused looking JD into the room. He was unsurprised as the rest of his pack trooped in after Buck and JD.

"Come here JD." Chris patted the bed beside him; he had been woken from a deep sleep by the young guide's distress. He had listened to what JD had said and he had come to a decision.

JD crawled onto the bed where Chris indicated.

"JD we can go back to Boston as soon as Nathan say's its ok." Chris waited for the sad Bostonians eyes to meet his.

"I could go on my own." JD bravely offered.

"No we go together." Chris quickly responded.

JD nodded his head.

"JD you mother?" Chris was not quite sure how to phrase his question.

"I would like to go to the grave yard to tell her what's happening and why I'm leaving Boston." JD took a deep breath fighting to hold back the tears.

"JD you could always bring her here." Chris could tell he had shocked the younger man. "Sarah and Adam are buried on the hill over looking the house and I want you to bring your mom here if you wanted."

Buck knew how hard this was for Chris, and he was amazed at how generous the man was being.

Chris waited for the young guide to respond to his offer.

"You really mean it?" JD had been distraught that he could not afford the burial plot he wanted for his beloved mother.

"I know that you miss her and bringing her here to rest where she could watch over you would be something I would be honoured to do for you." Chris hoped that JD would allow him to do this.

"I don't know how to do it." JD whispered.

Chris blinked he placed his hand on the younger man's shoulder squeezing gently.

"We will help you." Chris reassured the man.

"We will bring your beloved mother to her final resting place." Ezra smiled as the other men nodded.

"I don't know what to say." JD gulped as he had a huge lump in his throat.

"Let me get dressed and I'll show you were Sarah and Adam rest." Chris could see that Nathan wanted to stop him; he merely gave the doctor a stern look.

Nathan kept silent he really did not think that Chris was up to walking anywhere at the moment, but he understood the Alpha wanted to do this for the young guide.

Josiah was once again awed by the generosity of spirit their Alpha was showing, it must be hard for the man to talk about his murdered wife and child, and to offer to bring JD's departed mother here to the sacred place was wonderful to see.

Buck blinked back tears as JD looked stunned hardly believing the gift his Alpha had offered.

Vin patted the young guides shoulder; his soul sang with joy at the strengthening bonds between the seven men and it all pivoted around the blond Alpha Sentinel.

Ezra felt his spirits lift, he could only imagine how much better life would be because of his growing ties with the other men within the pack, and he could barely control his excitement to be part of the group.

Chris dressed in his customary black jeans and polo shirt, he forced his sock clad feet into his boots, and he then limped towards the door.

"Well are you coming?"